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Start-Up: Episode 14 Live Recap – Part 1

Start-Up: Episode 14 Live Recap - Part 1

The feels and the misunderstanding and the not talking to each others is about to commence. Or perhaps this show is going to subvert that and actually have the main two talk about their feeelings instead of brood in a corner over their past decisions?

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!




Ji-pyung goes into Dalmi’s offices and asks what happened. I heard you had a ransomware infection.

DM – Yes, we solved it. We had an encrypted key and recovered all the files.

JP – How?

DM – Dosan came by.

JP – *sees his jacket*

DM – Dosan, Chulsan, Yong-san, they all came.

JP – Um, it was all solved?

DM – yes.

JP – that is good. Are you okay?

DM – I hear that 100 times today.

JP – So are you okay?

DM – Yes, I am okay. That is really good. I am so hanshimada (pathetic).

JP – You are not pathetic. The pentagon even gets ransomware. It was just unlucky.

DM – No, that kind of excuse does not work. I am really pathetic. I did not even check to see if the files were backed up right before the demonstration and that thing happened and I couldn’t do anything and was not directing things well. I am so pathetic. Why now?

She looks at Dosan’s jacket.

DM – Why did he come when I am like this? Executive Han, you know. Even though I am pathetic, I was not this bad.

JP – You have never been pathetic.

DM – Why did he take vacation when I was like this. The worst time. He should have notified me. I am so embarrassed.

JP – *gives her some tissue*

DM – Ugh, why are I crying? *starts to cry and blows her nose* Don’t tell anyone hat I cried. I hope you also forget Han, I hope no one knows.

He pushes her under her desk. Two people come in and ask for the CEO. But they don’t see her so they think she went home.

JI-pyung pulls her back out and tells her to be careful with her head. She sits at her desk again. He closes the window.

JP – Until you are calmer, you can stay here like this. Lock your door. 

He starts to leave.

DM – Executive Han, thank you.

He turns back and smiles Then he closes the door. She picks up Dosan’s jacket and looks at it. Ji-pyung heads downstairs. He did not give her his ring yet. So he looks at it at the elevator.

The doors open, it is Dosan. He is about to get out and looks at Han. They share a moment, then he starts to walk around him. But Ji-pyung pushes him into the elevator and tells him to talk to him.

The doors close.

DS – I have nothing to talk to you about.

JP – You are going there because you have to talk to Dalmi, but not today.

DS – Do I need your permission to meet Dalmi?

JP – Yes.

DS – What authority do you have?

JP – I earned it.

DS – Is it….

JP – Yes, that is it. Three years is a long time. Long enough for relationships to change.

The elevator doors open. Dosan walks out into the lobby. Ji-pyung closes the door then sighs and wonders what he just did. He pulls out his phone.

Dalmi answers. He tells her that he saw Dosan on the elevator. He tried to stop him from going to see her and said something to make him misunderstand their relationship. I am sorry.

DM – It is okay. 

JP – If you go out now, then you can meet him.

DM – No, its okay. He will go back to America anyway. And we were done three years ago.

JP – Thank you for saying that. *they hang up*

DM – Yes, that is the right thing to do.

Dosan calls. She looks at her phone. He is still in the lobby.

VO – I tried to forget for three years. I lived on the other side of the world for three years.

Dalmi turns off her phone.

VO – It was only three seconds for you

Dosan takes a deep breath and calls her again.

VO – With three seconds. All my time and distance….

She does not answer.

VO – ….did not exist at all.

He puts his arm down and looks at the ceiling.

Dosan goes home to his room and sits at his desk. He looks at his baseball that says Follow Your Dreams and remembers giving it to her. She said it was a good saying. He holds the ball then gets up and goes across his room. 

VO – Time never becomes medicine.

He throws it away in the trash and then leaves.

TITLE: ELEVATOR SPEECH: The short and convincing speech where you spend time in an elevator (maybe elevator pitch?)




The three sam guys are in their old octopang office. Yong-san grumbles and says he did not think they would come here again. Dosan tells him it is just for a little bit. Let’s get an LLC and then get an office in Gangnam. 

They not and thinks that is good because if investors think this is our real office then they will look down on us. Dosan tells Chulsan that they need to screen people who decide things based on the environment.

The other two think that is a good things to say. that is why you are the CEO. Dosan said he suffered for 3 years as the CEO. One of you should be it. But the other two don’t want to be it.

They play rock paper scissors. Dosan says it quickly and says if you don’t put your hand in then you are CEO. There are two rocks and one paper. So it looks like Yong-san wins. he says the loser is CEO. The other two say the winner is CEO. Yongsan thinks they need best 2 out of three. But the other two say one time is best. So, CEO, what should we do first?

Yong-san looks at them then thinks that they should make an LLC. They wonder if they should start over from the hackathon? They think this is scary, I have goosebumps. 

But they also know that they are not at that level. They have the experience of Sandbox and Tusto for three years. Dosan thinks they can advertise to get investments then tell them that they quit Tusto and opened their own company in Korea. We have to show that to the market.

They wonder how they can advertise? Maybe we can contact your cousin?


So they contact his company and start to take photos at the cousins studio (or maybe the magazine studio) which actually looks really nice. The three men take professional photos with makeup artists and clothing people. 

They notice that they are RGB again based on their clothing. They are all wearing red, green, and blue. They think that might be their thing, maybe they should make their company RGB? But Chulsan doesn’t really like it.

The cousin asks the CEO to take a photo so Dosan starts to stay but then they realize that it is Yongsan so they joke and Dosan runs to the side and Yongsan stays.

Dosan sees a startup magazine or business magazine and flips it open to see venture capitalist Han Ji-pyung who is a companion for start-ups rather than an investor. Dosan reads this article as Chulsan jokes with the cousin about the 1% he got from them and how he made this great studio.

Dosan keeps reading the magazine. It looks like this magazine belongs to this studio? He puts it away and then smiles to talk to the other two. Chulsan wonders how they can have an interview in a magazine like that? The cousin says the editor of that magazine is his college hubae. They were looking for developers that they wanted to interview. My cousin is a super well known developer!

Dosan says he isn’t. His cousin says you are! I told them I know an ex Tusto developer so they cancelled the developer they were going to interview and wanted to interview you two first. They both wonder if they are that important. The cousin tells them yes! You are.

He wonders if they picked what they are going to do their business on? Dosan has an idea. The cousin then asks if he can have 1% again? Dosan smiles and tells him of course. The cousin is happy and says, ah, my brother, I can do anything for you.


The twins talk to the magazine person. They are the ones who got cancelled by the magazine. They tell her that they should have told them. The woman apologizes. They ask why it was cancelled?

The woman twin asks why they have to know, it is good that we don’t have to do it. The male twin thinks they came to advertise the company. But then they hear chatter and peak inside to see the Samsan guys joking and taking photos.

The girl asks, did you cancel our interview for them? Why? The woman says they have experience in Tusto. The brother is upset and mutters, ah, I am involved badly with this nothing guy. He storms off.

The magazine interview comes out. The title of their article is WE ARE BACK.

Injae reads the magazine. DC comes up to her and ays that the ceremony is starting. She says the ceremony does not matter, if we will have an accident then we will have an accident.

DC tells her not to say that! If we have an accident then it is because of that! Come on, hurry! Spit on your desk!

So she reluctantly gets up and knocks on wood. Then she kind of spits on her desk and follows him.


The Tarzan ceremony is downstairs. This is a ceremony for good luck. Yoon is there as well. She tells Dalmi that this is the first self driving car in Sandbox history and that she is looking forward to it.

Yoon – Why is the name Tarzan? Tarzan doesn’t drive.

DM – Ah, well, It is from Taza (which is riding) and I just added the N.

DC – That is too easy of a name.

JP – No, I like it.

Ji-pyung leans over to talk to Dalma

JP – Why did you bring all this food for the ceremony?

DM – Halmoni prepared it.

JP – Your halmoni is catholic

DM – She is flexible.

On the TV it shows Won talk about Morning Groups self driving car MOMO and how they got the temporary permit. The two twins are there. Dalmi wonders if that was them that she saw during lunch.

She tells Injae that it was right that they met Won Sang-soo. They denied it so much so I thought I was wrong.

Another guy says that they talked about the deal a long time ago. Ji-pyung thinks that the ransom wear was an excuse, they just wanted to go there. In-jae leaves in a huff.

She goes all the way to Won company and asks what they are doing. The son dismisses the group following them around and asks why her greeting is so tough. The father agrees and thinks she did not even greet them, it is not like you.

IJ – I do not have room to do it. You are not only stealing the company but also the people. How can I be calm?

SS – Hey, calm down. I feel like I have become an important person or something. Injae, don’t worry.

He tries to pat her on the shoulder, she hits it away.

SS – Why do you care about me so much? I am nothing.

IJ – Of course, you are Morning Groups CEO and Nature Groups oldest son and you are an executive who steals our people.

SS – But I am still a dumb guy right? Isn’t it?

She remembers saying that he is a dumb guy back in the day to all the executives.

IJ – Are you doing all this because of what I said? Only because of that?

SS – maybe I am narrow minded, but that is not just a little bit.

IJ – DO you remember abogi, ten years ago oppa bought a super car that cost more than 500k but it was a scam. 

Won – Well, that happened….

IJ – Abogi, you swing golf clubs and oppa has to have an implant.

SS – Why are you talking about that?

IJ – It reminds me of that time. Hiring my developers and what abogi will say when he sees the results. I am not even looking forward to it, but I worry about you.

SS – injae, I am not like I was before.

IJ – Don’t worry, I am not the same person also.

Injae storms off. The brother looks upset.




Injae and Dalmi sit at a table and chat over tea. Injae tells her she will start it so CEO Seo can wrap it up. Dalmi tells her okay. But then she thinks maybe not? Wrap it up?

IJ – Find a developer that has more than 7 years of experience. Find a C Level developer (the highest kind on an executive level)

DM – For that level I would have to work on those people for a long time. it is difficult to narrow it down.

IJ – You have good candidates, Nam Dosan, Lee Chulsan, Kim Yongsan.

DM – No, they came to Korea only for a vacation.

IJ – it wasn’t a vacation. Thy are starting over in Korea. 

She shows her the magazine article.

IJ – They have self driving experience in Tusto and are looking for a partner. They are the best candidate. That is your connection. Whatever it takes, get them.

Dalmi closes the magazine and asks to talk to her privately. They go to the conference room.

DM – Eunnie, don’t you remember how I broke up with him?

IJ – I know, you go to Tusto, I will stay here. Then you broke up.

DM – You know that but you can still say this? Eunnie, you are telling us to be the most cruel person to him.

IJ – Cruel? What is?

DM – I sent Dosan away with such harsh words. I felt so humiliated to stop his future. I hurt him by saying something I did not mean. But now you want me to drag him down again? I can never do that as a human being.

IJ – Do you think hiring Nam Dosan is stopping his future?

DM – I will find another developer. You said C Level. It is difficult but I will try.

IJ – No, bring me [San guys]. Otherwise you are fired.

DM – Eunnie….

IJ – Do you think I can’t do it? The majority shareholder of Chang Myung company is Injae Company and I am the biggest share holder of both.

DM – Are you threatening me?

IJ – No. I am giving you a chance. Three years ago when I was Nature Morning Time, my biggest shareholder fired me without notice. I am different, I am giving you a chance. Bring the three of them or quit the CEO position that is dragging someone else. Pick on.

Injae leaves.

Dalmi goes home and complains about how this is not giving her a choice, this is threatening her. If it is that easy then why doesn’t she do it?

Halmoni – Who are they?

DM – They use to work in a very important company. A global company, not a tiny company like ours. She is bragging that she is the biggest share holder.

H – It does not sound like she is bragging.

DM – Halmoni, are you on eunnies side! Umma, why is she doing this!

AH – I also don’t even with you this time.

DM – Why! Even though she is the biggest shareholder she cannot matter in hiring. That is abusing her power! You know, ownership and running the company should be separated! I am getting angry, why are you all on eunnies side!

H – I am not on her side. But I would fire someone like you if I was Injae.

DM – Why!

H – Your company is not a tiny little company.

DM – What?

H – The company you are in, is that a company that drags everyone down?

AH – Yes, I did not know that your company was that bad.

DM – No, I don’t mean it….

H – it is almost like while you sell hot dogs you ask why do you eat this untasty thing.

AH – Ummoni, your example matches really well.

H – If the CEO is like that then the company will run well (sarcastic). Injae is very patient.

AH – Yep, she has good patience, like me.

H – People are everything, if you cant do it then you are nothing.

Dalmi leaves in a huff. The mother whispers that Dalmi is mad.

Dalmi goes to her room to sulk. She sits on her bed for a moment, then she looks at the photo of the five Samsan Tech employees.


The next day at work she start to work on something with Tarzan. She prints it out and then thinks. Cut to her preparing several documents, possibly to give to the San guys.

She gets in her car and they have a mini Mercedes commercial then she drives off. The documents are in the seat beside her.


Several companies are at the Sam San Tech octopang when Dalmi gets there. It isa  repeat of the scene after they won CODA. One of the men tells her that he has to wai in line. We are all here to invest in this company. We all have a number. (his number is 14).

She asks, all these people here are potential investors? he tells her yes. She looks around at the dozens of people milling around then calls someone.

Upstairs in the office, Dosan and the guys talk to one of the investors. The woman says that they wanted to invest in their company before they came to Korea. Dosan tells them that they still do not have a business model, do you still want to do it?

She says they will help them from the seeding stage to development. Chulsan chuckles and says the good technology does not matter since we have no idea of how to make money. They look up and a new company is there. This guy says that not all companies make money from the beginning, we can support you until you do.

Dalmi sends Dosan a text: Do you have time? I need to talk to you.

He puts his phone away without answering. Another group is in. They want to invest in their company and help them make an LLC. Yongsan tells them that they will talk about it. The company leaves.

The three sit and think that the Tusto background is pretty great. 

CS – If we tell them that we will make mehju with sweet beans then they will still believe it (so its like saying, they will believe anything we say).

They start to talk about which company to pick and put the business cards on the table and shuffled them. They ask the CEO to pick. Yongsan tells them to pick one. Dosan says you are the CEO, you pick.

He gets a phone call and looks at it. But he doesn’t answer it. They ask who keeps calling him? Just accept it. He says no.

But then the next person inside is Dalmi. They all look at her.


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