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Start-Up: Episode 8 Live Recap – Part 1

Start-Up: Episode 8 Live Recap - Part 1

Did Do-san spontaneously impregnate anyone when he smashed that nameplate at Chairman Won’s office? Because I think that might have happened and now we have a bunch of Umbrella Academy babies incubating. (I kid, I kid!) Though really, that seen was hot and for a nerdy guy who can barely look people in the eye, he raised about a hundred cool points and eyebrows (in that one-arch come hither kind of way).

I loved him even more when he did not know what to do with himself after that kiss! That was such an adorable response that later led to his kiss to her which was GREAT. I mean, I don’t know who gives nerds kissing lessons in drama land but he did not need any tips.

The Start-Up team is chugging along and I am chugging right along with them! I love that Do-san wants to use his technology for good to help Dalmi’s grandmother without Dalmi knowing. We just have to see if they can get the money!


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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!




Samsan Tech are sitting outside meeting at Sandbox. They randomly see a guide dog and are commenting on it. Seo Dalmi wonders what the facial expression is for where the cross walk is. Dalmi hopes the dog could answer it.

Dosan is looking at the dog and thinking. Dosan wonders how a dog can say that. Tony Stark can’t even do that. But Dosan thinks they can do it. He tells Dalmi that she is really a genius, how can you think of those ideas?

She doesn’t think so and the other team members are confused as well. Dalmi is all like, what did I do and when did I become a genius. He says she really is and he will explain it. He grabs her had and pulls her away.

Saha wonders if she is the only one that doesn’t get it. Chul-san wonders if Dalmi is a face genius? Then says Saha is a face genius. He smiles at her and he is also wearing glasses, lol probably to make her like his look.

They all go inside and sit around their table. Dosan has the AI Yongshil. They are all looking at it and wondering what Dosan is thinking.

SH – This is an AI speaker, what about it?

DS – Yongshil, where is the cross walk?

AI – When I see it, I will tell you.

Dosan smiles and says see, he said when he sees it he will tell us. So we just show it! Everyone is amazed and love it, well everyone except Saha who does not understand how they can show it.

Chulsan reminds her of their technology which is image recognition. Yong-san explains that they collaborate image recognition and voice recognition technology together. Dalmi tells her that they ask this guy to see it and then this other guy will tell us.

Saha gets it and thinks that is two-way communication. Dosan tells her that is right. Dalmi wonders how they can put Yongshil here? Chulsan says they have to see if they can use Yongshil AI in their app.

Yongsan wonders if this is possible? It will be hard to do it in real time. Dosan tells them not to worry about that, we will make it happen. Dalmi says she will make it happen whatever it takes. Dosan smiles cutely at her.


But Ji-pyung shuts that idea down when Dalmi tells it to him. She says he did not even check it thoroughly, why are you saying no? We have a good idea!

He says they have a good idea and they have a good service name “NoonGil” (which means EyeRoad”) but why do you think this good thing has not happened yet?

Dalmi says there is something similar in America. Ji-pyung knows this and says Google and Microsoft can do it. But a start-up does it? Dalmi does not understand why not. Does he think it won’t happen?

JP – Do you want me to tell you the facts or a dreamy happy future?

DM – A dreamy happy future.

JP – That future will never come.

Outside, Yoon is looking through the window at Dalmi and Ji-pyung’s meeting. The assistant, DC, comes up and politely makes conversation, but she shushes him and smiles. Then she looks at the meeting again.

DM – Why so negative?

JP – Have you calculated the cost of using Yongshil’s API?

DM – Yes. America has similar service and based on the cost I estimated the price.

She calculates all the money which shows up on the screen. per year it is almost $30,000. JP asks her where she will get that money? She starts to say she will put commercials on their site.

JP – You will put an advertisement in a service for the blind?

DM – *She thinks about that* We can get an investment!

JP – Who will invest money in that service where the more you use it the more money you lose?

DM – Well, there should be something, do you think no one will invest in our service in the world? At least one will be moved with out solution.

The camera scrolls out to show Yoon and DC eavesdropping on the meeting now. It is kind of adorable.

JP – There is only one thing that moves investors hearts, which is money.

DM – No, we can convince them with other things.

JP – Nothing. *makes a coffee* No one wishes more for me for Samsan Techs success and I will not even invest. So how can you convince others?

DM – What if you do it? I will convince you and it will work.

He gives her a coffee.

JP – It will not work.

She stands up and tells her that she will do it. She puts the blue emotion light on his finger then sits again.

JP – What is this?

DM – If I convince you then it will light up.

JP – *chuckles* It won’t work.

DM – I have an old memory.

JP – You have the wrong start. You should use facts and data, not emotions.

DM – *waves him off* Maybe fifteen years ago Dosan sent me a letter. *he looks up* I realized back then…

little JP – I thought that it would be with me forever

DM – Things we take for granted that we think will be with us forever

lilJP – We take it for granted and didn’t realize how precious it was. All the moments were a gift

DM – How precious day to day life is. That letter made us realize it.

Cut to Halmoni who is having a hard time putting the password in to her lock to get into her house.

DM – I am not going to do something great. The normal thing for us for people where it is not normal, I hope it helps a little bit, just a little bit. If we can save them in their day to day life, that is a good enough reason. Someone will think like me. That is what I think.

Ji-pyung looks at her and his blue light lights up. She sees it and exclaims It lit up! It lit up!

He stands up and asks, what is this! She explains the technology. He says this is not true! This is illegal and unfair, my heart did not pump! This is an error.

But she tells him that the mouth can lie but the heart is honest. Thank you for your honest opinion. She is about to leave. He disagrees and says no, no, Seo Dal mi. He grabs her arm lightly. But they both look at each other so he lets go.

JP – Think about this carefully, this is the road to a hard life. Everyone can go bankrupt. You can be hurt.

DM – I was thinking about it and maybe, unnexpectedly, I am looking for hardship. Thank you for your coffee.

She leaves. He sighs greatly and sits at the table. He wonders what he should do with Seo Dalmi. Yoon asks if she can come in so Ji-pyung yells, its not! But then he sees that it is Yoon and stands quickly.

Yoon – If this is a business that is going well then that means the CEO will be under more trouble because the investment is the only way. Sit.

Ji-pyung sits.

Yoon – I ran this kind of business when I was young. Everyday was like asking for money. It was so difficult.

JP – That is what I am talking about.

Yoon – But, this has a definite “why”. 

JP – Yes, but there is no “how” or “what” just “why”.

Yoon – When you have “why” then everything else will fill up.

JP – Like the little girl on the swing?

Yoon – Yes.

JP – CEO, do you know….

Yoon – What?

JP – CEO Won In-jae and CEO Seo Dal-mi are sisters.

Yoon – What? They have different last names.

JP – When they were young, their parents got divorced so they lived separately. CEO Seo with her father and CEO Won with her mother.

Yoon – AH….Then maybe….

JP – Yes, the little girl in the swing can be Won In-jae but it can also be Seo Dalmi.

Yoon – Ah….



Dal-mi sees a photo of Won and curses at it. The poster says “Pay it forward…I support young peoples dreams”. Dalmi says, ah, you are standing, I thought you were sitting. Tsk.

Her sister comes up and asks, why didn’t you do this in front of abogi. She tells her not to worry, we did more in front of him. Injae says, I heard, Nam Do-san broke his nameplate.

IJ – Why did you do that? I told it for you.

DM – I did not want to do things you wanted me to do.

IJ – What I wanted?

DM – What? You always gave food to me after eating when you thought it was not good. All the bad tasting fruit. Don’t you remember.

IJ – I don’t know.

DM – I always ate it even though you tricked me every time. ALl those bad things, like a dummy. I am not going to do dum things anymore, that is why I spit it out.

Saha calls Dalmi over so Dalmi tells In-jae it is time for their meeting. Bye. She walks off. In-jae tsks.


On the street, Cha Ah-hyun is looking for a part-time job. She is eyeing a convenience store and has her luggage with her. But she thinks she should not do that, her disk will pop out at her age. 

Her husband calls. She answers it this time. He says it is difficult to hear her voice, did your puberty end. She tells him to release her credit card. he asks if she doesn’t have money? It took a bit longer.

He tells her he will not do it for free, I need to have a return. Bring In-jae back and then I will release it. She asks, bring her back? Did she leave the house? He asks, you didn’t know? Wow, you two. He chuckles.

She asks when In-jae left. He says she left after she caused that scene. Do you two not talk to each other? Hello?

Ah-young hung up. She calls In-jae.


Cut to the two of them meeting over lunch. Ah-young asks her daughter where she is staying now. In-jae says in a one room near Sandbox. Ah-young asks how a CEO can live in a one-room? 

In-jae tells her that a lot of people live like that. It has built in and a lot of security. Most of all, it makes me feel relief.

AH – Why don’t you go back to abogi? It seems like abogi also misses you.

IJ – If you are here only to talk about that then I am leaving.

AH – No, no, no okay, just finish eating.

In-jae sits to finish eating. Her mother looks at her sadly.

AH – So you feel good?

IJ – Yes, why? Do you think I don’t?

AH – No, you look like it.


Ji-pyung meets with Dal-mi in the lounge and gives her a folder of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) List. He tells her that she can’t make profit so she needs to rely on big companies. 

JP – I put people on the list whom have a big budget. Blue are interested in welfare for the blind. Red are companies under risk with tax evasion and things and need to make their company image better. If you target that then the conversation will go better.

DM – Thank you.

She looks at him earnestly. He asks what this is?

DM – You always slam the breaks on us but this time you pushed the accelerator. 

JP – A car without breaks can’t speed up because they can’t stop. You can always accelerate if you have breaks.

DM – i know, please stop the breaks for us.

JP – Okay.

DM – Team leader can I ask you when your birthday is?

JP – Why?

DM – You know, as part of my meddlesome nature I want to keep track of it. When is it?

JP – May 7th. 

DM – Ah, it already passed….what, May 7th?

JP – Yes, my birthday is the same day as Do-san

He awlks away. Do-san is looking at them from the second floor. He sighs.


Then we cut to a montage of Dosan and his Samsan Tech guys as they work extra hard on this new program to incorporate the audio AI with the Visual AI. Meanwhile, Dalmi talks to all the companies that Ji-pyung gave her. She gives one of them her business card, but he has soooo many business cards do it seems like a long shot. She crosses him off the list when they leave.

In the offices, the montage continues and shows the San guys knitting together as they take a break. But then Dosan gets a good idea and starts to write it on the chalkboard with the other two watching. 

Dosan talks to another person to try and get money for their company. She is in an elevator. But she has to leave as soon as the elevator door open. So she crosses this one off the list. That company was #10.

The montage keeps ticking along with Dosan working out his computer program. He took up the entire chalkboard – it looks like he finally has it solved.

Dalmi goes to another company and tries to get the attention of another company head. She spots this person by calling them first and seeing who is on the phone. The company person says she actually has to get going to a meeting.

Dalmi says they can go together and she will explain this to her on the way! The woman tells her okay.

At Sandbox, the team sits around a table with a blind woman with a seeing eye dog. They are testing their product out with her. At the same time, Dal-mi tells the tech to this company head as they drive to her location.

DM – Samsan Tech started with image recognition, this technology will become the eyes of the person.

In the offices, the woman asks Yongshil what “this” is. Yong-shil says the correct amount of money. The woman loves that a lot

DM – Image recognition will recognize what is around and tell you with voice. Blind people can read books and check the bus number and look at milk and check the expiration date. It does not sound that important but it will change the world

In the office, the team is super happy and asks her to try something else. So she puts it at Yong-san and asks Yongshil who is in front of her. Yongshil says it is a man in his 20s who is trying to look cool so he is wearing glasses without glass inside. Everyone laughs. Saha says that is very correct. Yongsan fake laughs along and then complains and throws the glasses away.


The company person is still driving and Dal-mi is still talking about the technology. Then they get to her destination. It looks like it is the middle of nowhere.

They get out of the car, the woman tells Dalmi that her idea is good but they already decided to support another center. Dalmi says okay, but how about next year? The woman says she will put it on the list.

Dalmi wishes her goodbye and then starts to walk away. The woman looks at the company paperwork for NoonGil then calls Ji-pyung. It looks like she knows something.

Dal-mi walks away on this country road and tries to find a cell phone signal. She thinks she is going even deeper in the country. A car drives by which makes her step away and into cow poop.

It is a whole ordeal with her taking off her shoe to look at the poop and I’m shaking my head and telling her to put her shoe back on. But she is saved by Ji-pyung who is diving by. He tells her he is in the area and to hop in. She shows him her poop shoes.

But they overcome that and drive away. She asks why he didn’t use the bag yet? He says he has no reason to use it.

DM – SO why are you around here?

JP – Um, just, well, I come here often.

DM – Why do you come here?

JP – Just, um, *snap* calgooksoo (noodle soup) over there. I come here every week. It is famous here.

DM – Ah

JP – Take a nap, I heard you stay overnight recently.

DM – No, it is okay. I can’t sleep well in a car that someone else is driving.

JP – I will safely drive so just take a nap–

But when he looks over he sees that she is already super out. He shakes his head and smiles.

They get back to the city. It is dusk and she is still sleeping. He pulls over and looks at her for a moment. Then he thinks about Yoon telling him that she did that business when she was young but every day was begging for money. It is killer.

Ji-pyung smiles again and looks at Dal-mi. He lets her sleep and keeps driving.


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