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Start-Up: Episode 12 Live Recap – Part 2

Start-Up: Episode 12 Live Recap - Part 2

This is part 2 of our recap for the Kdrama Start Up! Remember to take Our Poll and let us know, who Should Dalmi End up With?!

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!






it is night at the river. Ah-hyun checks how much they sold for the day. Ah-hyun thinks its strange $30,900? Halmoni sarcastically says she said $19 before so it is better to be a lot than smaller. So it looks like Ah-hyun does not know how to calculate money. Halmoni tells her to take the oil cans away.

Ah-hyun hurries off to do that and Halmoni shakes her head. She starts to work on calculating the money and uses NoonGil to help her read it.

Ji-pyung looks at her, she does not know he is there. He thinks about telling the team that no one will invest in a service that will lose money with each purchase.

Halmoni is able to calculate all the money. Ji-yung starts to tear up. He walks up to say hi to her. She asks why he looks like that, did someone hit you? He says he got into a fight.

H – Who tried to fight with my good boy?

JP – It was my fault.

H – A good boy like you won’t do anything wrong.

JP – Just stop, I am not a good boy

H – You are a good boy, you are the best boy out of all the kids I know.

JP – I am not a good boy, halmoni, you are wrong. You are very wrong.

H – Ji-pyung ah…

JP – I am a bad guy that says whatever and doesn’t care if people get hurt. I brag that I’m the best but I don’t know anything. I am stupid! *tears*

Ji-pyung can no longer hold it back in.

JP – I am not a good guy.

H – Ji-pyung *tries to hold his face. He pushes her hands away* What happened?

Ji-pyung lets her hold his face and then hugs her an apologizes to her over and over again.


Chulsan sulks in the cafeteria. Saha sees him and asks why he is staying there. He says he is just a little….

She sits with him. He tells her that the cafe is closed. You can have my drink. I didn’t drink it. She says they can drink it together.

CS – Um, okay.

SH – Do you also want to break the deal and risk suing?

CS – Yes

SH – Why? It is a good opportunity for you. You also wanted to go to silicon valley.

CS – Do you also want to sue them and turn the deal over?

SH – No. I used to be a lawyer. Suing is just a long tiring death. You don’t get much. That is why I am here becuase I did not want to do that. But to do it again? No.

CS – Aren’t you angry Saha? I am very angry.

SH – I am, I won’t sleep for the next few days. But it will be fine after a few months. Suing lasts many years.


Dalmi walks up the street to her place. Ji-pyung comes out. She asks what happened to his face. He says he tripped.

JP – I am sorry about what happened before. I said those things without thinking much.

DM – No, you just said necessary things.

He nods and starts to walk off.

DM – Team leader, aren’t you hungry?

They go off to eat at a street place.

JP – We always eat guksu?

DM – Well, this is the only place open this time of the night. Should I order something else?

JP – No.

DM – Team leader, what should we do?

JP – What answer do you want?

DM – Tell me the facts. Not a flowery future of hope and dreams that will never come. The reality, honestly.

JP – Well.

DM – Is it difficult?

JP – It is not difficult for me but it will be difficult for you to hear it. I am sorry.

DM – Team leader, you keep saying you are sorry. But listening to what you said never gave me a hard time. I never got hurt.

JP – Never ever?

DM – Yeah, never. – Well, maybe one or twice.

JP – *chuckles*

DM – Well, it hurt me less than ten times. I accepted that I was a loser in retrospect.

JP – You can take punches Seo Dalmi.

DM – Yes, I can. So tell me what we should do.

JP – You won’ win over Tusto if you want to fight against Tusto. The company is different sizes and the contract itself does not have any problems.

DM – So, then?

JP – The enemy you can’t win against, should become your friend. That is what people say.


Dosan goes home and sits on his bed with teary eyes and busted hands. His face is bloody and bruised. He looks off to the side where his baseball picture is and pics up the photo. 

We have a flashback to him getting the ball signed at a signing event. His father tells the baseball style that his son should be in middle school but he is in college. He skipped some grades. He is the youngest to win ever.

The baseball player says that he is a math genius. They joke that he is a math genius and one is a baseball genius. the baseball player asks what his dream is. Dosan is about to say his dream with his friends but then his father whispers something so Dosan says he wants to win a Fields Medal and Nobel Prize. But he also has to ask his father what those things are.

The baseball player sees that he did no say what his actual dream was so on the baseball he wrote, follow your dream and gave him a strong look. They both smile. The mother noticed.

Dalmi is looking at the ball. 

VO – Do you know the signature ball I gave you? Do you know why I gave it to you? Are you sleeping Dalmi? That dream written on the ball, it was so ambiguous and I was lost a lot. But when I first saw you, that vague dream became clearer. It is all because of you.




Dosan wakes up and flips through a book at his desk. The book is a lawsuit manual for startups. He had read a good amount and books marks a page he stopped on.

Dalmi gets ready to go to work. She puts on her makeup somberly. She gets up and grabs her bag, then looks at the baseball. She puts it in her bag and heads out.

Dosan also heads out of is parents house. She is waiting for him.

DS – Dalmi, why are you, what’s up?

DM – What is up with your face?

DS – Well, I tripped.

DM – You too?

DS – You too?

DM – Nothing. You guys fought each other.

DS – What happened?

DM – It is your birthday today, did you forgot.

DS – Ah, I forgot.

DM – Yeah, a lot of things happened.

DS – Dalmi, don’t worry, I studied all night last night and I read a book called lawsuits for startups. There are similar cases like us.

On the bus ride, he shows her the cases but she is not listening and comments on how nice the weather is. He tries to keep talking about it but their stop is here. He is about to stop the bus but she stops him and says they can keep going. It is his birthday. We planned on meeting.

DS – That is before Tusto. Now it is different, everyone is waiting.

DM – We all decided not to come to work today. Smile.

She takes of photo of them both.

She tries to smile but the mood is pretty stiff.




Chul-san goes to see Do-san’s cousin. The cousin congratulates them and says this is the first time he switched his shares to money. Chulsan thinks it is nothing to be congratulated about. Actually, after paying all the debt and taxes and their 3 year salary, we don’t have much money left.

The cousin says they did survive off of nothing for years. Tell me, what is your request? Chulsan asks to borrow something off screen. the cousin asks, what? Why that?


Dal-mi takes Dosan to a French restaurant. She says she heard that it was really good. He wants to keep talking about the lawsuits but she keeps eating and doesn’t talk to him about that.

DM – When did you know you were good at coding?

DS – At thirteen. [then he keeps talking about the lawsuit]

DM – How did you know you were good at it?

DS – Well, I was playing a game. While kids were looking for a map, I made an algorithm to find the right way.

DM – How can you do that when you were 13?

DM – Coding is an easy language for me. So making an algorithm was easier for me. [starts talking about the lawsuit again].

DM – What is the possibility of a genius like you being born? One out of a hundred thousand?

DS – Dalmi….

DM – A successful person like Alex recognized you. Maybe one out of a million? That is a rare possibility. A lot of genius’s are buried without having that possibility. Like you were a little bit ago.

DS – *looks in law book*

DM – *closes it* Actually, it is rarer than the lotto. You should not miss it.

DS – The probability. It is the same possibility for two people to meet in the world. Fairly is great. And actually, except coding, I am messed up. My language exam was almost failing and I don’t understand metaphors and the piano and sports – I am all bad. I don’t even know if this is a salad fork or meat fork. I am not a genius, I am a dumb genius.

DM – Dosan

DS – I can’t sit here anymore.

He leaves quickly. She runs after him.

DM – Dosan, don’t you understand what I am talking about?

DS – I know, I know. If you were me you would leave. You would abandon NoonGil and the team?

DM – Yes, I would. I would definitely go. If I had your ability I would go.

DS – I don’t want to, I like it here! I like everything, Sandbox and that hot rooftop I like it here!

DM – Yay! Don’t make me more miserable. Just go! I am embarrassed. That great person picked you but ditched me. You are right and I am wrong. Do I have to say it with my own mouth. I hate that! That is why I wanted to be cool about it. Can’t you just go along with it?

DS – Dalmi, please. Okay?

DM – Dosan, you are not the Dosan in the letter.

She gives him his baseball back.

DM – I am not your dream also.

DS – *grabs her hand* Do you want to break up?

DM – It means, don’t hold the image and drag me. Accept the reality. We are old enough, we can’t just live with our dreams okay? I’m leaving.

DS – Today is my birthday.

DM – I know.

DS – You wanted to meet me to tell me this?

DM – Yes. *her back is to him*

DS – You wanted to tell me from the beginning?

DM – Yes *She keeps walking*


Dalmi sits at a bus stop. It starts raining. She starts balling.

meanwhile, Dosan walks to Samsan Tech. Yong-san is peering over the edge. Dosan pulls him off. He thinks he might kill himself. But Yong-san is looking at him shocked. Dosan yells at him about not killing himself and he can’t take it if he does that.

YS – What are you talking about, I am not dying. I dropped my coffee so I was looking down.

Dosan starts crying. He’s had a rough birthday.

YS – What happened? 

They go inside. It looks like Dosan told him everything.

YS – So you finally broke up? I am sorry. You should hate me.

DS – No, it is not your fault. Yong-san ah, after you quit your job and joined me here. You said you felt like you were a part of a company. That is why you quit. We have become parts like this again.

YS – I know.

DS – Do you want the money and resume that much to change your decision?

YS – Do you think I want to go to Tusto because of money and experience?

DS – What is it then?

YS – Dosan, I don’t want to be remembered as a failure to that guy.

DS – Are you talking about Han?

YS – Dont’ you remember? Han told us here ‘No startups are successful that I did not invest money. I do not want to break my record.’ That record he said, my brother is part of it. That is when I decided. Okay, I will go to Sandbox where Han is. I will break his great record stuff. And that moment is now. It is not about money, it is about Hyung. So please Dosan. Don’t remain as a failure, okay? 




In-jae walks to Sandbox and looks at the Sandbox girl symbol. She thinks back to looking at Dalmi through the window. She also remembers everyone voting on firing her. It looks like she has finally grown a heart. She touches the little girl symbol.

Then she goes to Yoon. Yoon asks her whats up.

IJ – I need to tell you something.


Dalmi stays home. Her Halmoni comes out. 

DM – Halmoni, you said I am a garden cosmos. Maybe i will bloom without flourishing.

H – Dalmi

DM – Do you think it is possible next year? *tears*

Halmoni hugs her and pats her head.


The Samsan Tech guys pack up their things. The twins come in and tell them that they are hiring more people. So they are thinking of using this office. Chul-san tells them to look around when they are out. He pushes them out.

Saha has her things all packed and rolls it out. She tells them that she will say bye here. Chulsan asks if he can contact her sometime. She says she doesn’t know since they don’t have any reason to contact her. She says goodbye and to stay healthy.

Chulsan asks who took their group photo. they didn’t take it. Yong-san asks when CEO Seo will get her belongings? They look at her desk. It is still full.

Dal-mi is downstairs looking at the symbol of the Sandbox girl. Yoon walks up to her.

Yoon – I heard that you are the girl in the swing.

DM – How do you?

Yoon – CEO Won told me that she is not the girl, you are the girl.

DM -Eunnie?

Yoon – You asked your father to put sand to play on the swing

DM – Ennie also told you that?

Yoon – No, your father told me that.

DM – My father?

Yoon – I really liked that story. I liked it so much to make this place.

Flashback to Dalmi playing on the swing and falling in the sand.

Yoon _ He wanted to teach his daughter how to swing but did not want her to get hurt. It touched my heart also. But it is very difficult to deliver that message. Do you like chicken?

DM – Ys, I like it a lot. How do you know?

Yoon – That day, what your father said…

Flashbacks about that long 20 minute death scene from the father.

Yoon – He got the deal and maybe after he got it he wanted to buy delicious chicken for the daughter.

She remembers telling him that she wanted to eat chicken.

Yoon – Thank you for telling me.

Dalmi goes to the Samsan Tech offices. She is the only one there. She looks at her desk then looks at their group photo.

Saha drives away in her fancy car. She gets a text message. It is Chul-san, he gives her a video just in case it will help her insomnia. He made it for her.

CD – Hello Saha, I sleep well after I recite this. i hope it helps you. Ahem. 

Then he starts to recite the number pi in a low milky voice. She smiles.

At home, Dalmi looks for a job. She ties her hair up and scrolls the computer. Injae company is looking for a person. She checks out their requirements and thinks about her talk with Ji-pyung.

Ji-pyung told her that if she can’t win, then they should be allies. So she write down the job details.




Do-san goes to Tusto and apologizes for the trouble he caused. Alex says they are in one team right? Dosan says yes, but he wants to ask him one thing.

Alex – A lot of people want to ask me a favor today. Let’s go in.

They go inside. Ji-pyung is inside.

Dosan and Ji-pyung awkwardly look at each other.

Alex – Sit down. I think you two came here to ask the same thing. It is NoonGil right?

JP – Yes

They look at Dosan. He doesn’t say anything.

In-jae interviews people for the job.

Chul-san, Do-san, and Yong-san get on the plane to San Francisco. They are bummed.

Saha lays in bed. She took their huge poster of the group. She has on her eye cover and is listening to Chulsan say pi. 

Ji-pyung looks at the empty Samsan Tech offices. Then he walks off and sees Dalmi in a suit on the second level. He is confused for a moment but then chuckles.

In the airplane, the flight attendant asks Chulsan for a drink, he asks for an iced vanilla latte. She says they don’t have it. So Yong-san says he can get a juice. Dosan is working hard on his computer.

Back with In-jae’s team, they think they have some good developers but then need marketers and planners. Perhaps they should post again.

Then Dalmi shows up. In-jae asks why she is there. She sits and says she saw her hiring notice. I want to apply for the Injae company planning department.

(The music does not match this moment. I’m sitting here like, umm)

In-jae sits and asks her why she wants to apply.

In the airplane, Dosan is still working hard. It is night, everyone is sleeping, the lights are off in the plane, but he is working hard.

Then he presses a button and we see that he got the computer to recognize the medicine.


We are back at the scene where Dalmi tells Dosan bye.

DS – Today is my birthday. 

DM – I know.

DS – Did you come to see me just to tell me this?

DM – Yes.

DS – From the beginning….from the beginning you just wanted to tell me this?

DM – Yes.

Dosan is super sad. He has single tears falling for hours. He stands outside at a curb. It is raining.

VO – Dosan, have you ever gotten lost on purpose. I did that today.

he starts to wander around.

VO – Have you ever gotten wet even though you had an umbrella? I got wet today. It was a hot and humid day so it felt good to get wet.

He gets soaked in the rain.

VO – I walked around for thirty minutes. The rain stopped and I found an unbelievable pretty sight. 

he looks up at the sky.

VO – It was a big big rainbow. A rainbow that will listen to any wish. And all of a sudden I thought about it.

he starts to cry.

VO – Sometimes it is good to get lost.

He grips his baseball.

VO – Sometimes, very rarely, sailing without a map is a cool thing.

He starts to ball and ball his eyes out.

Fade Out


Ugh, I hated it. Though I typically don’t like doomy gloomy episodes where people do stupid things that really don’t make sense in real life.

Why can’t they just keep working on updating NoonGil in their free time and live off the 3 million dollars? They can still date, Dalmi can still get her job at In-jae’s and all that. hey have 3 million spit 5 ways. If we take out 50% for taxes then that is 1.5 million. That is $300,000 for each other them after taxes.

Plus the three Samsan tech guys have a high paying job at a top company so they don’t even have to touch that money. Dalmi can go to college since that is the only thing on her resume holding her back. though I have no doubts that her sister will hire her. Or maybe Dalmi can take her money and try to start another start up with her car idea. From the preview it looks like she is doing something with that.

But the dumbest thing about this episode is that they broke up? I mean, I get long distance being hard but why break up? They are both in their late 20s, one of them just got a high paying job, they are working on something that brings them joy, Dalmi has enough funds to keep working on it and think up new ideas. It just makes no sense to me.

But I get it, she has to break up with him so he takes this big job and we have to have this separation so that they can come back together three years later without having any contact between the two of them. Y’all, that might have worked in 2005 but it is 2020.

If I was his girlfriend I would be like, babe, this is a goldmine. I can keep working on places we can use our NoonGil AI and you can get some connections and experience in the big time so when you come back we can explode this company through the stratosphere. Don’t worry. But no, we got the break up sob story. Ugh.

Okay, rant over. I just had to get that out.

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