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Start-Up: Episode 7 Live Recap – Part 1

Here we are with the next episode of this delightful show! I cannot wait to find out what is about to happen at Halmoni and Dalmae’s house because you know something silly to cut the seriousness is about to go occur.

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Caution: Be wary of typos

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!




Ji-pryung complains about how many text messages he received (more than 400) when he woke up, then Dalmi just shows up to his office. Ji-pyung is suddenly happy to see he and walks over to her.

His assistant Fong-chun wonders what exactly is going on, what he says and what he does is opposite.

Ji-pyung gives them all their money in his conference room. He hands over a folder to Dalmi. Dalmi thanks him and then stands to leave, but Do-san says he is going to stay and talk to hyung. So she gives them some privacy.

JP – What do you want to say?

DS – I will tell Dalmi the truth today.

FP – About the letter?

DS – Yes

JP – Why all of a sudden?

DS – I will remove the bug that will come sometime in the future

JP – Don’t tell her

DS – I will

JP – Then everything will end here. Your relationship with Dalmi and Sam San Tech….

DS – No, nothing will happen

JP – Why are you so sure?

DS – About you, why are you so confident? Thirteen year old letters make you assured but it has no power.

JP – It seems like it is at least more powerful than you

DS – Ah….we will see *smiles*

He leaves. Ji-pyung tsks but looks nervous and angry about “we will see”. He tightens his fists.

Later on, he gets into his car and mutters, “we will see? what the f?” He drives drives off and stops at a light. His mind is thinking deeply and he mutters “We will see? Why should I? I am not!” Then he busts an illegal Uie.


Meanwhile, Do-san is meeting Halmoni for the first time at Dal-mi’s house. The halmoni mutters, you are bringing him home for the first time? Dal-mi says it has been awhile. We knew each other for 15 years. He deserves to be here.

Halmi mutters that they have nothing to eat and hurries off. She grabs some money and tells Dalmi to buy some fish and miyuk at the store. Do-san says he is fine, I don’t have to eat! But Halmi tells him that he has to eat. So she shews Dalmi off.

Dalmi tells Dosan to be comfortable, like you are at home and tells her grandmother not to say anything strange.

They both sit. Halmoni says that Dalmi talked about DO-san a lot. She expected to meet him some time, but not like this.

DS – Are your eyes really bad?

Halmoni – They are still okay. I see things well. If I take care of it well then I heard it will go bad slowly.

DS – Dalmi doesn’t know?

Halmoni – No she doesn’t so you pretend like you don’t know also.

DS – How can I? What if she knows later? She will …

Halmoni – ….cry and hate me for not saying anything. You asked me why, it is because she will look at me pitifully like you do now.

DS – Halmoni….

Halmoni – I hate that pitiful look. When I see those eyes, I feel like something really bad happened to me. All of a sudden all the light in the world will go away and I feel like everything collapsed. But it won’t make my eyes any better. I hope you are the only one with that pitiful gaze, okay? No more. Recently, Dalmi smiles a lot because of you. The day she saw you, whenever she sees me, she talks about you. Her eyes are sparkling like diamonds. You know, my Dalmi, when she smiles her eyes are very pretty.

DS – *nods* I know. 

Halmoni – It is all because of you Dosan. I see her pretty eyes without any regret in life. If I see them a little more than when I lose my eyesight in the future then I will have no regrets. I know I don’t deserve to ask you this.

DS – *voice quivering* No, it is okay.

Halmoni – I will trust you. Do not tell anyone to Dalmi or Ji-pyung.

DS – Team Leader Han Ji-pyung?

Halmoni – *stands and goes to sink* Yes, if that good boy knows then he will make a big noise.

DS – (Despair that I can not even imagine, I realized while looking at Halmoni who makes that despair into day to day life.)

Flashback – Sorry, even though it sounds crazy, I owe her big. Just for one hour, can you be the guy in that letter?

DS – (He led me to a first love I do not even know).

Flashback – So how much do you owe that you cannot even take care of it with money? I hope I could repay it with money to the person who gave a big big favor to someone who can’t even repay it. She is that person. The beginning of this miracle life. She is the start.

Do-san looks at Halmoni cleaning at the sink. She smiles at him and keeps cleaning.

DS – Halmoni, today I have to give you something.

Halmoni – What?

DS – *pulls out sponge* I made this dish washing sponge.

Halmoni – *hits him* You have good skills! Really good.

DS – *smiles* This is RGB, the three primary colors of light….*Keeps explaining*



Outside, Dalmi walks back up holding the things she bought. She wonders what that strange reaction was with Do-san and her grandmother, they should have been happy to see each other but didn’t look happy at all.

Then Ji-pyung drives up and hops out quickly. 

DM – Huh, Team leader Han?

JP – Where is Nam Do-san!

DM – He is in our house. 

JP – House?

DM – Why? Why are you here?

Cut to the four of them looking at each other in the living room. Dosan and Halmoni look so stunned that Ji-pyung is here. Dalmi introduces Ji-pyung to her grandmother. They have to pretend that they don’t know each other. Ji-pyung bows and says it is nice to see her, it is so awkward and adorable.

TITLE: BURN RATE: How fast start-ups spend their money

Halmoni also bows awkwardly and asks how he came here. Ji-pyung says, well, he has to talk to Dosan urgently. Do-san starts to slowly hide behind Halmoni.

JP – Hey, talk to me.

H – Huh? Talk to him?

DS – Hyung! I agree with everything with you hyung. *nervous*

JP – Agree?

DS – Yes, don’t worry, just leave.

JP – *high pitched* Okay….*normal voice* Goodbye *bows*

Halmoni bows again and Ji-pyung starts to leave. But Dalmi asks him if he has dinner. Fosan tells her that hyung has an appointment. Dalmi says okay. But then Ji-pyung says he doesn’t and looks at Do-san. 

DS – You dooooo!

JP – I have nothing!

JI-pyung just walks inside Do-san steps on his foot and tells him to leave after dinner. Dal-mi says the both of them make their ceiling look so low, right Halmoni. Halmoni stutters an agreement. Then asks if they can change her light in the bathroom.

Both – Yes!

Dosan looks at Ju-pyung, annoyed Then says he is taller than Ji-pyung so he can change it. Ji-pyung says it is just one centimeter different so it is nothing. I can do it.

DS – it is not just one centimeter!

JP – Fine, the 4 centimeter which is shorter than 1 centimeter *shows his pinky* 

DS – *looks at pinky*

JP – Where is your bathroom?

DM – Over there.

They both storm  to the bathroom and get stuck int he door. Dosan says he can do it he is an engineer. Ji-pyung says he can do it, he has share in a light company! Dosan says he knows everything about light energy and Ji-pyung says he knows the history of this countries first light and its development.

They are both still stuck in the door. Halmoni and Dalmi look at them. Dalmi mutters that they have a good relationship like real brothers.

They both say okay, wait a moment. Then they both try to get in again.

Cut to them fixing everything in the house!!! They are fixing absolutely everything that needs fixing, this is the best. While the two fellas fix everything, Dalmi and Halmoni cook. As soon as one guy is done fixing something they as Dalmi if anything else needs fixing? I can do anything!

DM – Nothing, nothing.

DS – I am in my twenties so I am stronger. DO you need muscle?

JP – You have turtle neck, your disk will pop out if yo use your muscle. I worry about you. What else?

DM – Nothing more, nothing more, just eat.

Both – Yes!

They both put all the wrenches and things away and sit to eat. Dalmi tells them about the fish that is long but has a lot of bones. It is expensive so she will share equally. She gives them both their fish. Ji-pyung sees that his is smaller than Do-san’s. 

Halmoni – That doesn’t seem fair.

DM – Ah, Halmoni, you are so jealous.

She cuts some more fish but gives it to Halmoni and not Ji-pyung, lol. This scene is funny. Halmoni tells Ji-pyung that he is a really important person to Dalmi. Ji-pyung is about to say something but Dalmi says, strictly speaking, he is an important person for Dosan, I am just an extra thing he takes care of.

JP- You are not extra.

DS – *deep breathes*

JP – I am not that good of a person that helps someone as an extra addition. And, I don’t have that much time.

DM – Then why are you taking care of me also?

Everyone – *looks at Ji-pyung*

JP – I will get my return.

DM – What?

JP – I am an investor, I am not a charity. You pay back ten times later.

DM – Of course I will.

Halmoni looks at Dalmi and the boys. It is a strange situation for her to be in.

After eating, Dalmi walks them out and asks if they are going home separately? JP was going to his car and Dosan was walking. So they both stop and look at each other.

JP – Do you want to hop in?

DS – Maybe

JP – CEO, did you check your email? All the questions you asked me, I answered then in an email. Check it.

DS – *rolls eyes*

DM – Wow, I sent you more than 400 texts and you answered everything?

JP – Yes, 461 check it. *looks at Do-san*

DS – *jealous*

DM – Thank you so much, so to repay you I will….be a good CEO.

JP – Can you be a good CEO only with your determination?

DM – No, but nothing will happen without determination

JP – Okay, I will leave. Dosan let’s go.

DS – *walks to Dalmi* Hey, the share we talked about, I didn’t finish my word. You are a CEO with 71% of share. With your share I am 100% on your side.

He takes something out of her hair.

DS – We are one team forever. Okay. So trust me and don’t worry.

She nods, he rubs her head and touches her arm lightly then walks back to Ji-pyung’s car. Ji-pyung tells him to walk to the other side.



They both ride away quietly. Ji-pyung speaks first and asks Do-san why he didn’t tell her about the letter.

DS – You told me not to.

JP – Hey, don’t use me as your excuse. It seems like you don’t even have any courage to say that.

DS – Can I get out at the next signal.

JP – No, I will take you home.

DS – No, no, no, It is too much for me. I will take the bus.

JP – Nam Dosan, you are good at making someone else confused. You said you were ambitious, as an ambitious person you should use whoever you can. Me or Seo Dalmi.

DS – I am not using anyone…I really…Dalmi…truthfully….

Slams on breaks.

JP – Get out. You said you would take the bus. *nods to bus stop*

DS – *argh*

starts to get out but stops.

DS – I am really confused. Team leader, are you jealous of me?

JP – Jealous? Hey, Nam Do-san, you don’t know what jealously is. You really dont’ know what it is and ask me?

DS – it is not jealously?

JP – Yes, it is not!

DS – Then that is it then. *gets out*

Ji-pyung drives off quickly.

While he is driving away, we hear a voice over from halmoni asking Dalmi which Do-san she likes. Dalmi asks, which Dosan? Halmi wonders, do you like the Dosan that sent you letters 15 years ago or the adult Dosan you met after growing up?

The camera spans between Dosan and Ji-pyung and then goes to Dalmi and Halmoni. Dalmi says that is a strange question, why separate them? Halmoni tells her she knows it is a strange question. Dalmi does not know if she can separate them and asks why Halmi is asking her that.

Halmi just wonders, you know, in case you met Dosan without the letter. Would he pass your picky criteria? Dalmi thinks she is not picky. Halmi says she is. Grammar should be correct and they should be sympathizing and should make an appointment, you have a lot.

Dalmi thinks that is just basics. Halmoni asks again, so which one is better, Dosan with letter or the current dosan? Dalmi says, well, if I have to say….

But the tea pot goes off right when Dalmi says her answer so we don’t hear it. (of course!).


Meanwhile, Ji-pyung paces his house an angrily wonders if he is jealous. He scoffs at the idea then asks his AI what jealousy is.

AI – Jealousy is an MBC drama. It ended in July 1992.

JP – Hey! Why are you doing this! What is the dictionary term jealousy?

AI – Jealousy is the emotion that someone who you like, likes someone else more.

JP – See! His assumption is totally wrong.

AI – Isn’t it?

JP – *looks at plant* Yes! I have no one that I like. How can I be jealous of someone? I am jealous of no one.

A – Maybe it is not jealously. 

JP – Right, it is not. *looks at plant* It isn’t.

He walks over to the plant and looks at it closely.

Elsewhere, Do-san gets to his house and sits on his bed. He looks at his red yarn and turns on his night light then starts to knit. 

Ji-pyung takes the plant and gets in the elevator.

Dalmi works hard at her desk. She checks all Ji-pyung’s answers and is amazed that he actually answered them all.

Dosan drops the knitting. He pics it up and gets an idea then sits at his desk. He starts to work on his other computer program that recognizes objects. it thinks the knitting needle is a pencil so he starts working on it to make it see that it is a knitting needle.

Ji-pyung throws away the plant and walks away.

Dalmi keeps working at her desk. She wonders what the best way is to use the start up fund and reads the answer Ji-pyung left.

Answer – Burn rate is the rate that start-ups use their funds. You have to calculate the burn rate and then you will se how many months it will last.

Do-san tells the team the same thing the net day. She practically tells them word for word everything that Ji-pyung told her. Everyone is bored hearing it all. But they are listening as alertly as they can.

Dalmi starts to budget everything out including their pay which is $2k a month. That wakes everyone up. Wow! Though Saha thinks that is not a lot. The San guys think that is a lot, they didn’t make anything for two years. Saha said her credit card bill is no less than $2k a month. She tries to end with “yo” showing jongdaemal. 

They think she is bragging. She says she is bragging, she makes her money and she spends her money.

DM – $2,000 is not the problem. We can only survive 6 months with this.

DS – only 6 months?

DM – We have to get tangible results within 6 months. Our mentor Han says that we will have a demo in 3 months. A lot of famous investors will be there.

The team goes to lunch in Sandbox to talk about it. Yong-san says the investors will decide if they will spend more money after the 3 months midterm report. Dalmi nods and he points to the screen and says it is like that.

They all look at the previous investors for Sandbox and how much investment they hosted. That is all on that screen. They think that a 1 million investment is ten million net worth of the company. They are amazed.

Another company had 4 million investment which is 10% so that is 40 million. So at the end of series A, they become a real company. The san guys start to chuckle and think that is their future.

Saha smirks and says that their future could be other there. She shows the team that is leaving with all their things and crying. They all look at them wheeling all their stuff out.

One of the questions Dalmi asked Ji-pyung was what happened if they do not get any more investment? Ji-pyung told her either one or the other happens, sell your product and get more money or leave.

They both shake their heads at that possibility and all agree to go to the office for a meeting! They all hurry off to their offices.


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