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Start-Up: Episode 10 Live Recap – Part 1

Start-Up: Episode 10 Live Recap - Part 1  #StartUp

The heartbreak episode is here. The only thing we don’t know is how long it will last. Will Dal-mi be able to get over this betrayal quickly? Or will she look at both men as the slithering slimy lying bugs for an episode or two? Hopefully she gets over it quickly because angsty episodes are not my jam. Sometimes necessary, definitely, but also annoying. So let’s keep it quarantined to today only mkay?

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How we do this: This live recap will be in two parts and we segment each post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos which we have fantasies of fixing once the episode finishes airing. Also, if there is a preview then we will try and translate it. Look for that at the bottom or on a separate post!




Ji-pyung and Dalmi stand under the letter tree. She asks him who he is and who Dosan is.

VO – One day I hope she recognizes me.

Dalmi asks for him to please tell her something.

VO – I hope she looks at me.

Her phone rungs so she answers it. It is Dosan. She asks him, fifteen years ago, do you remember the place where we put our letters? Where is it? Tell me, please!

VO – Not like this.

She is starting to cry and asks Dalmi why he can’t say and why team leader Han is here and not him.

VO – Regret always comes late

She hangs up sniffling and wipes her tears away. Then looks at Ji-pyung and tells him to tell her, honestly. Don’t try to lie I don’t want to be stupid anymore. The letter fifteen years ago. Who wrote it. Dosan or you.

JP – Halmoni asked me, she wanted to give Seo Dalmi a friend. So I wrote it.

DM – So it wasn’t true from the beginning. What about Dosan? What is with the name?

JP – We just made it without thinking too much. We saw a newspaper in front of us. The name was on the article.

DM – It was just a name from a newspaper? So he is really a stranger. Then how did he come to the networking party? According to you, I should just be a stranger to Dosan.

JP – I found him. I found the Dosan from the article and asked him to be the Dosan in the letter and go to the party.

DM – Then Dosan, why did he listen to your request. I am a stranger for him.

JP – Samsan Tech needed an investment back then.

DM – So it was money?

JP – No, that is not true. First it was, but later it became real and I –

DM – How do you know that! It was all lies from the beginning! How can I trust it!

JP – Seo Dalmi, I–

He steps towards her but she steps away and backs up and then runs away. His phone rings. It is Dosan. Dosan knows he is with Dalmi and asks where he is at right now.


Meanwhile, the other two San guys are sitting in the office with the blue and pink hand towel on their heads and neck. Yong-san gets a call from Dosan and sighs. He tells Chulsan that they finally have a bug. Chulsan knows that means that their CEO finally knows everything. They both fret about it and think this is how everything ends.

Saha asks them what that means, ends? They both pretend like they are busy working. Saha asks what CEO Seo knew? They say no. But she pulls them back and tells them to tell her.

Fast forward to  right after they tell her everything. She sighs and says it has all ended. That is why dating inside Start-Ups should be banned by law. Chul-san thinks it shouldn’t be banned. Men and women can work together and have a relationship.

But Saha says it shouldn’t. They only have five employees here. What if they date and break up, it is so uncomfortable. Hey ex-girlfriend can you check the portfolio, ex-boyfriend, did you finish your coding?

Chulsan thinks they can date again. They have to send the end. But Saha tells them to think about it. The person who sent the letter is a different person. He has money, schooling, and the look. He has it all. Of course she is shaken. Han Ji-pyung vs. Nam Do-san. 100% Han Ji-pyung. It is the end of the story. We don’t have to talk about it again.

Yong-san says their Dosan does not just lose to team Leader Han. Saha says he is not just losing, he is a super loser in comparison. Chulsan thinks that at least our Dosan has something better than Han. Saha tells him that he has nothing better. Nothing at all. 

They hit their heads on their table. Saha continues and says Money, school, connections, he is not better at all. The two yell that the heart is more important! Yong-san yells with his accent.

Saha says it is important but that important heart is separated into two. 50-50 separated by the letter love and the current love. How do you know which is true love? Both guys fret and hit their heads on the table again.




Dal-mi is walking around and remembers showing her appa her letters. She was so happy to get it. He is the same age as me, Nam Do-san. What a super cool name right?

She thinks about Dosan giving her his business card. And her following him to his office and giving him the plant then telling him that she is going to follow his steps and open her own business like him.

She remembers him telling her that they are in Sandbox and the when she told him that she wants to get lost on a ship with no sail. Remember? He kissed her then on the rooftop.

A tear falls. She is sitting in a subway. Dosan bursts in and sees her. There is barely anyone else around. He slowly walks up to her. He is also teary eyed. He kneels in front of her and holds her hand.

DS – Dalmi, please don’t cry.

He is crying and she is stoically crying.

DS – I wanted to end it with only listening to your wish. But one day was too good so I missed the chance to end it. *tears so many tears* If I could delay it one more day then I wanted to delay it until the end. I am sorry Dalmi.

DM – *stands up* Don’t say I’m sorry! You should say, I am Dosan. You shouldn’t say sorry. Then everything is not true. It all becomes lies.

DS – *stands as well* I am sorry.

DM – Was it fun? The fake letter. Looking at me happy like a dummy? I wanted to start my own business like you. I didn’t know myself. Where you having fun?

DS – It was difficult. You were looking at me and smiling and supporting me. It was so difficult because it was not 100% me. I wanted to be the person you wished, but it was so difficult.

DM – The person I wished? I don’t know who that person is.

She grabs her bag and walks away quickly. He is left standing there. He falls and cries on the ground. It looks like a really painful sob. A song plays.


The song continues playing when we see Halmoni at home. She tells someone on the phone that Dalmi came home safely. But they did not talk much because she is tired. Don’t worry she will be okay. Just rest.

She hangs up and looks off towards Dalmi’s room.

Ji-pyung hangs up his phone and hangs his head back on his couch. He stares off brows furrowed.

Dosan sits on the floor next to his bed and tries not to cry though the faucet is open, y’all. 

In her room, Dalmi thinks about the signed baseball and seeing Ji-pyung with the letter by the tree. She drops her head on the desk.

TITLE: DEMO DAY: An event by Start-Up’s to showcase their product and model to investors


Dalmi is awake early and is putting yellow tape on her halmoni’s door because it can get dangerous when her eyes get worse. Halmoni tells her that now is not the time to worry about her eyes. Dalmi says that’s right.

She leaves the house. Dosan is standing right outside the gate. She looks at him but then keeps walking. He walks behind her. So she stops and turns.

DM – Do you know what hurts me the most? I don’t know what is going on. It is difficult to see you. But I have to go to work and prepare for Demo day and NoonGil and work as if nothing happened. But I am not that good. That is why I look like this. Lets see each other at work for now.

She keeps walking. He doesn’t follow her.


The protests continue in front of the large company against In-jae. In-jae tells all the media people what to do involving this situation and walks up to the head protester.

The protester asks, how dare you come here? You brought reporters? Injae wants to talk to him a little bit. He says he has nothing to say. If you want to speak then speak to our manager. Injae asks where his manager is.

So he calls the manager and says that she brought reporters. Do-san’s father, Sung-whan turns around! So In-jae goes up to him to talk. 

IJ – Hello, I am the CEO of In-jae company, Won In-jae.

SW – i am Nam Sung-whan.

Everyone – She doesn’t have manners! She is the worst! I can’t believe her!


Sung-whan talks to the reporters and tells them to report everything fairly and not to omit anything. Injae gives him her company card. He takes it and starts to read the card and says that she made the program to reduce people.

IJ – We optimized human resources. 

SW – it is the same thing. You are a company that gets people fired.

He sees Sandbox on her car.

IJ – Yes, we are in Sandbox.

Man – What? Sandbox is where his son went in.

IJ – What? What is your sons name?

SW – Non of your business.

But he motions for them to go somewhere and chat. Everyone follows.

IJ – Is your son Samsan Tech Nam Dosan?

SW – Why are you wondering about that?

They wait for the elevator.

IJ – it is funny. Samsan Tech also has the same solution as us. But you are opposing it. Does your son know that you are protesting?

SW – *clears throat*

The elevator doors open. Sung-whan pretends to faint. The reporter catches him. He whispers to the reporter not to put this on TV, it should not be out. Then he pretends to faint again.

He is piggybacked into his living room by the other protester and laid on his couch. His wife asks what is going on? You should go to the hospital, not here! Her husband tells her that he is okay. Its fine.

She is worried and says that he is not okay! You never get sick! Lets go to the hospital! But he grabs her arm and gives her a wink. So she gets the message and tells the other two protest guys that it might not be good to go. 

Sung-whan tells them to go back to protesting. They don’t want to leave him. But he says that they should be there. Don’t tell anyone that I passed out. The wife assures them that he should be okay. Don’t worry.

So they shuffle out. The father sits up quickly, the wife asks what is going on What is with this performance? The appa tells her that this is big trouble. I might block Dosan’s future.




While Dosan is walking, Alex rides up on his segue, holding a cellphone that is blasting MONEY MONEY MONEY. He pulls right up to Dosan. Dosan is startled and tries to hop out of the way but it is clear that Alex wants him to hear this. We can see that the video he is playing is that crazy CODA acceptance that Dosan’s cousin made.

Dosan wants to know what is going on. Alex tells him that a crow is cawing so that means an important person is coming in Korea right? (But in Korea it should actually be a magpie that sings). 

Dosan tells him that it should be a magpie. A crow cawing means that it is unlucky. But I think both do not make any sense. He starts to walk away again. But Alex stops him and says he wants to talk to him, do you have any time?


Yoon tells Assistant manager Park Doong-chan that they need to have a demo day rehearsal. He stands and says he is working on that. But he also says that something bothers him. Do you remember one of the CEOs that committed suicide?

Yoon asks why? He continues and tells her that that person’s brother is in the 12th year. She asks who it is. He gives her a folder that she looks through. He asks if he is the brother, right? I don’t know the details because I wasn’t here, but why did that CEO kill themselves? I heard that it was not after demo day.

After a deep breath, Yoon says that the investors questions are very sharp and harsh. You know that. DC says that is true. It should be very hard for CEOs. It is hard as a third person watching it.

The camera cuts to Dalmi who is walking in Sandbox and sees a poster for Demo Day. She looks at it a moment and keeps walking.

Yoon voices over that that CEO and company were in a lot of trouble back then. He did not have enough endurance to survive. DC asks why the brother came in? I would not want to come here where the family member died. I would never want to come.

Yoon thinks about the person about to jump off the bridge and then jumping before she could get to him. She also thinks about the note that said revenge. So she tells DC that the family members might mistake that he died because of someone.


Alex meets with Dosan in a coffee shop to tell him about Silicon Valley. He wants to scout Dongsan as the headquarter engineer. Dosan does not look interested. He drinks his drink.

Alex – Of course I will treat you the best. $300k per year and stock incentive.

DS – Well, I don’t know.

Alex – Nam Dosan, we aer Tusto.

DS – We are Samsan Tech

Alex – *big sigh* Listen, as an engineer if you have one line in your resume that you worked at the Tusto headquarters then investors will line up to give you money. Whatever you do, I will invest in you. As a Tusto engineer, you can write a book and live off the royalties.

DS – I don’t want to go to America. My English is bad.

Alex – I am not talking about that. Do you put me on the same line as Won Doo-jung and worry about that? I am not that kind of person at all. i am not using you and giving you a low salary.

DS – I know, but I still don’t like it.

Alex – Listen, you can work for three years and then come back to Samsan Tech. Then Samsan Tech can fly.

DS – *checks watch* I have to go.

Alex – Are you not greedy at all? Don’t you have dreams?

DS – I have dreams.

Alex – I will realize your dreams!

He plays the CODA video and tells him that I will be your partner. You will make a lot of money. I will make you successful.

DS – Does success have to be a dream? Can it be a person?

Alex – What? A person? What person?

Cut to Dalmi walking up the hallway. She looks in the door to their office. The other employees are there. She tells herself that she can do it. I should do it. She ties her hair up and goes in pleasantly. She tells them that she is sorry she didn’t come to work yesterday.

The Samsan guys say it is fine! Fine! She asks to get morning coffee as an apology. They all tell her their choices of coffee so she says it bak and leaves to get it. The san guys wonder if she is okay.

At the door, Dosan comes in. There is an awkward moment. She tells him that she is going out for coffee, Mr. Dosan. You are americano-? He tells her yes. She nods and heads out.

Chulsan mutters that it is not okay at all. It is awkward. They hold each other. Saha tells them that it ended. Don’t you see that? Yongsan thinks it hasn’t ended. Dosan comes in and tells them a sad good morning, then sits to work.


At the river, Ji-pyung asks Halmoni how Dalmi is. Halmoni says she is not okay of course. She cried a lot last night. Her face looked horrible this morning and I thought, ah, what did I do? I started that to make her smile, but it was really all for me. Good lies are still lies.

At Sandbox, Dalmi stands in front of the copy machine. Halmoni voices over that there are no good lies. It will always hurt someone.

Dalmi goes back to the office. Everyone is talking about all this jargon that she does not know so she looks it up on her phone instead of joining them and asking. But she ends up leaving instead of joining them.

However, Chulsan sends her a message to ask where she is, its lunchtime. She tells him that she has a lunch meeting. You guys eat first.

She goes to eat alone at a restaurant. The owner asks her if she can sit off to the side because they have no seats. But then Ji-pung comes up and says he can sit with her. She stands up to leave. 

JP – I want you to hear. Even though it makes you uncomfortable. I want to tell you something.

DM – *sits again* What is it?

JP – You told me that you want me to be honest. There is something that you don’t know Seo Dalmi.

DM – More? 

JP – i am not in that good a relationship with Nam Dosan. Actually we hate each other. *gives her a water*

DM – Okay.

JP – But don’t be misunderstood. It started with me asking him. But he went to the networking party and gave you the business card and suggested that you become CEO of Samsan Tech was all done by Nam Dosan.

Their food comes so he starts to eat.

DM – I have a question for you.

JP – What?

DM – The kalgooksu. Do you really go to that country town and eat it every week?

JP – *pauses* No, what you bought for me was the first time.

DM – *sighs* I shouldn’t have done it.

JP – It is not meddling. I liked it. (or I like you?). I did not expect to say this looking at the food. *he looks at her* I like you Seo Dalmi. I just wanted to be honest. Not to give you stress. That is just my emotions. I am not asking for your answer so just ignore it. Because of this we avoid each other. I don’t like it. Eat. Lets eat. Also, the kalgooksu you bought was really good.

He eats. She looks at him eating. Then she starts to eat.


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