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Start-Up: Episode 13 Live Recap – Part 2

This is part 2 of our recap for the Kdrama Start Up!

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!





Ji-pyung is awake and finishing up the food. Dalmi comes in and asks if he woke up? He says he had to finish putting all that in, but fell asleep.

DM – Don’t do it, I will do it later.

JP – With my personality I cannot accept it. I am 100% in the competition. I always do that and accept the results. And also, I have to be worthy of how much I ate today.

DM – You did enough. Because of you, Halmoni was awake for a lot longer.

JP – She still sleeps a lot?

DM – Yes

JP – Hospital?

DM – They said nothing is wrong with her. After she quit the hot dog business, she sleeps more. It seems mental.

JP – It can happen. She worked her entire life and is not working now.

DM – Maybe I should open the store again?

JP – *scoots closer* Can I open it for her?

DM – Why would you? I can do it. 

JP – Are you still not comfortable with me. I hope not. I wish that I am the person you think of when you have a hard time.

DM – Of course I think of you.

JP – First.

DM – *starts eating a carrot*

JP – Stop eating. Or, if you eat you should eat one of each.

She keeps eating the carrots. He keeps making the shish-kabobs.


The Sam guys have moved this bachelor party to the inside of the yacht. Chul-san starts to buy their airplane tickets for Yong-san. Dosan asks if he can buy his as well. They ask if he is going back?

He says he should since this is a long vacation. They tell him that he has never gone back, not even with his vacation, so why now? He tells them that he wants to see his parents.

They think he should call his parents if he wants to see them. Why are you being a cool guy now? When do you want to come back? He tells them the same day as they come back.


Ji-pyung is at home opening up all his lunch that Halmoni and family packed for him. 

He asks his AI, Yongshil, what the weather is like today. Yongshil tells him that his luck for the day is that he is a timid hitter. Yongsan says he changed his repetoir, did you get an update?

AI – You can’t even swing your bat because you are afraid of being out. If you keep hesitating, you will be a loser eventually.

JP – Do you know something?

AI – So be courageous and swing your bat. You might strike out, but it could be a home run. Right now it is the 9th inning, two outs, bases are loaded, it is time to make the decision.

Ji-pyung takes that to heart. He goes out and looks at a jewelry store window, then goes inside. It looks like he wants to buy a ring.

AI – A good ball is coming. Do your best and swing with all your strength.


They are flying first class back to Korea. The flight attendant comes up. She asks if she can help him with a rink in English. He asks if he has a glass of Chardonnay in English. She says yes and goes to get him one glass. He thanks her.

Then he asks Dosan if they got the email from Tusto? They are increasing our investment share/stock options. Yong-san says yes, he smiles. (They said besting). Yongsan tells them that Tusto’s market share increased a lot. I can buy a Han River apartment with that.

They talk about how their three year term has ended and Tusto still wants to keep smart guys like you (us), that is what Tusto wants. They chuckle. Dosan, meanwhile, is just working on his computer. The two san guys thinks that free agents must feel like this.

Yong-san tells Dosan to stop playing with his computer. It is our vacation. Lets honestly talk about buying a Han Gam view apartment or a Golden Gate bridge studio.

He says he will just do whatever they do. They ask him, don’t you forget? We always vote and move as one body. So let’s get your opinion. Dosan says he will think about it.


In the office, Dalmi is at work in the Sandbox office. The twins are also working. Injae wonders what is up with the empty seat. Dalmi says it is their new person, but they are late.

The hacker brother tells them that the person says they had something urgent at home so I told them to work from home. 

DM – Our demonstration is not that far away but they want to work from home?

Brother – Is there any problem with that?

DM – It is not a problem but….

Injae looks at her then they step outside.

IJ – How much did we spend to make the car?

DM – A little over 600k

IJ – Not a little over 600k, a lot over 600k. The salary for the developer and the patent….

DM – If you think that way then of course it is way over. If you include everything then it is–

IJ – It is over 2 million. If we do not get this permission then we will have to spend that much more.

DM – Are you trying to stress me out?

IJ – No, I just want to make sure that you do not make any mistake here.


Dalmi starts to get ready. the button on her shirt is coming off. She tells it to just survive one more day then heads out.

Meanwhile, Chulsan does a V-log of their original octapang office. He tells his viewers that this is not a normal place. This is not an abandoned house, this is the begining of Samsan Tech before Tusto.  This is a historic place so I made it a live Vlog.

Yong-san comes into view with their sign. They say it has been more than 3 years since we have been here and it is still not rented out. That means we started from a very very harsh environment. 

They joke that it is almost pulling tears. Then they mention the first floor barbecue place and how they smelled it and ate triangle kimbap. They decided that when they made money they would not just smell it, they would buy the meat and eat it.

That is TODAY! So, subscribers, we will start to eat beef. I am so hungry. Be sure to subscribe and like and press that alarm button.

They say goodbye in a cute way.


Cut to them eating the barbecue food on camera. They are super happy to eat it. But Chul san things it is not as good as it smells right? Yong-san tells him then he will eat his part. Chulsan tells him no no no no and grabs it.

They wonder if they should call Dosan. He told one of them that he had to go somewhere.


Ji-pyung checks to make sure no one is around in the office hallway area and practices what he will say.

JP – I got this because I thought it would fit you well. AH, but she will ask what it means. I like to collect shiny things. Ah, but I am not a crow. Do you have to know the meaning?  Ah, no no no, that means I want to start an argument. Meaning….meaning….well, yes it does, it has a meaning. The meaning is that I want you to receive my heart. Ugh, that makes me nauseous. I should stop. What am I doing.

He starts to walk away but then he hears the AI voice tell him that he is a timid hitter that is afraid of getting out. You cannot even swing your bat. If you keep hesitating then eventually you will be a loser.

He turns back around and starts to find Dalmi. That is when he runs into Dosan in the Sandbox Lobby. He sees him looking around.

Dosan turns around and sees Ji-pyung. J-pyung looks stunned to see him. Perhaps he is stunned to see how good he looks. He grips the ring container tighter.




Dalmi talks to someone from her desk. She says that they conducted a self driving test last month, congratulations. We also have a self driving test next month. Can you send me the testing scenario in the mail? I will not leak it to anyone else. 

But they must have said no, she looks bummed. She tells the team that it is a secret. Then she thinks of something and starts to head out. She tells them that she is going to go look at it in person. That is not leaking.

The annoying twin wonders why she has to do that much? But Injae is happy about it.

Dalmi runs through the lobby and does not notice Ji-pyung and Dosan talking at the tables.

JP – Why are you here?

DS – I am on vacation from Tusto

JP – Okay, you are not here for good.

DS – No

JP – You look good.

DS – You too

JP – I am an exectuive now

DS – Ah, you are promoted. Congratulations executive Han. Are you here to give someone a present?

JP – Ah, yeah….(thinks about what Yongshil AI said. To be courageous and swing your bat, you can be out but you can also hit a home run). It is for Seo Dalmi. I received too much from her so I prepared something or her. It is nothing but it is for her.

DS – Ah, okay.

They both look at each other a beat. Ji-pyung asks if he wants to see her? The office has changed a lot. Dosan says no, I have an appointment. Ji-pyung tells him goodbye. Dosan looks crushed.

Dalmi goes to her Mercedes but forgot her car key so she has to go back.

Ji-pyung goes to the office, Dalmi is not there. He says he will come back later. He leaves and looks at his ring box. 

Inside the office, one of the guys asks what is wrong with the computer. Th twin guy rolls over. The guy says the connection is slow and they are getting kicked out often. The twin tells him he will look at it.

Dosan goes to the wish wall and looks at it. He thinks back to Ji-pyung telling him to pretend to be Dosan in the letter and now to Ji-pyung saying he has a letter for Seo Dalmi.

He picks up his wish and looks at it. It says he wants to make a misunderstanding into reality. he walks away and just misses Dalmi who walks out of the elevator just then. But she feels him pass by and turns around. She says his name, Dosan! And tries to turn him around, but that guy is not Dosan.

He accidentally spills his drink all over here. He is shocked. He says he is okay but your clothes….She says she is fine. Then she tells herself that she is crazy. Why are you looking for a guy in America here? Ah, I can’t fo to the meeting like this.

She answers her phone and gets the news of the virus.


The two san guys leave the barbecue place. it is late now. They happily talk about how the dinner is good but the price was high. Yong-san tells him that they re successful enough to eat it.

They run into Saha on the street. It is a complete accident. They are all shocked. She asks what they are doing here? I thought you were in America? They tell her that they are on vacation, why are you here?

She says she had a drink with her friend. They both start to stutter and ask how that doesn’t make sense it is a slim probability. We came back to Korea and came here to eat barbecue and we see you at 9:11 pm. The probability of you passing by should be at least rarer than winning a jackpot.

SH – Well, it happens.

CS – Are you waiting for someone?

SH – I am waiting for my driver. I had a drink.

YS – Hey, why don’t you drive her? You didn’t drink

CS – She called a driver.

SH – I didn’t call yet.

CS – Oh, really, really? Okay, I will take you home.

SH – Okay


He drives her in her car. It is quiet and a tiny bit awkward.

CS – Well, what about your insomnia.

SH – Well, because of you….

CS – That is good, that’s good.

SH – You worried about English a lot, how is it? Improved?

CS – Ah, english, it is….not good. At Tusto I can’t even say much so I have not talking meditation. I hope someone teaches me.

SH – How long is your vacation?

CS – Ten days left.

SH – I can teach you.

CS – Really?

SH – You have to look at the street

CS – Oh, yes I have to look at the street

SH – When do you have time?

CS – Anytime! It is up to your schedule.

SH – Really? Maybe….

The phone rings. It is saved as Thug. SH tells him it is CEO Seo. She answers. DM tells her they have a big problem, their program caught ransom ware. Saha asks the condition. 

DM – We have to send 300k in 12 hours, otherwise they will just erase everything. We will lose all our files.

SH – Did you call the police?

DM – Yes, they said it is difficult to solve right now.

SH – You said you were in ransomeware lawsuits before, do you know any good companies?



Saha says they can hang up and she will call around. In-jae is also calling around. They wonder if their insurance will cover it. Dalmi says no, they have insurance for hacking the car.

The girl twin tells them that the key number is too long so it is difficult. The boy twin says it will take a few days, just send them the money and get the key. We can revive everything when we get the key.

Dalmi tells them that they do not know if they will get the key if they give the the money. They get another sign saying they will double the amount of money if they do not send it.

The twin boy tells her to think about it, 300k is not bad, we spent 2 million already. The girl twin tells them to spend the money. But Dalmi says they do not have the cash right now.

Dalmi goes to their conference room and calls someone else while telling herself that she can do it. She tries to find a company that can help.

Then he sees Han Ji-pyung and remembers him asking her to think of him when she has a difficult time. She is about to call him but an unknown number calls her. 

DM – Hello? Is this the security team?

DS – Dalmi, it is me, Dosan. Where are you at? Dalmi? 

DM – Oh.

DS – Are you okay?

She is holding back tears.

DM – I am okay. Where are you? The number seems like Korea?

DS – I will come there now.

DM – it is okay, why are you coming here?

DS – Saha told me. Are you at work? It will take twenty minutes, don’t worry and wait for me.

A tear falls. She nods.

DM – Okay.

She hangs up and tries not to cry.

He starts to drive off up the road and pulls into the parking garage. He gets out and runs to the building. Then she shows up like a super hero and takes off his jacket and asks them if they opened the port?

He puts in a usb and starts to work. The twins ask what he is doing? Dalmi says that their new guy was working from home and opened port 22. The twins ask what CEO Seo thinks he is doing.

Dosan asks if they backed up everything and then starts to tell them that they should have backed it up even if they are busy, is it that difficult to connect to a second server?

The twins get mad and leave. 

Chulsan comes in with Saha and asks if they backed it up and what happened? Dalmi says they came through the SS air-server and there is no backup.

Chulsan asks why not, that is basic? Dosan gives Chulsan some orders on what to do. He asks if he can do something technical to see if someone came in through the outside IP. 

Yong-san shows up and asks what happened? Dosan tells him that they have to take care of this one problem first and can explain later. Please check the test scheduler and see if you see a strange file.

They all have this magic usb that they are plugging in to the computers.

They start working on the issue almost like they own the company. All the Injae company people leave. Its kind of nice since this is their old office so its almost like they are making themselves comfortable again.

They keep trying to solve the problem. Chulsan says he found a strange file that was run three hours ago. But now I don’t see the file.

Dosan thinks it could have been erased. It stopped in the middle of the infection so maybe the defender quarantined it. When you find it, please give the file to me.

They work hard on the issue. Dosan thinks this is so much like the one I did before. It looks so familiar. 

Chul-san says yes, when you rescued me six years ago when I had ransomware. Dosan says this is really similar. It is the same guy. 

Yong-san found it, he tells them, let’s quarantine it.

He goes to another computer with the program and opens it. Then they he starts to solve it. Everyone is looking at him trying to solve the problem.

Pretty quickly, he says he thinks he found it. The recovery part works. You will get everything back in about thirty minutes.

Dosan is so relieved that she faints. So Dosan picks her up and carries her to the bean bags. (this part is kind of funny). He grabs some water from the fridge and walks it over to her. She is perfectly fine now (lololol).

He asks if she is fine.She says she is fine. It is just that she was so relieved. He sits on the beanbag next to her. the rest of the team left.

DM – When did you come?

DS – A week ago

DM – For good?

DS – No, vacation.

DM – Ah, vacation. When are you going back?

DS – Next week.

DM – I worried about NoonGil service a lot. Thank you. It was moved to a very famous and nice foundation. K. Jones? 

DS – Yes, I met them at a networking event. They liked NoonGil. 

DM – That is cool that you meet famous people like that. It should be good.

DS – Yeah, I like it. I like it so much so I was so bored. *he looks bored as well*

She looks at her shirt and then talks to herself and asks, why do I see him like this?

DS – You are the same.

DM – The same? Yeah, I am also messed up.

DS – I didn’t mean that.

DM – Thank you for today.

DS – Me too. It was so intense. I haven’t had that for awhile.

He drinks some more of his water and looks away. They are quiet.




Saha and the two San guys walk up the hallway. They hear In-jae yelling at someone about how this is not good manners. Our test is right around the corner but our two main developers quit?

They look in the door.

In-jae is livid. The other two employees are there and says that the twins turned off their cell phones. We only have two days to perform this test.

In the lobby, Ji-pyung asks DC if there was a hacking problem? Why do we have this team?

DC – CEO Won an Seo brought this team because we had ransom wear overnight, it was a big issue. I stayed overnight and called all of them.

Ji-pyung runs off. DC mutters that it is okay, he didn’t ignore me, he is jut like that. Then he goes to talk to his people again.

Upstairs, Dalmi thinks that she should have worn different clothes. She puts her head in her hands. She might have slept there perhaps? 

Ji-pyung comes in and asks what happened? Ranson ware? She says they solved it. They recovered all the files with a key. He asks how? Dosan stopped by. Dosan, Chulsan, Yongsan, they all come by.

Ji-pyung asks, so it is all solved? That is good.


Meanwhile, the San guys are eating super hot ddukbogi street food outside. They say that they missed this the most in America. Yongsan says that the two programers are quitting the company. Chulsan  wonders, they couldn’t even stop this, but they quit?

They are worried because the self driving test is not far away. They are worried about Dalmi. But then they all walk out from the street food place and say that they should vote where to find an apartment. Hangan view or San Francisco view?

Chulsan says not that. Should we stay at Tusto or come back to Korea? Yongsan asks, huh? Chulsan says that he realized that everything is good in an Francisco, good weather, good air, but it is boring to me. When I came back, I realized this thrill again.

Yong-san asks, so you want to come to Korea? Chulsan says no, if you want to stay then I will stay. But Dosan, let me ask you, do you want to stay or go back? You are the deciding vote. Yongsan asks why he has that vote? 

Chulsan says he wants to stay in Korea and you want to go back. It is one and one. Dosan has the deciding vote. Yongsan asks, who said I want to go back? I want to stay here. So Dosan, you don’t have any choice, you just have to stay.

You two didn’t go to America because you wanted to. You only went there because of me. Thank you for not blaming me. Chulsan tells him to shut up and go away. Though playfully.

Yong-san asks Dosan if he finished eating? He says yes. SO he tells him to go back to CEO Seo’s office. You left your jacket over there. Dosan says they should have told him.

He starts to run off but then he tells them that it was 3-0 from the beginning. He smiles and runs off.

Dosan grabs his wish off the wish board. It is “Change a misunderstanding to reality” he looks at it and thinks about when he asked Dalmi if she opened the music box. He asked her how it sounded. She said it sounded very very nice and gave him a thumbs up.

He puts his wish back and looks at it for a second, then takes off.


Int he office, Dalmi looks at Dosan’s jacket and picks it up. She remembers all the things that happened with Dosan from the beginning when they met at the event.

Dosan goes to the elevator to go upstairs. He is nervous. The doors open. Ji-pyung is there. 

They both look at each other. The music cuts on. Dosan starts to walk past him, but Ji-pyung pushes him into the elevator.

JP – Talk to me.

They look at each other. The elevator doors close.


Dosan is driving his mother around. She tells him that she can walk there, you don’t have to drive me. He smiles.

DS – This is while I am here in Korea. Are you practicing for your drivers license.

Umma – Yes, I started yesterday

DS – So can you drive me with this car when I go back to America?

Umma – Yes, I will work hard.

It is quiet for a moment.

Umma – That girl, Dalmi, did you meet her?

DS – no.

Umma – You don’t want to see her?

DS – No.

The phone rings.

DS – Yes, what’s up?

CS – I am with Saha

DS – Oh, you guys are meeting?

CS – Seo called Saha, they had ransomware right before their self driving test.

DS – How much?

CS – 300k, if not then they will remove the encrypt key. I am on my way. I am not good enough, can you come?

His mom looks at him.

DS – Umma, I have to do.

Umma – Okay okay okay.

DS – Sorry.

Umma – No, you go!

he drives off. She smiles.

Dosan calls Dalmi.

DM – Are you the security team?

DS – Dalmi, it is me Dosan. Where are you right now? Dalmi….are you okay? I will be there.

Fade Out


I love a good reunion and this episode gave us just that. So although I laughed at Dalmi going weak in the knees and Dosan literally carrying her to the beanbags when a chair was right beside her, and Dosan dropping his mother off on a dark street at the side of the road at 9:11 at night so he could go rescue Dalmi, I forgive it all. All because the reunion was actually cute and Dosan looks like the man he was trying to be when he first met Dalmi.

Though, come on, dropping your mama off at night on the side of the road so you can see your ex girlfriend and help her with her ransom wear? Can’t they at least have been at the parents house? Or could the father have been with them so I don’t worry about his mom 😂. Or couldn’t he have at least brought his mom with him and then let her drive the car home? That was funny in its ridiculousness.

I am interested in seeing what happens next because I do love how the playing field is equal with him and Ji-pyung now. Although, let’s get real, Ji-pyung has no chance. Dalmi is not sniffling when she sees Ji-pyung. She has forgotten all about those childhood letters.

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