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Song Ha-yoon part III: Song Ha-yoon or So Ha-yoon? (so 소=cow)

Song Hayoon interview part 3

Our first interview is up since our move! Many more to come. But just to let you know, these posts will most likely be sporadic. Part 3 of Song Ha-yoon’s interview is below. Part 1 and part 2 were done forever ago. You can click on our interview link to see them as well as all of the other interviews we have done over here.

Also, we probably won’t be able to do a live recap for a couple of weeks. We decided to take a vacation right after moving so there’s that. I’m actually putting this up while on vacation (because I love it). We’re in Vancouver right now. If anyone knows of any great spots to check out then let us know! I absolutely LOVE Vancouver.

Song Ha-yoon or “So Ha-yoon? (so 소=cow)
Sports Chosun | May 27, 2017 | Translated By Bah+Doo
Originally written by Choi Bo-ran, ran613@sportschosun.com

Song Ha-yoon “So Ha-yoon? (so 소=cow) I am happy compared to when I didn’t have any work to do”

Actress Song Ha-yoon is posing at a café at Sam-chung dong, Seoul before the interview. “My Daughter, Geum Sa-wol” is a drama about houses, the base of human life; the protagonist Geum Sa-wol is building a dream house over a completely destroyed family due to revenge and hate. Song Ha-yoon played the character Oh-wol in the drama.

Actress Song Ha-yoon (30) is a prolific actress. She is even called “So Ha-yoon” (so 소= cow) because she works as hard as a cow.

On the 7th, during the final interview for the MBC weekend drama “My daughter, Gum Sa-wol” with Sports Chosun, Song Ha-yoon said she worked nonstop for the last 3 years since she had an exclusive contract with JYP Entertainment.

She busted out laughing when she heard the nick name “So Ha-yoon”, “I worked all the time since I joined JYP 3 years ago. I didn’t rest more than a week. Especially, after the drama “Gum Sa-wol”, even Park Jin-young PD told me ‘Good job.’

Song Ha-yoon said, “For example if I have more than 10 days between jobs, the company tells me “You can do some one-act drama”. Even during a drama, I also do a one-act drama if I have time. Recently, the longest vacation I took was visiting Bali for 5 days before “Gum Sa-wol”.

When we asked her “Doesn’t your company make you work too hard?” Song Ha-yoon confessed the truth, “Before I joined JYP, I only did one or two projects a year. So when I signed the contract, I told the company, ‘I want to work a lot, till my bones break’”

“When I told the company ‘I want to take a break’ then they told me ‘You said you want to work continuously, right?’” She made us laugh when she said she caused it.

Song Ha-yoon continued, “When I feel tired, I think about when I had no work. I tell myself ‘I am tired’ then I ask myself ‘What are you thinking about now?’

The 120 episode drama, “In Still Green Days” was followed by the 51 episode drama “My daughter Gum Sa-wol”. She should be tired and take a break since she did two long dramas back to back.

When we asked her, “What did you want to do after finishing the drama?” Song Ha-yoon said, “I still want to act. I am not fully recovered yet, but I want to stay in the shoot. The atmosphere on set is different from a normal atmosphere. I still want to stay there.” She showed her burning desire for acting.


SOURCE Sports Chosun

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  1. rnia93
    August 14, 2017 / 8:08 pm

    Wow.. So ha yoon ?… She is really hard at work but it’s better I guess because she is happy with many work… Very admirable, our sulhee.. ?

    • V
      August 17, 2017 / 9:01 am

      Right, I didn’t realize she basically worked non stop!

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