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Start-Up Ratings for Episodes 5 and 6 Saw Peak Viewership and Series Low…Say What?

Start-Up Ratings for Episodes 5 and 6 Saw Peak Viewership and Series Low...Say What?

Start-Up saw a peak viewership in its ratings for episode five garnering 5.42% all across Korea and 6.06% in Seoul. A series high in both occurrences! But episode six saw a drop in viewership to 4.74% and 4.88% across the country and Seoul, respectively. That is a pretty big drop for an even episode!

Episode six also had a part 1 viewership of 4.33% which is the lowest viewership yet (though, thankfully, it climbed to 4.88% by the end of part 2). A series low following a series high, um, what happened? *Things that make you go hmm…*

I think the drop occurred because the preview for episode 6 was so bleak and sad and no one wanted to watch that. Shoot, I didn’t want to watch that. But I was happy to see that episode six actually wasn’t a bummer of an episode, it was really sweet and had some super hilarious moments. They probably should have created the preview to better reflect that aspect of it because I can definitely see a person like me see that preview and think, “Maybe I won’t watch live, I’ll just see what people say after the fact.”

So, moving forward I would think that the Korean audience of Start-Up is not looking for a hard, harsh drama with lots of tears when they haven’t signed up for that. They are looking for a warm, hug-centric (yes, I just made that up) drama that will make them laugh and love these scrappy characters even more. Which, hilariously, is exactly what they got in episode six!

We’ll see if they change their preview up moving forward (because it was really just the fault of the preview in my eyes) to reflect more of a light-hearted tone. Though with this revenge plot opening up, we’ll see if they will actually still keep the light-heartedness going strong or move into the dark side.

Don’t change, Start-Up, I like you just the way you are!

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  1. Hikaru
    November 2, 2020 / 8:39 am

    Or there was a variety show or sports event airing on Sunday that overlaps with Start Up?

    • V
      November 2, 2020 / 8:43 am

      Oh that could have definitely been it! I did not know about anything overlapping with it Sunday!

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