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Start-Up: Episode 15 Live Recap – Part 1

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Talking about Start Up, Here we are in the final week! This show turned into Do-san led tear fest for awhile. His poor little heart was broken, y’all! Crushed into tiny plaid pieces. But he was able to put it all together again in San Francisco, the city where dreams come true and calfs get stronger.

And now, after an exhibit on not taking people’s phone calls, he is back in Seoul with his lady love and ready to get this Tarzan his Jane. But first, let’s get Tarzan his license because ladies love a man who can drive. Keep on reading to show our sponsors today some love. Say Hello to The Kthree!!!!


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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!




Dalmi gets into Tarzan and looks at Dosan who is riding shotgun. She smiles and asks if he is ready, he says yes and hey start driving.

The cousin is there as well in a gold leopard jacket. He enthusiastically says he is recording this historic moment for Cheong Myeong. Then they all go inside the tent to watch.

Won is also there watching along with his son Sang-su. In-jae asks why they are there for this temporary license. 

Won – We are so busy with bidding. Don’t you know the Smart CIty bidding?

IJ – I know. Don’t you know the GK group won?

SS – They are picking their self driving department. We applied.

I – OKay

Won – Work hard, your company will grow big enough to bid on a big business.

SS – Our engineers will make us win today’s license.

The starts talking good about the twins who are right next to them. Yong-san asked if those two paved the way for this self driving? We programmed ours from the ground up. Chul-san tells them that they did not want to have a free ride.

Chul-san tells them all the bad things the two other programmers did. Yong-san says he almost threw up driving in that car since it was so jerky, so we switched it to our own algorithm.

The hackers think their car is going too fast.

But the car stopped perfectly for a fake person crossing the street as if someone was driving. The team all smiles at each other.

Then the car goes to a red light. Dosan and Dalmi squint their eyes and wait to see if Tarzan will recognize it. He does and stops. The drive continues to a pay station. Tarzan drives through it easily. The team looks at each other happily.

They go through a tunnel. It is dark inside, but Tarzan has no problems. The Won team starts to get even more nervous. Tarzan keeps driving and gets to a spot where he has to go around several cars. He navigates it easily. Dalmi and Dosan look at each other happily.

But then the car suddenly stops. The hackers think it is a ghost! The driving judges as if it is a ghost? Dosan says no, then we see a little kitten in the way. So the car is very good at recognizing everything.

Yong-san and Chul-san smile and walk off. Though they give the Won team a look before leaving. In-jae tells the Won team that they will probably go to that contest. She is confident that they are better than morning Group.

Won tells her to try, but the risk is high. She smiles and says she knows that well.

Yong-san, Chul-san, and Saha walk to the road to greet the car. They talk to each other about when Dosan wanted to start self-driving at Tusto. Yong-san says he does.

CS – When Alex asked him, why self-driving?

YS – He said just in case.

Saha looks at them. The car shows up.

CS – Now it is just in case. It just became 1/1000 chance.

(Note – When people say just in case in Korea means 1/10,000 chance is very small.

They great Dosan and Dalmi with hugs and spins and the two san guys lift Dosan off the ground in a chair arm form and then they jump around in a circle yelling and celebrating. 

Someone bursts open some champagne and sprays them with it so they et drenched and happily keep yelling. The cousin is out there celebrating as well.

Cut to the Cheon Myeong company office. The camera scrolls over the teams three photos from joining Start Up to winning Start-Up ad now the newest photo is the Tarzan license photo.

TITLE: MVP: Minimum viable product. The trial product with minimum specifications to see how the market responds quickly.


Cut to Dalmi telling In-jae that she is crazy. In-jae tells her they are at work. So Dalmi tells her: You are crazy, ma’am.

The San team all agrees, this is nonsense.

DM – The ink on our temporary license is not even dry yet.

IJ – We got a very high score. I think we can be in the bidding war.

DM – Come out and talk to me.

She pulls her outside. CS turns to the group and says this is like asking a grade school student to take the SATs. DS says he took the SATs when he was in elementary school. YS thinks they can apply for it and you can take the exam but the important thing is going to college.

The other two asked if he went to college. He says he went to college. YS thinks DS is crazy. CS mutters he doesn’t want to understand him at all. Saha looks at him like he is psycho.

Meanwhile, Injae and Dalmi talk. DM thinks this is nonsense. IJ thinks it makes sense, she does not want the team to have limits or for DM to have limits. Sometimes a dream can be true.

Dalmi asks if Morning Group is also applying AI? In-jae clears her throat and says yes, but to me Cheong Myeong’s companies future is more important than my personal motivations.

DM asks if she really hates them? IJ says she does, she really hates them. DMM thinks that morning group is behind that car company. Injae tells her that she is behind Myeong CHeong.

They are at a disagreement. DM thinks this challenge is too soon and too big. She does not want to do it. IJ thinks she does not have any courage. DM corrects her and says she is more careful now. She lost all her team members by not thinking before. She does not want to lose them again. That is the most important.

Dosan is listening on the other side of the door.

Elsewhere, Saha gets a test.

Avara Lover – Getting the self-driving temporary permit! (A normal day of a programmer who came back to Korea).

Saha looks at the video. It is of the champagne party but the camera is focused on Chul-san. He protects Saha from the champagne and then tells his viewers that they got the permit. Congratulate is and See ya!

Saha tells the screen See ya. People around look at her like she is a bit crazy. She also wonders if she is crazy. Then she looks at all the comments on the video. There aer way too many women commenting which makes her jealous.


Later in the office, she looks at Chul-san in a new light. He looks cool to her now. He also looks cool. She thinks about the comments telling him that he is so cute eating Avara and he has a sweet smile which makes her have diabetes – Chulsan you have nice teeth, I am a dentist, if you want to clean your teeth then call me – Chulsan I love your smile – etc.

She sees all these comments as CS tells her about all the details of the program. Saha is not listening, she is just trying not to blush being this close to him. He asks if she is listening? She says yes! I am!

The cousin comes in pleasantly and enthusiastically with their temporary permit. Dosan smiles and thanks him. It looks like this is the free video for their permit. He says it is free, he just asks for feedback. They ask what feedback?

They all sit around the table and he shows them a tarot app. It is for predicting the future. The ladies think this is cool. Dosan thinks this is fake. The cousin tells them to try it out, it has very good predictions. Yong-sik is also connected to it so it can read the results for you.

Dosan asks, will it predict business luck? They all look at him and remind him that he does not believe in these things. Dosan asks if he can ask about the smart city bidding, whether they should be in it or not?

The cousin tells him he can ask anything, just pick. He slides the phone over to him. Dosan picks on. Yong-sik AI talks to him.

AI – Your failure comes right after your cockiness. Unplanned courage will break everything you built, be careful.

Dalmi sinks into the chair. Saha has goosebumps. They think perhaps they shouldn’t do it. Dosan tells them not to believe it, it is all superstition.


Chulsan is printing and Saha walking in there to talk to him. He asks what’s up. She tells him that she wants him to stop his Vlog. He tells her, hmm, I have 50,000 followers. Why should I?

She asks if he doesn’t want to? He says he will quit, he wanted to quit anyway. What is the next question?

She tells him that she really hates showing in company dating. Hopefully no one knows. He says he also doesn’t like that– what? What are you talking about?

She tells him, I hope no one knows that we are dating.

CS – Saha, are you playing with me again–

She pushes him into the copier and kisses him passionately. He is shocked and probably bursting with joy. She asks if he will listen to her requests? He stutters, yes!  She smiles and says okay then leaves.

He collapses on the ground holding his heart with joy.



Dalmi sits with Ji-pyung to talk about her work and life. She tells him that eunnie goes crazy whenever Morning Group is involved. She doesn’t think and acts crazy.

JP – You also hate being a loser.

DM – I have it but that is an emotion. I am a CEO now so I have to decide everything with my rationale.

JP – Oh, you can be a mentor.

DM – *looking at Smart City platform* 

Dalmi shows the team the smart city platform. They are all circled up at the table. But the team thinks perhaps they should not apply because of the tarot card reader? Dosan tells them not to believe that.

In a mini flashback to the cafeteria, Dalmi asked Ji-pyung what about “Just in case” He said don’t think of that. Trying this without any possibility is a waste of time and effort and resources. She says yes, I know, I know. Did you finish eating?

he told her yes, tell halmoni to stop preparing food. My refrigerator is about to blow up. Dalmi says halmoni is happy. Her only happiness now is to make you fat. Ji-pyung laughs. Then they leave. He holds her things for her.

They wait for the elevator. Ji-pyung says his body fat is 20% now. Dalmi tells him that halmoni wants to make him fat. That is her goal. He says more than 20% body fat is like a pig. She asks, really A pig has less than 20% body fat? They laugh.

Then the elevator doors open, its Dosan. All conversation stops. He holds the door for them. They go inside. He asks which floor. Ji-pyung tells him the 4th floor so Dosan presses the button.

JP – Bean.

DM – Yes?

JP – Next time, please ask your halmoni to make salted beans. (congjabang).

DM – *looks at Dosan* Ah, okay I will.

But then the elevator stops suddenly and the lights flicker. Dosan calls the operator to tell them that the elevator stopped. They get assurances that they will be there right away.


In the offices, Yong-san asks Saha if she knows anagrams? She says yes she has played with it before when she was young. Whats this about?

He shows her his notebook and says this is about the ransomeware from the host. It feels like this means something.

They put their heads together literally and start to figure it out. Chul-san looks a bit jealous. Saha puts all the words together to make new words. They are all in English.

Chulsan comes up and pushes the two apart and stands in between them. One of the other guys asks Chul-san if he can check this file. Chulsan tells him later. But Yong-san tells him that is more important and sends him away to think with Saha gain.

Chulsan tries not to be jealous. Chulsan goes to the guy reluctantly. Saha looks at him. her expression is kind of soft.


The threesome is still stuck in the elevator. Dosan turns to Dalmi and tells her that they should start automatic driving. She has the paperwork in her hands. She says she does not think it will work. He says he knows but he wants to try it anyway.

JP – Just to try, you will have to prepare a lot.

DS – That is why I want to try. We can try it once, then the next time it will be easier.

JP – So you want to practice? You want to quit everything and start over from the ground to be in the smart city project? You will deal with media and everything as a practice? What if after all this effort you don’t get it?

DS – Well, if we don’t get it, it is good experience. No one does anything without failure. I will just think it as building experience.

JP – That is not just getting experience, that is a waste of your effort.

DM – Hey, you two, why are you talking work here?

DS – A waste of effort? We have to try and then we will know what is the best for us.

JP – If your order changes then you will die. I told you before, you will die if you sale without a map. Did you already forget?

DS – Of course I remember, how can I forget that? Sailing without a map.

He thinks about them being on the rooftop of the Won building and Dalmi telling him about sailing without a map and getting lost.

DS – But, sailing without a map was pretty cool to me. back then, and now and in the future. *he looks at Dalmi*

JP – Hey, Dosan.

DS – I know you said we can die sailing without a map. But we could survive and pave a future way.

They both stare at each other. The security people open the door. Dosan walks out and walks to the office. Dalmi walks after him. He stops and apologizes to her. 

DS – Sorry that you ere in trouble because of me. Just ignore what I said, it was just noise.

DM – How can I, I already heard it.

DS – Dalmi, whatever decision you make, I am on your side. But I don’t want us to be your variable when you make a decision. if you fail, our team won’t get hurt.

DM – You heard my conversation with eunnie.

DS – yes. so just remove the worrying part and decide.

DM – I am different from three years ago. I am more careful now.

DS – I am different. I am very hard now.

He walks away and into the office. She looks at the smart city pamphlet.


In bed, Dalmi thinks about Dosan telling her that they should do the Smart City challenge. She rolls around in bed then sits up and checks her tarot cards.

AI – You have a seven sword card. You are not holding the handle, you are holding the knife part so be careful using it.

Dalmi lays back and thinks that she agrees with that. But then she sits up and checks another card. it is the same card. She checks again, it is the same card. She keeps checking, it is the same card. She flops back and repeats this over and over again.


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