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Start-Up: Episode 13 Live Recap – Part 1

Start-Up: Episode 13 Live Recap - Part 1

It is now time to see just how well these three clean up! Although I don’t really like the time jump trope. I do love to see how everyone has changed during it.

Caution: Be wary of typos

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!




Dal-mi walk to the interview at In-jae company right when all the interviews were over. But she hands over her resume and sits anyway. 

Everyone is taken aback to see her there but In-jae sits and starts to conduct the interview. Her team stands behind her.

DM – I want to apply for the Injae company planning department.

IJ – *sits* 

Team – CEO!

IJ – Tell me why you want to apply for our company.

FM – Yes.

Team – *sits*

DM – What you said at Demo Day was very impressive.

IJ – What I said?

Flashback to Demo day and what Injae said. That our future generation wants to live in the same world as us. A better world. My job is to make that better world.

IJ – Why was it impressive.

DM – What you said is the same thing my father said 15 years ago.

Ij – Father?

Flashback to when their father said he can imagine how the world will change. It will change a lot to me. I did not quit my job because they hit me, I just wanted to prepare for that world.

DM – Then I thought about it. Maybe you and I are looking at the same place. I still don’t like your business model that will cut people. When I join your company, I want to change that first.

IJ – You are daring.

DM – I will take that as a compliment.

IJ – *smiles happily*

A news person voices over that Sam San Tech’s CEO, Seo Dalmi is hired as COO as Injae company. 

News – Sandbox’s NoonGil service has kept running after the company was bought by Tusto. The new version has the function to recognize medicine tablets.

We see Dosan fine tuning the image recognition software in the airplane.

Halmoni sells the hotdog stand

News – Injae company has hit a record growth.

The company celebrates by branching out their office. They branched their company to Cheong Myeong Company. (Started a sister company).

They all take a photo in front of it.

News – Dalmi will be the CEO and take care of that business. 

The step father crumples a paper and throws it. It is his divorce letter?

News – NoonGil’s servie is bought by the biggest probono company in the world. Morning Group opened the biggest AI center in Korea. The son is the head of the center.

Ji-pyung gives a presentation. DC comes in to celebrate something looking like he gift wrapped himself.

News – SamSan Techs team became Tusto’s main AI team.

Ji-pyung and DC look at the news showing the Samsan Tech team getting flowers.

DC mentions that they have to work there for three years with their term. With that much accomplishment, they will not come back to Korea. They will stay in Tusto forever. 

Ji-pyung says he hopes that happens.


The san guys are on a yacht enoying the Pacific ocean. They have food and drink and only the three of them. They are playing chess as well and reading.

Yong-san and Chulsan talk about how the wine is from Napa valley wine tour. Chulsan thinks it was a good choice. Yong-san chuckles as Chulsan talks about the wine and how it is jut his type.

Yong-san thinks it was just yesterday when we were smelling barbecue but eating triangle kimbap. They think they haven’t even tried that restaurant yet, they only smelled the food.

Chulsan grabs his phone and says that he will show the San Francisco lot to his parents. Yong-san says not to do it, it is 4am in Korea. Chulsan says he will post a Vlog then.

Dosan is working on the top of the yacht.

VO – The latitude of San Francisco and Seol is 37. Only the longitude is difference and we see our sky 16 hours later. I can’t even believe that we are living under the same sky because it is so peaceful over here.

Chulsan starts this Vlog

VO – In retrospect, over there was always like a war and painful. 

Chul-san asks Dosan how the sea is. He tells him it is very calm without any clouds. He smiles.

TITLE COMFORT ZONE: The place that makes people feel comfortable.




Dalmi drives a Mercedes now. She asks what time filming will be. A person answers on her phone that it is 2pm. She says she will see them there and puts on some makeup.

Then she sees the two twin hackers meeting Won Sang-su. They get into cars together. But someone honks so she has to drive off.

She goes to Injae and asks, CEO Won, did you forge our filming today? Injae asks where there filming em is.

They run into the twins in the hallway. She asks where hey had lunch? They ask why they have to tell her where they had lunch, then they say it was the Sandbox cafeteria. 

Dalmi thinks perhaps she saw some other people. They walk off. Dalmi looks like she doesn’t really trust them.

Injae asks if she can see the directors portfolio. Dalmi asks, do you have to?

Cut to the Video of Samsan Tech acceptance at the CODA awards. The team is like, are you serious? Injae shuts her eyes.

They wonder if he will make their thing similarly?

Dal-mi tells Injae that Dosan’s crazy acceptance video had over a million views. It is a million view concept. 

IJ – Is our concept also like this?

DM – No, it is actually more than this (better than this).

DS’s cousin – CEO, I am ready, let’s go.

IJ – Can I check your concept?

DS’s cousin – This time the video concept is Frozen.

IJ – I am no doing it.

DM – That is good! It is a good idea, a fresh idea. Is it Elsa and Ana?

DSC – You need hand movements. Active hand gestures.

DM – Like this? *does movements*

IJ – Then you can do it.

DM – No!

DSC – You can do it!

They get started for the concept. In-jae is standing in front of the green screen. She says she is Injae company CEO….

IJ – For the last 3 years we were #5 in the CCTV AI surveillance industry and #1 in growth….

While she is talking we see the actual commercial.

She names everything they have done and all the companies they have worked with. They are not cutting human resources, they are being more efficient. We are going to invest in different businesses using technology.

The new business they are going to do is self driving cars. Dalmi introduces this part. She is in the AI car and says that she is running the self driving section of the company. She is CEO Seo Dalmi. 

They give a self driving demonstration where Dalmi looks a the camera with her hands off the wheel. But then she screams when she sees a mannequin come into the street. She slams on the break.

The twin hackers in the background tell her not to hold the steering wheel or slam on the brake. Do you not trust us?

She apologizes and says she will do it better this time. From the beginning? The cousin says no, he can edit it so we can continue.

(The AI car system name is Tarzan)

Cut to San Fransciso where the San trio is on the boat. They are watching the AI commercial with Dosan. She says they are targeting level four self driving.

The two san guys are impressed that CEO Seo really did it. Even with her sister who is the enemy. Do you think Dosan saw it?

Dosan is at the top of the yacht working. He asks what video. Chul-san tells him “nothing” and put the phone away. But Yong-san ends up telling him about the commercial and how she started a self-driving start up. Do you want to see it?

He says no. Chul-san asks why Yong-san said that? Does he ever mention CEO Seo here? Never. It is almost surprising so don’t do it.

They look at Dosan, he comes off the top of the yacht and sits at the table to work some more.

In Korea, the cousin asks Dalmi if she saw Chul-san’s video log. She says no and asks if he is doing a V-og? The cousin tells her yes, he does and he actually gets a good amount of clicks. Tusto silicon valley, San Francisco. It is a cool title. Do you want the link? Dosan is there sometimes.

She tells him its okay, I am too busy getting permissions for self driving. Please do just like you did today for the next test video. She walks away. He tells hr yes.


Meanwhile, Saha is looking at a cue kid at the playground, almost as if this is her kid. She tells her that her hands are dirty and cleans them. Then the kid runs away to play with some other kids.

Saha gets a text. The text says that the hotel vacation will be difficult for Chuseok then we planned because this lawsuit is pretty tough.

SH: Hey, you are not the only one working, I am also working.

Man – Hey, just go with your friends. I released the credit card so buy something delicious.

SH – Hey I am making money also

Man – So what do you want?

SH – Lets break up.

She calls to her sister for her coffee her sister asks if she is done playing with her daughter. Saha says something along the lines of yes then asks if she wants to go on a hotel vacation with her? Your husband can take care of the kids.

The eunnie asks if she id going there with her boyfriend? Saha tells her that they just broke up. Her sister asks, again? It didn’t last 3 months?

Then she gets a beep for Chul-san’s V-log update. She is happy to watch it.

Chul-san talks to the camera and says that they are on a yacht because they worked so hard and finished a project so Tusto gave us a one month vacation! Yeah! Clap clap! So we are on a yacht outside. 

Yong-san worked out in Silicon valley. He moves over to Yong-san to bother him with the camera. He asks what he is reading and all that. then he goes to Dosan who is on the top of the computer and says he will talk to his friend who brought his computer to the see.

Her Dosan, how is the sea today? Dosan says it is very calm even without clouds. He smiles.

Dal-mi is at home looking at the video pensively. She pauses it on Dosan’s smile.

Cut to Dosan watching Dal-mi’s commercial for her self driving car. He is still on the yacht. She says she is going to make a world where people won’t be afraid of new streets.

Dosan pauses it on Dalmi and looks at it longingly.


Cut to Ji-pyung. He walks in to his office looking sharp. DC is on the phone talking to someone .That person says they are going out for chicken and beer with Dalmi.

Ji-pyung listens in. CD tells the person that they should not say Dalmi-shi, she is CEO Seo. If you meet her for work then it is work. I asked her and she does not like you, hahaha, because your hands are small. She likes big hand men (the innuendo in this is hilarious).

Ji-pyung looks at his hand and thinks, is that what she likes. DC keeps talking to his friend and tells him to stop hitting on her. You tried a few times so now you should stop.

They get off the phone. JP asks what is going on. DC says that CEO Seo needs insurance for self-driving permissions. One of my friends has experience with that so I introduced him to CEO Seo, but he is only interested in her and not work.

Ji-pyung gets up in a hurry and walks out as DC talks. He calls him executive now instead of Team Leader.



Dalmi is actually meeting with the insurance guy. She asks if they will get it by next week. He says they will get it this week. But if you buy me dinner. She asks what? He says it is only a joke and the elevator doors open. She tries her hardest not to roll her eyes.

He says he will buy her dinner. She tells him no, I have an appointment. It is Chuseok so I have to make song-pyung. He says he is good at Song-pyung. Can I try it.

But then Ji-pyung comes up and plls the man into the elevator. He says he will make him song-pyung, my wish is to make Song-pyung for someone, so lets go.

He closes the door. Then he looks at this guy and grabs his hand. He puts his hand on it to test hand size, lol. The man asks what he is doing. Ji-pyung says he has small hands. That is good.

The man pulls his hand back and says he just remembered that he does not like song-pyung. He runs out of the elevator. Ji-pyung happily looks at his own big hands and goes back upstairs.

Dalmi is still there smiling. He asks if she does not like his song-pyung? She tells him, if you have time then come to my house. You only eat and leave, that shows no manners. You should come and help us. He smiles, they both joke back and forth and the elevator doors close.

Later that evening, Dalmi calls In-jae. In-jae starts to talk formally. Dalmi tells her this is not for work, did you leave yet? In-jae tells her no, what? Dalmi tells her that they are making Chuseok food, would you like to join? Are you going to be alone at Chuseok? Want to join us?

In-jae says there is not time to be bored. I am busy. She hangs up.

Dalmi goes to the living room where everyone is making food including Ji-pyung and the mother. They are going to start making song-pyung together. It is the kind of food where you put something inside rice and then close it. It could be beans or red beans or power or sugar or anything. The goal is to make a half-moon with the rice for Chuseok.

So they all start to fold the rice into half moons and laugh at whose is the worst and the best. They also cook it and laugh.

Montage of them playing hwatu and getting serious. 

Then we cut to Ji-pyung sleeping after making a lot of shishkabobs (called sanjok). He has fallen asleep with the cooking gloves on so Dalmi pulls them off of him and lays him on he couch with a blanket.

Halmoni comes up and asks if her good boy went to sleep. He kind of wakes up and sees them. She whispers that maybe he should sleep overnight. He pretends to go to back to sleep.

Halmoni might be fully blind now, hse tells Dalmi to cover her with a blanket. She says she did already. Halmoni also tells her to make a lunch for him. The mother says she is packing it.

The three ladies sit at the table. Dalmi asks if she is going to church tomorrow. Halmoni says yes. Dalmi asks her to pray for her because they need to get a drivers license and take the car out on a real street, just like a human. So please pray for him to pass it. Okay?

Halmoni says okay. The mother tells her she is writing it down so let’s pray together. Dalmi tells her halmoni to pray for her so she can take her on a country tour. 

Halmoni laughs and says that is okay, I had enough traveling.

At work, In-jae walks out of Sandbox. She looks at the symbol of the girl on the swing. Then she keeps walking out.


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