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Sneak Peak: Cue the Drumroll Please Because We Have a Book!

Romantic comedy books like Korean Dramas on Kindle Unlimited

Y’all, Y’ALL, we mentioned we were working on a book in a few recap posts, but now it is time to scream from the rafters: We Have A Booooook!

I just need to go through final edits to try and get all those pesky spelling and grammar mistakes which I’ll be doing this week. But I think this is worth celebrating with y’all now! (We definitely drank a little bubbly last night to commemorate the occasion).

So, as many of you know we have been trying to eliminate ads on our site and have tried several different methods to accomplish it over the years. They were all various levels of success, nothing to write home about, but you know moderately successful in that they were worth trying.

Well a few of my friends have tried self-publishing and have had a good amount of success going that route, so since I like to write, I thought I would try and write a romantic comedy with a lot of the tropes we have come to love from Kdramas, Hallmark movies, and those swoon worthy romances from the 80s/90s (You had me at hello….le sigh).

My friends suggested using a pen name so I picked Elle Weston. Elle was my fake going out name I used when I was a young sprite (you know that name your friends call you so that guys won’t know your real name) and Weston because we live in the west (i.e. America), I added the “-ton” part to be fancy and because it reminded me of this fun posh shopping neighborhood we love.

Y’all, I am so excited, we have an entire book series planned of four friends who all find love in the least expected of places. It is going to be multicultural and crazy and tons of fun, I am so excited! First up is Emma Daniels!


Emma Daniels is a workaholic buyer for a top art gallery in LA. Her current goal, fly to Vancouver to purchase a well sought after painting by Haesung Hill for her demanding boss’s Women in Art exhibit. Emma thinks its a lucky trip because she can surprise her long-distance boyfriend with a visit.

Henry Hill is an acclaimed artist who might not work as hard as he should. Just ask his Mom, Haesung Hill, who Henry is currently avoiding. But Henry’s bills are about to be due which means – time to actually sell a painting. Luckily, he has a client lined up in Vancouver.

When their luggage gets switched at the airport, Emma’s well-organized day becomes a mad dash to meet HH (ie. Henry), swap back, and hurry to her auction. 

Only, things go haywire from jump street when she catches her boyfriend cheating at the restaurant she meets Henry. One viral slap, a high flying flip over a rental car, and a concussion later, sends Henry and Emma to the hospital and saddled with a doctor’s order: you must keep him awake for 6 hours.

Now reluctantly attached at the hip and internet famous, Emma and Henry have to work together to get to Henry’s meeting on one side of Vancouver and to Emma’s auction on the other without tearing each other’s heads off. Of course, they definitely won’t fall in love.

Our Cover!!!

Sticking to Emma Daniels a fun Korean Drama-esque Book on Kindle Unlimited
You can pre-order here for $2.99!

Ahhhhhh, I love it! If you would like to follow along on this self publishing journey then you can subscribe to our author newsletter RIGHT HERE. We probably won’t send the newsletter out until we have something big to share (like a sneak peak of our next book which is tentatively titled: Running into Jade Song, eep!).

This book will be available on Kindle Unlimited which means that you can read the entire thing for free (well, with your Kindle Unlimited membership which is $9.99/month).

We plan on having all of our books in this series available on Kindle Unlimited because that is a win-win for everyone if you already have a subscription. We will still get paid because Kindle offers authors 0.0045¢ per page flip.

If you would like to support by purchase it then you can! Right now the book is up on Amazon for pre-order at $2.99. That link is RIGHT HERE! We plan on raising the price to $4.99 after it is published (which will be July 28th, eep!).

Y’all, we are SO EXCITED on this new venture. I am writing book 2 as we speak and hope to release that one at the end of August! If all goes well then say goodbye to the ads on our site!!!! If things start to go really well then say hello to new contributors that we can actually pay a salary to! (We would love that so much.)

All this week we plan on releasing chapter sneak peeks inside the book starting at chapter one. So expect a new chapter a day leading up to release day which is Tuesday, July 28th!

See you tomorrow for a Chapter One sneak peek!

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  1. July 20, 2020 / 10:55 am

    Congratulations 🥳🥳🥳

    • V
      July 20, 2020 / 11:04 am

      I AM SO EXCITED!!! I need to figure out how to give away a free book on Amazon to readers for giveaways and stuff. Walking into unchartered territory here!

  2. Sebba
    July 20, 2020 / 11:53 am

    Wishing you the very best of success!

    • V
      July 20, 2020 / 8:33 pm

      Thank you, Sebba! Hopefully everything goes well! 😘😘😘

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