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Start-Up: Episode 5 Recap – Part 2

Start-Up: Episode 5 Recap - Part 2

This is part two of our live recap for Start Up!

Caution: Be wary of typos

How to Watch: Netflix

Shorthand Character Chart: coming up

How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!




Do-san’s father and mother are walking back home. They chat and hold hands and talk about kimchi. 

Then a man in a segue passes. Do-san’s father thinks this must be the end of the world. How can  a grownup man ride a toy? Aigo, aigo.

The grown up man turns around and comes back on his segue. He stops it right in front of him.

Appa – I didn’t say anything.

Alex – Do you know where Nam Do-san lives? Is it around here?

Appa – Who are….

Alex – I am Alex from Sangrancisco. I came all the way up here to meet Nam Dosan. (his Korean has a little American accent).

Umma – Are you from Silicon Valley?

Appa – I am Dosan’s father.

Umma – I am the mother *both smile*

Alex – What! *takes off shades* I came here to Korea for business and decided to meet Nam Dosan.

Appa – I am sorry but Dosan is not at home.

Alex – ah, so where is he?

Cut to Dal0mi’s halmoni. She tells Dalmi to see if she wants some food. She is actually watching her on TV on the live feed. Dalmi texts her to tell her she is eating something so don’t worry.

The Halmi turns to leave and runs right into her daughter in law. They are both shocked to see each other and stare at each other. The daughter in law doesn’t actually look mean or anything, just stunned.

Inside, Dalmi and In-jae run into each other in the bathroom. Dalmi asks why she is here and not in America. Jijae tells her that she quit the company because, as someone said, I made it with my fathers money. So I have no share of it. I am going to reset everything and start over. We need three years right?

We see the flashback of Dalmi saying Eunnie is three years older than her so let’s make this bet for three years. I put 10k on it. Okay?

Int he present, In-jae tells her to say now if she does not agree. You are in Sandbox and it looks like your developers are having trouble. I pity your choices all the time. You picked Nam Do-san and Abogi.

Dalsan tells her that she wishes she shut up. We will see whose choice is pitiful. Her sister tells her that they do have to see. She starts to leave then tells Dalmi that their topic is also handwriting recognition. I thought it would be fair for you to know. She leaves.

Dalmi is heated. she walks out and checks her text. It is from Do-san telling her that he has the results. She runs to him in the hallway and asks what the results were! Tell me! What is the accuracy?

He happily tells her it is more than 99%. She had gripped his shoulders and now rests her head on his chest. He is awkward and asks if she is crying? She thanks him a lot. He ishappy and pats her on the shoulder.

Elswhere inside, Ji-pyung sees the owner, Yoon, looking at the wish list of all the entrants. He surprised her and asks if she is looking for something?

Yoon – I wonder who this little girl is among them. *she shows him the mage of Sandbox which is the little girl swinging).

JP – That little girl is here?

Yoon – She is in the hackathon.

JP – Really? Ah, did you call her as a specialty?

Yoon – No, it was just a coincidence. She will never know that she was the inspiration for Sandbox.

JO – Who?

Yoon – When she enters Sandbox, I will let you know.

They both chuckle. But then there is an announcement about the pitch event so they head out. He stops however because he sees the halmae sitting at a table. He starts to walk over.


The halmoni is sitting with her daughter in law. She tells her that it has been awhile, more than ten years. Ah-hyun says yes. They both talk about seeing In-jae and Dalmi. Then they mutter about their fate.

AH – You hate me right?

Halmoni – Not just hate you, I do not want to see you at all. The woman who abandoned my son – no mother in law will be happy to see that daughter-in-law.

AH – I am sorry. Dal-mi, how was she? Was her life hard?

Halmoni – Of course. *holds back anger* I sold my hotdog place to pay her college tuition. Then she quit college and got a lot of part-time jobs and bought be a hot dog truck.

Ji-pyung is listening to all of this. His fists are clenched.

Halmoni – Once, Dal-mi broke her leg while she was in a part-time job in a grocery store. It broke my heart so I told her, why didn’t you go with your mom so you wouldn’t have to suffer like this and would have happy happy days.

In the flashback Dalmi happily tells her, appa told me that if the weather is always sunny then the world will be a desert. We should have rain and snow so we have grass growing on the land and this delicious orange will grow also. She feeds Halmoni one of the oranges.

Halmoni – Dalmi grew up well. I don’t deserve her as a granddaughter. Here, I did not bring this for you but you can taste it. You liked my dudukmoochin (side dish). 

Halmoni leaves. She doesn’t see Ji-pyung. The mother touches the lunchbox and thanks her earnestly for it.

Halmini walks away in her halmoni shade hat. She ties her shoes after almost tripping. Ji-pyung helps her up and ties her shoe for her.

JP – Buy new shoes.

Halmoni – hey, these are good as knew.

JP- Something is wrong with your eyes. Why don’t you come to see me? Why didn’t you ask me for help for her tuition? No, why didn’t you just not give me all that money back?

Halmoni – Ah, you are ding it again. Why do I take your money? If you talk all that gibberish then I am leaving.

She stands up to walk away.

JP – Didn’t you ever regret it?

Halmoni – Regret?

JP – Dalmi could have gone to college, not me, and you could have protected your store. You should have regretted at least once or twice that you took me in.

Halmoni – I never regretted it, but I missed that I didn’t meet you earlier you good boy. If I did that then I would play hwatu with you on holidays and make Kimbap for school picnics and if someone gives you a hard time then I would meet their parents and yell at them to raise their kids properly. I couldn’t have been your parent, but at least I could be that neighborhood grandmother who matters in others business. That is my regret.

Ji-pyung is barely holding in the tears. 

JP- Aish, you regret useless things.

he starts to walk away quickly. She puts her cool halmoni sunshade on and walks away as well after looking at him one last time.



Ji-pyung walks up to his assistant who is happily eating the candy at the bar. He tells him to give him his mentor t-shirt back and takes off the assistants lanyard.

DC – No, I don’t have anything on underneath.

JP – I told you to take it off

He takes it off him quickly, lol and then give shim his shirt. Everyone is looking on and murmuring. Ji-pyung runs off.


Dal-mi, Saha, and Do-san are rehearsing what they are going to say when the two other guys whisper to Do-san to come over right quick. So Do-san has to excuse himself though he actually just sneaks away.

DS – What?

YS – I looked around. A lot of teams do not have the leader pitch.

DS – So?

YS – Why don’t you pitch, not Seo Dal-mi?

DS – Why?

YS – Of course, she doesn’t even understand what parameter means.

CS – We can’t let her pitch when our companies future is on hand. She is a high school graduate, how can she explain AI?

DS – Hey, we also heard the same thing, did you not forget?

YS – Of course we didn’t forget, it was just like yesterday.

DS – So you still say that? You know hat it feels like to be looked down on.

CS – I know that we are not so good (like their college I think) but if our CEO is also bad then everyone will look down on us.

YS – Hey, stop. If we fail then we have no answer.

CS – Do you want to go to that moldy octapang? I hate it. If you don’t do it then I will do it. You step out.

JP – If you guys do it then you will have no answer.

They all look at Ji-pyung who just walked up.

CS – If we are not the answer then is Seo Dal-mii the answer?

JP – No. There is no guarantee for that.

YS – So why?

JP – I guarantee that you guys are the wrong answer. For the last two years, you people who claim to know AI well, have you gotten any money pitching? Are you sure that things that did not work until now will all of a sudden work? If you are that desperate, then you should at least come up with a different answer, not the wrong answer.

YS – What if Seo Dal-mi is still the wrong answer, then we are all done done.

JP – Well, I will privately invest in your company.

DS – What?

JP – Then you will have an answer even if you fail. Is that good?

CS – Well, that is true but why do you do that?

JP – it is almost the time, let’s go.


Yoon enthusiastically introduces the pitch session on stage and opens the pitch session up. The companies start to pitch their idea to everyone. Their powerpoint plays in the background.

One of the teams AI does not work, there is a system error so they have to work around it. But int he back everyone says that they failed. They worked hard and their stuff doesn’t work.

This makes Dalmi nervous. Some people mutter that working hard is not the answer. She looks back at her sister and then leaves the tiny preparation room. She is too nervous to open her water bottle thought.

Ji-pyung opens it for her and also looks at her script. He asks if he can modify for it? She says okay. So he starts to go through it with her. He tells her short and impactful is better for the introduction and keeps giving her notes. Dal-mi listens closely.

Finally, it is her teams time to go up. She takes the stage. Everyone is looking at her. She is quiet for a long time, almost as if she has stage fright. The team thinks she is frozen, they can’t look. Dalmi clenches her fists and gets her courage. She lets out a deep breath. Time starts.

DM – hello, I am the Samsan Tech CEO who is revolutionizing the world with AI. First of all, I will ask you a question. Do you think identical twins have the same handwriting pattern?

Yoon – Maybe it is different. isn’t it? Or the same?

DM – The answer is no. A study in America said that even though they are identical, their handwriting is different. The handwriting pattern is called the finger print of the brain. So handwriting pattern is used as person identification method in many different organizations.

YS – hey, she is better than expected.

CS – Wow, she is the best ever!

DM – But the problem is signatures and handwriting patterns are easy to forgerize. 8% forgerizy can be recognized by professionals, but that is not enough. Only 20 people work in that law office.

Team – Wow.

DM – What if AI replaces that lack of human resources? What if we use machine learning to recognize fake and authentic handwriting, then we can find out the pattern of handwriting and we can find out the answer. Please look at the screen.

Do-san has a flashback about Ji-pyung telling him that the technology is good but his business model is greatly lacking. He looks at Dalmi presenting the handwriting. Everyone is impressed. Chul-san and Yong-san are the most impressed.

Dal-mi keeps presenting.

DM – Using the data base from the bank, we had 99.8% accuracy rate.

Everyone in the room claps. It is an impressive performance. Do-san has another flashback of Ji-pyung telling him that his teammates should ask him to pay them back for 2 years of their effort.

DM – For the last three days when I was looking at how these numbers, I could not sleep at all. The beginning is hand writing recognition. But there are a lot more services we can expand to using that technology. Security, medical industry, automatic driving, I was so excited to be part of this journey. 

CS – Me Too!

DM – I hope the beginning of this exciting journey is Sandbox.

The three minutes end right when she bows. Everyone claps and her team super duper cheers and hugs each other. Saha is reserved but happy she mutters that it was a good result. Yoon is proud. Do-san smiles. Ji-pyung is quietly impressed.

Dal-mi leaves and takes a deep breath walking down the hall. Her sister ignores her walking to the front. Dal-mi basically collapses against the wall. Do-san pulls her up and tells her that she did an amazing job. She is happy because she was so nervous that she would mess everything up.

He awkwardly walks away with her and nervously holds her by the shoulder.




In-jae starts talking and says that they came up with a different presentation for handwriting. They are based on AI but we approached it with more creativity.

CS – Look at how she says things, does that mean we are not creative?

JP – Did you know that In-jae company uses font?

DC – yes.

IN – The free font you download online infringes on copyright as soon as you commercially use it.

She stops talking when she sees her father in the audience. She has to apologize and start again.

IJ – Even though you feel it is too strict, it is true. It takes more than 10 designers to create a font. One million to make one font. But what if you make a font with only 256 words that look just like handwriting? It sounds like it makes no sense but our In-jae company uses OCR and we did it.

YS – That is daebak.

CS – Quiet.

IJ – This is the font from the data base from the bank. It will take more than three years to make a font traditionally. But our company make 100 fonts in only 40 hours. You can make your own font with only 256 handwritten letters.

Father – I have a question. 

YS – Hey, the judge is chairman Won, why is her father here?

IJ – yes, please ask.

Father – The previous team. I heard you made an algorithm to show fake and original handwriting.

DM – yes.

Father – So In-jae company, you make new handwriting pattern. So what happens if we put them together? Am I the only one interested in that? Incorporate Injae company with Samsan technology. So can you pick this handwriting as forgerized?

Everyone looks at Dal-mi. Dal-mi looks at Ji-pyung. It looks like she is hesitant. But she tells them, Yes, of course.

Everyone murmurs, the chairman tells her that they should see if it works or not. Do-san looks nervous about this.

Do-san goes on stage with Dal-mi to try and see if this handwriting can be picked as being forgerized. He has his computer with him. The assistant, Dong-chun thinks this is a fight between a sword and a spear.

Everyone sees Do-san’s computer on the screen. They all look at the analysis. But the analysis says that the handwriting is not forgerized. Which is not good for Samsan company.

DC – Injae Company strong armed the Sam-san Tech algorithm.

Do-san hangs his head. Alex is one of the judges and looks on, still quite impressed with Do-san. But Do-san is reelling quietly and folds his pen until he bends it permanently in half.




Yoon gets everyone together to pick the companies they want to move forward with. Yoon says the last team is the problematic ones for who will move forward since a lot of the unpicked teams have problematic scores.

Alex – I did not give my point yet.

Yoon – Alex.

Chairman Won – You look Korean so why is you name like that?

Yoon – He is from America from Tusto company. The biggest partner with Sandbox.

Chairman – Ah, Tusto! I saw an executive when I went to America, what was his rank?

Alex – We do not have ranks.

Chairman – Oh, thats what I heard.

Yoon – Did you decide Alex?

Alex – yep


Outside on the bleachers, Do-san sits on his own bleacher and apologizes to his friends for screwing everything up. His friends say it is okay, we have a last resort which is team leader Han.

Yong-san wonders if they are really getting money from him. Chol-san wonders why not, the only problem is if he changes his word. Do-san looks at his hand again and mutters that this is their limit.

Saha rolls her suitcase over to them and asks if they are going? They tell her that they do not have the decision yet. She asks if they think they will get in. They say, not that, but just in case they call our name and we are not there, we should precent at least that.

SH – you are really not a good match for me. The people I hate the most are people who do not know who they are.

YS – if you hate it the most then why did you join us?

CS – She joined us to tease us.

SH – yeah, I was crazy. That Yanghachee (thug) convinced me.

CS – How did our CEO convince you?

SH – She said she needed me so I asked her why. She said…

Flashback to Dal-mi telling her that she did not go to college and does not have a good resume, but she luckily became a CEO. Saha asks, do you want me to join you or not? Dal-mi continues and tells her that they have a super developer on their team. That person refused an offer from a CEO with a good resume and school and picked me. Saha thinks that is crazy, he should regret. Dal-mi tells her no, he does not, not yet. Regretting does not come when you choose, it comes from the process. I never regretted my choice because I made it that way. So, I am sure that I will make sure he does not regret his choice. I can kneel ten thousand times, no problem. I can do anything.

In the present, Saha tells them that her story was so moving so she wondered who the developer was, but he is nothing. Maybe Seo Dal-mi is regretting things now. She walks away.

Do-san looks at his hand again. He remembers shaking her hand with it. He asks his friends where dalmi is. They point him in the right direction. Do-san runs to find her.

Someone tries to stop him but Do-san runs past him. He doesn’t even see him. He keeps looking for Dal-mi and calls someone to see if they found her.

She is actually sleeping in the lobby. Ji-pyung sees her sleeping and sits next to her. he remembers Halmoni saying that Dalmi got into a good university so she sold her hot dog place. But then she gave up college and took on part-time jobs and bought be a hot-dog truck. 

He remembers telling the grandmother that Dal-mi could have gone to college not him. You could have saved your store. He looks at her again. She is sitting up and staring at him now.

JP – Ah, you are here! Haha! What a coincidence….okay goodbye.

He hops up to leave quickly. She chases him down.

DM – Wait! I have a question!

JP – Well, no, I am busy….

DM – Thank you! You tried so hard but the result was not so good. I am sorry.

JP – You don’t have to thank me or be sorry to me. Goodbye.

DM – I have a lot of questions for you. I waited to ask you after everything finished. I understand that Do-san lied to me. He should look cool since we met after 15 years. I was the same. I understand that and am thankful for that. But…

JP – Okay.

DM – I don’t understand you. You have no reason to lie. Why did you do it? Why are you helping us by even lying?

JP – Well….Seo Dal-mi….I…

DS – Dal Mi! 

Both – *look at him*

DS – We are in Sandbox!

DM – Really?….

DS – Yes! Look up there! Injae and Samsan are both in it!

She screams and gives him a big hug. Ji-pyung looks on sadly then leaves quickly.

Do-san and Dal-mi keep hugging. He squeezes her tightly and picks her up in a big hug. It is a nice moment. She is literally inches above the ground.


Alex went to Do-san’s house with his parents. He points to the youngest math olympian championship trophy. His parents are happy to say it. Then the mother gets the fathers attention and says that she searches Tusto. It is the #7 in the world company. They whisper back and forth about how they have a super important person for Dosan in their living room.

The father gasps and asks where their son is! The mother tells him that they should do a good job, don’t make mistakes! The father thinks they should just appeal a little bit, they should only show good things.

The father takes out their good homemade alcohol. 

Cut to the father getting super drunk.

Appa – Do-sun is super dumb, he has no greed. He is naturally not greedy at all since h was born. Do you know why we don’t have the metal for the math olympiad? You know?

Alex – I don’t know.

Flashback to a little Do-san at the math Olympian. They were on stage happily. But then another kid gets yelled at by his mother for not winning. Do-san gives him his medal.

Appa – he gave away his medal, that idiot. He was so smart that he skipped everything and went to college.

In college the teacher reprimands a kid for being worse than a sixteen year old. So Do-san starts to solve the problem wrong.

Appa – He intentionally failed the exam for his hyung. Then he quit college and went back to middle school again.

Flashback to Do-san in middle school. He let others win while they were running in track.

Appa – he likes losing, that makes others happy. His nickname is living Buddha. 

Alex – Living Buddha?

The appa is super drunk.

Appa – He doesn’t want anything. He doesn’t want money or power….ah! There is one thing!

Alex – What?

Appa – he likes to eat!

The mother stuffs his mouth with hot pepper.

Umma – My Dosan is as smart as Jobs or Bill Gates, but he has no greed. That is why he is like that now.

Cut to a flashback of Alex picking up the bent pen from the stage that Do-san broke. He looks at it.

Umma – When Do-san has greed, then the game is over (he wins everything).

Seeing the broken pen makes Alex happy because that means he is greedy now. So he tells Yoon and the other people that he picks Samsan tech without a doubt.

Alex – Samsan Tech is my choice without a doubt.

Yoon – Why?

Alex – I thoroughly looked up his algorithm and when you look at the short time that was provided, it is amazing actually. Maybe it is just me but I see something very special.

Cut to Do-san running to Dal-mi to tell her.

Alex – And I was the first one to recognize him so I will be the one he takes that first step with.


Love it! The backbone of this show is cut and dry. We know that Samsan Tech is going to get in to Sandbox, we just don’t know how getting in to Sandbox is going to affect each character on the small journey.

I love how getting in to Sandbox made Do-san, the little Buddha who doesn’t want to hurt anyone, greedy! But not greedy in a bad way, he just finally has something that he wants more than the next person. Sure he was good at math and like winning and making his parents happy, but he didn’t really need to win.

Yes, he started a company and wants it to succeed, but he doesn’t want to hurt anyone elses chances along the way either. However, right now, he wants to win. I love how his mother said, whenever Do-san finally wnts something, then it is game over for everyone else. And now we saw that Do-san finally wants something. Ah, I love it!

But the question is, what is the thing that he wants? Is it to get into Sandbox and make his company big, or is it to get Dal-mi to like him for being himself and not as her first love (which he isn’t anyway). I am betting on the later!


English Translation

CS – We have an office now!

DM – I want Han Ji-pyung to become our mentor

JP – I will be your trustworthy sherpa.

Yoon – As sand that is put in the playground, I will help you like that.

CS – you two get together and plan to take everything!

JP – The biggest problem is that you as the CEO doesn’t solve the problem of shares.

DS – I will tell Dal-mi the truth of why you are helping us.

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