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Son Yejin wrapped Filming in Switzerland

Crash landed Love shooting locations travel Switzerland shoots
Crash Landed Love (Emergency Love Landing) Switzerland shoots, image Son Yejin

Son Yejin posted a couple shots of Switzerland on her Instagram. She was there recently with Hyun Bin filming for their new drama that has not settled on a name yet, but it is going by Crash Landed Love (or the straight translation Emergency Love Landing) as of now. I like that name because it is easy to say and matches the ridiculousness of the drama premise which is of an heiress in South Korea crash landing in her hang glider (or something) in North Korea and then falling in love with a North Korean soldier as he hides her from the government and helps her get back to the south.

These two photos she posted, as well as the shots that a local took in Switzerland, really make me want to see Switzerland and this drama at the same time. Also, are they saying that parts of North Korea look like Switzerland? I heard it was very mountainous there.

Or perhaps, did our couple meet in Switzerland before she crash landed in North Korea, thus cementing the soldiers will to help her? Did she crash land in North Korea to see him? Was she that smitten in Switzerland? Whatever the case, it really does not matter because I will be watching anyway. I am ready for straight drama fluff in my life.

Crash landed Love (aka Emergency Love Landing aka Love’s Emergency Landing) will premiere tentatively in November of this year. It will air Saturdays & Sundays at 21:00 on tvN

Crash landed Love shooting locations travel Switzerland shoots
Crash Landed Love Switzerland shoots, image Son Yejin


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