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Start-Up: Episode 7 Live Recap – Part 2

Start-Up: Episode 7 Live Recap - Part 2

This is part two of our live recap for Start Up!

Click here for part one.


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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!




Cut to Dalmi’s cousin who showed up to Sandbox to tell companies that he can do their marketing. All he asks is 1%. They are standing and talking in the hallway when Dosan walks in with the rest of Sandbox and asks why his cousin is here?

Yong-san is immediately shaking his head and trying to tell Dosan no, no, no. It is a bit awkward.

Cut to the cousin sitting in the office and telling the team about emotion transistors that you put on your finger. It is like ET because you put a little ball on your index finger and it glows. He starts to explain how it works using pulse oximetry.

Saha holds Yong-san’s hand and the light urns blue. She thinks it must be true then. So Saha holds Dosan’s hand. Dalmi’s eyes grow all big and upset, but nothing happens. Dosan says it is very correct.

Dal-mi hits Saha’s hand away and removes Do-san’s hand. The little ball immediately lights up blue. The cousin asks them to test this product and give hem feedback. We can help each other!

DS – Hyung, you have 1% share here. 

Cousin – Of course, then I will be the bony brown of Korea.

Chu-san asks who that is. Yong-san says it is the masseuse when Google started. He is a millionaire now with the stock options he had back then. The cousin snaps and tells them that he is his role model. He finds start ups with potential and then donate his talent and get 1%. If one of them becomes daebak like Google then I will be a millionaire!

His light lights up blue. Then Dalmi’s light lights up blue. Saha asks what she is thinking to have a blue light? Dalmi covers her light and says she is thinking that they might be one of them.

Saha is sarcastic and annoying about that, she says that is nonsense. But everyone else has that dream and the light lights up blue. Dosan says that blue light helps in making decisions.

Do-san and Dalmi touch blue lights and it lights up immediately.


Later on, Yong-san gives a talk on a new idea he calls “Save the Mesaengi.” Which is tiny seaweed. His father makes maesengi and ducks eat it a lot. His father has to leave and ring the bell to keep the ducks away but they still eat it all. They can’t be there for 24 hours. But using our image recognition technology, we can detect the ducks and when it comes out we can BANG! it away.

He is super excited about that plan. It is soleda right? But no, no one else likes it.

Saha gives her presentation on a fortune telling face selfie. Chul-san has two ET lights and they are both blue. He loves everything she does. Event hough the other san guys says that Chul-san does not believe fortune telling.

The next morning, Yong-san gives his presentation on what they can use the company tech for. He thinks they can train their AI using face recognition of their pets. He is actually holding a little dog as he talks. He says when their pet makes their facial emotion on their favorite thing then they can automatically put it in their shopping cart.

The team thinks that is not bad. It is also a good model for profit. And good targeting. Her light turns blue. She tells him that he looks fresh with his glasses on and this new look. Chul-san says Yong-san is like rotten kimchi, he is sour! Dos-san chuckles.

It goes into the night. Do-san gives a presentation on what they can use with their algorithm. In the hallway, we see Yoon chairman walk past and look in on this company. She looks impressed that they are working so hard.

Do-san’s idea is to use the good recognition rate. The san guys say they are the best with that, they got first in CODA with that! He smiles at Saha. She looks like she smelled something bad. Do-san starts to talk about his idea but we do not hear it. We do see Yoon’s face who looks some kind of stunned or interested or shocked? Not sure.


Dalmi and Dosan walk around the Sandbox area. Dalmi sees Ji-pyung and starts to yell his  name but he does not see them. So she calls him. He sees the call (her name is saved as Murderer? lololol). He thinks about answering it but then ignores it and walks off.

She wonders why he ignored her phone call. Dosan says he also ignores his phone calls too. She calls Ji-pyung back. Do-san asks what is for breakfast? I want to eat rice since we had ramen all night.

Dalmi tells him that she saw a new home cooking place, want to try it? he says okay. So they start to walk off.


The san guys see the sister twin int he hallway. They high five her and talk about how they are working hard, but we see that they all actually hate each other when they walk away. Lots of glares and waving away the high five, haha.

In the bathroom, Yong-san mentions that he thought the twins would run away after the hackathon but they are sticking around. Saha wonders, what if they are in Sandbox forever?

The brother twin comes out of the bathroom and tells them that they will stay there forever. Staying here is more profitable than running away with money.

Chul-san and Yong-san both hop at how suddenly the twin came out. They ask him what is so profitable? He says their CEO is not bad, she brought good work for them already. They ask what work that is.


The work is bank work to reduce the amount of employees using AI. It is a $300k business. They wonder why they are not included since they use the same bank data.

Saha thinks that CEO Won is pretty good. But Yong-san says she is not, it is obvious, she used her appa’s influence. Jong-Han bank CEO and the Won’s are middle school friends. Bill Gates said that life is not fair, we should get used to it. Then he air boxes with Chul-san (punch-punch-dodge) and they get to work.


Cha Ah-hyun pays for something at the hotel. But her card is denied. She turns around upset and wonders if her husband is doing this again?

Back at Sandbox, chairman Won walks around with his son. They are both wearing hoodies. He spots his step-daughter In-jae so they chat. She asks why he is always there. He says he wants to start a task force team using AI in distribution industry. That is your business. Why don’t you write a proposal. I want to do something for you as a father.

She tells him not to do it. Just watch me. The step-brother says something so she glares at him and he has to fix his face. He says something else about people working like dogs to be with him. So she tells him that the dogs can have him and mentions the German Shepard they used to have. 

You gave it the name Taebaek and wanted to see if Taebek would eat poop water so you didn’t feed him for a few days. You said if you feed it too much food it would bite you so you gave it just enough food to survive and that stupid dog was wagging its tail whenever he saw you like a dummy. I don’t want that.

She walks away. Dal-mi is on the steps and saw everything. In-jae did not see her though.



Ji-pyung gives Yoon a coffee as she looks at the wish wall. He mentions that In-jae company got the deal for the bank. She says she heard about that.

Yoon – Won In-jae is great right? She already got a $300k business project.

JP – You have nothing to do as a mentor.

Yoon – Tell me about it. I am getting it for free *smiles* She knows what to do and how to do it so well. But….I think she doesn’t know why she does it.

JP – it should be money. When you open a business money is the goal.

Yoon – yes, money is a good reason and an honest reason, but I thought this girl would be different. I thought she would look for another reason other than money.

JP – What other reason?

Yoon – I don’t know yet.

In-jae overhears all this and walks away.

Yoon looks at the promise wall and sees the card “revenge.” Ji-pyung also sees it and wonders what this scary promise is? Yoon remembers the flower on the bridge.

In he hallway around the corner, Dal-mi congratulates In-jae for getting the money from the bank. She tells her thank you. They talk back and forth about being thankful and being fake. Dal-mi ends up saying her accomplishment was not truthful. You are lucky and yo have support. Why is it so easy for you when it is difficult for everyone else?

In-jae asks if she thinks she got that bank business with a connection? Dal-mi tells her the CEO and her father are school hood friends. In-jae says her fathers company had an AI project team. If I wanted a connection, then shouldn’t I have gotten that one over the bank one?

Flashback to hackathon.

IJ – I met the CEO during the hackathon. While you were taking a nap, I exchanged cards with him and contacted him and applied for the project. My father was not in the process. You had a chance, you are just not good enough. When you see an accomplishment then you should try and learn, not talk about luck or connections or all those excuses. That is cliche.

In-jae walks away and thinks about what Yoon said about how she thought this girl was different and would look for other accomplishments. So she turns back to Dal-mi and tells her that she wants to give her some more advice. As a real CEO, you should not stand there dumb. You should run to your office. I just told you that the Won group wants an AI project.

DM – Why should I do things you didn’t do?

IJ – Money, don’t you need money? Are you going to sleep again in front of your chance?

She walks away.


Dal-mi presents the offer to her team of Morning Group’s AI needs. They wonder why they should go after it since they already brainstormed their own ideas? She says they make $50k for their idea and $300k if they make it and if we run it then more than 1 million. With that money, we can survive not just 6 months, but three years. 

She wants to do this but wants to know what the team thinks. They all start to ponder it. They look a bit negative about it. But Do-san says they can try it. Even though he doesn’t look like he wants to.


Do-san lays on his back on the terrace of the Sandbox offices. It is nighttime. Dal-mi comes up and gives him a drink. He sits up quickly. She apologizes and says it costs a lot of money to realize his business plan.

DS – I just worry about you.

DM – Why?

DS – Chairman Won, your mom’s new husband.

DM – *nods*

DS – you don’t want to get involved?

DM – I don’t want to, more than cockroaches.

DS – Then why?

DM – My halmoni told me, making a bad relationship is owing $100k. Making a good relationship is making $100k. We don’t make money, you know, so we should at least not owe money. I will try and make a relationship. I am good at holding.

He chuckles and says he is the same. His nickname is living Buddha. You know that right. When I am angry….I start to knit.

DM – *laughing* Really?

DS – yes, when I get angry I have this simulation in my head while knitting. I think about arguing and hitting and fighting and then I can suppress my anger.

DM – Really? Me too, me too! I always have this imagination of breaking everything and fighting like a blockbuster movie.

DS – You knit too?

DM – No, not knitting. Who knits when they are angry *jokes*

DS – I told you I do it! *laughs*

Ji-pyung goes to the terrace and sees them laughing and joking with each other. He looks jealous and leaves immediately.

DM – Ah, you are the same. Fifteen years ago and now. Do-san, you know me the best.

DS – Do I?

They look at each other. It is a nice moment to kiss….

But Do-san looks away.

DS – Dam-mi, I changed a lot. I don’t remember what happened 15 years….no I actually don’t want to remember. I hope that you don’t know about me back then.

DM – Why?

DS – I was a loser back then. I was not as good as what you think.

She looks away and he looks at her. He is a bit nervous. He stands up and tells her, lets go and extends his hand. She takes it and they walk away holding hands.



The next morning, Ji-pyung gets in his car when a security guards stops him. He is holding the plant and shows him images from the CCTV that show him abandoning the plant. He tells him that he should not throw this plant away like that.

he gives it to him and then tells him all the proper ways to throw away a vase. It is a lot and super detailed. Ji-pyung is like, um, what should I do? So the security officer starts to tell him what to do in detail. He is super passionate about it (he is a comedian in real life). He tells him all the details then mutters that his car is nice and leaves.

Ji-pyung is left holding the plant and asking some questions. the security guards yells his responses about special trash bags and all that and walks away.

So Ji-pyung has to go get a special trash bag and his assistant cant help him (because he doesn’t know what he is talking about).

When he gets to the Sandbox parking garage, Dal-mi runs up to him and mentions that he seems busy so she came to him and tells him about the proposal they submitted to Morning Group. It is an AI project to reduce human resources. I wanted to report that to you and also this.

She hands over a bag, it is the special bag that he needs to throw away a vase. I went to your office to meet you and over heard your talk. Do you have to throw away something?

He looks at the plant in his car and says, well….why are you so meddlesome?

DM – What? Meddlesome? I just did it to do a good dead.

JP – Kindness that another person does not want it meddling. When did I ask you to buy anything with this useless thing, you make me….I don’t like this kind of meddlesomeness.

DM – I am sorry, I will be more careful.

She walks away sadly with her bag. But then comes back upset and says, hey! You mattered first!

DM – You did not ask me! You lent Do-san a car to not make me depressed! And you changed my speech! That is mattering! Bit mattering! Why can you do it but you stop me from doing it, I will do it, don’t stop me!

JP – Are you angry at me?

DM – If you really don’t like it then you need to tell that first! If you said I was having a difficult time and need help, then that is not meddling. You said that!

JP – Then what are you going to do if I tell you that?

DM – Do my best to help you.

JP – Why?

DM – Well, because I liked your mattering with me. So, just accept it You will eventually like it. *hands over the bag again*

JP – *stares* One minute passed.

DM – Sorry, you go first.

He walks away. Dal-mi looks at him as if she knows something or perhaps likes him? Not sure.

Ji-pyung goes to his desk and looks at the proposal that Dal-mi emailed him. Assistant Dong-chan comes up to him and comments on all the emails. He asks what kind of proposal that is. Ji-pyung says it is a proposal for Morning Group.

Dong-chan thinks there are so many emails, that is so much energy. But actually, this proposal is very professional. Ji-pyung sys yes, he worries because her proposal to Morning Group is actually good.

Cut to Won’s meeting with the Sandbox mentor team. It is a flashback. Won thinks that Samsan Tech is actually pretty smart, it is a good idea to use them. He understands why Alex was interested in Samsan Tech now. Alex says they did not pick them only to use them. Yoon is also not happy about Won.

In the present, Ji-pyung asks DC to see how far the task force team has come and to get the details about it.


Meanwhile, Dal-mi’s mom when to a PC bang where mostly young kids hang out. She looks at an ordering screen and is pretty happy about all the thing she can order. She is also really happy about the chair and how cushiony it is and how the keyboard is so glowy and pretty. She also loves the coffee bean coffee. 

She whispers to the kid next to her to bring her mom here to enjoy all these good things too, she will be happy. Then her phone goes off. It’s her husband. She checks her cash and ignores her husbands phone call, then surfs the internet.

Her husband is in his building and looks kind of concerned with his wife not picking up his phone calls. He thinks she is lasting longer than usual. The son wonders, what if she really wants a divorce?

The husband ays then he can do it. We had a deal that she would not get any money when they got divorced. She loves money so she will never do it. He wonders what is wrong with Injae and his wife. They used to wag their tail for money and now they are like a wild dog.

The son says he heard something interesting from the technology team leader. One of the proposals was submitted by Samsan Tech for their AI. he says he knows from Seo Dal-mi, In-jae’s sister. The sons ays that team leader said their proposal was pretty good.

The husband thinks they are still a start up. But he also asks where the meeting is.


Elsewhere, Saha gives Dal-mi and Do-san a ride to the meeting. He comments and says she has a nice car. Why did you give us a ride this late?

She says she does not like people riding in her car, but you are the CEO so you should look good so as not to get looked down on. Do-san gives her a thumbs up. Saha gives her some killer lipstick and tells her to be confident with lots of eye contact.

Dal-mi puts it on and gives Saha some fake air kisses. So-san is mesmerized with her lips as he sits in the  back. He has to cover his mouth.

Saha lets them out at the front. Dalmi mutters, bad relationship, minus one hundred k. Good relationship, plus one hundred k. Let’s go.

Do-san and her walk in together.



Won and his team look over the proposal. Dal-mi and Do-san introduce themselves. Won mentions that they met she says yes and reintroduces herself. He says he does not understand technology that much so he will let his son take care of it. He says he picked that team in the hackathon so take good care of them. When it is done, stop by.

He leaves and they all sit once again. The son asks if she is In-jae’s sister? She says yes. He says he is In-jae’s oppa so take me as a real oppa.

Neither Dal-mi or Do-san likes that all that much. It doesn’t feel right.

Elsewhere, Ji-pyung asks DC about the Won group task force. DC looked it up and says that it looks like they already have an engineer for their task force so why did the contact Samsan Tech?

Ji-pyung thinks they are just using their technology. 

In the meeting, Dal-mi is shocked that they have to use all those image files? They are developers, how can they take 100k pictures? Dalmi tells him they are here to propose an AI solution, we are not here to gather data.

The son tells them that the basis of AI is to gather data. You gather the data and our team will make the solution. Do-san is angry and balls up his hand. He tries not to explode.

Dal-mi holds his hand to calm him. Dal-mi asks the son why he doesn’t just get a part timer to do this. The son asks how they can pay for that with a part-timer. They would have to pay a lot for the student. They also do not know what pictures to take. The AI specialist does.

With Ji-pyung, DC thinks that is nonsense, they are using highly qualified people for nothing. Who would accept that. Ji-pyung says a lot of people will do it because the most important thing for start-ups is reference. A lot of people would swarm of this to get the logo of morning Group on their resume.

DC thinks that is true. With that one line, the next one line is easier. I understand that but this is so bad and dirty. Do you think CEO Seo will accept that dirty proposal? Ji-pyung pulls out his phone as if he will text Dal-mi.

In the offices, Dal-mi and Do-san meet with Won in his office. They tell him it is manual work. He says if you think of it that way then it is manual work. But if you think of it as experience then it is experience. You are young and passionate, we are buying that.

DS – So you don’t need our solution?

Won – Of course we will use it if it is good.

DM – You said you would pay 50k for the solution alone.

Won – I saw your homepage. It is empty. You can use our logo of working with Morning Group. That one line is worth more than 50k. Do you know why I picked Samsan Tech among all other companies? If you follow your mom then we are father daughter now.

DS – *looks at Dal-mi*

Won – Was your life hard as a Seo?

DM – *doesn’t answer*

Won – It would be nice if you lived as a Won likek your sister.

DM – *angry and sad*

Won – It always bothered me, to take care of you as a daughter….

Do-san grabs Won’s name plate and brakes it over his desk.

DS – Shut up.…Dalmi, I cannot do this business. Sorry.

He walks out. Won stutters what the f? Dal-mi leaves quickly. Do-san’s hand is bleeding.

He goes to the top of the company building. Dal-mi runs after him.

DM – Dosan!

DS – I tries to cold myself back but I really couldn’t. I am sorry to make a bad relationship for you but this is…really not good. I will find a more expensive connection than….100k….no, I made plus 100k and minutes 100k….200k….no, I will make 10 million connections so lets just stop this project_

She kisses him! AHHHHHHHHHH!

He is super shocked and covers his mouth. He can’t stop smiling

DS – All of a sudden…Dalmi….

DM – Dosan.

DS – Yes.

DM – Lets give this up and do the other one.

DS – The other one?

DM – The service you talked about.

Flashback to Do-san’s idea. He thinks they can use it for blind people. They all wonder how that can work? He starts to explain it to them and says that they can use this image recognition system as navigation system using the voice. It and say the door is 2 meters in front of you or you are holding a pen, like that.

Chul-san’s finger light turns on. He thinks that is great. I was blinded a little bit by that milk bomb and couldn’t do anything.

Dosan says he thought of it….and we see another flashback of him thinking about it while knitting. He closed his eyes and tried to knit but couldn’t, he pocked his finger. He starts to think about what the halmoni said about looking at his eyes and realizing that something bad really happened to her, that her entire day to day life is really broken.

He thought that she would be very scared. He drops his yarn. The halmoni says that thinking about that will not make her eyes good again. He opens his eyes and sees the yarn on the floor. He thinks, if eyes don’t’ get better, why don’t we replace the eyes with their technology.

He sees the yarn as his computer program. 

Then he asks his team what they think? It gives him goosebumps. Maybe I did all this only to do this? They all give him a thumbs up and they all have blue lights.


Dal-mi tells him that they should do it. When he heard his idea, she was super soleda.

DS – It won’t make money.

DM – Instead, it will be fun.

They both look at each other with the sun shining behind them.

DS – We only have six months.

DM – That means that we can do anything we want for six months.

Bows his head.

DS – We have no plan.

DM – Lets do it, sailing without a map, do you remember?

She smiles at him and he smiles at her and he reaches out and kisses her quickly this time! AHHHHHHHHHH!

Y’all, thes two kisses are so adorable. They keep kissing on the rooftop. She wraps her arms around his neck. They stop kissing and look deeply into each others eyes. He is really looking at her happily. Then he kisses her again with a huge smile. They keep kissing with a pink sky behind them.


When Dal-mi was putting cucumbers on her grandmothers face and she said what guy she liked. The Dosan from the past letters or the Dosan from now. 

Halmoni – Do you like the Dosan who sent you letters from 15 years ago or the Dosan from now?

DM – That is a strange question. Why do I have to separate them? 

Halmoni – I know, just in case you have to, which one do you like better?

DM – Well, if I have to distinguish *tea pot goes off* Hmm, to me, it is still the Dosan from 15 years ago that sent me letters.

Cut to Ji-pyung passing a plant store. He sees plant food and looks at it.

Halmoni – The old Do-san?

DM – Yes, he is still my first love. He is lingering and I am thankful.

Halmoni – What about the current Dosan?

DM – The current Dosan is kind of foreign to me.

She thinks about him telling her that he will bring her a bigger connection than Won Company.

DM – He looks like a different person so it made me a little sad

She kissed him when he was talking a mile a minute.

DM – But now, sometimes, strangely, I am nervous …. and soleda.

Fade Out


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Oh, no, I hope the next episode is not all angst filled with Chairman Won. Can our team just try and make people daily lives more comfortable without all these other hassles! let them just save the world already. I think they will live off gummy candy and free buffets while they do.

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English Translation

DM – Our normal life is the life we take for granted. I hope our technology helps people in the life we take for granted.

JP – Who will invest money in technology where we will lose money when it is used.

JP – My birthday is the same as Do-san.

Won – If I get CCTV footage and sue you?

DS – What happens if I don’t get an agreement?

JP – You can get hurt.

DM – Dosan ah?

Won – If you two beg in front of me, then I will consider it.

DM – I am on the edge of a cliff.


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  1. majong Sofine
    November 8, 2020 / 12:34 am

    It’s a good drama and premise with some glaring holes in script writing that take away from what you sense to your core is a experience that should be so much better than that.


    Dosan is supposed to be done awesome programmer but in a couple scenes he is a witless moron. He can’t figure out what buttons to push in JPs BMW as if it’s beyond him.

    In another one he practically giggled like a school girl st a desk that raised up abs down electrically.

    Dosan knows he is a stand in for JP who is doing all this to support dalmi and grandma and he knows the lengths JP is going to to do it. He knows the feelings dalmi has are for Jp who wrote the letters and established the relationship, yet he had no problems whatsoever inserting himself into dalmis life and stealing Brett affections for himself. An absolute skum move.

    Dosan is so stupid he cant remember what he is supposed to do for 20 minutes and forces JP to come and save dalmi and therefore dosan at send box.

    When dosan and his 2 stooges are giving away their technology thinking they ste talking with investors, it’s JP who comes and saves then from losing everything, yet 10 minutes later when he asks to keep the illusion going on for a bit more for dalmi, they blackmail him to get what they want. Absolute skum.

    They get into sandbox the 3 fool’s are so infantile they bring duffle bags to steal all the free candy they can from the open snack table.Dosan even fills the hood on his sweatshirt and spills it all down the hallway.

    Every episode has multiple reasons why dosan is skum but the writer introduce elements that are designed to make him appear better or kinder or of higher character than he really is.

    There are multiple where he forces himself into dalmi life at the expense of JP who he KNOWS is the one dalmi really has feelings for. He says he wants to tell her the truth because he knows it will blow up in his face later when it’s discovered, yet anytime JP is around he shoves him, steps on his feet and gets in between JP and Dalmi when th they are ralking.

    In one scene dosan is insulted by a company CEO and breaks his glass nameplate on his desk. Dalmi has her own reasons to not want to take the deal and is crying. Dosan sees none of that and storms out. Dalmi bring a true leading lady who is inoccent admirable and worthy of sacrificing for thinks dosan reaction was for her and ends up kissing the skum.

    Anyone who cares about dalmi knows only heartache will come from dosan inserting himself into her life, but at every point he should have disappeared from her personal life he lies and manipulates her and JP. A woman can regret her feelings for a man but there are different levels of damage a man can do based on how much a woman has given up for him.

    If the truth had come up before she could have salvaged a relationship at least in buisness but now that she has kissed him the damage will be 10x. Hopefully she will not have go to the 100x level giving herself to such a person and THEN finding the truth.

    • V
      November 8, 2020 / 11:10 am

      All of this appears like it is going to come to light in episode 9! The preview looks like it is about to go hard on Dosan.

      I also think they did a poor job of illustrating that Dosan is on the autism spectrum. I believe that is mentioned in the character description but it hasn’t been mentioned in the drama at all. So that explains a bit of some of his quirks away. Not the going along with manipulation part though, but that is definitely going to come back to bite him!

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