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Start-Up: Episode 6 Live Recap – Part 2

Start-Up: Episode 6 Recap - Part 2

This is part two of our live recap for Start Up! Also It’s not too late to enter our poll on your favorite Nam Joo-hyuk or Suzy Drama! Let us know right here!

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Caution: Be wary of typos

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!





Ji-pyung sits with Samsan Tech but he does not look so comfortable sitting with them. Everyone looks at her.

DS – So, you’re saying that Alex came from the famous Tusto company to see us.

DM – Yep.

CS – And you ditched Alex and picked our team leader Han?

DM – Yes.

CS – Why? Why did you ditch Global and pick local?

JP – *looks Chul-soo up and down*

DM – Well, that is global but we are a family.

YS – F-family?

CS – What the f is she talking about? When did we become family?

DS – Um, you know we are like brothers, you know.

CS – Yeah, yeah, yeah, we know….it is still kind of strange….

JP – Well, if you need anything, just tell me, that is the mentors job. You know, when you go to the Himalayas you go with at

DS – Sherpa

JP – Yes, that is it! *grips his hands* Hyung will be your trustworthy Sherpa *holds his hand very tightly and hits them* Lets all take this difficult journey together *pinches his cheeks hard* My little brother that is like family!

He forces a smile and then sits back down. Then he tells them that they should start the supervision. Dalsan holds his injured cheek.

Then it starts to thunder. They wonder why it is thundering with dry skies. We see that the milk has been sitting on the windowsill the entire time.

So they start to go over the supervision. Ji-pyung says the business proposal and company law are 10. Do-san says their CEO Seo redid everything.  Dal-mi pushes him playfully. 

Ji-pyung continues and says they have -1,000,000 points for their shareholder section. They all wonder why it is minutes. Ji-pyung starts to go over it with them. It is 19% for Do-san, 16% for all of the rest plus Do-san’s father and the cousin has 1%. 

JP – Nam Do-san, you have the biggest share?

YS – With coding and his effort, he did the most. So we gave him 3 more percent and the rest of us have 16%.

JP – Who is Nam So-hyung?

DM – Don’t you know?

DS – Hyung! That is my father!

JP – Oh, that’s right! *holds his head* How is your father?

DS – He is good, he is good! He invested so much to Samsan Tech for the last 3 years. SO that is why.

JP – Ah, ah, that is why. So Nam Chun-ho….*gives a signal*….ah, your cousin! Your cousin!

YS – He did all the design and video.

Ji-pyung thinks about the card design and that crazy video. He thinks that they are all sharing the design equally but he is sure that no one will invest with these numbers because this beautiful sharing will hold back the CEO.

JP – CEO Seo, where do you think the CEO’s power comes from?

Cut to Injae answering the same question with Yoon. She says it is so obvious that power comes from shares. She knows that now. She trusted her father so much and thought that her fathers shares was her share. 

Yoon tells her that it was a good learning moment. She turns to the team and tells them that they should know that the beginning of the start-up it is important to give a lot of power to the CEO. 

They all know that well so there is nothing to advice them with in that regard. She jokes that she should come there to learn from them. Injae says no, please teach us well.

Back with Samsan, Dalmi asks why they can’t be fair? Everyone moves as one body. But Ji-pyung says you don’t move as one body, it is better to be one. What if one of you oppose an idea?

DS – Well, we just don’t have an argument, that is it. Our friendship will last forever.

JP – Forever? It will never change? Where do you hear that the most?

YS – Marriage.

JP – *snaps* If that is so then why do 100k people get divorced every year? Do they have marriage without love? No, they are all in the same mindset. They love each other and are pure and think they will last forever, like you guys. Marriage, you end with money and guardianship, but companies are different. If you guys fight then all the precious investors money disappears.

DS – What if I give up my share and give it all to one person. Then its 35%.

The other two say, hey!

JP – *chuckles* 35% is not enough at all. When we have the investment round, people will invest money to this company. 35% share will be overturned by whoever invests the most money. The worst case is if one of your co-founders change their mind. Then that person and the investors can change the company in whatever way they want and share it. To precent that, you have to give all the shares to a key man in the beginning. Then you can run the company the way you want.

DM – How do you decide the Key Man?

JP – It is easy, it is the most valuable person in Samsan Tech.

DM – How much share should that person have?

JP – At least 60% but it is better to be over 90%.

In the other team meeting, Yoon says they can end their investor chat now. The money will be deposited in the morning. Injae thanks her. Yoon tells her that 80% of share goes to the CEO. The rest share 20%. I am happy that you have a strong CEO but is everyone okay?

They all say they have no problem. The red dress woman says the CEO said she would pay with stock options. The man asks if anyone would oppose this? They all chuckle.

But we cut back to Samsan and see that Chul-san is yelling and doesn’t want to give up his share of the company! He thinks this is all planned. Is this the kind of family you have planned!

Do-san pushes him into the wall. Chul-san asks if this is the end of their friendship! Am I less than this woman! They all start to pull each others hair. Chul-san yells for him to let go! I have bald DNA in the family!

They keep pulling each others hair and chugging at each other. They all fall to the ground and start to bite each other.

Ji-pyung rolls his eyes and starts to leave. Dal-mi runs after him and says that they will be fine after fighting.

JP – They are arguing with only $100k investment. It will be difficult to sell to the ocean. It will be impossible to grow your company to get hundreds of millions of dollars. The biggest problem is you as the CEO who can’t solve this problem with arguing with the shares.

Chul-san leaves and says he quits! He yells as he walks away and says the company should be changed to Dal-mi Tech, now Samsan Tech! Fighting!

Yong-san runs after him. Dal-mi asks if he can calm Chul-san down. Yong-san asks her if she also thinks he is a pushover? He walks away as well.

Injae and her company look at this argument. The other twin engineer asks Yong-san if he is really quitting? Yong-san asks if he thinks he is joking? He keeps walking away. The other company jokes that Samsan Tech is closing after just one day.

Injae walks up to Dal-mi and asks if she wanted to show her something? Dalmi says she can’t remember what. Ji-pyung looks at Dal-mi.

Dal-mi goes into he office. Do-san is looking at the shares, sadly. Dal-mi asks him if he can take her home. Cut to them walking up the hill to her house.

DM – Do you have anything to tell me?

DS – Don’t worry about what the kids said, just take thta as noise.

DM – Noise….

DS – It is difficult for machine learning when the data set is too big. So ew filter the noise on the date before inputting and we get better results. So just think that what they said was that kind of noise. Just filter it.

DM – What about you, can you filter it?

DS – No. But don’t worry, I will convince them.

DM – Don’t do it, why don’t you be the CEO? I can be the CMO or CFO.

DS – No, no, that is noise, I will filter that.

DM – I am not joking.

DS – I am not joking also. I chose you as the CEO of our company. I do not want to regret that choice.

Her grandmother calls to her from the house. Dal-mi asks Do-san if he is going to just leave. Perhaps you can say hi to my grandmother. He thinks he doesn’t look too good today. She says he looks good, he is wearing a suit. But he thinks it is a fake look, maybe later? She tells him okay, later.



Inside, Dal-mi dresses a small cut that her halmoni got. Her halmoni asks why she wont’ be CEO and get majority shares? Dal-mi grumbles and says that samsan tech guys were pulling each others hair and stuff. I also don’t like it. It doesn’t make any sense.

Halmoni – Why not give everything to Nam Do-san?

DM – That also doesn’t work, Do-san doesn’t want it. It is all a done deal.

Halmoni – Why don’t you become the CEO and give the shares to Nam Do-san?

DM – That is also not good. Team Leader Han said the investors won’t invest if that happens.

Halmoni – There is no answer. *gets up to leave*

DM – Where are you going? I am not done.

Halmoni says it is all done. But Dalmi tells her she is not done telling her about all her problem. Sit back down. But Halmoni tells her that her answer does not have an answer. You are looking for an answer from someone who does not have the answer, that is the problem.

Dal-mi grumbles and wonders what she should do.


Ji-pyung tells his AI to turn on the lights. The AI turns it on. JP asks why he is listening so well today. The AI tells him he is sorry to him. 

JP – Well, I dropped your company for the investment evaluation and yelled at them. Dont you get angry?

AI – Of course not. There is no one that can understand Han Ji-pyung more than me.

JP – Thank you. *smiles*

Ji-pyung thinks back to telling Dal-mi that the biggest problem is that Dal-mi cannot solve the problem with the shares.

He wonders if Seo Dal-mi is the same. Will she understand like you?

AI – Of course not. No one understands you better than me.

JP – Right, of course.

He tsks and looks at the success plant that Dal-mi left. He has a long gaze at it. A song starts to play.

The camera cuts to Dalmi taking notes about Success or something from a book. She looks at the success baseball that says to follow your dream. She keeps studying and looking on the internet and taking notes and reading over her notes. She is working hard.

She texts Ji-pyung.

Outside somewhere, Yong-san walk around and then looks up at a building. The building he is looking at is the old Samsan tech building. He goes up there and sees Chul-san sitting under a mosquito net and drinking alone.

They both ask each other what they are doing. Chul-san gives him a beer and tells him he has the net because mosquitos like his blood. They end up removing the net. Chul-san hits mosquitos off of him.

Yong-san comments about how they got their company name. It used to be Do-san Tech but Do-san also means bankrupt.  The symbol was one mountain. On their company opening day and blessing day, it was snowing and cold. Do-san’s parents set up everything for the ceremony on their octapang.

The other two guys worked at a company so the mother asked why they are here. But they came to support Dosan. They joke that the should call him CEO Dosan. Yong-san think this is a good company with a good view. Do-san tells them that they can join, I have a lot of space.

The other two are like, um, no, we are not good enough. The father tells them that it is cold so bow and go inside. The father tries to pout some makgoli but he is shaking so much from the cold. He tells his son he is shaking and the son tells him he is shaking. 

Do-san wonders about how many bows they should do. So they start to bow. Chul-san asks Yong-san if the company name is a bit iffy? Why did he pick that name? Yong-san says his name is Dong-san and has a what can we do kind of look.

Chul-san stands Do-san up because he was bowing for too long and they bow again.



We are still in the flashback and cut to Chul-san working as a security person at a company. He asks his supervisor what they should do because it looks like their server is all hacked by ransom wear. Everything is all erased. The hackers want $100k now. 24 hours later it will be $200k. What should we do?

The team leader tells him he has to solve this. This happened while you were on duty. He leaves. 

Cut to Chul-san trying to jump off  Do-san’s building and Do-san pulling him back. He tells him he won’t die if he falls from here, you will just get hurt. He pulls him off.

Do-san thinks that he has to solve this problem, even if he quits. I didn’t even pay for the college loan. He tries to jump off again. Do-san holds him abck and tells him that he will take care of it. Chul-san asks him if he has 100k? Do-san tells him, of course not.

Chul-san thinks he will really die. But he tells him that he can’t even die.

They go inside and look for a solution to the problem. So-san is typing a mile a minute inside his office. It is super empty, he only has one couch bed. Do-san works all night to try and solve this problem and he finally solves it.

Chul-san is sleeping so he has to go over to him and wake him up. Chul-san slaps himself for sleeping in this kind of situation. He calls himself an animal. Do-san happily tells him that he took care of it so he doesn’t have to quit. That guy won’t get any  money.

Chul-san is so happy and gives Do-san a big hug. Do-san tells him not to worry, just go to work. Be confident. Yong-san comes in with a bag of money and says he quit his job and sold his scooter so he can use it. It is not even close to 100k but it can be added.

Chul-san is so happy and yet so sad. He tells him he should go back. But Yong-san says he wanted to quit, he felt like a tiny part of that company. He asks if he has a spot for him. Do-san tells him that he took care of the ransom wear problem and they don’t need the money.

Yong-san tells him sorry. Chul-san bites his lip and then grabs Chul-san and yells at him. Dong-san has to pull them apart. Their fight is just like the one they had in Sandbox. The camera scrolls around in a circle. As it scrolls we see the company room growing and lots more things being added until is is the way we saw it.

The camera peers in through the window and starts to scroll away and we are brought back to the present where Yong-san and Chul-san are drinking outside. They both think that Do-san is so smart. Even big companies had to give money to that hacker, but he stopped it.

Technically, Do-san saved our companies economy indirectly. they both chuckle at that. Yong-san says he can give all his shares to Do-san. Chul-san says he can do it if it is Chul-san, but not Seo Dal-mi.

Yong-san asks why not, she looks like a good person and is good at work. Actually, we are in Sandbox because of her. Chul-san tells him he knows that and he can read people as well, but you know how Dal-mi and Do-san are related.

Yong-san sighs and wonders how long those letters will be valid. They wonder, if she knows that Do-san’s letters are fake, do you think she will still stick with Samsan tech? They think she will leave 100%.’

The camera scrolls to Do-san who is laying on his first purchase for his place and hearing everything. The two outside think that Dal-mi will be the bug in their system herself. Do-san hears this and takes a deep breath. He keeps laying quietly.


Dal-mi is still at her desk working. She yawns and keeps working.

In his house, Ji-pyung’s alarm goes off so he checks it and sees that Dal-mi text him 461 message and he has 13 missed calls. He sits up quickly and wonders what this is. He starts to look through his phone and sees that all the texts are questions about running a startup. There are so many questions about a copyright and all sorts of things.

Dalmi goes to the bookstore and starts to buy more books. There is one that she can’t reach no matter how hard she tries. Ji-pyung comes up behind her and grabs the book. But he tells her that this book is useless.

She asks why? I am getting it because my mentor dos not answer my questions so I have to find answers from a book.

He tells her that he will answer all her questions and starts with the first one. What is a good CEO? There is no answer for that one. It is like a good politician, that is a nonsense question.

She asks why? He says politics and business has no answer, it is not like a college exam so why do you keep looking for an answer that does not exist? Don’t find answers, just make choices. Whatever choices you make, you will get blamed. But if you are afraid of getting blamed and can’t make a decision then that person does not deserve to be a CEO.

What do you want to Be Seo Dal-mi? A good person or a CEO? Stop being greedy, you cannot be both. Pick on, just one.

Dal-mi sees Saha eating with someone so she calls her. Saha ignores the phone call. Dal-mi sighs angrily and then leaves.


Meanwhile, Do-san is in the office. He sees that the milk is on the windowsill and thinks it will explode so he grabs it and is about to throw it away. But Dal-mi calls him so he is distracted and puts it on the table. He leaves to talk to her in the hallway.

He passes Chul-san in the hallway so they start to chat but he just ells him not to touch the milk. Chul-san asks, what if I touch it! What if I drink it! He opens it and it explodes!

Do-san runs back CHUL SAN AAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!

He looks at Chul-san who is all on the ground with exploded milk all around him he is patting his face and yelling pitifully. Do-san runs to him and yells that he told him not to touch the milk! Then he piggy backs him out in a hurry. They pass Yong-san and they all end up running all the way to the nurses office.

The nurse takes him to the doctor. A nurse in another room says that medicine will delay losing eyesight not stop it, so Chul-san cries and think he is going to lose his eyesight. The doctor tells him he is not and tries to clean his eyes with salt water. He also asks him why he is blubbering so much.

Chul-san keeps blubbering about the last time he will see his friends and how his eyes hurt.

So-san and Yong-san are praying by the door and are just as pitiful. The doctor tells him to open his eyes. Chul-san yells that he can see!!!! I CAN SEEEEEEE!!!!!!!

The friends run in and Chul-san yells that he can see them! You are Do-san and you are Yong-san! I can see you! My friends!!!!!

They ask why the sleep in his eyes is white? The doctor tells him that is milk, it will be fine when you wash your face. So the three sans celebrate and yell that they love them and cry and leave together.

They all walk outside and apologize to each other and also say don’t mention it. Dal-mi sends them all a text about a meeting. But she also sends Do-san another text and says that she hopes he will trust her decision and back her.

The sand guys tell Do-san that they trust him. He asks them to trust Dal-mi too. Chul-san says he should have listened to him to the end! I was about to say that I will trust her like I trust you! You cut that off.

They are both happy and start to head off. He says he will do a good job so that she is not a bug. They all wonder, did you hear what we said? He says yes and chuckles. They all start to jump and kick each other and walks off.


Cut to Dal-mi walking in to their offices for their meeting. She is wearing CEO clothes but still with jeans on. She starts the meeting and shows them the shares. Do-san has 67% and is the biggest share holder. Everyone else has 8%.

She tells them all to follow this. Also, they will all use jongdaemal in the company. Saha gives her a look.

DM – It is comfortable to say banmal now, but if we have more employees it will be uncomfortable if we don’t have a standard on how we speak. So I hope you keep the rules. Are there any questions?

SH – Why don’t I have any shares?

DM – We have a version with your share. Everyone hets 7% including you and Do-san gets 64%.

SH – Why are there two versions?

DM – Depending on your answer our plan will change. You do not want to follow the rule that we use jongdaemal.

SH – Thats right, I don’t *smiles*

DM – Sorry, but you are not with us.

SH – Seriously? Because I don’t use jongdaemal? This is abusing power.

DM – You don’t come to the office You ignore work calls. That is abusing power. I cannot work with someone like that.

SH – *scoffs*

DM – So what is your choice?

Dal-mi looks at her assuredly. Sa-ha was put in her place.

Scene change to the group taking a company photo. It is only the 4 int he photo. But then Chul-san pulls Saha from behind a wall to be in it. The photo turns into a photo on a bookshelf.

Chul-san and Yong-san comment about how al-mi looks like a pushover but she is actually charismatic. They were stunned.

Saha tells them that they re supposed to use jongdaemal at work. They both straighten up and start to use jongdaemal. Mr. Chul-san I am sorry. Mr. Yong-san I am sorry. They both laugh.



They show the new share agreement to Ji-pyung. Ji-pyung thinks this will confuse the investors. Who is the key man in the company. CEO Cha or Nam Do-sun? 

DM – I will be the face of the company. Nam Do-san will always accompany me.

JP – What if we have a disagreement?

DS – it won’t happen. 

DM – As you said, we put the majority in one person so the investors will not turn over the ownership of the company.

JP – So you are ignoring my suggestion?

DM – No, I followed your advice, there is no answer to make everyone happy so I chose this solution where one person would complain.

JP- Am I that one person?

DM – I am sorry, but we have to make the decision because I am the CEO.

JP – Yes, you are the CEO. The startup fund will be transferred.

Dal-mi thanks him and stands to leave. She asks if Do-san is coming. He says she can go ahead he wants to say something to hyung. So she leaves.

JP – What do you want to tell me?

Jump forward to Do-san walking Dal-mi home.

DS – At he meeting, I thought you were a different person.

DM – I was so nervous. oh, my heart almost burst. It is still pounding.

DS – You heart is on the left side *she was holding the right side* Are you okay? You are starting as CEO without much shares.

DM – Why don’t I have shares? It is 7 plus 64. That is 71% CEO. You are my share. You are perfectly on my side. We should be together until the end okay?

DS – Is your halmoni inside?

DM – Halmoni, yes she should be.

Flashback to Do-san telling Ji-pyung that he is going to tell Dal-mi everything. That is what he wanted to say in the office. Ji-pyung is taken aback, tell the truth about the letter? Why? Do-san says he is going to remove the bug that is going to come in the future.

In the present, he asks if he can say hi to her grandmother? Dal-mi says yes! Just give me one minute! Two minutes! She runs up to the house and yells to her halmoni that Do-san is coming up now! She hurries and straightens up and sprays some air fresher and tells her that she only has two minutes!

Outside, Do-san practices giving his present to Halmoni. He says he made the sponge himself. These are three principal colors of light. It is RGB, no, maybe I shouldn’t say the RGB part.

The gate opens which startles him. But it is only Dalmi. She tells him to come in.

So they go into Dalmi and Halmoni’s home. Halmoni comes up and Dal-mi introduces Do-san. Do-san also introduces himself and says he is Nam D-san. But he stops as soon as he says the end of his name and they stare at each other.

DM – It has been almost 15 years, do you recognize her?

He isi super stunned though.

We see that the person who is losing their eyesight is Halmoni (oh no!). She dropped her hat at the hospital and Do-san picked it up. Halmoni puts a finger over her lips for him not to mention anything.

DM – DO you remember her?

DS – I-I remember her. It is nice to see you again.

Halmoni – It is nice to see you Do-san.

Dal-mi is happy that they all meet and smiles. 


We cut to the mystery man that wrote the revenge note. He put the note up on Sandbox and he also put the white flower on the bridge. We do not see his face. He is tall and is wearing a hoodie.

The day turns to a snowy night and we see Yoon walking happily o n the bridge. She sees a kid looking out over the water. His shoes are off. It looks like he wants to jump. Yoon drops her paperwork and runs to him. But he already jumped.

That is why she was looking at the rose on the bridge.

Then we see the revenge person walking up a hallway in Sandbox. (Hmm, he is really tall, who could he be….).

Fade Out


Aw, what a bitter sweet ending to this episode. I actually really loved the look inside the making of Samsan and how the entire company rests on DO-san. Do-san basically rescued the other two from their jobs and gave them a position in his company even though he actually didn’t need them.

What I really wonder is what this revenge plot is? I really hope it ads to the show and doesn’t detract from it because things are moving along nicely right now. Though I wonder if the hacker that did not get his 100k is the revenge person? Maybe not getting that money led him jump off the bridge? I don’t know, maybe it is someone else entirely. 

I was almost lost with this shares talk, but it was explained really well in how all the shares need to go with one person otherwise the company will fail before it starts due to disagreements and other companies trying to pull each one away. I like the solution Dal-mi came up with because lets be honest, if Do-san leaves the company then there is no company and he can just start something else up somewhere else. He created this handwriting company overnight, that’s just crazy.

So her decision to give him the majority of shares and for their combined power to be 71% made sense to me. Though perhaps he should have gotten 80% and everyone else 5%. 

Okay, Any thought on this villian? Could it be one of the twins? Al theories are welcome here! I think we are in a good spot to move forward with next week. We will be recapping this bright and early, see you there. ☺️

It’s not too late to enter our poll on your favorite Nam Joo-hyuk or Suzy Drama! Let us know right here!


English Translation

DS – I don’t remember what happened 15 years ago tat well. I just hope you don’t know me back then.

DS – Team Leader, are you jealous of me?

DM – We can survive for 6 months.

DM – We have to get results within that 6 month period.

IJ – I gave you information, are you going to sleep in front of your chance again?

DS – Let’s go.

Won – Like your sister, it would have been better to live as Won.

DS – Shut up.

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  1. Steven
    November 1, 2020 / 12:51 pm

    I have same guess about the plot revenge. So far only the hacker have possibility revenge story.

    • V
      November 2, 2020 / 8:42 am

      Yes, Steven, I think the hacker might be involved. Only because it seems like this writer likes to make something funny first, and then make it serious!

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