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Start-Up Actor Kim Seon Ho Offered Role in Upcoming Korean Drama Link

Kim Seon Ho Offered Role in Upcoming Korean Drama Link

Kim Seon-ho is turning a lot of heads recently with his brilliant performances in Start-Up and Catch That Ghost and has been offered a lead role in Korean drama Link, which will air on tvN.

Link is a fantasy romance as well as a mystery. It follows the story of a chef who sets up a restaurant in a small town where his sister went missing 20 years prior. One day, he suddenly starts to experience a range of emotions from spontaneously crying one moment to laughing the next (um, time to leave that town?). It turns out that these are the emotions of a woman named Noh Da-hyun whom I’m guessing has yet to be cast. It does not seem like this is his missing sister.

To this I say, yes! This sounds amazing for him. He has shown that he has a range of comedic talent and can turn a happy moment to a somber heartfelt one in an instant, but this drama would appear to draw that out the feeels even more in his backstory alone. Missing sister? Twenty years of pain? Moves to the town she went missing? Spontaneous emotions burst? Yes! I expect to see at least 5 single tear drops, one pensive rain moment, and perhaps a drinking living room scene.

But back to the guessing. My guess is that this mystery woman knows something about his missing sister’s case. She should also be the love interest, right? But, is she alive or dead? Is she a Ghost? Should he …. Catch That Ghost? Perhaps she’s an empath? Can empaths throw their emotions into other people? That is something I know nothing about. If anyone knows then let me know in the comments.

Link is created by the writer who created Suspicious Partner and I Remember You (also known as Hello Monster). I did not see Suspicious Partner but I did hear rave reviews about it. I did see Hello Monster and loved it. This is coming from a person who avoids scary things, y’all. If you want to see a serial killer drama with comedy and heart, then check that out.

The writer is partnering once again with director Noh Sang-hoon who she worked on with Hello Monster. I love that pairing because Hello Monster was gorgeous to watch and only added to my reasons for liking that show.

Kim Seon-ho’s agency SALT Entertainment commented that he is looking over the script favorably but wants to focus on his current drama Start-Up. Yes, we know, we are all preparing ourselves for that fifteen year coming heartbreak. Hopefully, once he picks himself up off the 2nd lead floor, he can hop into Han Ji-pyeong’s Mercedes and drive right back into lead status with this show.

Link is set to air in the first half of 2021 on tvN.


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