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Start-Up: Episode 16 Live Recap – Part 2

Start-Up: Episode 16 Final Live Recap Explained - Part 2

This is part 2 of our recap for the Kdrama Start Up!

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!




Dosan and Dalmi are driving in their Mercedes. She asks if anything is missing in their file, though she is really just checking over it. She says she has her proposal and the usb. 

DS – What time is the deadline? 3 o’clock?

DM – Yes, we have two hours left. Do you think Morning Group will participate in it?

DS – Well, the core members are under investigation so maybe they won’t be able to.

DM – That’s right isn’t it.

They get to the Smart City and run into SS and the twins in the lobby area. They ask, are you in? SS says yes. Why do you look like that?

DM – I thought you were under police investigation. But you are participating?

SS – Ah, the investigation? We just paid a fine.

Twin – We didn’t even get it, it was just an attempt.

Twin – Yeah, that has nothing to do with the bidding.

DM – Yes, that has nothing to do with it. Dogs and Cows can submit a proposal as well.

SS – Dogs and cows? What the F?

Dosan steps to him and stares him down. Then he pulls Dalmi away by the hand.

In the car, Dosan tells Dalmi not to worry about those twin programmers, they are nothing anymore. She tells him he is changed. He asks how? 

DM – Do you remember how you introduced them to me?

DS – I don’t remember?

We see a flashback of him introducing the twins as two of the best in the field. They went to MIT. They are already global from college.

DS – Did I say that? 

DM – Yes.

DS – I am changed.

In the hallway at Sandbox, Saha and Chulsan chat and walk around. They see that new start up people have come there. They look at their wishes on the wall. Saha finds hers. Her wish is to date someone better than her (lololol that is her wish when she entered Sandbox?).

Chulsan says that is very difficult. Is there anyone better than you? She says she had been looking for one. She was in law field and she couldn’t find anyone, then the design field and she couldn’t find one so she has come all the way here with her thug CEO. She chuckles. He tells her that she did.

Her sister texts, Saha asks Chulsan if he would like to eat with them and meet her? He says no, he will eat here and she can enjoy her lunch with her sister.

He sits and thinks this is why she can’t go public with him. She is too embarrassed. He would also be embarrassed.

But then Saha comes back up and introduces her sister. She is happy to meet him. He says he is her coworker. But Saha says this is her boyfriend. The sister says Saha talks about him a lot so she recognizes him already. He smiles bashfully and says it is an honor to meet her sister.


the team all waits to find out when the announcement is. They are all circled around the computer and refreshing it to see if they will pass the first round and go to the next one. They all think they won’t get it and are sarcastic about their possibilities.

Then they see the update, it is a congratulations update that they won and are in the finals! They all scream and congratulate themselves.

Dosan, Dalmi and the team go off and enjoy a specialty cake to celebrate. Dosan and Chulsan glare at each other across the table. Saha gets revenge for Chulsan by hitting Dong-san’s hat tie on his chin. They all smile.

Then they eat cake and talk about what everyone said they would do if they won. Yong-san has to give one guy a million dollars. Chulsan has to shave his head. Dosan tells them not to worry, they can do it. He smiles at Dalmi.

Dalmi takes off her hat and tells them that at this point she wants to ask their opinion.

DM – In this bidding, most of the self driving teams bid in the company. We are top five so they recognized it. So what about scaling up our company? I want to speed it up by hiring more people and investing in R&D, what do you guys thinks?

They all nod, Dosan is happy.

Cut to Dalmi talking to In-jae. She is asking for an investment to make her startup grow. In-jae understands that it is time to scale up, but she opposes that right now. If you get the investment first without sales then your value is not fairly judged, you will lose your share.

DM – i am getting the investment to get the sales.

IJ – Get it after you get the sales.

DM – No, speed is important now. More than shares. And we never got outside investment.

IJ – Yes, we did not get outside investment to not be influenced by others.

DM – Eunnie.

IJ – Good job getting into the finals. Then win the bid.

Dalmi storms off. In-jae looks at her lovingly and keeps working.


Dalmi rides the elevator and runs into Ji-pyung. They go talk by the river.

DM – You are not avoiding me now?

JP – My recovery is better than expected. Tell me, you said you needed to tell me something.

DM – yes.

JP – tell me, I am ready to hear it. But don’t say thank you.

DM – It does not make sense without that.

JP – You told me thank you so many times already. I am tired of it. Back then I had no friends and was comforted with your letters. So let’s just thank each other, we are equal now with thanks, okay?

DM – Okay.

JP – After reading your letter, I did not find you for 15 years, but Dosan found you the same day he read your letter. So the Dosan in the letter is not me. You don’t have to be sorry or blame yourself.

DM – You really don’t give me any room.

JP – Okay?

DM – Okay.


Chulsan and Yong-san look at the news about Morning Group and talk about how it was bad that a big company asked his son to hack their company. How can he do that? He just wants to destroy potential competitors. The son is actually under investigation with the police for blocking another person’s business.

Yong-san says, wow, really! Then looks around. Chulsan wonders if it is worth it to listen to his lecture. They fist bump each other. All the people around them start to mumble.

At the Q&A event, no one shows up. It is a very small group of people scattered. But Injae is there and so are Chul-san and Yong-san.

IJ – I have a question.

Won – yes, tell me.

IJ – You said humans are the most important thing, I am part of that so why did you fire me back then?

Won – Is this personal question allowed here?

CS – There aren’t too many people so why don’t you just answer? is everyone okay?

YS – Yes, we are all okay.

Won – I thought if I fired you, you would be more compliant and come back to me.

IJ – Yes, I did not listen well. I heard your good listening son is very busy recently with the police and failed at bidding.

Won – Won Injae!

IJ – I am not Won In-jae anymore, I am Seo In-jae. I had the court order. Thank you, you have me big lessons all the time.

She walks off. He looks at her sadly.

In-jae walks around the corner and Yong-san catches up with her. She asks what happened. He says he wants to apologize for one thing to her. Three years ago during the relay lecture I asked you a question.

Flashback to that question where he asked about her cheobal abogi.

YS – Do you remember it?

IJ – Yes I remember that, it was you Yong-san?

YS – Yes

IJ – Ha, I work with someone who talked bad about me I was too merciful

YS – I didn’t know the truth but I was presumptuous. Sorry.

IJ – Actually I am here because of what you said.

YS – Really?

IJ – I was angry but it was stimulating. i am not thanking you but I accept your apology.

They smile at each other and she walks off. Dosan calls him.


The team goes to their octapang office. Another team is there. They introduce themselves to the new team of three guys. They are super excited to meet with them. They tell them that they just moved there and ask how it is.

They tell them that it is cheap and has a very nice view, better than Han river. And if you open the window you will have a good smell. But you will die of heat in the summer. The guys think they will get an investment before summer.

Dosan asks if they can look around before they leave for nostalgia sake. They all say yes. Chulsan gives them his card and says if you have trouble just call. They think that is super daebak.

The team goes inside and thinks that there is finally a new owner. They won’t be able to come anymore. Chulsan sniffs. They ask if he is crying. He says noOoOo I just pity those kids who are working so hard in this moldy place. They think they will have some hardships.

Dosan remembers all the hardships they had. He starts to cry and tells them that he is really sorry about all the things they had to endure. They could have escaped that place if they had a better CEO. But I wasted several years and made you all worry. I gave you a hard time. I’m sorry.

They tell him, what the F, if we wanted money then we wouldn’t be friends at all. We didn’t come here and ditch our jobs to join you to make money. he asks why they joined? They ask why he thinks he is crying as well? Dosan asks if it is because he pities the kids.

Chulsan says he does not know what is going on. He missed them working here, that is why he is crying. Working hard under this rooftop, I liked it and I missed it. Yong-san starts to cry as well and says he liked it so much. Enough to come here all the time to work everyday.

They all wipe tears and void each other. They are all embarrassed. Then they group hug in a circle like they do. They tell each other that they didn’t have a hard time and I will do better and they keep crying and tell each other not to cry and all that. It is adorable.

They leave the space with poofy eyes and address the team again. The new team asks, are you leaving? They notice all the crying. Dosan tells them to be successful with their business. We support you! But then they notice that the Samsan Tech sign is missing.

They ask where it is, the team says that someone took it. Then we see that the father took the sign and has hung it over his TV in pride of place. The mother asks why he is hanging that there? The father says it is nice and bright. The mother chides him for saying all those bad thing and making Dosan timid.

The father says that is why he put it there. If Dosan does anything stupid again then I am not going to think of a calming word three times. I am going to look at that and calm down three times.

The mother says, if that is why we have it, then I agree with you. They hold each others arms and look at the sign (ah, I love this).


In-jae drives happily somewhere.

Then we cut to Halmoni. She has to sign for a package but she can’t see where to sign. In-jae shows up and says that she can do it for her. I am Seo Dal-mi’s eunnie.

So she signs for it.

Halmoni asks if she is really Injae? In-jae says yes, it is me halmoni. I am too late. But Halmoni just reaches out for a hug and pulls her in for a big one. They both cry.

In-jae stays for dinner. her eyes are all messed up so Dalmi asks if she cried (okay, what is with people asking if someone cried all the time?). In-jae says no then she pulls out her mirror and notices that she looks like Dalmi said, like a panda bear.

Halmoni tells Dalmi to behave. The mother asks why she came now. In-jae shows them the paperwork to change her name back to Seo. Then Halmoni asks NoonGil to read it to her.

NoonGil reads it. Halmoni is touched. 

IJ – I am not Won In-jae, I am Seo In-jae, Halmoni.

H – Injae….

IJ – I wanted to come earlier, Halmoni.

AH – You can just come

DM – It would be better if you came when Halmoni could see.

H – I can see, I can see you so well.

Halmoni closes her eyes and imagines the happy life that they had back in the day when they were a complete family and her son came home happily with chicken. They all eat chicken happily and tell Halmoni to come eat chicken with them.

Later on that night, In-jae looks at all her old things or perhaps just looks around at all the old memories. Then she sees the music box and opens it. It says Seo In-jae on it.

Dalmi comes ina nd asks why it is there. In-jae asks if she fixed it? Dalmi says no, it fixed itself. Injae says it is hers so she is taking it. Dalmi tells her whatever.

IJ – I have something to give you. Don’t you remember our wage?

Flashback to their wage. DM said she is not as good as Eunnie, but she is older than me by 3 years so let’s make it 3 years. Let’s have a 10k won bet ($10).

DM – What do you mean I am better than you now?

Ij – Not yet, but if you can scale up like you planned.

DM – What, you said I shouldn’t do it.

IJ – DO it.

DM – Why did you change your mind?

IJ – I do not want you to be a nice girl.

DM – So you like me because I have a bad personality?

IJ – Something like that.

They both smile.



In-jae meets with Yoon at Sandbox and asks for an investment. She thinks CEO Seo thinks it is time and In-jae also thinks it is time. Can you recommend someone who is also interested in the self driving field?

Yoon says she can’t. IJ asks why not, is it too early? Yoon says that is not it, it is because I do not want to send this good deal to another investor. I was interested in this company since Samsan Tech. Now I think it has grown enough for us to invest. And….you two are the beginning of this place. I want to support you.

In-jae thanks her. Yoon tells her that they can start. IJ starts to tell her what she needs. IJ asks who they should send the data to?

Cut to Yoon talking to Ji-pyung.

JP – I don’t want to.

Yoon – Why not? You know this company the best.

JP – Dong-chan also knows it well. Manager park. Dong-chan!

DC – Yes executive?

JP – You ignored me right?

DC – No, I was just focusing on work.

JP – He is also interested in this company since Samsan Tech

DC – No, I wasn’t, I wasn’t even close to you in terms of interest in the company.

Yoon – I agree *pushes the paperwork in his chest* I regard Cheong Myeongs potential more than they think of themselves. They will draw a J curve soon (exponential growth). Other people notice it. You know that this is a deal that we can’t lose. Make it happen, okay?

JP – C-Ceo, Ceo!

DC – Fighting!

DC smiles and sits. Ji-pyung asks if he just laughed at him?


Cut to Ji-pyung thinking about how he can’t beg him to accept him now. Why me? Then Dosan sits at the bench and asks why he wants to see him individually?

JP – I want to ask you a favor.

DS – Who? Me?

JP [mumbles about his CEO]

DS – Huh?

JP – *clears throat* My CEO wants to invest in Cheong Myeong. 

DS – Why are you telling me that privately? You can talk to our CEO in the office.

JP – I have to say it but I do not want to get involved with her, that is why. You really hated my investment.

DS – That is right, very much.

JP – Welp, I gave you the suggestion and you refused it okay?

DS – Executive Han, what is your honest investment opinion? Without emotions, just rationale?

JP – Do you remember my second record?

DS – Among the companies I did not invest in, no companies became successful, that is what you said.

JP – I think if I lose Cheong-Myeong company then my record will be broken. As an investor, I want to invest in your company very much.

DS – Lets go together and talk about the investment with Seo properly.

JP – Dosan, do you really want my investment? If you get it then I will be an external executive and matter with your business. You hate to hear my nitpicking.

DS – Yes I do.

JP – then why are you getting it. Not then, but now?

DS – Because this time it does not sound like a donation. It sounds like an investment.

Dosan puts out his hands to shake. Ji-pyung finger shakes it. Dosan gives him a firm handshake. He also tells him thank you. Ji-pyung says me too and they start to chuckle and walks off together.



Dosan sits with Dalmi while she prays. He tells her that he doesn’t follow any religion. She tells him that she is flexible. She keeps praying.

Dosan asks who she is praying to? Or what for?

DM – tomorrow is the day of bidding where we get the results. I am praying for a good result.

They walk out together. She says that even though she prayed, she can’t calm down. She sees a rainbow and starts to pray to the rainbow. She says church praying worked well but now we have a rainbow so she prays to the rainbow. He tells her that the rainbow will not realize her dream. That is just refraction of light.

She asks, so you don’t believe it? That is why you don’t pray? He says no, it’s just that there is no evidence that rainbows can listen to your wish.

She thinks, okay then I will show you the evidence.

She turns his head and gives him a big kiss. He is startled. She tells him that she prayed to kiss him to the rainbow and it is realized. He sys that is different. You did the kiss, the rainbow did not do it for you. She says it is the same, just pray and then you realize it.

he tells her okay and then starts to pray to the rainbow. She asks if he prayed for their companies success. he says no, something more realistic.

She asks what?

he says he prayed for their company to become a unicorn (Unicorn companies make more than a billion dollars a year without being in the stock market). She hits him and says that is even more difficult. that will take a lot of time.

He smiles and says she did not say it was impossible. She tells him that nothing is impossible, we can do it. They both trot off together happily.


Cut to the bid. Dalmi walks into the company to present their AI group. Dosan smiles from the audience.

Dalmi composes herself and starts to present their company then it fades to white.

When it fades back in, Dalmi is looking at the Sandbox lobby and remembering everything from the beginning. She thinks about not wanting to be a loser because she chose appa and not wanting to pretend that she envies eunnie. 

She walks to the wish wall and starts to write something.

She thinks about Tarzan and telling Dosan that she wants their car to help people like her appa and her grandmother.

She write her new wish and puts it up. Her wish is to change the world.

Dosan comes and starts to write his wish as well. he thinks about Dalmi following in his footsteps and opening a start up like him.

He writes his new wish and puts it up. He smiles at Dalmi. She looks at him. Then they both look at his new wish. he holds her hand. When they walk away we see his wish which is to follow your dream written in English.


We open on a huge fantastic business in 2020. The team has become a Unicorn company. Dalmi is CEO and Dosan is CTO and they have all their pictures of their journey up in the office.

We get a nice overview of what everyone has been up to by looking at these photos. We see Dosan and Dalmi’s wedding photos and their message to follow their dreams.

One of the employees (she looks familiar, maybe the friend from the other company?) asks the young kid where Dalmi is. The kid says that they have a shareholder meeting today.

Then Dalmi and Dosan emerge from the elevator (maybe the higher level elevator???) and look at each other and walks away. They are holding hands and look like a happy couple.

Then In-jae starts to walk next to them. She is in all white and happy and smily. Then Ji-pyung walks next to them also. He is in all grey and checks his watch. he smiles as well.

They all smile and look at each other and chuckles and keep walking as the billionaires that they are. It is the Avengers of Start-Up billionaires.


(Want to rave or rant about the ending? Be sure to check out The Kthree today at 3pm PST on their YouTube channel! Also, be sure to check out Fashion Chingu for all your Kdrama and Kpop needs!)


Okay, we all knew we were going to get here and I for one am happy for the team to make it. Although, they did make it pretty easily inmy opinion. But I can kind of give them a pass since they had the best programmer in presumably the world on their team.

My favorite part of this episode is when the father took the Samsan Tech sign and put it in their home. That was so touching, I just loved it so much! It gave me all the feels. Other than that, I was happy with how everything shook out. I especially liked this new blossoming love between his Ai, Yong-shil that has come to life in the form of The new CEO start up that he has given $400k to. You love his voice, hee hee. Is that all you love Ji-pyung? Fanfiction commence!


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  1. majong Sofine
    December 9, 2020 / 1:11 pm

    Dosan was supposed to a be a flawed relatable character but the writer didnt write him as that. She wrote him as liar who cheated and manipulated the affection a woman had for another man and used her to force JP into supporting his company at sandbox.
    Now normally when a woman finds out you did that to her there is hell to pay but this writer never felt that burden. She realized that all she had to do to deal with Dosans pathetic petty character was write the female lead as someone who isnt even female. Or aware. Or curious. Or empathetic. Or has a good judge of character. When a real woman meets a guy who was a HUGE foundation for 15 years of her life she would have questions.
    Why did you stop writing?
    Was it real or were you just fooling me?
    Why did you put this guy with me and make me a fool thinking you were him?
    But Dalmi was never written as a real woman. She was written as the object of a 12 hour NJH Public Relations program where he could fart in her face and she would tell him she loved his scent.
    The other reason she wasnt a real woman is even if we stipulate she was a good person why would she be so evil and hurt JP for so long? She wasnt even a decent enough human being to respond to JP’s confession. She used his affection to her advantage every time.
    Since Dalmi could be written to overlook any and all flaws of Dosan there was never a reason to make him appealing for cause. She reasoned most people would be swoonie fools but I’m sure was suprised that all poles taken including the ones in Korea showed between 74% and 82% of viewers felt if she was a good woman then she deserved the best man available and the best in the drama was JP.
    Dosan was supposed to be a geek programmer that didnt understand human emotions, metaphors or many social customs yet NJH played the character so poorly by blubbering and sobbing way TOO much. The writer took care of screwing up the rest of his character by trying to tell the audience he was sort of a geek savant that didnt understand people well and then ALSO tried to make us believe he was some empathetic philosopher that could supposedly even grasp what sailing off without a map even means.
    This from a fool who leaves the love of his life drunk in a park in the middle of the night to go put on a suit. THIS IS NOT A MAN THAT KNOWS WHAT SAILING OFFWITHOUT A MAP MEANS.
    If there is a writers purgatory and hell, this writer will be spending a LONG time making up for this cenematic travesty in their afterlife.

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