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Start-Up: Episode 9 Live Recap – Part 1

Start-Up: Episode 9 Live Recap - Part 1

Alright, let us all take a collective breath to get through this episode because if the preview was anything to believe, it is about to be a tear fest.

Caution: Be wary of typos

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!




Dal-mi is sitting at her desk working. It is night. She looks at the notes written by Ji-pyung and thinks it looks familiar. So she compares the handwriting to the penpal notes and remembers that he said his birthday is the same day as Do-san’s. She wonders how that can be.

VO – The wind became a tornado again like that time 15 years ago.

In his room, Do-san looks at Dal-mi’s hair-tie which incidentally looks like a heart as he holds it. He is beside himself with some kind of internal worry. He is sitting on his bed and looks to his side where his tiny self is knitting something green. His tiny self drops it and goes to the living room where there is a congratulatory dinner for him winning the mathlete competition.

Everyone claps for him (there are like twenty people there) and he sits at the table. The math olympiad was a high school competition and he was only in middle school. They all think that is great, how are you this smart? Did you tutor him?

The father says they have no money for tutoring, he looks after me. Remember, I was super smart when I was little! Everyone smiles and laughs and says it was genetic! Genetic! Appa feeds Dosan some food happily.

VO – Back then, I solved all the problems except for one

We see him in class working out a problem. It looks like he does not know how to solve it. 

VO – It was an easy problem that I could normally solve easily. But it gave me a hard time. Then a wind blue.

The wind knocks another kids exam paper off his desk and onto the floor. Do-san sees it and sees how to solve the problem.

VO – In that moment the wind blew and I saw the solution to the problem in one line. I thought the name of the wind was Fortune.

He won the competition with that one line. He gets a medal put on him.

VO – Because I solved that one line, my ability to solve those problems was erased from my brain.

The other kid gets yelled at on the stage by his mother.

VO – The medal was so heavy to I had to….

He gives the medal to the other kid. His father tells him not to give away the medal. The mother says their kid is so humble.

VO – I wasn’t humble. I didn’t deserve it.

They walk away, The parents are happy. Dosan looks at the trees. A wind is blowing through the trees.

VO – The wind that blew in the exam wasn’t a fortune wind.

His father asks him what the problem is while they are at home. He asks why he quit college? You skipped six years! The mother asks them to tell her why. But he is just standing there and crying.

VO – Later, it was a strong tornado that destroyed my self dignity.

He thinks about Ji-pyung asking him to pretend to be Dosan for one hour, just one hour. So he does.

VO – The fortune that the wind brings. That fortune, I grabbed it.

Ji-pyung tells him to take the scrunchy to Dalmi. Dosan asked why Ji-pyung has it. He said he found it washing his car.

Cut to Dosan and Dalmi getting a coffee together.

He gives Dal-mi her scrunchy back while they drink tea together at a cafe. He says he got it at the office. She tells him that she has a question. He asks what it is.

VO – Like 15 years ago, that time, I am collapsing little by little.

DM – This coffee and this sweet cake are such a good match, right?

DS – Y-yes, it is a good match.

TITLE – RISK: The potential possibility of a negative impact on capital or profit. Depending on the result, it can be good or bad.



Dal-mi is happy as she types and looks at the computer. Then she is sad, then she s happy. Everyone looks at her and wonders what is going on. Saha asks what is wrong with Dal-mi. One of the San guys tells her that Dal-mi is answering the comments on the app.

CS – Good replies…bad replies…she is a keyboard warrior.

SH – Our CEO cares a lot about our reputation.

A man comes in to ask if this is the Injae company. Dalmi says no, that company is across from ours, follow me. She leads them out. Yong-san realizes that that ajusshi had eggs. They all look at each other.

Dal-mi knocks on In-jae companies door. In-jae asks why a humble person like her came to her place. Dal-mi says they have a guest and lets him in.

The man asks who In-jae is. Dal-mi sarcastically says that she is the one over getting things for free while everyone is working hard.

The man throws his eggs at her which makes everyone gasp. He yells, you are the one that got all of us fired! Do-san runs in and stops him. The man rips off something to hit In-jae with. In-jae collapses. Dal-mi protects her.

Do-san stops the man from hitting that thing on Injae. The other Samsan Tech people run in to help. In-jae company people just run away and watch. The man keeps yelling, how can you make us all get fired! Samsan Tech pulls him out.

Dal-mi asks if her sister is okay and offers to help her up. In-jae says she is okay and but stands on her own. It is a sad mood.

Security takes over from The Samsan Tech guys and pulls the man out. It is right through the lobby so lots of people see what happened and ask what is going on so the Samsan guys says it must be because of In-jae companies technology that they got fired.

Yong-san mutters that making money doesn’t matter, it is inhumane. 

The hacker twin says that being humane doesn’t matter because that doesn’t make money. He leaves.

Samsan Tech mutters that he is an a-hole. Another company person asks if that kid is really good or famous at what he does? The San guys tell him yes, he is. He even has a resort membership at his age.

Chulsan thinks it doesn’t matter because he lost his way a long time ago. Saha tells them that her ideal type are rich people who don’t remember their beginning. Chulsan scoffs and says everyone has a membership. I have a vacation home.

Yong-san says that’s right. The private beach. Saha thinks he doesn’t look like it. Chulsan says he told her that they have maesengi (the little seaweed they grow on the farm) so we made a small bungalow on the beach. That view is chefs kiss. It is the best view in the world. The sunset is the best. We can drive there.

Saha walks away. Chulsan says its true! Tell her! They all run after her.

Another woman asks who this guy is that asked the question. He is actually a reporter.


After the incident, In-jae starts to clean herself up in the bathroom. Dal-mi goes in. In-jae is about to say something to her but Dalmi stops her and tells her that she will say something first. 

DM – Just in case you misunderstand, don’t put any meaning on my behavior.

IJ – Any meaning?

DM – Yeah, it was just a spontaneous response. I would do the same for anyone else, not just you. I have a lot of protective instincts. You know, even my friends want me to go into politics even though I do not want to do it. So it didn’t happen okay?

IJ – Okay.

DM – is that it, did you have to say anything?

IJ – Nothing.

DM – You had something.

IJ – Oh, you have a tail on your bottom.

Dal-mi looks at her own tush and sees a tail of tissue paper there. She pulls it off quickly.


Ji-pyung talks to Alex outside. Alex asks what he is reading. Ji-pyung says it is demo day coming soon. Alex is speaking in English for some reason. Ji-pyung says that he heard he wants to move a team to silicon valley. Is that true?

Alex tells him yes. Then he starts to speak in Korean and says to spread the rumor around. Ji-pyung tells him it seams as if he already picked the team, which one is it? Alex says it is the team with a vision. Ji-pyung still doesn’t know what team that is. The team that makes a lot of money or the team that has a lot of users?

Alex tells him it is the team that can make him a lot of money, he can’t wait for this demo day.


In-jae and Dal-mi walk up the hall together. Yoon sees them and asks if they are waling up together? They both deny it. Yoon tells Dalmi that she has a meeting with team leader Han. He will be here soon in the meeting room. She tells In-jae to come with her.

They go to a conference room where Yoon tells her that she heard what happened. In-jae says she is fine. Yoon says he was from the construction company, do you work with them also? Injae says yes, the bank introduced them to us. They also want to have an AI surveillance system. 

Yoon tells her that she heard it and she also heard that the guards are protesting in front of their company. In-jae says yes but she expected that. he did not expect that they would use violence to us. We just provide solutions. 

Yoon looks a bit disappointed. She asks if she thinks they are violent? In-jae asks, what?

Yoon – I never worried about you. But what you said, that they are using violence, that makes me worry a little bit.

IJ – What is it then?

Yoon – I think it is regarded as a risk. 

Ij – It means it is dangerous?

Yoon – No, risk is different from dangerous. It is risk.

In-jae thinks about that. it appears that Yoon thinks it is an inhumae thing not to consider putting people out of jobs.



Meanwhile, Dal-mi is meeting with Ji-pyung about her responding to all the comments online. She thinks their responses are bad. Of course the app will use up a lot of battery. But the app itself is not messed up. It will be discouraging for the developer when he sees it.

Ji-pyung sees her fanning herself and lowers the room temperature. He tells her that amateurs take the VOC (voice of consumers) emotionally. Professionals respond with data. She asks if he is saying that she is behaving amateurly? He tells her yes. 

JP – if I am you then I will focus on finding new customers. Not only talking to existing ones.

DM – Users are customer.

JP – that is normally true. But NoonGil is not a company where users bring money. NoonGil’s customers are the ones that agree with the technology. NoonGil’s customer is only Morning Group. You need to separate the business model and the profit model.

He writes something on a note for her. She looks at the handwriting while trying to stay paying attention.

JP – you have to think about the purpose of our service and then gather the customers.

She is not even listening, just looking at him.

JP – And advertisements….what? Do I have something on my face?

DM – Nothing.

JP – It is better to use the media and interviews….*keeps talking*

He continues making plans, she is not listening and is only looking at him.

She leaves the meeting and goes to their office. She sees Dosan working hard and remembers him telling her that he changed a lot and does not even remember what he told her all those years ago. No, he does not even want to remember it. He just wants her to not even remember him back then. She asked why. He said he was a loser back then, not as good as she thought.

In the present, Do-san figures whatever he was trying to figure out and one of the Samsan Tech guys says he is a genius. Dosan sees Dalmi and walks up to her. He says he made the battery more efficient. If you have any other replies that make you angry then tell me. I will solve them all for you. She nods happily though she isn’t her normal bubbly self.


Things go from bad to worse in the In-jae group as they protest makes city wide news and the news mentions that the construction workers are protesting In-jae Companies AI. In-jae remembers Yoon telling her that all this is risk. 

One of the twin programmers mutters that they start with something negative even before they start. Another worker mutters, finally they put it on TV. She is the one that asked the reporter who he was. She tells Injae that he is a reporter with YGN, she has his business card.

In-jae flips the business card back and forth. The reporter wrote an article about Samsan Tech also.

Cut to the reporter interviewing Won from Morning Group. There are cameras on them. The reporter says that he heard they picked Samsan Tech as their not for profit company. Won starts to say something cool to the camera. The reporter tells him to only look straight ahead at him and they bring the prompter closer to the reporters head.

Won starts to read from the prompter and says all his planned things about needing to help hubaes that need help. The cousin watches this from Dosan’s parents house. They are all watching with interest but wonder who Dalmi is. The cousin asks if Dosan didn’t tell him?

Dosan is currently on a bus. His cousin calls him and tells him not to come home. It is an emergency. Sleep somewhere else. Dosan asks why? The cousin asks if he did not tell his parents that Dalmi is the CEO? Just don’t come home okay? Bye.


The Samsan team go out to eat. They ask Dosan why he didn’t tell his father about Dosan as the CEO. How did you get the contract? Dosan says he used his fathers stamp. They call him crazy. That is faking a document. Do you want to be prosecuted?

But they also think he is more afraid of his father then getting prosecuted. Dosan says he will tell them all the truth. His friends think his father will get angry. Dosan says that is why he is drinking now. He can’t do it sober.

Yongsan asks what he is going to tell him. Chulsan agrees, they should simulate it. So Do-san starts to say what he is going to say, though to a chair.

DS – I am sorry that I lied to you abogi. I don’t deserve to be CEO.

CS – That woman seduced you right? That is why you gave her the CEO position.

DS – No, abogi, it was nothing from the beginning. I just wanted to open a company. I was wrong. I am sorry I messed up again as you son.

YS – Hey, if you are messed up, then what about us? You won first place with coding.

DS – But abogi, I saw fireworks.

CS – Fireworks, that is an unexpected progression of the story.

DS – I went the wrong way and saw fireworks. It looked so cool. *starts to cry. He is actually imagining Dalmi sitting in front of him*

DM – Why did you do that?

DS – Yes, why did I do that?

DM – Why did you lie?

DS – First, I did it because I liked your smile.

DM – Now?

DS – I am afraid of you crying like you are now. Crying. It is driving me crazy. *balling* What should I do?

He starts to cry and cry and puts his head on the table and cries some more. His friends tell him to wake up. Why did you drink so much. Wake up.

CS – Hey, where should we take him?

YS – Lets call CEO Seo

CS – What???


The Samsan Tech guys are at the bus stop with Dosan sleeping on Chul-san’s lap. Dal-mi comes running up to them and asks what is wrong? They tell her that he drank something. She asks if he is like this after drinking? She touches his face. He is super passed out.

They ask her if she can let Do-san sleep in her place tonight. She is all like, what? A look of shock on her face. They tell her that his father will destroy him if he goes home like this. And if we take him to our officetell then his father will come. Can you do something?

Dal-mi starts to mutter that it is difficult, but I can try. She starts to try and pick him up. But Chul-san says they will take him to her place, of course. Then they tried to pick him up but Dosan is 6’2 so it is hard to get this limp guy up.

Ji-pyung pulls up as they try to do this and asks what happened. Yong-san mutters that this is an unnecessary coincidence. Then Dosan starts to dry hurl and Chul-san screams and asks for them to help them!


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    Thank you for this! I got to understand things i don’t get in live stream since there’s no subtitles. Looking forward to the part 2 of Ep 9. ❤

    • V
      November 14, 2020 / 9:59 am

      You are so welcome, MsAsia!

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