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Start-Up: Episode 6 Live Recap – Part 1

This show is still kicking along cutely. Though I am a bit worried about the shares issue from the preview. Hopefully it won’t tear this company a part. I am also kind of side-eying that “revenge” note but willing to see what happens.

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Caution: Be wary of typos

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!




Do-san runs to Dal-mi while she is talking to Ji-pyung and tells her that their Samsan Tech and In-jae’s company are both in Sandbox just like he did at the end the last episode. He has her look at the screen because she is shocked. When she sees it on the screen, she screams and jumps into a hug.

He is nervous and doesn’t really know if he should hug her, but he smiles and pulls her into a super big bear hug and lifts her off the ground. Ji-pyung leaves. But then Dal-mi gets a bit embarrassed and let’s go. They both back away from each other awkwardly.

He congratulates her and she congratulates him. They are both a bit bashful.

She notices that Ji-pyung left and wants to find him to ask a question. Do-san grabs her arm and asks her to ask him the question, maybe he can answer it.

Outside, Ji-pyung walks around the bleachers talking to himself. He thinks he shouldn’t be like this since he isn’t a sinner. He thinks about going back, but stops and sits. Then Do-san comes up and sits on the bleacher over him.

JP – Congratulations, you finally did it *though he looks annoyed*

DS – All because of you

JP – Don’t mention it, its embarrassing

DS – I told Dalmi why you helped us

JP – You did, what?

Flashback to Do-san telling Dal-mi that he asked Ji-pyung for that favor because he wanted to look cool to her. Dal-mi asked him why him. Do-san says they are good friends like real brothers.

Ji-pyung asks, huh? You and me are like brothers? Do you think she will believe it?

DS – Yes, she believes it….Don’t think its strange that he did it for me. It was like that before and it will be like that. I told that to her.

JP – Good job. Hey Nam Do-san, you are good at speaking. You don’t stutter or avoid eye contact. Why do you look like you are angry at me?

DS – I deserve it now.

JP – What? Deserve it?

Flashback to Do-san telling Ji-pyung that he is angry and Ji-pyung telling him that he can’t be angry. When he gets into Sandbox then he can deserve to be angry.

Ji-pyung asks, so now that you are in Sandbox, you think you deserve to be angry at me?

DS – Of course not. We are like brothers now.

He smiles. Ji-pyung stares at him.


Meanwhile, Dal-mi is at the restaurant that Injae took a photo with their mom (perhaps) it looks like she is waiting for someone. She keeps waiting and asks a person if they have seen her mother. Her mother comes out of the elevator and sees her sitting there.

Dalmi quickly walks up to some foreigners and starts to talk to them in English. The foreigners are like, um, sorry, I don’t speak English. Then she turns as if seeing her mother for the first time.

DM – Ah, omoni! 

AH – Are you here to see me?

DM – Of course not, I did not know that you are in the hotel at all. I am here to see friends *points to foreigners* and I see you very coincidentally.

AH – Okay, a coincidence.

DM – By the way, do you know Sandbox?

AH – Yes.

DM – I am in that place. *shows badge*

AH – Congratulations

DM – I am taking care of what I did before. I am going to work with Do-san and grow the company. I will be like Jobs or Zuckerberger (you won’t be able to follow me at all)

AH – Are you here only to say that to me?

DM – No, I am here to see my friends. It was a coincidence that I see you, I hope you don’t regret.

She runs off to the foreigners and pulls them away. They keep telling her that they do not speak English and look so confused.

Injae is watching in the background. It looks like she also wanted to brag about being in Sandbox to her mother. But she leaves.

TITLE: KEY MAN – the person who has the power to make the key decisions in the organization


Do-san works in his bedroom overnight. He has his glasses on and is trying to figure out the handwriting recognition and why it failed. He types something in and sees that it shows that the handwriting is false. Whoo hoo! He solved it.

His parents yell for him to come out and eat breakfast. They thing he stayed awake all night. He runs out and tells them that he will eat breakfast when he gets there, Sandbox has a lot of food.

This appa asks if he went to work like that? Do-san looks very disheveled. So his father tells him to come here and we cut to him wearing a very loose suit that his father purchased for him.

Do-san tries to tell him that no one in Sandbox dresses like this. His father says he is not just someone, he is CEO. Do-san holds his hands tightly and tries to tell his father something. His mother comments on his height and says he is happy that Do-san took after her side. The father gets up on his tippy toes and says, well, except for his height he takes after his father.

They both wish him well and he turns to head out. Do-san is worried though, that everyone will look at him because this look stands out too much. The parents think his suit might be a bit too big but maybe that is the fashion now.


Cut to Sandbox where Dal-mi runs into him as he walks in and guess what, they are wearing basically the same suit, lololol. They both happily walk in side by side happily looking around. 

Their two friends call Do-san and Dal-mi and tell them that they have morning coffee and shake a bottle of coffee int he air. They both hurry out and sit. Do-san pulls out his computer and tells them that he fixed their algorithm overnight and got the right answer, he shows it to them and they all cheer.

They look at the screen and see that they have an office. It is right next to Injae’s office. Dal-mi takes the computer and holds it close to her. Do-san holds his own heart and whispers to the other two: that is why we code.

The other two are so confused and wonder what he was talking about. That is why we code? Then they pack up all the food and hurry to catch up.

They quickly find their offices and run inside like its Christmas and start dancing all around and yelling and just having an all around good time. They tell each other were to sit and welcome and start to play with their desk by DESKER. They are so amazed that the desk raises to standing and then falls to the ground to sitting and that it is all free.  They start dancing and singing again.

But then Do-san wonders, where is Dalmi?



Dal-mi is staring at her sisters office. She mutters that her office looks bigger, but it that only my feeling.

Her sister is behind her and tells her that it is only her feeling.

But then there is a huge commotion in another one of the companies. They burst into the hallway and yell about how one person took all the shares or got too much shares so the company is breaking up.

Samsan goes inside their company and wonders why that other company did that. If they work here then they will have even better team work then they ever would. I feel like I just witnessed a makjang drama.

Do-san wonders how they can be like that on the first day. Dal-mi thinks it might be because of the leader. D-san wonders if it is because they didn’t have enough teamwork. He stands up and wonders how they should sit.

Yong-san thinks they should set the CEO seat first. She says she will take the last seat after everyone picks. Do-san tells her she should sit in the biggest seat. The developers should have the biggest desks. You need your machines.

Chul-san thinks that is beautiful, that’s teamwork. But then Saha sits there and asks if that is teamwork? Does teamwork mean you can’t decide your own seats and let others pick? Then I will sit here, okay?

Dal-mi thinks that is fine, Do-san wants Dal-mi to have it, Chul-san says the designer should have the biggest seat!

Dal-mi thinks that they should start using jongdaemal inside the company. So Mr. Do-san, Mr. Yong-san, Mr. Chul-san. They think that’s fine. But Saha doesn’t want to. So Dal-mi asks, so all banmal? They all agree. But Saha says no, I am above y’all, so why should I hear banmal?

Dal-mi says they can use jongdaemal to each other and you can use banmal. Saha complains about it being complicated, it is not consistent.

Do-san and the other two want to ring her neck. Do-san glares at her when he takes his seat.


Elsewhere, Yoon is walking on one of the huge bridges in Seoul and sees a white rose tied onto the bridge. She stops and looks at it. (The bridge might be Hangan Bridge that connects to Nodul Island)

Meanwhile, Ji-pyung is at his company meeting. His assistant Dong-chun talks about investing in certain companies, but Ji-pyung is not listening. He is thinking about Do-san telling him that they are like brothers now so of course he won’t get angry.

He interrupts Dong-chan’s presentation by saying Future, future, future, how long will you talk about the future? If they want an investment, then they should get a shaman money as an investment.

Yoon is at this meeting too. (Not sure if this is a Sanbox meeting or not). Yoon pleasantly tells Dong-chun that they invest with the Data not the companies story, right? Dong-chun says that is true, but this business can only start when they have an investment.

Ji-pyung asks him to tell him all the details about the investment. He is speaking in technological terms. It is really detailed. Dong-chun says the company has a probono goal. Ji-pyung agrees that they have good reasons, but they only have a good purpose. But why should we invest our partners hard earned money? They should use their own money.

Yoon goes up to Dong-chan later and gives him a coffee. He is bummed about Ji-pyung not liking his idea to support this company.  He wonders why Ji-pyung is so cranky. Yoon says that he started to be a mentor for Sandbox.

Dong-chan says, huh? I heard that he was stopping after the hackathon. Yoon says he thought that team would fail but they actually got in. DC sighs and thinks that must be it. He gets it now. Sandbox is mostly Angel investments but Ji-pyung is a Venture capitalist so that’s why he is angry. It is almost like a professor going to kindergarten and teaching ABC’s.

Yoon wonders, why not? After seeing Han, I also want to be a mentor. DC thinks she is super cool, he says he wants to be like her since she works so hard for the venture companies in the country. She tells him that is good, you should do it now. Actually, I was in trouble because I did not have a manger for this year. You can volunteer, okay?

He says okay, yes! But he is actually nervous about the additional work.


Cut to DC telling Samsan that they can use all the office supplies for free for 6 months. if you need more then you can ask for supplies.

(While he is talking, Do-san scoots his seat closer to Dal-mi)

Dalmi asks, when do we get the money support?

DC – Soon, our $100,000 will be sent to the company bank account.

Everyone gasps excitedly. Dal-mi and Do-san high five. He holds his hand happily DV says that the CEO needs to make plans. So the CEO needs to prepare the inspection (they call it a chilsa-supervision). But the three san’s don’t actually know what that is. They guess if it is a live action movie? Saha looks at them in disgust.

The three sans are happy with themselves and this live action movie. Dal-mi has to tell them it is an inspection of the company before you get the investment. She starts to laugh. The sans all say ahh and nod. 

Dalmi asks Do-san for all the company details like their book keeping and company law and all that. They all look around. Saha asks if Dalmi thinks they have that? They don’t even have the chilsa. She walks out.

Dong-chan says he isn’t done talking, but she is long gone.

Yong-san says she will come back soon. Chul-san says their designer is an artist so her soul is so free. haha. 

DC – *shakes head* Your mentor will check on your supervision report. 

YS – When will we have our mentor?

DS – three o’clock. It will be decided after the mentor CEO meeting.

DS – Mentor? Who is on the list?

DC – First, the Sandbox CEO and SH Venture Capitalist CEO  Yoon Sun-hak (we see an image of her walking). Second Tusto Korean branch president which is the #7 company in the world – Alex (Alex is on his segue). SH Venture Capitalist Head Investor – Han Ji-pyung (Ji-pyung is walking confidently) and the forty third person on the cheobal list – Won Doo-jung (he is getting on an elevator and sees his step-daughter Injae).



Injae pretends that she does not see him and steps into the elevator behind him. The doors close.

Won – You used to at least pretend to smile, but now you take me as your enemy.

IJ – What should I thank you for?

Won – Do you forget already? The competition which I suggested. That is why you are here.

IJ – Ah, you are here to brag about that.

Won – Brag?

IJ – I expected that when you suggested that competition. If I use then you would say, see, without me you are nothing. And you would embarrass me publicly. And if you win, see, you re in because of me and brag about it. You are just within my expectations.

Won – I came all the way here to be your mentor, for you.

IJ – Thank you for volunteering, but I already picked our mentor for our team.

Won – What, you picked?

IJ – Yes.

Flashback to Sandbox being set up possibly. Dong-chun asked Yoon if they should remove the logo of the swinging girl. He thinks there is too much text on the screen. They are both in the lobby. She says no, it is because of that logo that I made the name Sandbox. That girl in the swing, maybe it was 15 years, a CEO I met that time told me that he put sand on the ground so his daughter would not get hurt. After putting that sand, the daughter was swinging happily.

They show the flashback of the girl swinging.

Dong-chan asks if that is why it is Sandbox? You should buy a big meal for that CEO. Yoon says she wishes, but he died from an accident. In-jae was watching and thinks that is her appa. She used that story to get into Sandbox on her application.

In the present, Injae greets the mentors. Yoon introduces her as the girl from the Sandbox. In-jae pretends to not know. She asks if she knows her father. Her step-father looks at her as if he knows what she is doing. Alex asks Ji-pyung if Won is the father? Ji-pyung whispers that she has two fathers.

Yoon says that she will support her with all she can do so that she does not get hurt, just like he fathers Sandbox. In-jae shakes her hand and thanks her. Ji-pyung looks at her hesitantly.

Outside, Dal-mi tries to listen in through the door but she can’t hear anything. She mutters that they must have good soundproofing because their voice is as low as a mosquito. Then the door opens. So she hops away.

Injae comes out and the sisters start to chat back and forth in that catty way. Dalmi says she wasn’t listening in, she just wanted to know what was going on because that is what the CEO should do.

Yoon calls for Samsan Tech CEO to come in. Dal-mi hops to it and sits in front of the mentors.

Yoon – I enjoyed your pitch at the hackathon. Who wants to volunteer to be Samsan Tech’s mentor?

Alex and Ji-pyung raise their hands. 

Won – Should I raise my hand too?

DM – You don’t have to, our mentor is already decided.

Won – Why, is this a fixed game? Is everyone decided already?

Yoon – Really, it is decided? Who?

Alex – *looks like he won*

DM – Of course it is Han Ji-pyung Team leader.

Alex – What? How?

JP – What? If I was you I would pick Alex over me.

Alex – Thank you.

DM – Han Ki-pyung, no conditions.

JP – You know that Alex is from Tusto, the #7 company in the world. Alex recommended Samsan Tech in Sandbox.

DM – Yes, I know, thank you so much. But I want Han Ji-pyung team leader to be our mentor.

Ji-pyung is super shocked.


Ji-pyung walks Dalmi to the rooftop and asks how she can pick him over Alex? Alex is very interested in Samsan Tech and put a lot of effort into the company. He flew all the way from Silicon valley to Korea only to see Samsan Tech!

DM – If interest and effort is the criteria then you win way over Alex.

JP – Me? I am not that interested in Samsan Tech and there is no effort.

DM – That is strange, I saw your big interest and your effort.

JP – When?

DM – I saw it many times. (there are flashback as she speaks) You advised me on our team pitch. You also rented your house to make Do-san look good. And also, you rescued us when we were almost embarrassed at the networking party. I saw a lot of your interest and effort. I almost misunderstood.

JP – What?

DM – Your kindness was not expected so I thought it was like an unreasonable feeling to me, but it was a misunderstanding. Do-san resolved it. You guys are like brothers, that is why Do-san asked you and you did it.

JP – Yeah….

DM – I understand what you did and am thankful for that. But I have to ask you one more time. Please lead us as a family and care and guide us in the future as well.

JP – You will regret your choice.

DM – Don’t worry, I never regretted my choices.


Click here for part 2!


Do-san is as cute as ever and so are the other two san guys. Dal-mi is still fun and spunky. Saha, however, is getting on my everlasting nerves. Can they just kick her out.

I am also a bit uneasy about that white rose on the bridge. Couple that with the revenge post at Sandbox and we might have a delve into depressing territory.

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  1. Michael Skeels
    November 6, 2020 / 4:16 pm

    The 3 Sans, especially Do-San are far more than cartoon geeks. They have a huge evil immature selfish side that is only equaled by their stupidity in anything other than coding.
    The characters are written far more as umbilics than nessisary to get the scene. For example
    1. Do-San is supposed to be a tech genious but the buttons on a BMW are to adult a puzzle for him?
    He practically gets aroused watching a desk go up and down electrically?
    2. He knows he is a nobody who has leveraged JP to get help by helping JP watch over and assist Dal-mi, yet at the point where he is supposed to step out at the car scene he makes a run at Dal-mi? What a selfish loathsome greedy prick.
    2.He cant remember his lines for 10 minutes before JP has to come and save him at SandBox?
    3. The 3 dumSans are in the process of giving their tech away to people they think are investors when JP shows up, saves them only a couple minutes later to have them play hardball, blackmailing JP because it has become nessisary to keep the charade going on a bit longer with Dal-mi? There arent cutsy issues. There are serious character flaws.
    It continues with Do-San continuing to insert himself more and more into Dal-mi’s life which we all know will only lead to heartbreak and lying to her as CEO getting what he wants in buisness by saying he can speak for JP and to direct any questions to him and not JP, this forces JP to go along with it since it is the only way he can continue to support Dal-mi.

    The legendary white death truck of Korean drama needs to run over Do-San and end him. The other 2 stooges can merely be severely injured.

    • V
      November 6, 2020 / 4:34 pm

      Interesting take Michael. I definitely did not look at things that way. We’ll see how things go from here.

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