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Song Ha-yoon Arena Magazine Interview: The More You Know

Song Ha Yoon Magazine Interview

Song Ha-yoon (송하윤) continues to delight in her first Arena Magazine interview after the drama Fight for My Way ended. Y’all, I didn’t realize how much I missed the Fantastic Four until I read this interview. If anyone has any Fantastic Four interview you want translated then hit us up!

INTERVIEW: The More You Get to Know Song Ha-yoon
ARENA Magazine / On August 07, 2017 / Translated by: Bah+Doo

She is like an onion. She was full of unexpected charms.

“I like tranquility and serenity, so I like to walk, look at the sky, drink tea, and get aromatherapy. I shop alone and eat alone.”

She spoke clearly while blinking her big eyes. Unlike the shy Baek Sul-hee in [Fight for My Way], she goes against my expectations, she spoke calmly and clearly. She clearly knew who she was and what she wants to say. She was full of self-assurance. So, Song Ha-yoon talked about Song Ha-yoon. I could see her solid mind from her experiences when she said she internally accumulates all the energy she wants to express to the world. It was quite unexpected. It is rare to find that kind of person. I realized that the reason she is being loved recently is not only because of her looks and luck. Well, she is a pretty actress in many aspects.

“Believing the power of words? Like when you say it is difficult and hard, it becomes more difficult and hard, I experienced that when I say I am happy, then I become happier. People’s perception of themselves is changed as well. Also, a cheering word I tell others leads the life toward a better direction. It is the power that keeps me standing straight.”

At the beginning of Fight for My Way, Sul-hee was a stereotypical female character who was looking for pure love. I had a kind of prejudice on her, but episodes after episodes, I was able to empathize with her more. When I saw the scene when she was saying ‘Ju-man is not only a boyfriend, but he is my entire world,’ I realized that she was a character that people who had experienced love can empathize with, she is not a stereotypical character.

When you look at Sul-hee on the surface, she is a stereotypical character that you can find in any other drama who is looking for pure love, but when you look at her more carefully, she is a very peculiar character, including how she speaks as well. As soon as I received the synopsis, I recognized it and thought, ‘She is not a simple character.’ After I read everything, I cried because I understood Sul-hee, what she had in her. I think Sul-hee’s character exemplifies the past and memory that everyone shares in common. People don’t realize it at that time, but find part of them and say ‘Ah, I was like that as well’ after watching Sul-hee. I think that is why a lot of people cried together with her, comforted her, and cheered her.

I agree. That is why some people secretly wished for Sul-hee’s part to become more important. When someone says my goal is to be a good mom or dad like Sul-hee, people think it is old-fashioned (or uncool). Do you know why?

We have ‘Hurry hurry’ culture. I think people are immersed in work to erase (or forget) their pain and stress, also they live only for their happiness. On the other hand, Sul-hee lives a little slower than others. For example, she said, ‘I don’t think everyone in the world should work hard for self-improvement. It is not the end of the world if I live only for my family. That doesn’t make me less of a person then you all.’ Sul-hee is a character who walks slowly, observes things carefully, and puts value on them.

When I read your past interviews, I saw you say that you are fully immersed in a character in real life, did you have a hard time acting?

It was the hardest when I was shooting episode 12. In the drama, Sul-hee appeared to give up everything and being numb after breaking up with Joo-man, but while shooting, I couldn’t even read the script. I am about to cry now…

I have to get over it. (laugh). At that time, I was tearing up even when I just said, ‘Joo-man,’ the director and staff members soothed me with saying, “It’s okay, okay.”

Not only for Sul-hee but if you are immersed in all of your characters, doesn’t it make your life hard? Your real self is abandoned in your house and you live a different life.

That is true… but it was a little different this time. Previously, when I go back home after shooting, I use to think a lot about, ‘Who am I?’ I spent time with the character, but I couldn’t spend much time with myself, Song Ha-yoon. I tried to live with an empty mind because I thought I would leak my energy if I spent my emotions for myself. I don’t laugh even if something is fun and I don’t cry when I am sad. I accumulate all of my emotions and release it when I act. I think Sul-hee snuck up on me even before the role was confirmed (note: or the character was formed), as soon as I read the synopsis. Maybe because of that, it wasn’t hard for me this time. It was a special experience. After the shoot, one of my childhood friends called me and said, “I think you were really Sul-hee this time. You never told me you are having a hard time. Usually, when you start a new role, you tell me you are having a hard time, you are lonely, but you looked happy.” I cried in the drama, but I wasn’t sad or depressed at all in real life.

What do you do to get over the character (direct translation: take off the character) after the drama finishes airing?

I don’t force it. When I was younger, I hung out with my friends or cried a lot, but those were not good methods. Now I accumulate the feelings, emotions, and aftertaste that I experience in the last couple of months in my mind and prepare myself to express myself more fully in the next roles. I think that is the better way for me. To fully absorb Song Ha-yoon’s emotions and naturally move on to the next project…

Maybe because of that, whenever you take new roles, your acting becomes firmer. You are more resolute as well.

That is quite a compliment. (laughs)

You had a very difficult time before. You didn’t have any work for 2 years since 2009. I heard you considered quitting acting, how did you overcome it?

It was cruel to me, but I reviewed all my previous projects. It was a very difficult thing to do, but the more I reviewed my previous projects, the more I realized my problems and why I didn’t have offers anymore. It was a moment of pointing fingers to myself, not to others while saying “Why do other people get offers easily and not me?”

Was that the moment of taking the bull by the horns?

I realized that all the problems are from me. Then reviewed all my previous work and of course, the reason was me. That was the moment that I realized my shortcomings. It was the most difficult 2 years of my life, but also it was the most valuable time as well. After that, my personality and propensity changed a lot. I walk more, think more, and most importantly, I learned how to live empty minded without expressing my peculiar feelings to others. For example, when I am very happy, I tell myself “Ha-yoon, suppress it suppress it,” then I hold back my heightened feelings. When I hold back and don’t express my feelings and take them out at the next project, I could express all the human feelings. After more experience, I could think something like this, ‘This is the moment I should play with these.’ Like when you are sad it feels good if you cry, but after two or three times later you won’t have tears anymore. It is convenient for acting when I accumulate my feelings. Maybe this is because I don’t have good acting skills. I never formally trained for acting as well.

An iron hand in a velvet glove!

I hear that often.

You hear often that you look young for your age. You are 32 years old now… how is it? Is it similar to what you expected before of your 30-year-old self?

It is very different from what I expected before. Back then I thought I couldn’t survive, I am doing better than I expected. The biggest changes I experienced after being 30 years old, I start to believe the power of words? Like if someone says it is so difficult when they are having a hard time, then it becomes harder, when I say I am happy, I become happier. How others look at me also changed as well. I think one cheering word to others leads our life to a better direction. I guess it gives me the strength to stand on my two feet.

What do you do when you don’t act?

I like tranquility and serenity, so I like to walk, look at the sky, drink tea, and get aromatherapy. I shop alone and eat alone. I play with my dog at home or try to spend time with my parents. When people are high (note: feel good and happy), they make mistakes. Because they are high, they needlessly make mistakes. I always work in a high (happy/lively) environment because of my occupation, I try to be tranquil and calm in order not to be shaken as an actress. It is a place with a lot of attention and support. While playing Sul-hee, I knew I had a lot of support and love. But when I hear them, I try not to be too excited by saying something like “Is that so?” For my next project, my job requires to deal with emotions, so maintaining composure is very important.

Are you stable internally?

I maintain my stability by trying hard.

Song Ha Yoon Arena Interview

Song Ha Yoon Arena Interview

Song Ha Yoon Magazine Interview

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