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Start-Up: Episode 15 Live Recap – Part 2

Start-Up: Episode 15 Live Recap - Part 2

This is part 2 of our recap for the Kdrama Start Up!

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Caution: Be wary of typos

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!





Dalmi’s mother asks her what happened, didn’t you get a good nights sleep? They are sitting at the breakfast table. Dalmi says it is no problem, then pulls out her Lancôme to make sure she is looking her smooth skin best.

She asks how Halmoni is doing? She is sleeping so much recently. Perhaps we can get a different medicine? The mother tells her not to worry about it, I will take care of it, just eat. She smiles as if she is holding something back secretly.

Then we cut to the mother purchasing something big. She has her stamp out and is stamping all sorts of forms.


At Sandbox, Saha is still working on the anogram. She thinks it could be Apollo and Artemis as the words. Yong-san thinks she is good at what she does. Chulsan is steaming jealous and starts hitting his kepboard. 

Saha asks if that is enough with the anagram? Yong-san thinks they are getting close, let’s keep working on it. Chulsan tells them to stop playing and work. Yong-san says this is not a game, I am not playing around. i am looking for a keyword to catch the ransomeware person. This is serious.

Chulsan keeps banging on the keyboard as if he is working. Yong-san tells him to be quieter.


Ji-pyung catches up to Do-san and says that there is something that he wants back from him. The letter he left in his office. It is mine, give it back to me. Dosan says he also has his letter. Ji-pyung asks, huh? Hey Dosan I am not a person that takes other peoples things.

Dosan tells him that it is the plant. Dalmi gave that to me. I want it back. Ji-pyung says okay, so we both have our things, we will be clean. Dosan says he likes it. Ji-pyung asks when. Dosan says now. Ji-pyung says okay. They say let’s go and starts to walks away.

That conversation was just rapid fire penis length measuring.

Meanwhile, Chairman Won sees the paperwork for In-jae terminating the adoption and getting her last name back. He looks a bit upset about it. He hits his drink and it falls on the floor and breaks.

Cut to Dosan looking at the letter while at home. He has all the letters actually. He opens one and starts to read it. 

VO – Dosan, you are my pretty music box. In case you don’t know, I hope you realize it. You should have a good melody in you. I guarantee it.

His phone buzzes, he answers it. Ji-pyung asks him where he is. He says at home. Ji-pyung asks where should meet.

DS – I don’t need the plant. Also, let’s not talk about the mail.

JP – What? Hey, Nam Do-san

But Dosan hung up. Ji-pyung pushes the gas and revs to his house.

At Dalmi’s place, Ah-hyun tells Halmoni that she got a little bit of her divorce money so she got the rent that she has not paid. It is not cash though, it is better than cash. Halmoni asks what is better than cash?

Ah-hyun says she got a store, a hot dog store! Halmoni looks pained and asks, whyyyyyy?

Ah-hyun pleasantly says they can help each other as daughter in law and mother in law. Halmoni tells her to cancel it. You are crazy. Ah-hyun says she isn’t crazy, you can teach me! I will fry and sell and everything.

Halmoni says that is the scariest thing, you don’t know anything! I am not going to do this! Ah-hyun says okay, I will do it alone.

Halmoni is all like, what? Um, no. Ah-hyun starts to sarcastically say that she might spill boiling oil and burn herself and learn from her mistakes, but she can do it! She walks off. Halmoni frets about her.


Ji-pyung calls Dosan, he ignores it. His father calls him so he comes out to the living room. And who is standing there? Ji-pyung, looking all sorts of handsome with his plant firmly held in his hands.

Dosan’s mother comes out and asks who he is. Appa says it is Dosan’s mentor. Dosan asks him why he is saying hi to his parents. His appa says he has something that he has to give him. Dosan says no I have nothing.

Ji-pyung smiles and ays he does! Here. He hands him the plant then jokes that he probably forgot that they exchanged it. The mother loves that this is a money tree. Dosan says trees do not bring in money. Everyone is awkward.

Umma asks if Ji-pyung ate dinner. Dosan sys he does not need dinner. Ji-pyung says he did not eat dinner yet. The appa starts to show off all his drinks and liquor that he has been saving and making for years. he is almost a sales person. He also has a man power drink and says his pee will break the toilet. I have everything you need.

Ji-pyung says he is okay with drinking. But Dosan says he has a bad habit after drinking. Jipyung tells him he has no bad drinking habit, unlike someone. They all look at Dosan. Dosan says he is fine also.



The three men are super drunk and are still drinking appas drinks. The mother is fine sitting next to them. She isn’t drinking like the men. Her face is also normal and not super red like theres. 

The mom whispers to the father that they should leave and let the two men drink alone. Appa says that they can drink the meshil drink but not the man power drink.

Dosan tries to open one of the bottles but can’t. Ji-pyung laughs at him and says he can do it. If I do it then you should give me my letters. But Ji-pyung also can’t open it. Uh oh, I have a bad feeling they might break this jar.

Ji-pyung stops trying to open it. 

DS – Executive, I have a big question.

JP – What?

DS – The letter. Halmoni told me that you used my name because of the newspaper. I looked like a smart and nice boy.

JP – No, not that, you looked like you had a nice life. Your parents congratulated you because you won the award and I saw you getting your photo taken. To me, your life looked wonderful. That is why I used it.

DS – I envied you.

JP – me? Why? Because of the Han river view apartment? Car?

DS – No, before when I asked Dalmi why she liked me, she told me (flashback to Dalmi saying he was her first love). It was you. I asked her again (she said her letters comforted her for a long time) that was you also. And I asked her again and I had one of mine (she says she likes his big hands, thats cool). She said she liked me because I have big hands. Only hands. I tried so hard with this one hand. I tried to overcome your memory. But it wasn’t good enough.

JP – If you know, then why don’t you give up?

DS – I can’t. 

JP – So are you going to have a one sided love forever?

DS – Yes. Forever.


Dalmi is laying in bed. She texts Saha and asks how she solved her insomnia problem. Saha sends her the YouTube video of Chulsan reciting Pi. She drops her phone and wonders, what the crap is this?

Then she starts to think about Dosan saying the voyage without a map was really cool to him. He does not regret it. And she also remembers him telling her that he is 100% on her side no matter what her decision is.


Dalmi goes to the living room all drowsy and sees Halmoni mixing batter. She asks what she is doing? Halmoni grumbles that her mother caused all sorts of trouble contacting a hot dog store and opening it. So I have been mixing it all night. She opened it and just wants to use me.

Dalmi smiles and asks if she is making batter and not even sleeping? Halmoni says she is making batter becaus she is worried. Why did she do that? She is even sleeping now!

Dalmi asks, so you are helping her? Halmoni says she already did it so I have to help her. She asks how the batter looks. Dalmi says it looks perfect. She tells her that she thinks her store will be daebak.

Halmoni thinks, even if it is unsuccessful she can try it anyway. Dalmi thanks her and says that is the answer. She gives her a big hug. They both smile and chuckle.


Ji-pyung wakes up wondering where he is. he is in Dosan’s bed and wearing Dosans plaid pajamas. Then he starts to remember acting a fool with Dosan in his room. He wonders why he remembers all this unnecessary stuff like spinning around like a top. 

He also remembers Dosan telling him that Dalmi likes him because of his big hands. He looks at his own hands and remembers DC mentioning that Dalmi says she likes people with big hands.

He stands and goes to the living room. Dosan’s mother is cooking breakfast and asks Dosan if she should add jalapeno pepper or not? Does the executive like hot things? Dosan says he thinks so. He also asks if she has black bean side dish? She says yes, why. He says he heard that he likes that side dish, I want to pack some for him.

Ji-pyung goes back to the room unnoticed and changes into his clothing. Dosan comes in and asks if he is already awake? Just eat soup with me. Her black beans are really good.

JP – No, I hate black beans.

DS – But in the elevator–

JP – Don’t you have a gut?

DS – What?

JP – I am going to take the letters and the plant.

DS – You came here to exchange it.

JP – If I take both, I am still losing.

DS – What are you talking about?

JP – Because of y our stupidity, I wanted to keep arguing. But I can’t. Listen to me carefully, I am not going to say this twice.

They stare at each other.

Cut to Dosan walking like as fashion model up the Sandbox bridge. Then he takes off running.

Ji-pyung is in his car with his plant and his letters. he looks at them and thinks, yes, this is it. This is enough.

Music plays and we see Dosan find Dalmi looking at the wish wall in the lobby of Sandbox. 

DS – What are you doing?

DM – It reminds me of when we came here the first time. You also wrote something something here right?

DS – Yes, I did.

DM – What is the possibility of finding yours here?

DS – I don’t know, it looks like there are 5000 to 0.0002. 

DM – The possibility of winning the bidding is maybe that much. if I find yours in one minute, then let’s be in the bidding.

DS – How is it related?

DM – I am starting. Is it this side or that side? This side?

DS – *nods*

She starts to look. We rewind to Ji-pyung telling him to remove his inferiority complex toward him and look at Dalmi with fresh eyes. Then you will know who Dalmi likes. 

He looks at his hands.

JP – You won over the memory with only your hands.

Back at Sandbox, Dalmi is still looking. She is not any closer. He pulls his from the wall and says that one is his. She grabs it and says he shouldn’t find it, I should find it. She reads it and asks, is this about…?

DS – Dalmi, why do you like me? I am not your first love. I did not write those letters. I lied to you and hurt you and there is actually no reason why you would like me. Only my hands. So why do you like me?

DM – I.…I….I don’t know, why are you asking me?

DS – Why do you like me?

DM – There is no why when someone likes another person. I like you because you are you. You are the reason. That is it.

He smiles, closes the gap between them and gives her a long soft kiss. His hands are softly holding her face. He looks at her.

DS – Thank you.

Then they keep kissing. No one else is around. She is still holding his card: I want to make a misunderstanding into reality.



Saha comes into the office. Yong-san stands to give her a note. Chul-san runs up and grabs it then drops it “accidentally”. He kicks it and apologizes, then kicks it again and apologizes again. They both look at him strangely. He says this notebook is running away from me, then kicks it into the hallway.

YS – Hey, is something wrong?

CS – Nothing is wrong

YS – Yes there is

CS – I don’t

YS – You do!

CS – I don’t!

YS – You do!

CS – I dont’!

Saha rolls her eyes and walks away. She goes into the hallway to pick up the notebook. Dosan has already picked it up and asks what it is. She tells them that Yongsan is trying to figure out an anagram to catch the hackers. She walks away.

Dosan looks at all the notebook, it looks like he knows something. He asks what this is and then walks away with determination.


Won is at Morning Sun with his son. the son thinks it is fine that In-jae left the family, they aren’t blood related anyway. She made a company after her birth fathers name anyway, Cheong Myeong. That is not a big company that we should care about. It is a tiny little thing, not even the size of a fly.

Won – Do you kill flies because they are big? They are annoying. I do not want to see that family doing anything.

SS – What should I do?

Won – Dalmi threatened us once right? That is a good way. 

Flashback to Dalmi threatening them with her recording.

Won – *hands over a business card* Go to Hyung-joo Daily newspaper and see this manager, he will help us because we bought a lot of commercials from them.

SS – Okay father.

He walks out.


DC calls Ji-pyung and tells him that Dalmi is waiting for him in his office. Ji-pyung is actually looking through the doors at them. They don’t notice. JP tells him that he actually wants to look at it somewhere quiet.

DC asks why but then thinks that he forgot that he worked outside today. He tells that to Dalmi and apologizes. Dalmi says it is okay and heads out.

Cut to Ji-pyung sitting alone in a conference room. He types something on a new folding Galaxy Note. Dong-chan calls him.

JP – Yes?

DC – Seo left. She definitely thinks you are avoiding her.

JP – *sighs* Okay. I will be back.

He stands and starts to head out. But sighs before leaving and thinks he is a loser. Then the door opens and he tumbles backwards outside. Dalmi keeps him from falling.

DM – You are here? I need to check something quietly.

JP – You can use it, I have to leave. *starts to walk off*

DM – you are avoiding me.

JP – I know what you are going to say.

he turns to face her.

JP – I thought I would be cook in this situation. But I am not cool or okay.

DM – Executive Han….

JP – if I am cool and okay then that means I did not like you that much.

DM – I am sorry.

JP – I am also sorry. I will do this stupid thing for awhile.

he can’t really look at her directly in the eyes. But he tries.

DM – Our bidding, we started to participate in it.

JP – *smiles* Yes, it is a good choice.

He walks away.



In-jae looks at the Sandbox symbol. Dalmi walks up and stands next to her.

IJ – So you decided to participate in the bid?

DM – Yes, though i am not sure if we will win?

IJ – The important thing is participating in the bid.

Yoon watches them from a distance. In-jae starts to talk about all the details about the bid and how they will share everything.

IJ – Can you believe that this is you?

DM – I can’t believe it. it looks too ugly.

IJ – No, too glorified.

DM – No, it is not like the real me.

IJ – You had a bigger head back then.

DM – Your head is bigger.

IJ – You had a bigger nose?

DM – I didn’t have a big nose, I had a high nose.

They both chuckle and smiles. Yoon smiles and walks away.


Meanwhile, The san guys are in the car driving around. They check it for problems. The car starts to slow without any obstacles. They think they need to fix that and try their route again.

In the office, Dalmi makes a power point. Saha comes up and talks work things then walks away. They are all working hard.

Everyone sleeps in their office. Saha tucks Chul-san in lovingly.

The next day they work hard, this entire scene is a montage. Dosan checks out his desk DESKER and adjusts the height. Dalmi sighs and keeps working on the computer.


Dalmi gives her grandmother something that is good for her knee. Halmoni eats it. The mother tells them that today is the first day of their business. She wonders if they will have a lot of customers.

Halmoni’s heart is over active. Ah-hyun tells her its because she had an extra shot of coffee. Hamoni tells her that she will live long because I talk extra bad about you in my mind.

Dalmi smiles and says that after seeing Halmoni, their Cosmos flower has blossomed. Halmoni smiles. Dalmi tells them that she will be late. She gives her mother a hug and tells her, thank you umma. It might be the first time she has done that because Ah-hyun looks all kinds of touched. 


the Cheong Myeong group shows up to the bid and it looks like a replay of the Sandbox edition but with more money and higher competition.

SS tells his hackers not to worry about it, then we see a flashback of SS meeting with the newspaper company over expensive drinks. The newspaper company tells him not to worry, if your company is good then that is all that matters.

SS tells them that a new company wants to participate in the bid, it is called Cheong Meyong company. You haven’t heard of them. the newspaper team starts to type.

Cut to the Samsan team working hard at Cheong Myeong. One of the reporters comes in and asks if they can conduct an interview? they say okay so he sits to start.

Man – I heard from the industry and Cheong Myeong company is a dark horse in self driving.

CS – Ah, they talk about this already

Everyone – Chuckles

Man – i heard you are bidding on it?

DS – yes.

In the dinner, SS says that there was an incident with ransomware, they were hacked. This is a self driving car so it is an issue. That is life or death. Right?

Man – I heard you had hardship getting here. Is there anything you want to talk about?

DM – it was hard, but everything is stable now.

Man – that’s good. I heard from one of the companies that they had ransomware and had to pay $200k?

young guy – really? We also had that.

Man – Ah, really?

In the dinner, SS tells the interviewer that they said they hired outsiders to take care of it, but they shouldn’t have it from the beginning, right? That kind of company should not get this big project. The interviewers said of course and wrote their news article already. The headline is: Self Driving Start Up: Their System is Hacked and The Drivers Life is Hacked. They think the title is pretty sexy.

VO – if the report is out then they will not get the bid, right?

The man says, not only the bid, this kind of small start up will be destroyed on that day.

But then Ji-pyung is alerted to something and starts running! Super Ji-pyung is on the way to rescue the team them! Ji-pyung to the rescue!


Dosan picks up Dalmi’s card from the wish wall. He asks if it is hers? She nods, her card says: Change to a higher level elevator.

DM – I quit my company to have a start up like you. In retrospect, how dare I do something like that?

DS – Dalmi, in Tusto, I did not develop the self driving because they asked me to. I applied for it.

DM – Why?

DS – Just in case you remembered that day like me.

Flashback to them all thinking about self driving in the old octapang office.

DS – if you started the self driving company with that memory.

He thinks about seeing her commercial while on the sailboat. (Uncharted territory, a street where you do not worry about rain or storms….)

DS – I wanted to do that together. So….

He thinks about her telling him that he was her trophy and pride and dream.

DS – I wanted to be your trophy and pride. I wanted to be your dream also.

She drunkenly told him that he was her comfort and her wings

DS – I wanted to be your comfort and wings as 100% myself. That is why I started it. What about you, Dalmi?

DM – Me too.

He smiles.

DM – Lets try the bid. I thought about all the variables and decided to do it.

DS – Okay. *smiles brightly*

Fade Out


Alright, it’s a wrap to all the Ji-pyung shippers out there. Dosan and Dalmi are officially back together. Sealed with a kiss. If you want to gripe about it, then head on over to The Kthree tomorrow (Sunday) and spill all your beans!

We have another tiny issue that the team is going to have to deal with. Which is expected leading into the finale in a show like this one. We all know they are going to come out on top, but how are they going to come out on top?

The Kthree says watch the Preview for Episode 16!


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