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Mini Recap: Start-Up Episode 6 and Episode 7 Preview

Episode 6 of Start-Up was a tough one for the team. They did not understand how shares work when you have a start up which caused a huge row about it. Yong-san and Chul-san threatened to leave the company. Chul-san actually went through with it. Things were not looking good.

But then we see the beginning of Samsan Tech and how it was basically Do-san saving the other two from their miserable jobs, quite literally because he had to fix a hacker issue that Chul-san had in his company what would have cost him $100k!

Before the two came along, the company name was Do-san Tech, which means Bankrupt Tech. But it was changed when the san friends all joined together. It is a really lovely episode to watch.

They were all best buds by the end of the episode too, in a pretty hilarious make up scene that I’ll save for Adri’s Highlights and Heartbreaks! But that make up scene, as funny as it was, also foreshadowed another heartbreak to come which already has me yelling at this universe TO GIVE THEM A BREAK ALREADY.

Now that the team is back to 100 and now that Dal-mi has established herself as a CEO to not mess with, we can see how they will all move forward together. Dal-mi still has a lot to learn and Ji-pyung is trying to help her, but those letters linger in the background ready to rip them all apart (possibly).

Oh yeah, and there is that whole revenge plot that is a huge mystery at this point. Anyone know anything about that? Spoilers welcome! Drop them below!

Also, it’s not too late to enter our poll on your favorite Nam Joo-hyuk or Suzy Drama! Let us know right here!


English Translation

DS – I don’t remember what happened 15 years ago that well. I just hope you don’t know me back then.

DS – Team Leader, are you jealous of me?

DM – We can survive for 6 months.

DM – We have to get results within that 6 month period.

IJ – I gave you information, are you going to sleep in front of your chance again?

DS – Let’s go.

Won – Like your sister, it would have been better to live as Won.

DS – Shut up.

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