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Start-Up: Episode 14 Live Recap – Part 2

Start-Up: Episode 14 Live Recap - Part 2

This is part 2 of our recap for the Kdrama Start Up!

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Caution: Be wary of typos

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!





In-jae tells her mother that if Dalmi does not bring Nam Dosan then she will fire her. They are in the cafeteria. 

IJ – What does she think this company is? She is dragging us. Do you think this makes sense? That is not something a CEO will say.

AH – Dalmi’s mistake. She has no excuse. 

IJ – Why are you not on Dalmi’s side today?

AH – you guys are eunnie and dongsang. I am not on anyones side.

The AI cart moves up to them and gives them both a latte.

AH – That is cool, it just delivered and left. Are humans controlling it?

IJ – No, that is the self driving business of your daughter. What is this.

AH – *pulls over the food* Are you not coming back on New Years?

IJ – I am busy.

AH – You are the business person in the world. He signed the divorce paperwork.

IJ – Good for you.

AH – What about you? Will you stay Won or come back to Seo?

IJ – What about Umma? You got enough money to buy a house from him so why don’t you leave grandmothers house?

AH – No, I have a place to use that money.

IJ – You keep living with grandmother like a parasite. DOn’t you even have inlaw problems?

AH – Of course we do, I made 20 servings of jun this time. (jun is a small fried food).

IJ – Do you still want to be there? You are really et-du-ta dalmi (care for Dalmi)

AH – No, it is Dalmi, she raised the daughter I abandoned for 10 years that nicely. I have to pay off that debt.

IJ – What debt? You can’t even do anything in the house. You are the debt for her.

AH – Without me, she can’t even go out of the house.

IJ – *chuckles* That is opposite.

AH – She is almost fully blind. 

IJ – *shocked*

AH – Come back on New Years day before she goes completely blind.


It is super awkward in the office. Dosan is sitting with his head down. Dalmi is sitting in the long couch and not talking though kind of thinking that she should say something. Yongsan and Chulsan are standing and trying to think of something to say to keep the mood light.

They finally think of something and sit.

CS – is this a special day? You look very different than the ransonware day.

DM – That was a special day. I look like this regularly.

YS – Why are you here?

DM – I did not say a proper thank you. And….*gets her ID* I want to recruit you guys.

DS – Recruit?

She hands him a car but he does not take it so she puts it on the table.

CS – CEO Seo, don’t take this personally but w are different from three years ago and now. Very different.

YS – We are not bragging, but that is fact.

CS – Yes, I know, but I am not like three years ago. I am confident that our company can meet your status now so give me a chance. Let me explain my company–

DS – I know your company, I saw the introductory video of it.

Both – You saw it?

CS – Chulsan, Yongsan, can you excuse us for a moment.

They both leave. Dosan clears his throat.  The other two go to the rooftop and wonder what Dosan will say. Yongsan asks why he took out the deck of business cards. Chulsan thinks it felt too much like bragging. 

Yongsan says that is not showing off, it is a fact. They both chuckle and think they can show off! Chulsan says he remembers one of those investors were the guys that looked down on us. Do you think they remembered us back then?

Chulsan starts to shuffle the business cards. Yongsan asks if he can have them? Then he tells him to wait a moment and runs off.


It is quiet. Dalmi looks at the board they made the last night they were all happy.

DM – Ah, you still have it. Three years ago we thought about doing self driving. We had a meeting.

DS – Dalmi ya, you told me: Don’t hold an empty image and throw a temper tantrum.

DM – Yes.

DS – Back then, I really hated what you said. But after time passed, I realized….you were right. The person you liked wasn’t me. The person I liked wasn’t you. I spent all three years to acknowledge that. I don’t want to be confused anymore. Because of that….I don’t want to see you anymore.

DM – When I hear it in person, it hurts. You should have been the same back then. It is late but, I am sorry.

He turns his head away. She stands to leave. He doesn’t stop her. Instead, he looks at the self driving mockup they made on the white board.

Dalmi drives away with tears in her eyes.

Dosan stands up and starts to wipe the white board away, but it is very hard, it wont wipe away, it’s been too long. He tries again but it won’t work. So he stares at it and drops the rag.


Yong-san runs up to Ji-pyung at Sandbox cafeteria. He greets him nicely.

YS – Hello Team Leader Han, ah, you are executive Han now.

JP – Ah, yes, what’s up? *hesitantly*

YS – We are looking for an office here. We are going to start a company again.

JP – Start up? I thought you were here for vacation.

YS – *holding all the cards* Because we worked for Tusto, a lot of investors came and told us that whatever our business model is, they will invest in us.

JP – So what do you want to say?

YS – I just wondered what you think team leader Han.

JP – Good for you, congratulations.

YS – You changed a lot.

JP – No I didn’t

YS – Yes, you did. You say nice things

JP – You know about me. I say nice things to the company I do not want to invest in. I am not going to ride that car so I do not have to check the tires or alignment and things. Excuse me.

He walks away. Yong-san smiles and watches him walk away. Ji-pyung gets in the elevator and thinks, it isn’t a vacation?




He goes to the garage and sees Dalmi banging her head. He chuckles and knocks on her window. They end up sitting in her car together.

JP – If you think about that one more time then a magpie will think that your head is a nest.

DM – *straightens her hair*

JP – What is your worry?

DM – Nothing.

JP – Tell me.

DM – The Morning Group AI took our developers so I have to find C-Level developers again. We are planning to recruit Dosan’s team. I gave my offer to Dosan, but he refused.

JP – I like Dosan for the first time in a long time.

DM – Executive!

JP – I have to give you advice but there are too many personal things in the way so I don’t want to do it.

DM – That is why I did not want to tell you. You told me to tell you.

JP – *smiles* I am sorry, I am narrow minded.


Dosan goes into his room. His father comes in with his baseball nicely in a clear box and says he found it in the trashcan, you have to keep is safely. He starts to leave.

DS – Abogi, I can’t throw it away, I can’t forget, what should I do then?

Appa – *sighs*

Cut to the family members sitting around the living room with Dosan getting directions somewhere.

VO – Abogi said that when he had a hard time when he was young, he rode his bicycle to his great grandfathers brothers house (his great uncle?). When the body has a hard time, then all the worries are nothing. So I….

He starts to head out on the bicycle. He puts on his helmet with his mother. She tells him to not ride too hard and don’t skip your meals. He says okay. His father and mother tell him to be safe. He heads out.

VO – As father said, I rode a bicycle. I hope the tiredness covers up all my worries. I really wish to remove [the person] that feels my sleepless nights.

He rides up the mountain street.

VO – Then I can start over. But….

He keeps riding and thinks about Dalmi saying that hearing that in person hurts a lot. You should have been like this took.

He stumbles and falls down the hill a bit. But he’s fine for the most part. He hurt his arm a bit though. He gets himself up and makes it to the house. He sits and relaxes on an old pyongsang and looks at the sky.

He starts to think about Dalmi apologizing to him even though it was late.

VO – Abogi was wrong. The more tired I was, the clearer I thought.


Ah-hyun walks Halmoni to the church. She says she will be back quickly. Halmoni tells her not to come back quickly, at your age your bones won’t stick quickly. She accidentally drops her hat.

Injae comes up and picks it up. Halmoni thanks her but does not recognize her as her granddaughter. In-jae helps her sit on a bench. She looks at her with teary eyes then walks away.

Halmoni smells the air and thinks this is good.

In-jae drives away and tells someone to please proceed with the paperwork to end adoption. So he is getting her Seo name back.


Dosan wakes up at the little house. He fell asleep on the pyongsang. It is night time now. He sits up and sees a person walking across the street. It is actually Dalmi?

She is walking up in her suit. Dosan thinks he is probably hungry since he is hallucinating. He drinks some water.

She walks right up to him.

DM – Dosan.

DS – H-How are you here?

DM – Your parents told me that you were here.

DS – My parents? Why?

She sits on the pyongsang.

DM – I bothered them. You left your jacket at our office. I wanted to give it to you and I wanted to tell you something.

DS – We are done talking. Why did you come all the way here.

DM – You are done. I am not done.

DS – Why is it so complicated.

DM – Lets talk.

DS – (I don’t even contact those guys that met in the military who spent years with me.)

He gets up and leave.

DM – Dosan, why are you leaving?

DS – (I just met her for three months out of the 30 years of my life. Why are you so difficult?)

He stops.

DS – Do you know why I came all the way here? (To forget you.) It was a 5 hour bicycle ride from Seoul to here. (I ran away from you for three years.) I fell on an unpaved road and tripped and rolled, it was so hard. (Why isn’t your image fading at all) How can you come here so easily. ( You erased me so easily. Why is it only me!). It was so difficult for me as difficult as dying! So why is it so easy for you?

DM – It was not easy for me. It was very difficult. I came here difficulty.

She actually does look kind of messed up.

DM – So, let’s talk.



They start a fire and Dalmi brought noodles that they can eat. She says she brought it just in case. He tells her to go in and sleep. She says no, I will stay up all night. I am sensitive so I can’t sleep in someone else’s house well.

She gave him a cup noodle. It sits next to him.

DM – Why Tarzan?

DS – Huh?

DM – Why is the name of your auto driving car Tarzan?

Flashback to him telling her about Tarzan and how he gave a rock to Jane but she doesn’t like it, but she likes a flower.

DM – Your Tarzan story was very soleda….and cool.

DS – What was cool about it? It was childish and dumb.

DM – it was cool. It had limitless potential when they learn. That is why I named it Tarzan. What about you? Why did you do auto-driving at Tusto?

DS – The company told me to do it. For no other reason.

He starts to eat the noodles.

Then he stands up, she is sleeping where she sits. He kneels in front of her and moves her hair over her ear. Then he thinks about her introducing their company at Sandbox and working hard for them.

DS – Dalmi….back then I was soleda.

He takes off his scarf and ties it around her knee. He sits next to her and starts to look at the proposal she made for him. He also rests her head on his shoulder. So he reads the proposal with her head resting on his shoulder.


Meanwhile, Chulsan is internet stalking Saha, he finds her company on his instagram and starts to walk by that place all the time to pretend like it is a chance encounter.

He finally “runs into” her in the front of it. he pretends like he is shocked that she works there and says that he is there to get a consultation for my LLC. What a coincidence! She is happy and asks if he is opening up a business again?

They go to a cafe. She asks if he has a company name? You can’t use Samsan Tech anymore. He shows her some candidates for their name. SanSam tech (Wild ginseng). She asks why they are making this all variants of the same thing?

He chuckles and says that was their second choice, though it was their first, and says that TMT was their next choice.

She asks what that stands for? He says it is Three Mountain Tech translated to English. She tells him it stands for Too Much Talking. He thinks it shouldn’t be.

She says he is good at English, you shouldn’t learn it from me. Why are you saying that you need to learn from me. Tell me, is it really a coincidence that you came here? He asks, is it really a coincidence that we met at the barbecue place?

SH – I asked you first!

CS – It is not a coinceidence

SH – It is not a coincidence for me also. I went there after watching your V-log.

CS – *lost for words and happy* Saha, is this….

SH – Don’t overestimate anything. I was just wondering how my ex coworkers were doing.

CS – Ah, right, sorry, sorry. So, Saha, do you want to be a coworker again? You don’t enjoy what you do now, right, Saha?


Meanwhile, Yong-san is looking around Sandbox. He runs into DC. DC tells him he is manager park now, not assistant manager. Yong-san asks him if he can have a meeting with CEO Yoon. I need to talk to her about something.

Cut to them meeting. 

Yoon – All these people came to see you for an investment? *flips through cards*

YS – Yes, but we don’t have anyone to ask. We don’t know which are good.

Yoon – So you want me to check their references? Have you done any presentation about your business model?

YS – No, we didn’t even make the company yet. They just saw the magazine article and wanted to invest. Perhaps because of our Tusto experience.

Yoon – They don’t know the business model yet. So people jut brought their money to buy whatever product they don’t even know about? Then there are no good investors here. *holds all the business cards* These people will support you if you jump into a fire as a mistake. You can throw away all of them. Why don’t you find an investor not the people coming to your company. You will be refused and you need to find out the reason why and then you will see who the real investors are.

He thanks her a lot for her time and leaves. Then he sees Ji-pyung in the hallway. He turns around to ask him if he can share some time. Ji-pyung is looking at him like, um, are you going to try and attack me again?

But they end up meeting.

JP – I told you, I will only tell you good things.

YS – I want your harsh criticism. Can you do it?

JP – I am not interested in your company.

YS – I know, but please.

JP – WHy do you do this all of a sudden? As you said, I killed your hyung.

YS – In retrospect, I just wanted to have someone to blame, I am sorry.

JP – I am also sorry. I had to be honest but that became irreversible criticism. I am sorry.

YS – For us, it is not just formal words. We need that honest criticism.

JP – Why are the three of you starting a startup again? Is it business or programing?

YS – We don’t know.

UP – Whatever the answer is, the result is simple. If your heart is pounding when your program is realized, then you can be a good developer with a good amount of money. If you enjoy making the company and leading it, then you can be a good CEO. You know that well. But for a startup, there are often more difficult times then happy times. The only thing that you can survive that time to keep you alive is doing what you want to do. When you think about what the beginning is then you do not need to hear my criticism.

VO – There is something called an elevator speech (elevator pitch?). When you me someone that you want to convince in an elevator. it is a short and powerful speech where you can turn that person’s heart in one minute.




Saha tells Chul-san that she does not want to join him. He asks why not, we have a lot of potential investors. And we can pay you. She says she has money, she did not oin Samsan Tech because of money three years ago. He asks why?

She tells him it was because someone begged me to join like it was life or death. He asks, CEO Seo?

SH – Yes, she was so desperate, even kneeling to recruit me. If she did that much then maybe working together won’t make me bored.

CS – Yes, you were super dynamic

SH – Do you have anyone as desperate as CEO Seo in your company?

VO – This also means that it does not take a lot of time to change someones heart. Just one minute is enough.

CS – We have to think a little more about opening our own business.


It is morning at the country house. Dosan starts to walk away over the river. Dalmi stops him.

DM – What do you need to work with us? Tell me your conditions.

DS – Just forget about it.

DM – 10% Stock options?

DS – Dalmi, just stop.

DM – DO you want shares right now? I can convince eunnie. Can you read our company information then? Where is it. Maybe I left it, I will go get it.

DS – *Holds her arm* You don’t have to go get it. I have it.

VO – What moves people is not a fabulous speech.

DM – really? Did you check it over?

VO – it can be someone else desperation in their eyes.

Dosan looks at Dalmi.

Elsewhere, we see the twin hackers and the brother working on their car. They think they need to work on their corner of their car. Sang-su tells them that he has a question for them. I thought it would take some time to hire you but it was so easy. Easier than expected so I just wondered why you decided to join us.

The sister tells him that it was simple. You and us are in a similar position. He asks similar? The brother tells him that they saw nothing people bragging in front of us for a long time.

VO – it can be a sympathetic agreement with the other person.

Yong-san then continues and tells Ji-pyung that it is better to find a partner than open their own business. Ji-pyung says if that is his answer then hat is good.

YS – One more thing.

JP – You have one more thing?

YS – As a partner, the most attractive company is Cheong-myung company where Seo Dalmi is CEO because they suggested a CTO position (chief Technology Officer) What do you think if we join them? It would be back to Samsan Tech time and we all would work together.

JP – No, as a man I want to stop that. But as an investor….

VO – But the time someone heart changes the most….

JP – You can be good partners

VO – ….in spite of all the variables, the other person says the truth.


Their self driving car is getting ready for is test at the driving site. In-jae asks if she checked everything? Dalmi says yes. Injae tells her that her abogi is there, you see them? She sys yes, she saw them.

The samsan Tech guys come for moral support and cheer for Dalmi. Then they start the test.

She gets into the car, Dosan is in the car. She asks if he is ready? He says yes he is. He has his computer with him as well. Ah, that is surprising. So we will have a flashback soon about this, I’m sure.

Dalmi starts the car and they start driving. The car drives off.


We open the epilogue on Dosan’s parents who are cleaning al their old alcohol that they are saving for when heir good day comes. Then someone ring their doorbell. It is Dalmi.

He is super shocked to see her on their surveillance system. He tells his wife that the girlfriend is here. They wonder why she is here? Didn’t he go on a ride to forget her?

The mom thinks, if she is here, then she is 30% to Dosan. He thinks that might be true. Let her in first. Lets see. If we let her in and says he is not here and she wants to see him then it is 50%. If we tell her that your great uncles place is far away and it is difficult to get there and she still wants to go, then that is 70%.

He asks, what about the rest of the 30%? The mother tells him that is all up to Dosan. If she goes all the way up there and Doan ignores her and they come back alone, then that means it is irreversible.

But we cut to Dosan piggybacking her across the river on a small pretty bridge. The mother says if they come back together, then it is 100%.

Dosan tells her that the money they recieved when they were bought by Tusto, I still have it. I want to buy CHeong Myung’s company share with that money.

DM – What are you talking about? That is your money. Just come, I will talk to Eunnie about your share. Just comes.

DS – That is my condition.

He keeps walking with her on his back. She holds on a bit tighter.

Fade Out


Okay, I am not so sure I like The Samsan Tech guys joining Dalmi’s company, only because Dalmi’s company is part of In-jae’s company. Sure they are probably going to work on being majority share holders, but still. I dont’ like it.

I would like it if Injae’s company somehow became a majority shareholder in Dosan’s company and forced them out somehow. So that is how they ended up working at Tusto. Now they are back to get their company back (or something like that).

Though, even though I dont really like this set up, I do like that the team is all back together again and working on a project that they all wanted to work on three years ago. Hopefully they can break away from In-jae company or become majority shareholders so that they own the direction of the company or something along those lines.

I am also a bit bitter because I wanteed more in the epilogue to show Dalmi struggling to walk to this house and then more onthe conversation with Dalmi to convince Dosan to work with her. The voice over was a nice touch to talk about elevator pitches but I still wanted mooore. Le sigh.

Still looking forward to seeing how this all ties up next week! If you have thoughts, then let us know about them. Otherwise, see you for the finale!

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  1. majong Sofine
    November 29, 2020 / 11:13 pm

    The whole bike ride cabin scenes was a sympathy quest by the writer to force the viewers emotion’s.
    Voice overs, tropes of every kind. Of course the biggest trope is dalmi showing up in the middle of the night to return his jacket..
    then she falls asleep in sitting position that cant be moved dispite hair brushing and bandaging knees! Oh those koreans know how to sleep!
    Then even more pathetic tropes. Next morning dosan leaves first effectively leaving a girl with no outdoor all night warm clothing and bandaged knee by herself. AH, why not, he leaves her drunk in the middle of the night in a park where any homeless guy around can drag her in the bushes and have hois way with her while he does the really important stuff like go home and put on a suit in the middle of the night…..for no reason…..
    She wakes up, runs to follow him, finds she is missing her presentation says she will run back to find it…….the death by trope ends with him giving her a piggy back despite her having no problems or pain running allover camp to find him previously.

    The script writing reaches new levels of poor writing past about level 5-6.

    • V
      November 30, 2020 / 8:00 am

      You have hit on several things that bugged me about this show after those opening episodes! It is chock full of tropes and decisions that I want to shake my head at. Leaving her drunk in the park at night was a big one. I was like, hold up, did he just leave her drunk in the park alone????

      I have continued to love the acting though. I’m hanging in there for the last two episodes, but this show definitely lost its magic for me do to a good chunk of its writing. Such a pity because the opening was great!

      • majong Sofine
        December 3, 2020 / 1:17 pm

        How about the fact that grandma hasnt used NoonGil in over 3 years? She is 3 years older now…3 years more poor eyesight but in none of the scenes when JP was making kimchi or coming over for thanksgiving or when grandma was going on a walk with her daughter in law did she use NoonGil. She used a std blind persons cane.
        And when she dropped her visor with no one around did she bring out her cellphone and use the app? NO! She reached around and felt for it like any blind person ever.
        So much for NoonGil being the be all and end all of everything symbolizing and generating everything from Dosans care for grandma or his basis for making Dalmi fell warm and fuzzy for him or getting JP to help him after the petty asshole assaulted him.
        Now its completely written out of the script like it wasnt ever a big deal…
        The writing is so poor that I am starting to believe its not even a drama really….its more like a 12 hour PR program for NJH.
        Its so bad that I am hesitant to watch Josee with one of my favorite actresses Han Ji Min becuase the thought of her doing a film opposite Dosan will affect my enjoyment deeply.
        I cannot believe NJH could have read this script and signed up to do it.
        Why play a bumbling jerk who giggles like an elementary school girl at desks that go up and down and is supposed to be a super smart engineer but is so stupid he cant figure out the buttons on a BMW?
        A man so pathetic and shallow that he steals free candy at sandbox and even fills his hoodie spilling it all down the halls?
        A man so selfish and pervy he has no problem using a girls feeling for someone else for his own gain.
        A man so greedy and self centered that he knows that getting in Dalmis life will force JP to support his company and get him into sandbox.
        A man so petty and childish he pushes JP and steps on his toes.

        Why exactly would NJH want to play this character? After reading the script you might think if he was smart he would want to play JP!

  2. K
    August 29, 2022 / 2:04 am

    Tropes are the best part of these dramas.

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