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Start-Up: Episode 11 Live Recap – Part 1

Our Samsan Tech team is about to go through some stuff to get through Demo Day, or at least that is what it seemed like from the end of the last episode. They also dropped that huge story point of Yong-san being the person who is seeking revenge. Ahhhh! That was a shocker. Hopefully he is seeking revenge on a success level and not a murdery one. Don’t be murdery Yong-san! You are too adorable for that!

We have another poll!!! Who should Dalmi end up with? Take it right here! I’m voting for Do-san. Anyone can see that Ji-pyung and Dalmi’s halmae should end up together 😁

Caution: Be wary of typos

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!




Alex rides his segue around Sandbox. The twin computer guys ride theirs up to him. He asks what’s going on. They ask if he will share some time with them? They have questions.

They go sit in the cafeteria and show him a magazine interview he gave. They ask if he has any engineers he had in mind for the company? Thy want the job. He says they don’t know the conditions. They tell him it is Tusto at the main branch in silicon valley. That is the best.

Alex asks, what if you have to abandon your team? They say they will do it, definitely. Alex smiles. But then, Dosan runs up to him in a hallway. He is out of breath and asks him about giving wing to his family. Is that still valid? Alex says yes but why did you change your mind.

Dosan tells him he does not want to make an alternative. Alex asks what the alternative is. Dosan says it is the alternative for failure. He wants to change the condition though. He wants to bring all his team with him.

Alex asks, what, all of you? So that means I am buying your company? Dosan says yes. And they want to keep the NoonGil service. Alex tells him that he wants him. He even saw his parents. You are valid with NoonGil and the hackathon. But buying your company is a different story. I am not a probono person.

He continues and says, for his team, Sandbox has different options. Injae companies programers where also pretty good. Anyway, see you on Demoday. Whether I buy your company or scout you, we will decide that on demo Day.

He walks away.


Cut to the elevator scene with Yong-san and Ji-pyung. He scoffs and says he is mistaken him for someone else. If I killed your brother then I would be in jail, not here. But Yon-san is serious. Ji-pyung tells him he does not know his brother, he did not know he even had a brother.

Yong-san pushes him agains the wall and says that he did not even expect that he would not remember it. But then the elevator doors open. FC is standing there shocked that Yong-san is pushing Ji-pyung against the wall. 

Yong-san lets go and walks away. DC asks why he did that. Ji-pyung says he doesn’t know, he said I killed his brother. DC asks, that is you team leader? DC asks what he knows about that.

In a voice over, DC tells Ji-pyung that a few years ago, you were sent to the American branch, you were a judge in the hackathon.

Ji-pyung walks off to find this out.

VO – Chajing partner is Yong-san’s older brother.

Ji-pyung looks him up on the company. It looks like this was the 2nd DemoDay so 10 years ago or more.


On Demoday in 2011 Ji-pyung tells the company that his product is only useful when the battery is off. The man asks, yes? Ji-pyung says from his information in 2-3 years all the cell phone will have batteries that cannot be separated from the phone. Did you not know that?

He did not know.

Ji-pyung tells him that if he did not know then he id not valid as a CEO because he is not good at getting information. The CEO grips his fist. He says he knew it. Ji-pyung says that is a bigger problem. You knew it but you still wanted to get an investment. That means this isa  con job.

VO – CEO Kim Dong-soo committed suicide a few days after demo day.

Ji-pyung looks at the resume, stunned.


Meanwhile, Yong-san looks at his Sandbox ID and thinks back to his brother working hard at his desk. He asks what his Sandbox ID is. His brother takes it back and tells him not to dig up his desk. 

Yong-san asks, did you go to Sandbox? What about you masters degree? Did you quit? Wow! The brother told him that starting a company after a masters is too late. Yong-san thinks that a start-up is something you you should stop even the enemy of your parents from doing.

His brother gives him a post-it and says that other peoples opinions shouldn’t have to be your reality. he puts it on his chest. Yong-san is amazed and asks where his fear is. They both chuckles. But their parents don’t know so he tells his brother not to tell. Yong-san jokes to give him some money or he will tell. 

So the brother give him some pocket change. Yong-san thanks him and asks if he is happy. You look happy recently. He says he is happy. They both celebrate and hug.

In the present, Yong-san cries on the rooftop and wonders what was so happy about it and what was so difficult. He doesn’t even remember you. (He might be looking at his brothers ID).




Dal-mi is in the stage room. She thinks back to Dosan telling her that Samsan Tech got here because of everything Dalmi did. Her sister comes up and puts heart calming medicine on the stage for her to pick up.

Dalmi slides it back to her and says that she does not need it anymore because she is awake.

All the CEO’s of the companies are there. They open yellow spheres to see when they will go in the competition. Dalmi pulls #6. In-jae pulls #1. Dalmi tells her that she it seems like she needs the calming medicine more.

In the back waiting room. One of the contestants says she is #9, what if she was #6? her team all chuckles.

Dalmi is with Samsan Tech and wonders what is wrong with #6? Saha tells her that #6 is the devils number. Dosan says he likes 6, it is the perfect number! Chulsan says yes! It is! Dosan high fives Dalmi. But they all still look nervous.

Then Chulsan pulls Dosan away.

Saha tells Dalmi to come with her.

Chulsan tells Dosan that he is a cool guy that doesn’t usually care about others dating life, but I have to be interested in your love life as the shareholder of Samsan Tech. Our life or death depends on it.

Saha tells Dalmi the same thing. Dalmi doesn’t think it is life or death, that is nonsense. Saha says that makes perfect sense because the biggest shareholder and the CEO are dating inside the comany. If the love life has a problem, this is not only a love life. 

If their company was in the stock market then they would need to post that publicly. Dalmi tells her it is no big deal, we have no problem. Saha asks if they are dating again. 

Dosan tells chulsan no, they are not dating again. It is just a reset. Chulsan asks what he is talking about. Dosan doesn’t want to confuse Dalmi. He told Dalmi to erase everything about him.

Chulsan asks if he is crazy? Erase everything about you and go to team leader Han?

Saha answers that question and says that is crazy. That means that I am going to erase everything about me to you so you go to team leader Han, is that what he is saying? Wow, Dosan is pretty clean that way. So cool.

Dalmi asks if that is cool? It didn’t sound like that to me. Saha asks what is that?

Dosan tells Chulsan that Dalmi’s head should be very confused with me and team leader Han, we are all mixed together and are one person. SO we just reset everything and from now on look at me as 100% me.

Chulsan asks if he thinks she took it that same way?

Dalmi says yes, I heard it that way. Saha asks if that is not just the way she wanted to hear it. Dalmi tells her she is strange, you are so interested in someone else’s business. Saha says they are not strangers, they are business partners, that is why I am interested. I want to know ho is in our CEO’s mind. Our mentor or our highest shareholder.

Dalmi really does not know who is in her mind the most. She is the one that really wants to know who is “here” the most.

Chulsan asks, what if her answer is Han? Do you think you can accept it? Can you see her comfortably in the same company then?

Dosan says yes, he will accept it. Chulan scoffs and asks if he will just watch team leader Han use all his money and hit on her? Dosan thinks that kind of fight is stressful for Dalmi. I don’t want to give hr a hard time.

Chulsan sarcastically says he is a super cool guy, a Hollywood guy. Then he wonders what Han and Seo are doing right now. Dosan asks, where! Where, where??? 

Chulsan chides that what Dosan says and does are different. When I see your eyes, I can read your mind. Your eyes are not the eyes of giving up something. Your eyes are the eyes of determination.

Dosan tell shim he does not want that alternative that Han said. Chulsan asks why not take that alternative? Yong-san comes up and tells them that he also does not want that alternative. Chulsan asks where he went.

Yong-san says he doesn’t want an alternative and he doesn’t want to get involved with Han at all. Chulsan scoffs, what is wrong with you two! Why are both of you so extreme?

YS – Han cares about us, not because of Samsan Tech, it is about CEO Seo, right? I think you will hate that kind of investment more than me.

He looks at Dosan.

Dalmi also tells Saha that she does not want that alternative. It is too much stress for the team leader also. If I accept that alternative then that means I deny everything. All the effort and results and achievement of Samsan Tech to come all the way here….my pride will not accept that.

Saha asks, pride? Who was the person that kneeled in front of me and begged? Who did that? Dalmi says she doesn’t remember. Saha says she will also says she doesn’t remember. But if you don’t want the alternative then we don’t have another choice.

Dalmi says yes, we have to win this demo day, no matter what it takes.

The Samsan Tech guys circle up and says that they will win this competition and they will all go to silicon valley. We can do it! Wah! Wah! Wah!

They all cheer and walk in.

TITLE: EXIT: the investor is getting the investment back. It can be selling the company, putting it in the stock market, M&M, or end the company.




The judges are all sitting in their booths. Yoon tries to call Ji-pyung, but can’t get ahold of him. Won asks what is up with him?

Yoon doesn’t know, he is not picking up the phone. What is going on? DC tells her that they should start. She says okay and steps away.

A mysterious man looks at the Sandbox symbol and then walks away.

At Demo Day, Yoon introduces Demo Day and says that it is the 12th Sandbox, but she is still nervous like it is the first one. The contestants are even more nervous. Who will win Demo Day and who will get more investments? You will get all the benefits you had when you moved in.

In the back waiting room, Chulsan huffs and asks if they lose all the benefits and investments if they don’t win Demo Day? They are all nervous. Chul-san tries to say they don’t have to worry about it.

On stage, Yoon shows the investors from all around the world that are looking at this live. She shows their live feeds. Then she tells them that they should look at their contestants. The first team is the team that I mentor. They area also on TV often. Injae company. Won Jae CEO.

In-jae does a powwow cheer with her team and then heads on stage.

IJ – Hello, I am Won In-jae, there are 7,956,000 CCTV’s in Korea to prevent crime. But sadly these CCTV’s only work after the accident happens. Of course it is monitored by human eyes. There are a lot of misses and limitations. To get over these limitations we use technology. In-jae company’s AI solution is Guardians AI. 

She keep explaining how her solution will work by using CCTV. They will have 93.2% face recognition.

In the waiting room, Dal-mi asks what their accuracy is? Dosan says it is 92.4%. Saha thinks In-jae is lying. The san guys think they are bluffing, it can’t be that high. Do-san mutters about all the details with technology. Chulsan tells him to stop that.

On stage, one of the judges in another country tells Inae that he thinks she will have a lot of competition in Korea. In-jae answers in Mandarin and tells him that they do have a lot of competitors but no one has our accuracy.

Won is most interested in how much money her solution can save. In-jae thinks that one person can monitor 50 CCTV maximum. But with their solution one person can watch 300. So you only need 1/6th of human resources.

In the break room, Chulsan asks Dosan if that is why his father started to protest? He says yes.

Another person has a question to Won In-jae. It is Do-san’s father, lol, they recognize the voice. He is in the room.

He says that he has a question! DC tries to take the mic away, only people involved can be here. But Dosan’s father says he is involved because he is one of the people that will be fired!

Dosan runs to the stage room and so do the other Samsan Tech guys. Yoon says it is fine, let him ask questions.

SW – The thing you argued about that is innovation, to us it is reality and bread. To you guys, you just save some money.

IJ – Three million six hundred thousand dollars. Not just a little money.

SW – Okay….three million six hundred thousand. So the people that live with that 3,600k, what should we do? You push people to the edge of the cliff. Do you even have any vocation?

Everyone looks at In-jae. She thinks, vocation? She thinks back to Yoon talking about how she doesn’t know why she does what she does.

IJ – A hundred years ago, people said similar things to what you said. When the taxi was first introduced, all the human carries protested like you. If people care more about living then progress, then we will still be with human carries, no taxis and we will not have cell phone. We will have people connecting the call. Do you want that kind of world? You do not do you? Our future generation should be the same. They do not want to live in the same word as now, they want to live in a future world. My vocation is making that better world.

Yoon might like it or maybe not. She tells her that it sounds like you found your answer.

IJ – It is your son’s vocation also. I wonder, your son is in Sandbox like us. He also has the same proposal like us using AI to reduce personnel. So why are you attacking me? I am walking the same path.

Everyone turns around and looks at Samsan Tech. Chulsan thinks this is unfair mentioning family members.

Dosan and his father look at each other.

SW – That is right. My son is on the same path as you. If people like you and my son are in the world, then we will have progress quickly, but it is not good if it is too fast. A lot of people will get hurt with that speed and will not adapt to the new word. People like me should be around so that speed should be controlled. It should be the speed where people can adapt and live together. I am going to keep fighting for that speed.

He looks at his son.

SW – My son’s path can be different from me. My son is my son and I am me. My son moves forward to the future and I am going to fight for my current. Somewhere inbetween the speed of innovation will be decided.

He walks away but makes sure he glares at Injae. Then he walks to his son.

DS – Abogi, you can have eye contact like this. Why did you avoid it?

He gives him a hug and pat. The team bows to him. He walks off. Dalmi tells Dosan that his father is super cool. Yoon hears that and looks like she might like it.

Won brings it back to In-jae company and asks what they can do to invest in it. Do you still have room? In-jae says she has no pot for Won. She is not here for investment .She can run the company from their sales. She is looking for a global partner for In-jae company.

Alex – Thank you, I am honored. Your pitch was impressive. I think you also have an ability to be a global partner of Tusto. But I have another team in mind. Can I decide after seeing that team?

IJ – Yes.

Chulsan mutters, is that us? The entire team gets goosebumps.


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