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Start-Up: Episode 16 Live Recap – Part 1

Finale time! Lets see if this reporter will rip the team a new one or if Ji-pyung will fly in and rescue the day! Or perhaps the team can rescue themselves? Will they not need papa bear to come in and straighten things up? We shall see!

I for one would love for Ji-pyung to just own his role of super hero. Everyone on Cheong Myeong should get a ring that they can hold into the air to activate him ala Captain Planet style to fly in and save the day. Pens! Computers! Funds! Desks! Heart! (because heart has to be somewhere in there. In fact, they should just yell Dalmi! *wink*).

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!




The bad reporter walks into Sandbox and gives his card to DC in the lobby. He wants to interview the Cheong Myeong company. DC asks him if he had an interview request? The reporter says he is interviewing a start up, why do I need to ask?

DC ends up telling him how to get there. But he looks wary. He holds his card and goes to his office. Then rolls his chair over to Ji-pyung and asks him if he knows this reporter.

JP says he knows him. He is someone you do not want to meet. He is a Start Up sniper. He will say he wants to advertise your company and if you refuse then he will make something up. He is someone you want to avoid.

DC tells him that he came to interview Cheong Myeong company, DC does not know why since he did not have an appointment. Do you think it could be bad?

JP – They e facing a bidding war soon. He could be hired by the opponent company.

DC – Cheong Myeong company does not have anything to be blamed for. But wait….

Both – Ransomware!

Ji-pyeong activates his hero button and hurries off to save the day.

The interviewer is already interviewing Cheong Myeong. Everything looks pleasant. JP tries to call them but their phones are off. So he takes off running like he’s Clark Kent and has to do a quick change.

TITLE: SCALE-UP: To scale up the size of the company

In a flashback, we see the ransomware notebook that Dosan picked up on the ground. He remembers this when he was at home looking up something on his computer. It is the twins ID. Artemis and Apollonia are the sons and daughters of Zeus and Hera.

He goes into the office to talk to everyone about it and tells them that he saw the two twins profiles. Their user names are Apollonia and Artemis. They all start to figure it out quickly round robin style. They wonder why they would attack their own server.

Dalmi tells them about when she saw them shaking hands with the Morning Group CEO. Maybe he asked them to do it and they put ransomeware on their own server.

Dosan thinks they can find this out right now. He hops on the computer and asked Dalmi if she called the police about it back then.

Cut to the present, this reporter talks to Dalmi about the ransomeware issue. They say that they also had an issue. The reporter fakes that he did not know. 

R – If they get it then they lose money but for you guys it is life and death.

DS – We solved it right away. We found a key and took care of it.

R – That’s good. But, what if the same thing happens again? The potential for it is risky….

YS – Yes, that is why we have the highest level of security now.

SH – Our team is not only image recognition, we are also famous for security.

CS – He is the hottest person in security *points to Dosan*

R – Okay, that is good enough.

DM – No, the most important thing comes now.

R – Huh?

She smiles knowingly. 

Ji-pyung runs around the corner and stops when he sees In-jae. In-jae tells him that Dalmi is having an interview right now. JP tells her to stop it because that reporter is infamous.

IJ – Yes, he is infamous. I saw many of his articles. His nickname is Start-Up Thresher (when you take the rice off the stem). 

JP – You should stop them.

IJ – They have a good response

JP – A good response?

He looks at the conference room.

R – You have an important thing?

DM – Yes, if you finish the interview like this then I know what kind of thing you will write. Cheong Myeong company participated in the smart city self driving platform, hacking will put peoples life in danger, and Cheong Myeong company had a dangerous hacking experience right?

R – *chuckles* Aigo, that is a fact, do you have more?

DS – Reporter, don’t you want to know something more important

R – More important?

DS – Who the hacker is.

R – You know who it is?

DS – Yes, we analyzed the attacking information with the event log.

Flashback to the team doing this at the Smart City first day.

DS – I scanned the port from the attacker and found their information. It was the same PC name from when we got infected.

He took out his usb and gave it all tot he police that were investigating their case.

DM – The police called us and told us they had the suspects.

The police arrest the twins.

R – Who are the suspects.

DM – [The twins] they are our ex-developers that moved to Morning Group.

R – *stops writing*

CS – Right before the accident happens, they met CEO Won. We submitted that as evidence.

SH – When they investigate the case, we will know who is behind it.

R – *quiet*

DM – I m looking forward to seeing how you write this reporter Han.

Everyone – *chuckles*

R – *chuckles* You solved everything so even if I write it my editor will cut it.

YS – We hAve the hacker and Morning Groups chairmans son is behind it. But you don’t want to write it?

Everyone looks at him.

R – Well I shouldn’t write things that are under investigation.

DS – Other reporters write cases under investigation well.

DM – Will you write it when we have a result?

R – Yes, I will write it *hesitantly*

He leaves quickly. In-jae sees him and tells him that he should write it otherwise everyone will suspect that he works with the person behind the case. He hurries off.

Ji-pyung looks at the team getting back to work. He takes a deep breath. In-jae asks if he hurried here? Your ID is behind your back. Ji-pyung says he was just worried about them making a mistake.

IJ – CEO Seo is in her third year, even in a third year, dogs at a school can recite (koren proverb) of course we should be able to take care of this.

JP – Yes, that should be *looks at Dalmi*

IJ – You look bitter sweet.

KP – Me? Not bitter, I am happy. Now I can be relaxed by the company. Bye.

He walks away. In-jae thinks he does look a bit bittersweet.


Ji-pyung goes to his desk and stares out the window. One of the employees asks DC why the executive is like that? Is he okay. DC says maybe he is okay, maybe not. Then Ji-pyung stands up and tells DC that he is going home early today. If you have anything important then call me.

DC thinks he might be going through menopause or something.


Halmoni is using the app to calculate their receipts. Dalmi and Do-san come in to say hello. Dong-san says he has not seen her in awhile and asks about her eyes. She tells him he better not be pitying her. He says of course not.

They all sit. Halmoni tells him that because of him she does not have that much trouble with NoonGil, she relies on it a lot. The mother says that NoonGil is so great so she can’t slack off at work. When I am about to take a nap, it says, she is taking a nap.

Halmoni holds Dong-san’s hands and thanks him for making NoonGil. She owes him something that she cannot repay and feels so lucky about it. Do-san tells her that she should enjoy more.

Dalmi tells Halmoni to tell Do-san for an update and he will do it. He knows the developers. She says okay, I will write a notebook like I did before.

Then Dosan pulls out a cactus that he knitted. It is an RGB cactus that has red, green, and blue bows on it. He tells her that when she presses it, it will make a sound. She presses it and Dosan says, “I love you.” They all laugh.

He keeps talking about the cactus and how it looks like Dalmi and they all chat and have a good time.

That night, Ji-pyung sits alone in at home looking at data. Then his door rings. It’s halmoni. He is all like, um, how did you get here? She says her daughter in law brought her here.

He helps her sit, she has lots of food with her.

H – Dalmi told me your house is really nice. I should have come here earlier.

JP – Are you here to give me hotdogs?

She gives him a hotdog

JP – it is good that you came here. I had to talk to you about something. You already have your store, but what about your stairs, isn’t it a problem for you? You can move to an apartment, I can buy one for you.

H – Aren’t you tired of that nonsense.

JP – You don’t need anything?

H – No! If it really bothers you then help someone who needs it more than me.

JP Why should I repay my debt to you to someone else.

H – If you keep talking about that then I am leaving.

JP – Okay, okay, dont leave! Why should I pay my debt to someone else! If I were you I would just recieve it and end it here.

H – Are you leaving?

JP – I am not leaving.

H – Ji-pyung….

JP – Halmoni, you told me that if I live well then I should not contact you anymore. I am having a really good life and I am also busy. If I have a hard time then I will contact you.

H – Don’t do it. If you are having a good life, still call me. Come by often. If something happens or doesn’t happen, just come.

JP – *looks away and clears throat* Nothing happened, why should I go?

H – Just come and talk about nonsense or whatever.

JP – *tries not to cry*

H – My ears don’t work well and I can’t see so you can do whatever you want, it doesn’t matter. You can cry or you can laugh. I won’t ask you why so come by often. You shouldn’t get used to being alone. Not anymore. Don’t be lonely anymore Ji-pyung, okay?

JP – *wipes his tears but is still not crying outright*

Halmoni touches his face and pats it and then gives him a big hug. He hugs her back. She rubs his back and tells him it is okay (and this is the story I am here for. Halmoni and Ji-pyung friendship for life).



The San team is working hard at the office. Saha tells one of them that she sent them the list of companies participating. Some super top companies are participating in this. Dalmi wonders how they can win.

Chul-san jokes with her about participating for experience or winning. She says yes, experience. No pressure. The young guy asks, what if we really win? YS says he will give him one million. The kid tells him no take backs!

CS tells him that means we really have a slim chance. If we win then I will shave my hair. Saha says if they win then she will reveal her dating life. CS asks, really? She says it is that impossible. CS takes a deep breath and says, if we really win, will you really reveal it?

She asks if he is really shaving his head? He says yes, of course I can do that 500 times. Another young employee says if they win he will buy a sports car for all of them. YS tells Dong-san to say something. He says, if we win then I will propose. He keeps working. But everyone looks at him.

YS laughs, so you think it is really that slim? They start to laugh. Do-san is serious. He looks at Dalmi and asks how many teams are in the finals? She says five teams. So he tells them that they should have a meeting.


DC takes Ji-pyung something to drink and asks how he feels today. He shows DC something that is the Go Gil-tong character. He printed it out from an email and asks who did this.

DC smiles and tells him that the kids out of the orphanage have a difficult time being financially independent so they are in-between kid-hood and adulthood. JP asks, so? DC says this is a startup that matches those kids to a sponsor one to one. The CEO also came from an orphanage. He is so eager to do it. It is also a good deed.

Ji-pyung says it is a good dead but it does not make any money. Why waste our LPs hard earned money?

DC nods and says that is why he was about to cancel the meeting. JP tells him not to cancel it, keep it. DC is super happy about that.


All the team is still working. Chul-san does not want to stop working and neither does Dong-san. Yong-san wonders what is up with them. He is about to leave, but he stays. So everyone stays working overnight.

Montage of them working hard the next morning in their conference room with Dalmi giving a presentation of how they can use their technology to wake sleepy drivers up. So they test that out on the road

Later on, Do-san and Dalmi work closes at her computer about the job. But he asks her how much she thinks Tarzan can grow? She says level 5, that is her goal. She starts listing street conditions and infrastructure and all that.

DS – Not that.

DM – What? If I tell you, will you make it for me?

DS – Yes.

DM – My dream for Tarzan is movie like. Flying….

DS – What?

DM – I am joking, not like that.

DS – Tell me.

DM – My abogi died with a car accident. My grandmother lost most of her eyesight. I hope the world with Tarzan around will prevent accidents like my abogi and I hope my grandmother can walk around without fear. Do you think it’s possible?

DS – Yes, I think so in 5 and a half years. If we scale up and invest in R&D, then it is possible in 3 years.

DM – Do you think we can win?

DS – Of course.

DM – You told me to do it for the experience.

DS – I changed my mind. Not just for experience. I will do it.

DM – If you try and it doesn’t work then I heard it was a dream.

DS – No, whatever it takes, I will realize it.

They roll closer and are about to kiss but then Chul-san clears his throat. She pushes him away very exaggeratedly. Do-san goes flying. Chul-san says he is not there to bother them, they were too much in their own world.

They all sit at their desks again. It is awkward. Chul-san says he is losing to Dosan because he is so envious. Dalmi hides her head.


DC goes to Ji-pyung’s desk to tell him about the CEO of the start-up is here for the meeting. So Ji-pyung hurries to the conference room to meet them.

OMG, lol, it is Yeo Jin-goo, hahahaha. He is sitting nervously. he stands and shakes Ji-pyings hands and it is love at first sight. (JK, it just looks like it). His name is Hong Ji-seok.

JS – This is the first time an investor has called me. This day has really come.

JP – Calm down.

JS – Okay. I know you are busy so I will explain it quickly. *hands him his report* Do you know Go Gil-tong who took care of Dotchi, Dooli, and Do Oona? Like that Go Giltong, we want to find a good adult that can sponsor kids like Go Giltong and match them.

Ji-pyung thinks of Halmoni telling him to pay it forward to people who need things more than her.

JS – the age is an in between age, they are not old enough to face the real word so we will help those kids to overcome the wall of–

JP – CEO, I checked your business model and did enough investigation. Did you consider the value of your company?

JS – Not yet. What should I do?

JP – How much money do you need?

JS – I need $100k. 

JP – That is too much for our company to invest.

JS – Well, maybe $50k?

JP – Not in the company but I want to invest as an individual.

JS – As an individual, why?

JP – I like your voice. (note: he is the voice of his AI)

JS – My voice?

JP – I will invest $100k and donate $300k. I do not need too much share of the company. Just match a lot of good kids to me. What do you think?

JS – *speechless*

They both stand.

JS – Thank you. I will give you a term sheet by next week. thank you so much.

JP – I am the one that is thankful. I wish you luck.

They shake hands. The CEO thinks this is super daebak. Ji-pyung goes back to his office. DC asks him how it was. Ji-pyung says it is just like the kind of companies DC picks all the time. No real plan, only dreams and hopes. That kind of company.

DC apologizes. Ji-pyung tells him good job. DC is all like, what? What didi you just say? Ji-pyung says nothing. DC says you did! You said good job! Ji-pyung denies it. DC says it happened! Ji-pyung finally says okay, fine. DC runs off happily. Ji-pyung smiles and says to get back to work.


Click here for part 2! And be sure to check out Fashion Chingu while you wait!


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