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Sketch Live Recap Episode 4

Episode 4 Live Recap for the Korean drama (Kdrama) Sketch starring Jung Ji-hoon (Rain), Lee Dong-gun, Lee Sun-bin, and Jung Jin-young
The team used several sketches to find the painter’s house where everything happened in the last episode. Then our two main male leads fought for what felt like for-e-ver. Just when I thought they would both call a truce, they started fighting some more. And that is where we left off in the last episode.

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Airing Time: June 2nd, 23:00 Seoul, jtbc
How to Watch: Dramafever

Countdown: TODAY…updates on twitter

DS and Dj are both on the floor as if the sketch came to life. But they both pop up and start fighting each other. It’s a super fight!

They living room gets destroyed as both men trade punches and flips back and forth.

More punches!

More kicks!

Some leg position fighting!

Then DS gets kicked in the head and they both fall to the ground panting.

They stare at each other for a moment, then they get back at it.

Cut to a little bit later. DS is on the ground panting. DJ is standing with a gun to his head. Flashback to DJ talking ont he phone to TJ. TJ lets him know that he won’t be able to kill the CEO today. Today he needs to kill a man who is going to try to catch him.

DJ holds the gun to DS’s head and releases all the bullets from it. They all fall to the ground.

DJ – One time, I will give you a break this one time becasue of prosecutor JS. but even if JS comes back to life and is standing in front of me, I will kill you.
DS – Why did you kill JS, tell me you A-hole.

But DJ just leaves without telling him anything. DS rolls over panting and trying to catch his breath. SH gets to the scene. DS tells her that it wasn’t blood, her sketch was still right. The one that killed JS was here, right in front of me, I couldnt’ do anything.

SH tells him to put down his gun first. he stands up and gives it to her. He tells her that it is okay for her not to help him, but if you try to stop him, then I will step on you and move on (he will step on anyone).

TJ asks DJ why he didn’t finish DS. You don’t trust me? Why didn’t you kill him? DJ says he does not know. he also avoids talking about it. TJ says that he background checked DS. DS took on a case where he rescued JS instead of that bad guy. If he rescued the bad guy that day, then your wife would not have died. DJ says that is scary that the law of causation caused that. If he stops him now, then he will kill him.

TJ made a place for DJ to stay, he does not want him to stay at his home now since they know his ID. DJ takes the diary, it is all he needs.
DS gets to Dj’s house and sees a huge fire raging inside. No one was hurt, but they need to extinguish the fire first.

SH meets with the bad CEO in the hospital. he is in the hospital bed and tells SH that she is too pretty to be a police officer. SH smiles and says that she hears that sometimes. Then she starts to ask him questions about threatening the doctor about the new drug. CEO laughs and tells her that he does not know what he knows, but this is all a misunderstanding. Just catch the criminal. She basically tells him to expect his thing to be caught as well.

The sketch team all talk about what is happening. They think this other person who is one step ahead of them is also good. The conversation changes to the CEO and his possible plans, but we don’t hear what they talk about and instead cut right to the CEO talking to one of his henchmen.

The CEO looks at a lot of cases that involve DS and DJ. he comes to the conclusion that DS and DJ are related interwovenly. From his experiece, a person with nothing to lose it the most dangerous. Somehow DJ knew everything, it will be hard to buy off a guy like him because he is sure that he is the criminal. He thinks he is doing sacred work, someone like him will never stop until he dies. Therefore, they need to see blood first. But they shouldn’t get their own hands wet.
KT meets with DS and talks about DJ. He is like a Rambo type guy, the kind of guy you only see in the movies. He then brings up the CEO guy from that company and tells DS that he wants to see him.

DS gets in his car and calls someone (maybe the CEO).

In the sketch office, JH thinks they need a search warrant for DS. But the other team members aren’t so sure. They think DS should quit the police and go to jail. JH says it is better than having him kill someone, so they need to pick the best option out of those two options. JH gets a call at that moment. It is from internal investigations and they are calling him in for a meeting.

A man sits at a table eating soup and pouring himself soju. TH shows up at the meeting with this man, it is TJ and he tells TH that it is nice to meet him, sunbae.

DS visits the CEO and sits with him. the CEO thanks him for the help and wants to shake his hand. DS just looks at his hand and asks him what he wants to say. The CEO pulls his hand away and says he looked into DS and DJ, it appears like they have a relationship. What will you do with him? An enemies enemy is my friend right? Let’s help each other. Let me ask you a question. Do you have any plan or idea for catching DJ? I have one.

DJ wants to know what the plan is.

The CEO tells him that he won’t reveal everything, but it will be good for the both of them. DS says he wants to hold his hand, but it smells so bad so he doesn’t want to. the CEO tells him that he is not a bad guy. DS tells it to him straight, you look like poop and you smell like poop so you are poop. He leaves.

The CEO says they need to move to plan B.

TH and TJ talk. The investigation team is the scariest in their office, so he wont’ drink. They haven’t spoken like this in 5 years. TJ asks for the girls name, Shi-hyun, is she still working for you? I hear a lot of things in my position whether I want to or not. Do you still think you could have saved your daughter if you saw the sketch a little earlier?

JH takes a drink. he asks Tj if he called him to talk about the past.

Tj asks if JH heard about DS. they had a report that DS threatened the CEO. Don’t ever think about protecting DS, you might get hurt.

YS thinks that the internal investigation is moving so that means they know something about DS. She looks for SH, SH is on the ground sketching another drawing. While sketching, she looks away, the pen just works on its own. YS stands by her a she sketches and looks at the sketch closer when it starts to fully materialize. She looks concerned at this latest sketch.

The Nabi chief comes back in and tells JH about the latest sketch.

Cut to JH walking to SH. SH is sitting and said that this day has come. JH opens the sketch and sees SH’s death drawn out.
The sexual assaulter is in jail and talking to his hyung on the outside. They talk through the screen. His hyung looks like a gangster and asks the criminal if he trusts him. Then hyung walks away. Someone on the outside asks if he is the brother. If he loses this chance to get his brother out, then he will be in jail forever. he can take his mental exam somewhere else. This is the route that we will take.

It looks like this is a jail break plan that DJ and/or Tj might be planning behind the scenes.

Cut to DJ’s new place. TJ is talking to him in it about the CEO. TJ had a new vision, they can take care of the criminal and the CEO together. DJ is very interested.

Elsewhere, the hyung thug thinks even with good lawyers his little brother will have a 20 year sentence. He wants to break his brother out. hyung says his mother had spleen cancer and told him to take care of his brother. What he did wrong is not important to him, the important thing is that he is his brother. Understand? The assistant says yes and apologizes for questioning him.

DS watches them.

YS thinks one of the sketches might be a jail break. JH does not want SH to work on this crime right now. But they think they need the man power, if they had DS with them then it would be a big help.

Elsewhere, KT meets with DS and delivers information on hyung thug. He is the boss of a group of gangsters. In addition, DJ is the husband of the victim that the guy in the jail killed. So if you caught that bad guy, then maybe both your wife and DJ’s wife would be alive now. DS takes that in for a moment.

Back in the sketch team, YS tells SH to go on vacation. this is not the sketch for her to work on. SH says her sketch can not be swayed. YS thinks they should try. SH tells her that she knew this day would happen, she drew a lot of peoples deaths as if she is giving them a death sentence. She drew all their deaths yet now she is running away? She can’t do it. Don’t worry, I will not die too easily.

SH walks away.

DS visits DJ’s wife’s resting place int he cemetery. DJ is in the background watching him. He looks like the grim reaper on a very bad day.

SH sits at her desk, she is looking at the sketch of herself. She starts to break her composure a little, but pulls herself back together with a deep breath.
Two polcie officers talk. One of them wants the other one to go home because it is his marriage anniversary. SH peeks her head in. She said she came there to see her brohter, SJ SJ tells her that she knows it isn’t her fault right?

Flashback of a murder? It look slike SH might have been very young.

She changed the subject immediately and tells her to look at a flower. he tells her to transfer it to her home if she liked it that much. but SH says flowers are better growing where they are. She thanks her brother for always being there for her. he says whatever happens, they are siblings. SH is relieved that her brother is a strong person. SJ asks if something happened, he is her brother before a prosecutor so he knows something is going on even before he sees her.

She playfully tells him to shut up, he studies people too much. Let’s go to the market and eat gootbap. But DS calls her so she takes the phone call and tells her brother that they will have to eat later. (She saved DS’s number as A-hole).

JH gets a call from SJ. He aplogizes for not visiting often. JH knows this call is about SJ and asks him to cut to the chase. Sj says SH just saw him but she didn’t seem normal. JH asks if she said something, if not then he can’t tell him either. SJ wants to know if this is about the next sketch?

JH says, if SH didn’t tell him then there must have been a reason, he wants to honor that reason.
DS meets with SH. he wants to know if she thinks the result would have changed if he arrested the perp instead of rescuing JS? SH says she would have saved the person she loved too. DS tells her that she is great (no sarcasm). He doens’t think he would be able to stand those sketches if he was in her position.

He tells SH that he knows this isnt’ her fault, but it is difficult to see her. She understands what he is saying. He tells her to let him know when she has a sketch. that is how she can help him.

They both part. But then DS sees several suspicious guys around. It looks like these guys are all undercover and want to arrest him. they all grab him and hold him on the ground. TJ shows up and tells him that he is the chief of investigation, it is nice to see him.

SH looks at the situation in alarm.

DS goes to jail.

SH runs to her team and asks JH to find out what happens. Th basically says to let it go. He tells SH all the things that DS did wrong and that this might be good for him. SH wonders if this makes JH happy. JH walks off, he does not answer.

The criminal walks out of the jail and is about to be transporter. One of the police officers talks about a bandaid he is wearing. This bandaid is in one f the sketches.

YS is able to determine some information from the sketch and finds out that the police will be transferring the criminal from the jail. But she hides this information from SH when she comes in.

She tells SH that she will get some coffee and walks out.

In the prison bus, one of the officers looks at the criminal in the back seat.

SH goes to the kitchen and sees that they have a lot of coffee there. Something is suspicious so she goes to YS’s desk and looks through her computer.

DS is being interviewed by TJ. He asks him how he feels now that his life is over as a policeman and a citizen. DS asks TJ how he knows what will happen. TJ wants to know if DS is looking for a miracle of something? DS says he is not looking for a miracle, he just has things to do and does not think that thinks will end like this. Tj leaves.

YS gets home and sees that SH probably saw what was on her screen. She calls Jh and fills him in on everything. She tells him that something will happen on the way to the jail hospital. She only saw one person driving. She does not feel good about this with SH’s temperament, she will just jump right into this without thinking. What if SH dies just like the sketch shows?

JH tells her to give him the address, he will go there himself.

the criminal sings an upbeat song which makes the guard tell him that they are not going on a picnic, so shut up. he shuts up, but he starts singing again. he gets more and more obnoxious with his singing. The guard asks him if he is crazy and if he wants to die, the criminal passes out and starts foaming from the mouth. The guard tells the prison bus to stop. the other guards come out and say they should call the jail hospital to prepare.

But this is all in their plan as the gangsters meet the bus and put all the guards to sleep. They take out the criminal. SH shows up and asks them if they need help. They tell her to leave but she says she won’t, then she pulls out a gun and tells them that she is a policeman, this is a real gun.

the gangsters tells her that they can just talk to her. SH fires her gun a couple times and tells them that the first two shots are air, but it becomes real after the first two. She will point at the legs but she is not sure if she will shoot them in the thigh.
The hyung gangster comes out with one of the cops and a syringe with antifreeze. he says he will inject it in the prisoner. this is the guard with a bandaid on his hand. SH stops and kicks her gun to him.

He says it is the first time holding a gun. SH says this is the first time seeing a smelly bad guy like him, doens’t he wash? He shoots her in the leg.

She drops to the ground clutching her leg and looks up at him so he hits her in the face which knocks her out. They think she knows what they look like so they should take her with them. The criminal says he will do it, with a sick smile.

JH gets to the scene, but everyone is already gone. He goes back to the Sketch team and says this is a big deal. The police will focus on the jail break, they will have to rescue SH. JH calls SJ, he has to see him and has something to ask him. SJ wants to know if it is an emergency? JH says it is, his sister is missing/taken.

Cut to DJ preparing to shoot someone in his new place.

JH meets with DS and talks to him about the case. He shows SH the sketch of herself dead on teh ground.

Cut to SH on the ground with the bad guy caressing her.

JH tells DS that SH is abducted.

Fade Out

We decided to cancel Sketch from our recap lineup. We are just not feeling this drama. The ick factor is real with the criminals and little things don’t add up. But that isn’t the main reason we are cancelling it. The main reason is to give ourselves a day off since we have started recapping shows everyday of the week. If we loved Sketch then we would continue with it but we are “meh” on Sketch and would rather sleep in.

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  1. C
    June 2, 2018 / 10:25 am

    “grim reaper on a very bad day” hee hee hee…I hope I can remember to use this at the appropriate moment!
    Haven’t watched this yet, but I can just visualize this…his look seems to be going more downhill-to-reaper with each appearance…
    Thanks y’all!

    • V
      June 2, 2018 / 10:34 am

      That poor man is dissolving into a puddle of hate.

  2. Adralyn
    June 2, 2018 / 10:47 pm

    I am enjoying this drama, but I wonder how many episodes more it will take to get a team/partnership working together…or maybe I am thinking about this all wrong?

    • V
      June 2, 2018 / 11:18 pm

      Hopefully just one more week until it all ties together and the team is all on one page fighting baddies. I hope it isn’t like Mystery Queen where they literally weren’t a team working together until the last shot of the last episode. That was ridiculous.

      • Adralyn
        June 3, 2018 / 3:33 pm

        Mystery Queen is actually what I was thinking about when I started to worry…

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