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Start-Up: Episode 8 Live Recap – Part 2

This is part two of our live recap for Start Up!

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!





The camera scrolls on Dalmi who is still sleeping in the car. She wakes up and start forward. Ji-pyung is still sitting next to her, reviewing something.

DM – Did I fall asleep?

JP – Yes, you were super sleeping in a car that someone else was driving.

She wipes her lips to make sure she has no drool about.

JP – These are slippers, you cannot wear shoes with poop on them.

DM – *looks at feet* okay. Thank you every time.

Jp – Yes, wear it.

They get out of the car and we see these cute slippers. Ji-pyung asks why Dal-mi does not take the voice recognition part away since it costs the most money and is technologically different?

DM – Dosan is trying to incorporate that difficult thing now so I should make it happen

JP – I should have known.

DM – And, just in case, don’t tell Dosan about this. *holds up list* I want him to develop without worrying about money.

JP – That is tearjerking, okay.

She walks away with her poop shoes inside the plastic bag she gave Ji-pyung. He also walks off to his office. But we see that her hair tie scrunchy was left in the car.

She gets to the office and sees the team excited about something. She is about to tie up her hair but realizes that she does not have it. So she goes in anyway.

They area all happy to tell her what happened but they are also all like, um, what is up with that bag. they hold their nose. She lies and tells them that everything is going great with these visits, they all want our technology.

The team wants to see how many people download their app in a week. They are about to upload it online. They guess that a hundred people might or maybe a thousand people.

Dal-mi starts to think about the numbers that JP told her, that the more people who use the technology, the more money they will lose. She tries to shake that thought away and tells herself that they can do it. They all agree and cheer that they can do it. All hands in, yes!

Yong-san tells them that if it is more than 1000 then he will pay for norebang (karaoke) for everyone! Let’s upload it!

They all watch the app upload. Everyone is anxious but Dalmi is super anxious. She goes to church and prays for less than 1000 people to download. She knows this is very selfish prayer, but she has to survive. So please, God, less than 1000 people using it per day, please.

Her grandmother asks her what kind of prayer is so desperate like that. Dalmi tells her that there is something. They both say Amen at the end of Dalmi’s prayer.


As they walk up the steps to the house, Dalmi asks her halmae if there is any talisman that boost praying power? Halmae says there is something like that maybe. She opens the door which makes Dalmi wonder where the door lock went?

Halmi says she changed it to a key lock now. She gives Dalmi one and they go inside. Dalmi wonders why they should go backwards? She tells halmae that their Samsan tech started their service. It is for the blind.

Halmae – Why blind all of a sudden? You said it was AI stuff.

DM – it is using AI. It was Dosan’s idea.

H – Dosan’s idea?

DM – Yep, using voice and image recognition to replace someones eyes. It is that kind of service.

Soft music starts to play. Halmae looks at Dal-mi. Dal-mi is checking the users opinion of their service. She tells halmoni to say Yongshil and ask her questions and holds up her phone.

H – Yongshil, who is in front of me?

AI – A woman in her 20s smiling at me.

DM – Cool, right?

H – Yes, it is cool.

Later on, Halmae starts to use the app and asks Yongshil if he can read her bible. Yongshil starts to read the bible on the page she hold it on. Halmae lets out a tear and starts to write in her diary. Perhaps she is writing her feedback?



Yong-san and Chul-san refresh their screen like maniacs. They have less than 10 downloads. Dalmi is secretly happy about that. She asks, what is that problem, it makes me mad. But she has a huge smile on her face.

Chul-san tells her that she does not look mad. So Dalmi removes her smile. The cousin comes in and tells them that marketing is the problem, do you need marketing help from this specialist? Dosan asks if he has an idea? The cousin says you can find a way.

So Dosan asks the team, does that mean he does not have any solution? They all nod. Dalmi tells them all to cheer up, I will buy chicken! let’s go!

She drags them all to a chicken place.

VO – I thought God listened to my prayers up until this position. But as alway, God….

Cut to the cousin at Dosan’s house. He asks Dosan’s parents if they have the picture that Dosan took with Park Chanho (the famous Major league baseball player). The father says yes.

VO – ….he answered strangely

The cousin finds the photo and takes a picture of it. The parents wonder what he is doing. He tells them that he id doing viral marketing.

At the chicken place, Dalmi toasts to everyone and orders more beer. The team is all bummed, though Dalmi is perfectly fine. Yong-san says the beer is bitter. Dalmi says she likes it.

VO – While we were happily eating the chicken….

Dosan mentions that they have one more download. Chul-san mutters that is cool. Though he isn’t into it. Dalmi tells them it is okay, just drink. Yong-san starts to cry and says the beer is spicy today. Dalmi is super happy.

VO – …that was unexpectedly….

Cut to LA where the major leaguer is flipping through his phone. He sees a photo of himself and the little kid he took a photo with. The cousin left a message to the baseball player.

Message – Hello hyung-nim, do you remember this picture? The kid in the picture grew up and started a start-up company. He is an engineer at his company Samsan tech and developed an app called NoonGil. This app started with him wanting to save the daily life of blind people. He started his start-up with a good deed, so please recognize this little kids heart just as you wrote on the baseball you signed “follow your dream” which is your famous quote. He follows his dream. Please have a good day.

The baseball player downloads the app.

VO – From the Korean express who lives in LA, from player Park Chan-ho.


The team finishes their dinner. Dal-mi and Do-san ride the bus together. Dal-mi is super happy with the window open and her head sticking out. The other bus riders want her to close it though. So dosan has to ask her to close it.

But she is drunk and happy and doesn’t want to close it. However she does close it and only leaves her mouth outside and says, like this? Is this good? Dosan tries not to laugh.

He helps get her in bed. She is all passed out and has lines on her face from where her cheek was in the bus window. Halmae tries to make sense of it and knows everything. She says Dalmae does this all the time. Later she will be angry and ask who put a line on her face.

Do-san covers Dal-mi with the blanket and then heads out. In the living room, Halmae gives Dosan her comments on the app. She says it is really good. I used it and here is my review. It is feedback. She chuckles.

he says he should have told her. She thanks him and says that she will rely on NoonGil a lot later. 

H – 15 years ago, when we first wrote the letter with Ji-pyung, back then we picked the name from the newspaper article with your face in it.

DS – Ah, the math Olympiad?

H – *nods* Your eyes looked nice and you were smart so that is why I picked you.

DS – Did I change backwards?

H – No, you grew up super well correctly *laughs*

DS – *laughs*


Halmae tells Dosan that it has started so you can leave, hurry.



Do-san’s mother runs into his room and wakes him up. She tells him that he is on TV! He is still half sleep but gets up and follows her into the living room.

The father is scratching his back with a back scratcher and talking to someone on the phone about this. The baseball player is on the TV talking to an interviewer in a sit down interview.

(this baseball player is famous for giving super long explanations, he has a meme about that. So they are kind of making a funny joke right her with that)

Baseball player – When I was young, I met a young kid called Nam Do-san. He grew up and started a start-up company….

Appa – Oh yeah, he is a good friend, we took a picture together. He is on the TV. One of my nephews text him and he is on the TV now hahaha.

BP – *still talking about the app and how it is image recognition*

The baseball player demonstrates the app and shows that it will be very helpful for the blind. The appa is happily talking about stock, lol. Ji-pyung is running on his treadmill and wonders what in the world is going on. He falls off his treadmill.

The Samsan team is looking at the screen in SandBox where they see that they have 10k downloads now. They are amazed! But Dalmi is unhappy and in disbelief. 

Everyone in the lobby cheers for them. Yong-san can’t believe they have 5k downloads in India. Dal-mi is about to pass out because they have to pay 1million to use Yongshil.

(The camera scrolls to the baseball player and we see the screen of all that he is saying. His instagram post is super long, lol. This is an inside joke because this baseball player is known for talking a lot a lot a lot)

But the happiness is short lived when Dosan gets a call from the police.


Dalmi and the Samsan team go to karaoke to celebrate but Dalmi’s song is super depressing. They all wonder why she picked that depressing song. Saha thinks she might be expressing her happiness paradoxically?

Chul-san asks Saha to do a duet with him. He is so happy about that but Saha is super not interested. Yong-san steps out to call Dosan but can’t get ahold of him. He wonders what happened to him.

Dosan is at the police station because Won sued him. The police officer is explaining it all. The money is small but if you get an agreement with him then it is okay. Can you make an agreement?

Do-san grips his hands and wonders, what if I do not? The officer says he might go to a courthouse and it could be troublesome. Do-san’s veins pop out in his hands and he clutches them tightly.


Dal-mi hits her head against the wall. Everyone looks at her. She looks at her list. Everyone is crossed out except Morning Group which is Won’s company. She looks up and sees Dosan sitting on the benches outside. He is reading something.

She asks what he is reading. He says it is feedback notes on NoonGil, they want you to have it. He hands over the booklet. Dalmi flips through it and says that this is super detailed. The handwriting looks like my halmaes writing.

She starts to read. The person says she is not completely blind, just low grade blindness….ah, she is losing her eyesight. Looking at this makes everything so rewarding. Who is this person? I want to meet them.

DS – Dalmi, don’t be surprised….

Dalmi stands up. He must have told her everything. He stands up as well and catches her when her knees buckle.  She starts to cry so he holds her tightly to him and lets her cry.

Later on, they both walk back to Dalmi’s house. She thanks him outside the gate. He asks for what. She says for everything. For making the NoonGil app and telling me the truth before it gets too late.

She starts to cry again. He pats her on the back and tells her that Halmoni told him that she wants to see her smiling prettily for a long time. So smile. He holds her face softly. She asks if she looks really obvious that she cried? He says yes a little bit….no, a lot.

She starts to cry again and says she can’t be obvious. She takes out some makeup and tries to make her face over to not look like she’s been crying.



Dalmi walks inside and sees that her grandmother is having a hard time cutting her nails. She can’t really see where her nail is. So Dalmi tells her that she will do it and takes over.

DM – Halmoni, I will develop NoonGil.

H – Huh?

DM – I will make it and make you less inconvenienced. I will.

H – Dalmi?

DM – Halmoni, I will just cry today and then smile everyday. Okay?

H – Aigo, your nose is running….

They both hug and cry.


The camera scrolls to In-jae who is looking at the digital poster of her step-father. Dal-mi walks up to her and asks if she thinks chairman Won is here now? In-jae tells her that he should be in the meeting room. Why did you use jongdaemal for him?

DM – I am going to gather all my respect that I never had. If I go there, will anything happen?

IJ – Nothing will happen. You made that huge trouble but at least you will be restrained (like can’t approach so close).

DM – So why don’t you come with me eunnie? I think you can get me in.

IJ – Me? Why?

DM – I will kneel and beg your father.

IJ – Beg? Why all of a sudden? DOn’t you have any pride?

DM – I am on the edge of a cliff, I have no time for that. Take me there. I will show you how a dumb person is.

IJ – Lets go.

She walks her to her father. Dal-mi tells herself that she can do it. She walks in to the office and we see that Dosan is already kneeling there.

DM – Dosan ah?

DS – *stands* Dalmi?

Son – Are you two begging together?

DM – Why are you here?

Son – They didn’t know?

Won – I sued him. Without the agreement he will have a red line under his name. He should beg.

Son – Why are you here CEO Seo?

DM – *pauses* I am here to get the investment for our NoonGil service.

Son – Wow, you guys are more than expected.

Won – Investment, I can think about it.

Son – Abogi.

Won – if you two beg me together.

IJ – Abogi.

Won – They are business men, I should teach them a lesson. You know this is not the world where dumb bravery works. I should give them a lesson that people who have light pockets should also not have light mouths. Or there will be a consequence. Right? People don’t know what is coming in front of them.

DM – Yes, not allowing expectation is why you always have to prepare.

She pulls out her phone.

Flashback to Dalmi and their meeting with Won. Ji-pyung text her to see if she was meeting with Won and told her to record everything. So she started recording it all starting with the son’s meeting.

So int he present, Dalmi starts to play the recording to Won and his son. She has everything that they said recorded.

DM – We have a lot of young guys and a lot of reporters. They will have a lot of fun articles if they hear this. Chairman Won Doo-jung who supports young entrepreneurs but in the back he sucks all their effort and ditches them. wow, that is good.

Won – Are you going to give that to the reporters?

DM – People say the image of the company breaks on a reporters pen. To recover it, you will need a lot of time and money.

Won – *drinks water nervously*

DM – I think Morning Groups CSR fund is for this kind of situation, isn’t it?

Won – Are you threatening me?

DM – I am negotiating with you. That is a better world for each other.

The son steps to Dalmi and mutters some curses but Do-san steps right in front of him to keep him away. It is the best. He doesn’t even make eye contact with him. The son is like, what????

DM – Just think of this as, before you fall, you are preventing it. So just use your CSR fund for that.

Son – that….

DS – Stop.

DM – I also want an agreement as well.

Do-san looks at her impressed. In-jae also looks impressed.



Chairman Won gives a huge speech at Sandbox with a lot of the startup companies in attendance.

Won – In silicon valley there is a quote called Pay It Forward. That is the culture where successful companies help hubae companies without any conditions. Today the successful sunbae, me, will show that spirit here. As our CSR project in Morning Group, we picked Sandbox’s twelfth year team Samsan Tech!

Everyone cheers in the auditorium and it is also broadcast everywhere.

Won – The solution for the blind companion will be fully supported by Won Doo-jung!

The son claps and stands enthusiastically in the audience.


Dalmi brings calgooksoo to Ji-pyung in his office. It is take out from that restaurant he mentioned. She says she begged and begged them for take out even though it is something they do not do. It should be good.

JP – Why did you….

DM – You said you go to galpyung only to eat this. Because of you I got the money for NoonGil so I am thankful and want to also celebrate your past birthday. This is the recipe.

She shows him a note.

DM – I’m off.

JP – Wait, CEO Seo, I modified your proposal because your demo day is coming.

DM – Thank you. I’ll be off. Enjoy.

She walks off and says bye. He thanks her again and then looks at the soup. 

JP – Do I have to make it?

Yes, it looks like he actually has to make the soup. She brought all the ingredients.


That night, Dalmi sits at her desk and looks through all the notes that Ji-pyung wrote on the proposal. It is all handwritten. She recognizes the handwriting and starts to look around her desk.

She pulls out a letter and checks the handwriting with it. It is about the exact same. She pulls out another handwriting from Ji-pyung and thinks it si the same as Do-san. She thinks back to him saying that his birthday is the same as Do-san as well.

She wonders how it can be the same birthday and same handwriting.

At home, Ji-pyung followed the recipe to make the soup and starts to eat it. It looks like it tastes super duper good. He starts to mix the noodles and takes a huge yummy bite.

At home, Dosan looks at the scrunchy that belong to Dalmi. Not sure how he got the scrunchy, but he is sitting on his bed looking at it sadly.

They cut to a three way split screen of the three of them. Ji-pyung is happily eating his noodles, Dal-mi is shocked at her revelation, and Dosan is sadly holding the scrunchy.


Ji-pyung gets back inhis car in the parking garage. He sees Dosan getting his bicycle. So he pull sup and honks his horn. Then he hands over the scrunchy and asks him to give it to CEO Seo.

DS – Why do you have it?

JP – I found it after cleaning my car.

DS – Dalmi rode in your car?

JP – Yes.

DS – Why?

JP – She said it was a secret. *smiles*

DS – *angry*

JP – Goodbye, your arm, your arm *rolls up window and smiles*

Do-san kicks his bicycle angrily and Ji-pyung happily sees it and drives away.

Then we cut back to Ji-young holding up the scrunchy and coming up with this plan as soon as he saw it. His smile is so big on his face. So he drove up to Dosan and made a big to do about giving him the scrunchy. Ah, but maybe that was his plan and this is the real thing. So he pulls up.

JP – *honk* Nice to see you. Please give this to CEO Seo.

DS – Why do you have this?

JP – I found it when I washed the car.

DS – *looks at it* Is this really Dalmi’s not some other woman?

JP – There is no other woman

DS – Are you a natural born single person?

JP – Why are you talking about that right now?

DS – Your house is close so you should ride a bike not drive your car. You know, for the environment and for your health, okay?….okay, bye.

He hits the car a few times, smiles, and hops on his bicycle to drive away. But he gets angry when he gets a little farther away and looks at the scrunchy. Ji-pyung pulls out of the garage. Do-san looks at his super cool car as it drives away.

Ji-pyung looks in the rearview at Do-san. Do-san holds the scrunchy and thinks.

Fade Out


Love it. And can I just comment onhow great Suzy’s acting is? She wasnt the best in Vagabond, though now I am thinking that was all Vagabonds fault and not her fault. That director was somehow bring out mediocrity in her. But she is AMAZING in this show! Absolutely amazing. I love her in it. Okay, end of gushing but I had to get that out there.

Love how this show is progressing. It is great in how every episode has its own beginning middle and end and in how it still moves the entire plot forward. From the preview, heartbreak is up ahead. Lots of tears to be had all around because it looks like the letter secret is out. And with how honest Dalmi is as a person, I do not think she is going to take that lightly.

Okay, SPOILER TALK. Read ahead if you want to know my current theory!

Alright, y’all, I think that Ji-pyung will get his chance to repay Halmae by actually getting to use his money to help her in her eye surgery. It would be very cliche, but it kind of feel like this show uses cliche’s they just give it a little flip and use them really well.

So my theory is that Ji-pyung will either pay for Halmae’s eye surgery or he will give Namsan Tech a lot of money and resources to make Halmae’s life very nice. Though I would love it if paying for her eye surgery is the way that he repays her because that is literally the thing that money can buy.

See y’all next week! And be sure to check out our sponsor and see what they have to offer. We are so happy they sponsored this recap so we can keep doing what we do instead of having to do other non-Kdrama related work. So thank you Fashion Chingu!


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English Translation

DM – I am so happy, I am a little afraid.

DS – I only have one and that is everything for me. And you want it?

JP – Then we can switch.

DS – you are always disappointed in me, it is so difficult for me abogi!

DM – Don’t run away, you are much much much bigger than the moon.

DS – It bothers me and I want it and I feel angry

DM – Why did you lie to me.

DS – I case you cried, like you are now, crying.

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