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Start-Up: Episode 12 Live Recap – Part 1

From the preview it appears that this should be the episode where everything goes wrong. All the actors probably drank buckets of water because they had to cry for hours on end to get that right shot. Or maybe it could be a happy episode? Hahaha psych, this is about to be a tearfest.

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!





We see what happened at the end of the last episode. Yong-san asks Ji-pyung if he did this to his hyung? Did you judge him so easily so he couldn’t do it?

Saha asks what is going on. Ji-pyung tells Yong-san that he didn’t say it easily. It is a typical Acqhire. He explains that they are not buying their company, they just want to hire engineers. As soon as the contract ends, your team will dissolve.

Meanwhile, Dosan and Dalmi sign the contract.

Ji-pyung runs off to get in his car to stop the signing. He screeches off, but it is too late. Everything is already signed.

Alex says it is all done. The lawyer tells them that the rest of the shareholders will be notified. Alex extends his hand and welcomes them to the Tusto family. She shakes both their hands.

Dosan and Dalmi smile at each other.

Ji-pyung gets to the Tusto building and hurries inside. He takes the elevator up. But the other elevator shows Dosan and Dalmi leaving. They get off the elevator and smile.

TITLE: ACQHIRE: To hire good personnel, you Aquire the entire company.


Dalmi explains to her grandmother how to use video calls on the cell phone. She says that San Francisco is 16 hours later than here so….no never min, just ask Yong shil. Then Dalmi asks what time it is in San Francisco now. he says it is 6:08 am in San Francisco.

Dalmi then prepares her medicine, but she sees Halmoni’s sad face and asks if she shouldn’t go to America. Her mother says not to worry, you can go. I will take care of her.

DM – I worry about her more becuase you omoni.

AH – Why? This is omoni’s rug, this is for pressure, this is for cholesterol.

H – That is switched

AH – Huh? Why are th eletters so small. 

DM – Why can’t I see it. *grabs containers*

AH – Hmm, why is it so small?

H – Not just small, it is all the same. It is confusing.

DM – yeah, it is confusing.

But then she gets an idea.


Dosan’s mother helps him prepare what clothing to take with him to San Francisco. He says the jacket is all he will need. She asks if that person is also going? He says yes. So they start to talk about Dalmi a bit and love and things. She says he doesn’t know what is going on.

he tells her that the other kids think I am fast and know things. She tells him that he is his mother, dont’ bluff with me. He apologizes since its true. then he slides closer to her and asks how he will know the right signal?

She leans in and says she will tell him in quantities. Your birthday is soon right? If she remembers it then that is 30%. If she wants to meet you that day then that is 50%. 

he says he spends all his birthdays with Yong-san and Chulsan. His mom says that if she meets them that day then she will remove him from the family registry. he apologizes. She turns softer again and says, if she is super pretty that day then 70%. He thinks she always looks pretty, how do you know it is something special?

She asks, she is always pretty? He says yes, every day. Every second of the day. She chuckles and pinches his cheeks and says this day has finally come. You can do the rest. He smiles and asys she should tell him like this, now he knows.

Dalmi texts him then so his mom asks if that is her? She stands happily.

She asked if he was sleeping. He says he is not sleeping, it is a bit too early to sleep. He starts to write white time he normally sleeps during the weekday and weekend. His mother hits him and tells him to erase it.

She tells him to take off his hacket and then hits him on th back really hard, lol.

Omma – She did not send you a text because she wonders what time you are going to bed! It means sh wants you to call her back! Call her. Right away.

She kicks his things, mutters about how he has a long way to go, then heads out.

He calls her.

DM – You didn’t sleep? 

DS – No, what’s up?

DM – Can you check your email?

DS – Okay

DM – I am preparing Halmoni’s medicine but they all look similar so I am confused. I wonder, what if NoonGil can distinguish them?

DS – You want to expand our NoonGil service to normal people?

DM – Yes, so we go backwrd for Barrier-Free.

(Barrier-Free is removing physical and social barriers to help the socially disadvantaged.)

DS – Wow, why didn’t I think about this idea. We can expand our users. 

DM – yes, then we will ahve a profitable model. Do you think you can make it?

DS – Yes, I should. I just need a video of the medicine and the database of the tags.

he starts to say that the medicine should be in ontology. That is how the computers can process the information of the drugs.

DM – DO you think Tusto will like this idea?

DS – yeah, if they say no then we can convince them.

DM – Well, actually, I have the proposal drafted.

DS – Really? Wow, you are fast.

Dal-mi falls on her bed with her cell phone on her cheek and says, “Thank you Tusto for making us think about business and not money. I am so happy.”

Dosan says he is too. Dalmi heard that in America, you can’t go anywhere without a car (very true) should we buy a car first?

DS – It would be a waste if we both bought one. I can get one and we can carpool. Is that too much?

DM – No, I am thankful. [mumbles something] Dosan, are you sleeping?

DS – *sleeping but wakes up* No, I am not sleeping, I am wide awake. Do you remember Park Chanho’s signature baseball? DO you know why I gave it to you? Dalmi? Are you sleeping?

Dalmi is sleeping. He looks at his phone.

DS – The dream in the ball was so untouchable.


Dalmi slept all night with the cell phone still resting on her cheek and so does Dosan.

Meanwhile, Halmoni and Ah-hyun are in the kitchen preparing for the day. Ah-hyun is all ready to work at Halmoni’s cart. Halmoni asks her what she is wearing. Ah hyun smiles and says that she is fully prepared to work at Halmoni’s cart.

Do-san comes in and says Omma? Ah-hyun is surprised that she did not call her Ommoni. So Dal-mi calls her Omoni and tells her that her mask is upside down.

Ah-hyun thinks that is why her nose felt weird. Halmoni helps her fix it and Ah-hyun mentions that it is so difficult. Dal-mi leaves with a smile. 

Do-san is waiting outside for her but pretends like just passed right past her place in the morning. He said he went to a very nice English school and had a consultation. This is such a coincidence.

Dalmi is shocked that there is an English school around here. She smirks and says, Okay….we had one….I didn’t know. Are you going to keep going there? He says maybe. She asks if next Monday is his birthday? He says 30%.

DM – Huh?

DS – Um, yes, it is my birthday.

DM – What do you do?

DS – Nothing.

DM – It is your birthday, you shouldn’t have nothing happening. Would you like to meet up?

DS – Okay.

She walks off, he says 50%. Then he catches up with her.




Saha thinks in front of the coffee shop about a 1+1 deal and thinks about Chul-san so she buys two. then she sees Dal-mi and Do-san after getting them. They ask her why she got two? You are alone.

She points to the 1+1 deal. It is better to get the deal. Anyone can drink it. Dosan says he will be that one person, thank you. He takes it and drinks it with a smirk. Saha tells him he drinks ice americano (Ah-ah). He tells her that he likes free better than ah-ah.

Then he gets an iced americano for Dalmi. Saha tell shim that people say he does not recognize what is going on. He says his mother just told him that! Ah, I have goosebumps! He lifts up his sleeve and shows it to them. Dalmi gasps and looks at it. He thinks, maybe I am sick?

Saha sneers and mutters, this cockroach couple.


At Sandbox, Dalmi asks Saha and Dosan if they should only speak English from now on to practice English? You have good pronunciation. Saha thinks it is only a good idea for them, not for her.

She asks Dalmi if she got a message from Tusto? Dalmi says nothing. Then she sees her sister so she walks towards her. She says good morning. her sister says it was a good morning until I saw you.

The woman with her tells her congratulations. But In-jae does not.

IJ – You know that I cannot say empty congratulations. For my standard, there is nothing to congratulation.

DM – Are you jealous?

IJ – No

DM – It sounds jealous to me. You want to say that my choice is wrong.

IJ – Are you saying this because of my choice 15 years ago?

DM – Yes, you are the one stealing someones memory from 15 years ago.

IJ – I will return that memory to you. But how long are you going to be stuck with that in the past? Running while looking around will put you behind. Just lookin front does not guarantee success. Do you think this is also jealousy?

DM – Yes, for giving advice, your voice is too high.

IJ – *sighs and sees Tusto people* Okay, it will be revealed whether this is jealousy or advice.

Alex comes up to them and says hello. Dalmi greets him and asks, what’s up?


Saha mentions that Dosan and Dalmi are always together like cockroaches. Are you dating again? He says, maybe 50%. Saha asks, don’t you worry about Han? He tells her yes.

SH – if you guys go to America then Won will end anyway. Maybe that is why Han stopped it.

DS – What?

SH – Han said this deal is problematic.

DS – What problem?

SH – He said it is an Acqhire and we should stop the deal. But Yong-san stopped him. He was angry and took Han’s cell phone. You didn’t know?

The doors open. Everyone is looking at Samsan Tech offices. Tusto is inside with them. Dosan asks what is happening. Dalmi looks at him with a long face.

DC goes into Ji-pyung’s office and tells him that Samsan Tech is in a lot of trouble. Alex just announced that he is taking the three developers only and is firing the CEO and Designer. Ji-pyung heads out quickly.

In the office, Dosan says this is a con deal, you said you are acquiring the team.

Alex – is that in the contract?

DS – *hits table* You said you would acquire the team!

Alex – Words don’t have any power.

Dosan is heated. He walks to the window and back.

Alex – I am sorry about it. I tried to convince the main branch but it was out of my power.

CS – Seo and Saha are the main people in NoonGil service.

Alex – NoonGil service does not need any more updating, it is fine.

Dalmi thinks back to Alex saying he is interested in Samsan Techs technology. He wants to know what the accuracy is. He is the one that said optimization and face recognition is the best technology. We will see which one is better.

Dalmi scoffs.

DM – In retrospect, you only asked about the technology. You had no questions about the service or our vision. Do you even want to continue NoonGil service?

Alex – Well, I am convincing the main branch.

SH – Han was really right.

CS – So you really acquired us to hire developers?

Alex – Hey, just think it through nicely. We paid you a good amount of money. Everyone is rich now. You can have a chance to have experience in Silicon Valley. Nothing is wrong with this deal.

DS – Dalmi, I want to throw away this deal, it didn’t happen.

Alex – Hey, you can’t just decide this emotionally because your signature will not go away.

DS – We will give you all the money back.

Alex – That doesn’t matter. You will have a fine in the contract. How much?

Lawyer – Twice the acquisition. 

CS – Twice? 6 million?

Everyone looks defeated.

In the other office, the team thinks that as soon as they were acquired, they had a blood tone. They only took the developers with them and fired the rest. Nam Dosan wanted to break the deal but the fine was twice the money. One of them says that the CEO was right, this acquisition was nothing to congratulate. In-jae asks her if she is having fun? 

The woman says no. In-jae starts to talk about their business and how they can start to involved outside people. Let’s hire a marketing person.




Ji-pyung walks up the hallway and sees Alex and Tusto. He is annoyed. Alex tells him they had to cut all the unnecessary people. Ji-pyung asks what they said. 

Alex – I feel like they do not know what is going on. They say that they want to reverse the deal. They are so emotional. They signed though, this is not the stage.

JP – I know.

Alex – I can keep it quiet right now, but if it goes hirer then they will get hurt, you know that.

JP – *nods*

Alex – SO please make them understand what is going on. You are the mentor.

he pats him on the shoulder and they all walk off. Ji-pyung walks to the Samsan Tech office.

Inside the office, they are all bummed. Chulsan yells at Yong-san about what he said about Ji-pyung lying. But look at this, what he said was right! 

They all ask him why he did that. Do-san yells.

Yong-san yells that JP always says that things are problematic and they don’t deserve it. He always discourages us. How long should we be dragged by him? Is what he says law?

Dalmi yells, he is my mentor! 

YS – He is a good mentor for you! But do you know what kind of person he is? He killed my brother….like he does to us, he was nitpicking my brothers business and kicked away all the investors *cries* and after he had no more investors, his business went bankrupt. It is still the same. He will say the same thing and kick away investors. So don’t listen to him if you don’t want to become like my brother.

They all look at him. Ji-pyung comes in. They ask him what this is about.

JP – I gave you my opinion as an investor. I am sorry if you took it as nitpicking.

YS – Someone is dead! You say sorry? *tries to hit him*

JP – if I didn’t point out the problem in your brother business then the LPs (limited partners) would be damaged. Even though it is harsh, I have to say the truth. That is my job.

YS – Bitter, harsh? You tell me this situation. Just tell us your harsh words.

JP – Well, the deal is done. This is not a time to blame. The biggest problem is, if you really want to find who to blame, you are the biggest ones to blame. You did not read over the contract well and just accepted it.

DM – Why did this happen?

JP – Tusto spent 3 million to acquire Samsan Tech. It is not about NoonGil services profitability. It is about the accuracy of NoonGil service.

DS – Just stop.

JP – That is why two of you are fired.

DS – STOP! *pushes JP*

JP – That is why they are going.

It is a tearfest. Everyone is pissed and sad.

Dosan looks at his sad team then follows Ji-pyung out. He stops him outside and asks if he can only say it like that? Are you here to hurt us only?

JP – If that is hurting, then you shouldn’t have even started this business.

Dosan punches him and then they both fight. It’s a long fight.

Inside, Chulsan asks if there is anyway to break the deal without paying? Saha thinks they could sue them but they would probably lose. Chul-san apologizes. he says they should have listened to Ji-pyung when he tried to stop them. Sorry.

Yong-san leaves. In-jae sees him walking away. She looks in their office at Dalmi and actually looks like she might be sad.


Ji-pyung and Dosan are still fighting. They are all bloody and tired. Doan is on the ground.

JP – This deal is good except for the team dissolving. NoonGil will not continue anyway. Use your good technology for something more profitable. Why are you using caviar and making soup? You can restart it after making a lot of money.

DS – Help us.

JP – What? You hit me like this and you are asking for help? What is going on here? (where are you manners).

DS – *sits up* Halmoni told me to never tell you this. *stands up*

JP – What? What are you going to say, why is the beginning so long?

DS – NoonGil was started because of Dalmi’s Halmoni.

JP – *looks at him seriously*

DS – Halmoni’s eyes are not very good. She will lose her eyesight soon.

JP – *lost for words*


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