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Start-Up: Episode 11 Live Recap – Part 2

This is part 2 of our recap for the Kdrama Start Up! Remember to take Our Poll and let us know, who Should Dalmi End up With?!

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!




The Samsan Tech team waits behind the scenes looking nervous. Saha wonders if they think they should change their numbers to increase their accuracy? The san guys wonder if they should do it? They can change it now and increase the accuracy later?

They all look at Dosan. Dosandoesn’t look too into that but we don’t know his answer.

In his office, Ji-pyung looks at the Demo Day live stream. Yoon says that Han Ji-pyung is the mentor but could not make it today so I will introduce his team.

The team wonders why this is? It is a personal reason? Yong-san tells them they are more in a hurry than Han, so lets focus.

They circle up and chant their cheer, Samsan Tech! Fighting!

Dalmi walks out on stage. She sees that Ji-pyung is missing then she starts her talk.

DM – Techology leads us to a better world. But a lot of people’s lives are becoming less comfortable with technology. Especially blind people. If we move forward with innovation, ignoring these people then a lot of people who do not adapt to the new world will get hurt.

Dong-san’s father watches from the lobby and nods.

DM – Our Samsan Tech exhists not only for innovators, but also for these people. We will show you our technology. Yong-sil, can you read what is in front of us? 

AI – NoonGil service got their motive from Guide dogs for the blind. It helps the daily life of blind.

DM – Yong-sil, what do you see in front o fus.

AI – Two women and four men.

Alex – It actually works, that is amazing.

Yoon – 250k blind people are in Korea. This service is targeting a niche audience so you will ahve a smaller share of themarket.

DM – Our market is catering 4 million people in the world. It is in English and Chinese as well. We will add more languages.

Alex – I am interested in Samsan Techs technology. Can you tell me what the accuracy is?

DM – *pauses and looks at her team* 

We see a flashback of the team asking Dosan to lie. But Dosan thinks they shuldn’t do it, they should be honest. CHulsan thinks the other team will ahve the advantage if they lie. It is a small lie.

But Dosan thinks that because of that tiny lie, 92.4% becomes a lie. It is okay. 92.4 is good. He smiles at Dalmi.

DM – Our NoonGil’s recognition accuracy is 92.4%.

Alex – You are a little less than the previous team

DS – We are not less than them. The accuracy is not just compared with the numbers. The environment is also important. As you can see our NoonGil is operated on a cell phone. It should consume less battery power so the user can use it all day. SO we had to find middle ground between accuracy and usefulness.

The twin programmers scoff and says that they found that also. People wihtout technology usually say a lot.

Alex – What about this, can Injae company come to the states?

The people in the back all mutter. In-jae sih and says, lets go. Her team stands and goes to the stage for a toe to toe match.

DC tells Yoon that they have to use a single volt PC (raspberry pie) to run their software. Yoon asks if that can be done? It is an extreme case.

Alex – Their technology is face recognition and making the app light. So if we test it under the same condition then we will see which solution is better.

Yoon – Ah, this is the second stage after hackathon, hackathon.

Alex – Yes!

The teams all prepare on stage. They hook up all their wires and everyone waites.They both have this raspberry thing.

DM – What do you think?

DS – I don’t know. Honestly, I am not confident.

YS – Well, we never tested our software at his low os a spec machine.

SH – Can it run?

CS – I doubt it, even a Tetris game will not run on this.

IJ – We won’t be able to run our solution on this right?

Twin – Of course not. They shouldn’t be able to do it also

IJ – Then why are we doing this test?

Twin – They argue that their accuracy is low because they made their program light. So we can show that it actually is no true at all.

Woman – So Alex will decide to pick us?

Twin – Maybe.

Alex – I have Sandbox CCTV footage in the computer. If you use that footage then it is fair, right?

DM – Yes

IJ – Yes

Dalmi and In-jae look at each other. The musical tension builds. They log in to their programs. The camera cuts between both teams. Dosan lets out a deap breath and they both run it.

Then they wait.

Dosan taps his feet and closes his eyes. He is praying.

However, Samsan Techs works! It works really well. They think that is crazy. Everyone is impressed. Dosan then says he knew it would work. I knew it. So maybe he was just pretending, lol. The Samsan Tech guys all punch him and push him to the ground. They all cheer and laugh.

There photos are taken as they celebrate. They are handed the winners banner of 50 million won and they take a ton of photos with it. Dosan and Dalmi look at each other for their last photo.

Ji-pyung looks at this and thinks back to telling Dosan that he has nothing that investors will be interested in. He thinks back to all the times he told them they are dumb and should just give them their algorithm and how they are wrong. He told them they are wrong a lot and that no one would invest in them. He also said Dalmi was the biggest problem in the company for not being able to solve the fight over shares.

But he was wrong since they just got another huge investment. He puts his hands on his head. Yoon comes in to the room and gives him a coffee.

Yoon – Park was right, you would not be at Demo Day and would be blaming yourself.

JP – I am sorry.

Yoon – Our work, we have to say harsh things. That is why she have more hate. You did the right thing. if you did not do it then I would have. 

JP – is that someone I should have pointed out? CEO, I always told Samsan Tech that they can’t do t. But today, they won. Maybe Kim Yong-san is right.


Dalmi goes inside and tells her grandmother all the good news. she says that she will be super surprised. Our ranking was #1!!!! halmoni is super happy for her. They high five cutely. Dalmi says she told eunnie that I would catch her in three years. But in retrospect, I undervalud myself. I did not need three years.

Halmoni tells her that she aws too humble! She squeezes her cheeks cutely. Dalmi asks why she is so kind today. It feels strange. Halmoni says hse is always like this. But Dalmi says she is not. Do you owe me something?

Then her mother walks in from the back. Halmoni pinches her eyes shut. Dalmi goes into her room. Halmoni follows her. She asks why she is not angry about her? Why is she here?

H – Of course I am. But if you cut people for reasons then no one will be around anymore. It is easier to forgive at my age.

DM – Umma has a big castle like house! Why is she here?

H – It seems like her husband will hit her if she goes back, that is why I took her in. Your mom doesn’t seem like she lived as happy a life as we thought. What should I do, should I kick her out?

Dalmi goes back to the living room. Her mother is washing the dishes. She watches her withut the halmoni knowing.




Dosan gets home and sees his parents talking about the dinner they prepared and if it will give him too much tress. Maybe japchae makes it too much like a festival? Let’s take it out.

Dosan kind of hides and listens to them.

Umma – You saw Dosan’s CEO?

Appa – Yes, she talks well and is smart so she didn’t jut become CEO by seducing Dosan. She is pretty good. A natural born CEO.

Umma – Really? What if Dosan seduces her then?

Appa – Well, you have personal life and business life, he shouldn’t

Dosan – *chuckles*

Umma – Who is the one hitting on me and not thinking about work and private life

Appa – *laughs* Yeah, I was good at crossing the personal and business life.

Umma – Dosan should have learned that technique.

DS – *sneaks away and closes door loudly* I am back! Dinner?

Umma – Not yet, I just made whatever I had.

DS – I will wash my hands. Ah, abogi, can you tell me the technique where I can cross personal and business life?

Appa – Okay….*looks at wife* Maybe he heard everything we said?

Umma – That is not important! It means he is interested in that CEO!

Appa – Yobo! Les bring the japchae back out!

Umma – Let’s do it!


Dalmi goes looking for Ji-pyung. DC tells her that he is on sick leave today. It is actually his first time he has had sick. I will visit him later. He walks away.

Ji-pyung is actually still sleeping at home. His phone rings. He answers it and sits up though his voice is pretty horse so he has to make it sound normal.

DM – Hello, it is me. Park said you are on sick leave.

JP – *that park!* it is not sick leave, it is vacation. I have to use it or it will disappear if too much accumulates.

DM – That is good.

JP – Why did you call?

DM – You saw Demo Day.

JP – Congratulations, you did a good job.

DM – All because of you.

JP – I did nothing. I was just nitpicking

DM – We would not be here without your nitpicking. Thank you so much.

JP – *quiet*

DM – Team leader?

JP – I am driving, I am on vacation with friends.

DM – Sorry. Bye.

Ji-pyung has a tear drop. He also takes some medicine. He is still in his pajamas. He checks his texts.

DM – Your voice sounds like you are sick. I brought jumbo juk. It is at your door.

JP – What? She called in front of the house?

He runs out but she is not there. The juk is there though. He sighs.


Samsan tech meets with Tusto to read over the contract. They offer them 3 million dollars. Chulsan gasps. Tusto says they also have to work in Tusto main branch for 3 years after merger. CHulsan has a headache.

Alex – What do you think of the deal?

DM – Can we continue NoonGil service?

Alex – Of course *though not so strongly*

DM – I will contact you after reading over the document.

Alex – Okay, I look forward to hearing your answer.

They all walk out and shake their goodbyes. When the Tusto team gets in the elevator, Everyone yells! AAHHHHHHH!!!! Three millions!!!!!

The Tusto guys heard them in the elevator. They think it will be a smooth ride. Alex hopes so. They all go back happily to the office and yell abotu Tusto, Tusto! Should we get merican names?

Saha says she has an American Name, Stephanie (that is her real name). They wonder if they need to learn business English. Though the mood gets a bit somber when they think heir Samsan Tech name will disappear. But they also bring it back around to the good news of 3 million!

In-jae hears them from their office. The entire team complains. They think Samsan Tech is nothing. How can they get that much money?




Later on that night, Dosan is in the offices alone looking at his old retro business card. Dalmi comes in and they chat a little bit. She tells him that she went to his office after quitting her job. She almost went to the address from his business card.

He remembers that she was supposed to go to their octapang office but Ji-pyung made them switch. 

DS – Do you still wonder about my office?

DM – Huh?

DS – Would you like me to show you?

She nods. Cut to them walking to the octapang office. She tells him it i super big. What is that smell?

DS – Actually it is barbecue. The first floor is a famous barbecue place so the smell comes all the way up here. If you eat kimbap here then you taste barbecue. 

DM – Hey, that is nonsense *smiles* But seh closes her eyes and asys it might make sense.

DS – it is true. *laughs*

She sees the Dosan Tech signs and asks what that is. (It means Bankrupt Tech). 

DS – It was Dosan Tech before after my name.

DM – You were the begining. Why did you start here?

DS – it was cheap rent and a nice night view.

She looks at the view and agrees, it is nice.

DM – This night view is better than Hangan View.

She stands on something to see it better. He looks up at her.

DS – This is my real start. Not the Hangan office. It was here.

He holds up his retro card. That card is so bad. But he loves it.

DS – Would you like to go inside?

DM – Can I?

DS – Yes. Be careful with the steps. No one has rented the place after we left because it is so hot in summer. They even lowered the rent.

But the door is locked. He tries to open it. Perhaps something is blocking it? He hurts his hand opening it.

DM – Do you need help?

DS – No, it is dangerous, stand back.

Dosan yanks the door open and Chulsan and Saha fall out. Hahaha they might have been making out? They both smile bashfully.


Dalmi and Dosan look at Saha and Chulsan. Saha tells them that whatever they are imagining is not what happened. You are imagining a man woman thing. Look at you.

Chulsan says he became sentimental and wanted to come to the octapang. We see a flashback of the story he tells. He says he was walking and Saha say that hisi backpack was open but he didn’t hear it. She thought that someone would steal my thigns so she followed.

She followed me and we ended up here. It is nothing else to it. Understands?

DM – DO you understand?

DS – Nope.

CS – Ah, look at these cockroaches.

Yong-san shows up with snack and beer and wonders what they are all doing there. Cut to them eating the beer. He scoffs and says, look at all of you. CHulsan says they all came here thinking the same thing.

Saha asks what would happen to them if they worked in Silicon Valley for three years?

CS – I have made enough money so I want to make a big resort for the farm. 

YS – I am going to raise dogs.

SH – You have a small dream.

YS – To have a dog you have to have a big hard.

DS – What about you Dalmi?

DM – Me? Hmm, I dn’t really want to say.

Everyone – What is it?

DM – Well, I am thinking of starting another company. 

Everyone – What? DO you have something good?

DM – Our algorithm worked on a single board PC. 

Everyone – Yeah, we optimized it a lot to run on a tiny cell phone without even thinking about it.

DM – If we can optimize image recognition software this small, then maybe it is possible for self driving.

SH – Self driving?

CS – that is nonsense.

YS – Self driving is a huge cmpany to put a lot of money and is still not successful.

DS – Well we have money, three million.

They all look at each other.

CS – Hmm, lets talk about it. If the item is good then I will give up my results for it.

SH – me too.

Dallmi smiles and goes to the chart to give her spiel about automatic driving. She talks about all the tings they will need for it including all the softwares to combine. They know how to optimize things so they can be competitive.

Saha draws an amazing car and they start to talk about where to put the radar. 

Montage of the team working hard on this in the tiny office. They work hard and laugh and have a good time.




Everyone slept there. Dalmi and Dosan slept on beanbags. He has a smudge on his face. He lightly touches her face. She has smudges on her face as well. He keeps looking at her and then goes back to sleep.


Ji-pyung goes back to work and greets everyone. DC says he really wanted to visit him and asks how he was. JP asks if he told Seo that he was sick? DC apologizes. JP says it is actually not bad.

DC tells him that Samsan Tech and Tusto are going to merge today. Ji-pyung looks shocked, not an investment but a merger? DC says yes!

But JP does  not look pleased and hurries out to Samsan Tech offices. But the CEO and Dosan are not there. Saha and Chulsan tell him that they went to the company to sign the deal.

Saha says the deal looked okay to her when she checked it. He asks to see the contract.


Dosan and Dalmi shake with the Alex and the Tusto representatives. He asks if they slept well. Dalmi says no. He says they will sleep well after this deal. They all sit.

Chulsan asks Ji-pyung if there is a problem with the deal? He says no, but no problem is a problem. We have to hold the deal. He starts to call someone.

Yong-san stops him and shuts of JPs phone. He asks why they have to stop if there is no problem. Ji-pyung tells them that there is nothing free in this field. They have something.

YS – You are blocking our companies future only with our guess? How can you decide something like that? Did you do that to my brother also? You just decided no so easily?

CH – Hyung?

SH – What are you talking about?

JP – it is  not easy. This isa  typical Acqhire (aquire + hire). 

Acqhire – They want the person so they buy the company.

JO – They are not buying your company, they want an engineer.

Alex gives Dosan and Dalmi a pen to sign.

JP – As soon as they sign, your team will dissolve right away. 

They both sign then switch and sign again.


When they were sleeping in the small office. Dalmi woke up and had Dosan’s shirt on her. She sits up and looks around at the other team members sleeping. She remembers Saha asking her who is in her heart? She wonders that. Is it the team leader or Dosan?

Dalmi told her that she did not know it. She wants to know who is in her heart the most. Saha tells her that if she sees it then she will know. After seeing it for awhile, you will have that moment of truth.

So Dalmi looks at Dosan sleeping. He adjusts his head a little. She smiles. She kicks her hand which puts ink on her kip, then touches his cheek. She sees the ink on his cheek and tries to wipe it off. But that wakes him up. She pretends to sleep.

He wakes up a bit and lightly touches her bangs then looks at her for a moment.

Fade Out


Oh snap, something is going to go on in the next episode. We all know this is the separation part, the question is, who is going to be the one to separate? And on what terms?

This episde actually felt like a good final episode to me. I would be happy to end it here and still have this new venture that the team is looking to tackle in the future with the automatic driving optimization.

But no, they have to leave us with some paaain before they goooo! How much flesh do you want me to cut Start-Up? Is a pound enough!

Be sure to take our poll, who do you think Dal-mi should end up with, Ji-pyung or Do-san!

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    Hi, this is packmule3 from bitchesoverdramas.com.

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    Would you mind telling me exactly what Dalmi said when Alex asked her if she’d slept well? It seemed to be too long to be a simple “no.” Is it an idiomatic expression tied to a superstition? Netflix didn’t sub it.


    • V
      November 22, 2020 / 6:39 am

      Hi packmule3, Dalmi said “No, I couldn’t sleep at all, maybe because of this important business deal.” I’ll have to read your write up on it!

      • packmule3
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        Thank you, V!!! You’re awesome.

        Thanks for doing all the recaps. They must be time-consuming for you, but I really appreciate the details. The original Dramabeans duo used to do them but sadly new writers have replaced them.

        So please don’t stop what you’re doing. 🙂


        • V
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          Thank you packmule3 and same to you! Your breakdowns are GREAT. I loved Javabeans and Girlfriday’s recaps. Hoping to continue our live recapping. We want to add more preview translations to the lineup of shows we aren’t able to recap, as well. Hopefully we can make that work with the new lineups coming out!

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