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Start-Up: Who do you want Dal-mi to end up with? (New poll!)

Start-Up: Who do you want Dal-mi to end up with? (New poll!)
Are you Team Dal-san or Team Dal-pyeong?

We’re more than halfway through Start-Up, but the ship war among viewers is still going strong! By this point in most dramas, the male lead has captured our hearts along with the heroine’s and there’s no going back. But when it comes to Start-Up, the Second Lead Syndrome is very strong. There’s just something…magnetic about Ji-pyeong. A big part of it is Kim Sun-ho’s nuanced performance, and the rest is how the character can’t help but be vulnerable with Dal-mi’s grandmother.

Then there’s Do-san. Sweet, smart, earnest Do-san. In the battle for Dal-mi’s heart, he’s hard to overlook— and not just because he’s tall.

The thing that really tickles me about this show is the usual K-drama tropes are inverted. In this case, the first male lead is actually nice, but a lot of people are rooting for the pricklier second lead. It’s so refreshing!

So, with the end of Start-Up drawing near, who do you want Dal-mi to choose? Do-san or Ji-pyeong?

Cast your vote below and stay tuned for the results! (I’ll announce who I voted for then as well).

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  1. Julie
    November 22, 2020 / 11:35 pm

    I think Jipyeong will be a better choice for Dalmi. Jiyeong had confessed his love for Dalmi and he was Dalmi’s choice too. She told her grandma before that she would choose the Dosan whom she knew from the letters. And I hope the Korean drama script writers will break the 2nd Lead syndrome, add some change to this old and boring fact that the 2 Main Leads would always end up together?
    The 2nd Lead will always be left out, either without love and lonely.

    • Adri
      November 23, 2020 / 8:54 am

      I do hope drama screenwriters switch things up soon. It would be revolutionary if a second lead got the girl.

      The poll results should be up soon, so it’ll definitely be interesting to see who the fandom wants for Dal-mi.

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