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How to Start a KDrama or Kpop Blog in 3 Easy Steps: The Super Simple Guide

How To Easy Start Kdrama Kpop Blog Beginner
Okay, let me guess: you love watching dramas, you love reading about dramas, and you write enough comments that you should probably be writing about dramas too, right? I bet you are that person that has the best insight on the Soompi forums or Dramabeans posts; the kind of insight where people are like, “Wow, I didn’t think of it that way…”

Or maybe you are that person who doesn’t comment a lot, maybe at all, but reads all the comments and would love to have a space to write all your feels into one lengthy insight filled post.

What ever type of Kdrama lover you are, I am going to guess that you’ve thought about combining your love of dramas and your lovely drama insight into a place to share your mind with the world.

DO IT. #rightnow (don’t worry, I’m here to help).

Put everything on hold for the next 10-15 minutes and follow these three easy steps below and you will be up and running with your own Korean drama blog in no time.

Okay, let’s do this!

Disclaimer: Thank you for reading this part! Please note that some of the links below are affiliate links and we will earn a commission if you purchase through those links. This helps us pay for our server which keeps us up and running. We have used all of the items mentioned and highly recommend them because they are very useful and are from companies that we trust. Okay, let’s get on to creating your site!


    #1. Domain Name and Hosting
    #2. Login to WordPress
    #3. Making it Look Like Gong Yoo on a summer day (a.k.a Making it Pretty)

Psst…we explain all that lingo in The Ultimate Guide to Starting a KDrama or KPop Site and we also go into amazing detail as to why Bluehost is the perfect host for growing your site. They are really the best.

Okay, so what do you want your site to be called?

This part is super fun so don’t think toooooo hard about it.

Just think of something catchy that is easy to remember and spell. We suggest brainstorming about 5-10. Let’s try…

Dramagrlz4-eva? Hell to the no….LoveMeSomeKdramasYall? Interesting, but kind of long…DramaLamma? Hmm, cute and really catchy…DramaMilk? Ooh, I kind of like DramaMilk, it sounds happy and nourishing. Let’s go with that one! (*Update: I loved it so much that I bought it! Hello podcast name! See how fun this is?*){*New Update: It’s official, we’re rebranding to Drama Milk! Okay, now let’s pull up our bootstraps and get you started on YOUR kickass blog so we can all have fun together!}

Once you’ve thought of a few names, head to Bluehost and click “Get Started Now.” Don’t panic, it is just a button that wants to be pressed.

step by step Kpop Kdrama blog website

After that, an image will pop up showing the different plan levels. I would suggest picking the basic plan because you can always upgrade (that’s what we did). Remember, don’t panic, it is also just a button that wants to be pressed.

step by step Kpop Kdrama blog website

The next stage is the domain name. Enter one of the domains that you brainstormed into the section that says “new domain.” If you are the type of person who is indecisive about naming things (hello, me) then you can skip this part. Bluehost will give you a domain credit to use later. But, if you have the perfect name then enter it now.

step by step Kpop Kdrama blog website

The next stage is putting in your basic information, choosing a package, and entering your payment. I suggest the basic plan for 12 months which isn’t the best deal in the long term but will save you money in the short term (does that make sense?). When I was first starting out, I told myself that I would give myself one trip around the sun to see if blogging was for me, so I recommend the 12-month package to everyone.

step by step Kpop Korean website

After you put in your payment information, the next step is to enter your password. You know you have one that you love to use everywhere…yeah, don’t use that one. Pick a unique one, but one that you will remember at the drop of a hat because Bluehost Help asks for the last 4 digits whenever you chat with them. So if your password is “IlOvEgOnGyOo4EvA” then Bluehost Help will want “4EvA” to confirm that you are the rightful owner of this site before they start spitting their knowledge at you.

step by step Kpop Korean website

step by step Kpop Kdrama blog website

And Wa-La! You now have a host and domain! You are Official! Woo Hoo!!!


Okay, Bluehost has made this ridiculously simple. You basically just log in. Yep.

step by step Kpop Kdrama blog website

After that, you pick a theme. Don’t get super critical here. Just pick any theme because you will (and I mean will) change it later; that’s just the nature of site building and getting your feet wet. There is just so much pretty out there, y’all.

step by step Kpop Kdrama blog website

Did you pick your theme? Hopefully you did and aren’t still thinking about it to the depths of despair. Don’t do that to yourself, yet (do it to yourself later). Once you pick a theme (that you will throw away), a new screen pops up that says All Done (Whoo Hoo! You did it!).

step by step Kpop Kdrama blog website

Go ahead and click on “Start Building,” which will take you to your gorgeous dashboard, aka building blocks, of your site. Pick Business or Personal (note: you can pick business, even if you don’t have one, it’s okay).

step by step Kpop Kdrama blog website

Did you do that? Congratulations! Launch your site!

step by step Kpop Kdrama blog website

step by step Kpop Kdrama blog website

Now you can write your first content-filled post, start looking around what’s available in WordPress, or theme hunting.

Now is the super fun, super time consuming, super hair pulling part: Making your KDrama or KPop site look good!

We recommend using this time to pick an Idol-worthy theme. Something that reflects you as if it is your home and you are inviting friends over for dinner (because it kind of is your online home and you kind of are inviting people over to hang out there).

There are sooooo many WordPress themes out there, y’all. It could literally take you weeks to find one that works for you. When I was looking for the theme for Bah+Doo I think I stayed up looking for one all night long for 3 days straight and still didn’t find one I loved until I found the Olsen theme by CSS Igniter. I wasted so much money that I’m still upset about. Here is the Olsen theme below by CSS Igniter.

step by step Kpop Kdrama blog website

CSS Igniter has a lot of great themes. I suggest starting with a free theme and not buying any theme until you have lived with a free one for awhile and want to upgrade to a paid theme. I did that with The Olsen theme. I first used their free version, loved it, then upgraded to their paid version, which has a lot more options.

I have an entire post planned for theme building and the best theme for a Kdrama or Kpop blog, but I don’t want to get into all that here. This post is supposed to get you started creating, so I will keep it very straightforward.

1. Go to Appearance in your dashboard and click on themes
2. Search through all the free themes available. I suggest themes that cater to fashion bloggers, food bloggers, or design bloggers because they support image heavy content (hello recapping)
3. Click activate on any free theme that strikes your fancy
4. Launch your site and start creating content!

step by step Kpop Kdrama blog website

And you’re done! Whoo Hoo! The world ain’t ready!


I can’t just leave you hanging just in case you have a million and one questions (which you will even if you don’t think you will). I suggest using Bluehost Help with any questions you may have. I use their chat very often and they are always responsive. If you do get a chat person that doesn’t know what the heck you are talking about (rare, but it happens), just wait 5-10 minutes and try again. A new chat person will probably be able to help you (note: Google search is also your friend).

Here is how you access Bluehost’s chat help.

Go to Bluehost and click on chat (in the banner at the very top)

step by step Kpop Kdrama blog website

Input your information in the pop-up window.

step by step Kpop Kdrama blog website

A new window will pop up. Input your topic (most likely “Tech Support”), the description will probably be “Website Issues, WordPress, and other CMS” and give a detailed explanation of your problem (ie. “I don’t know how to launch my newly made website” or “I don’t know how to apply a theme” or “I think I just erased everything. Can you help me?”)

step by step Kpop Kdrama blog website

After you fill out everything, the chat window will pop up with a Bluehost person already logged in or a wait time for the next available person. This is where you will talk to the help team. They are open 24/7 and are always very polite, so don’t be afraid to chat with them.

Okay, that is my secret sauce: Bluehost Chat. Bluehost chat is also the reason that I love Bluehost so much. I know nothing about websites or website creating or anything so Google search and Bluehost chat were the two male leads fighting over my attention.

In fact, I would say that Google is like the 1st male lead that gives you a hard time until you figure out that their heart is in the right place (and has been in the right place all along, they just need a person to love, y’all!) and Bluehost Chat is that 2nd male lead that can do no wrong and is always there for you (but your heart is inexplicable with the 1st male lead that leads you on and takes your cookies).

Okay, that is all you need to know to get started on creating your fabulous idol worthy KDrama blog. I hope this post has been really helpful and helps you create your site today! Have fun in Dramaland!

The Ultimate Guide to Starting a KDrama or KPop Blog

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  1. January 24, 2018 / 8:34 am

    Wow…I nice informative read!
    I started my blog with WordPress which is a very easy tool and also comes up with a multitude of themes and designs. i have yet to take an independent domain.

    • V
      January 24, 2018 / 8:54 am

      Thank you! WordPress.com is definitely the way to go for no hassle creating. I started with WordPress.com too. But then I got so annoyed that I couldn’t use the particular plugins that I wanted to use! That is when I changed to Bluehost and WordPress.org and I love it.

      • JY299
        January 25, 2018 / 12:57 am

        Haha! Yeah, Jae Suk was totally egging him on to take out Jihyo in that episode of Running Man. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5nRk0ofXmoM (never thought he was actually capable of taking her out that way LOL)

        Gong Yoo – what can I say about that swoony guy who’s probably the least typical swoony actor around. Ok, what can I say that will not trigger angry attacks by legions of his fans (though I am a fan myself) : he is an acquired taste, definitely not vanilla in terms of looks, not “aww” cute but he has that one thing that eludes many stars, even the drop dead gorgeous ones – character. Makes you think there is far more there than a pretty face.

        Ok, end of fan swoon 😛

        LOL, I like So Ji Sub as well, Lee Seung Gi too and mostly for the same reason – not straight out gorgeous, but has the appeal of having character haha!

        • V
          January 25, 2018 / 5:21 am

          I love So Ji Sub too. I it was a mistake watching MiSa though. That drama destroyed me.

          • JY299
            January 25, 2018 / 7:03 am

            Thanks for the heads up, am making a note not to watch it. It’s for the same reason I’m avoiding Something happened in Bali, even the remake. Especially since the news seems to be So Ji Sub is slated to be in the remake.

            • V
              January 25, 2018 / 8:10 am

              NEVER WATCH IT. I give everyone that warning. I haven’t watch Something Happened in Bali yet, but I did spoil myself and watched the ending and yeah, don’t watch that one either.

  2. chogyu
    June 6, 2018 / 4:41 am

    Really Nice article there, thumbs up. I have a question regarding all this recaps and news blogs. Can we use images of dramas and stuff to show recaps easily? I mean what about the copyrights issues?

    • V
      June 6, 2018 / 6:33 am

      I think Dramafever might have a problem with shows that they license, they were on the rampage for awhile, but I don’t think anyone else (Viki, On Demand Korea, etc) has a problem with anyone using screen caps for recapping drama’s. The only issue we ever had was with KBS. They asked us to remove some screen-capped images of Fight for My Way from our Facebook page.

  3. Andie
    July 15, 2018 / 12:18 pm

    Hello, thank you so much for this and the accompanying article! I appreciate your willingness to share this information and help others. I am curious to know if you use a snipping/screenshot tool. I very much like the images and captures you share here and on your Instagram and the way you do the layout with nice fonts etc. So if you have any advise to give on this subject I would love to hear it :). Thanks again, I enjoy your recaps!

  4. April 6, 2019 / 3:28 am

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