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Sketch Live Recap Episode 3

Episode 3 Live Recap for the Korean drama (Kdrama) Sketch starring Jung Ji-hoon (Rain), Lee Dong-gun, Lee Sun-bin, and Jung Jin-young

We ended the last episode of Sketch with the two teams formed! One team wants to prevent the crime from occurring by making sure that the picture does not happen. The other team wants to just go ahead and kill the criminal ahead of time, (it’s like Minority Report with murder). There is a lot of passion on both sides of the fence and both teams have a dog in this race.

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Airing Time: June 1st, 23:00 Seoul, jtbc
How to Watch: Dramafever

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A shot is heard. A JS tells sergeant Kim to give her his gun. She will testify for the prosecution, the court will understand you.

He tells her that he will still have to go to jail. He can’t go to jail, he has something to do

What do you have to do?

Flashback to TJ telling DJ that he will give him a reason to live. Your job is to remove people who will commit crimes, that is your reason to live. I will ask you one more time. If youknow that someone will commit a crime, can you kill that person for the victims, do you trust me?

DJ tells JS that a man told him he will have to make a difficult choice. Sorry prosecutor Min.

Flashback, TJ tells DJ that he will have to make a difficult decision. I told you, you will have to kill someone and I will give you what you need. i will not lie to you, but you will have to kill an innocent person for the first and last time. If you decide to take the guilty feeling with you and can get over those feelings, then you can save many many people.

Cut to DJ strangling JS.

DS and SH get to the scene as DJ walks away. He looks at his rans in the rain and we hear DS screaming over his wife. DJ walks away to DS’s sobs.
SH says there is not a lot of evidence due to all the rain. But the man she talks to thinks they don’t think they need evidence, it is obvious, the dead man killed her first and then killed himself, it is so obvious.

SH turns and looks at DS sitting by himself. he is staring at the crime scene. The police remove JS’s body from the scene, SH stops them and puts SH’s hand completely under the cloth.

DJ goes to his wifes resting place. TJ comes to meet with him so they go to talk. He tells DJ that he thinks his wife went to a good place. TJ knows he does not have a lot of time to take care of the next case, but while that man is alive, my wife will not be in peace, I will take care of him first. Then I will do the next job. TJ says he will make sure that he can kill him with his own hands.

TJ gives him the next person. it is a doctor who looks like he makes a drug. Killing him means that hundreds of people will be saved.

Cut to the man talking about the heart defect drug they made. this is for children. The reporter says he heard this drug has side effects. But the man says those are just rumors. The reporter thanks him for his time and leaves. The man tells him that he would like to buy him a good meal, but he is busy so this is his gift to him. The reporter is presented with very expensive looking jewelry. The reporter tells the man that there is a law now, so he will not be able to take it. It is not good for his wife.

the man says it is not for his wife, it is for the female intern that she cares about. it is good that you try to take care of your hubae, but how do you study in hotel rooms. The reporter coughs uncomfortably and takes the jewelry. The man asks him to write a good article. then the man gets a call and tells the person to take “them” there first.
SH is at the CSI persons office as she tries to figure out how JS died. JS had gun residue on her hands so SH wants to know how it would have gotten there, it means that she fired the gun. the man says someone else had the same question. that someone else is DS.

Cut to a man interviewing a woman about her child. Her child died with the drug. The man asks if her son had any other symptoms. Flashback to her son in the hospital. His finger nails where separating and there was a lot of inflammation in the mouth. the man thanks her and leaves. Then someone addresses him as a doctor and says that the CEO is looking for him.

the team is still on this JS death case. They says that her clothes rolled up a little bit as if someone moved her body. there was no DNA under her finger tips. But the strangest thing is that the bad guy has no scratches on himself. This case is strange.

JH asks her if she thinks there was somewhere else on the case who made this scene as if they killed each other? SH says it is only a guess. They think they should tell DS but SH thinks he already suspects this.

She is about to leave to talk to DS, but then she gets a headache, a new sketch is about to start.

Cut to the doctor who is talking to this man. he breaks the doctors hand. the CEO walks in at that moment. It looks like this man is taking information out and trying to investigate the problem. Another patient died. the CEO tells this doctor that this kid is just collateral damage. This drug helps 80% of the kids. But the doctor says this is not okay.

But the CEO threatens the mans family in America. What will he do if they do something to his family? the doctor tells them not to hurt his family, he will delete all his files and he will step away from the research team, he will do anything, he will quit. The CEO tells him that the most trustworthy person is a dead person.

The CEO tells him that he is having a hard time because his family members are in America, a lot of people commit suicide because they are lonely. Maybe you are also alone here….you know.

The bad guys both leave.

DJ is watching everything.
Elsewhere, DS tells KT that he is quitting. He wants KT to give their boss his letter of resignation. KT tries to talk him out of it, he knows he has been through a lot that KT will never understand… ~. But DS just tells KT to do that for him.

Meanwhile, SH sketches frantically. There are several sketches. The doctor puts a noose on his neck, another man is lying on the ground after being stabbed, I think there was a third picture too. they think this means that DS will kill that guy.

DJ takes photos of the doctor and his wife. DJ also has scratches on his arm.

The sketch team talks about the sketches. YS looks at the images, she thinks one of them is an outdoor commercial that you can see through the window. It looks like they are trying to put the background clues in the photo together. One of the photos has 9:40.

Meanwhile the good doctor is writing his will, it is 9:10.

YS finds a famous painting in one of the drawings. She finds out that the medical team purchased it and reads off their address.

Cut to the good doctor about to strangle himself, he hears a sound and stops for a moment. But then he continues putting the noose around his neck.

SH gets to the apartment and runs up the steps.

YS says the brain will die 5 minutes after not having oxygen. So she only has 5 minutes after the time on the clock to save him.

SH gets to the door, she is about to shoot it open, but then the doctor opens it. He asks why the police are at his house. She tells him that she had a crime report, she thinks it is a fake report. But then she asks him if he was fixing something and motions to the chair. He puts the chair back. She finds the rope and asks him what that is. She can help him. But he asks her to leave, please.

She leaves but in the hallway, she spots the CCTV.

She looks at the CCTV at the Sketch team building. they think this hoodie person is the one on the sketch. This man came there right before the man was supposed to kill himself, maybe the doctor decided not to commit suicide because of that man? They think they are missing something important. What is the relationship with that man and doctor Oh? Nothing is for sure. But they think DS will kill the hoodie guy because that was in one of the sketches.
DS meets with DJ. DJ apologizes about Prosecutor Min, but why does DS visit him. DS says he wants to talk to him about her case. DJ says he won’t be of much help. She wanted to delay the appointment and hung up. DS says he knows that, but do you know if anyone has a grudge against her on the case she was investigating? DJ says a lot of people where involved in that bribery case. He is only one of the witnesses, he doesn’t even know how much she investigated so he can’t point to anyone in-particular.

DS thanks him and gives him his number. If he remembers anything, then call him, please.

DS goes to a convenient store to eat. He remembers telling his fiancé that she should eat better, why do you eat at the convenient store? She playfully kisses him and looks around. DS thinks about his as he eats his convenient store food. That is until two officers ask him to come with them.

TJ asks Dj how it was. DJ fills him in and tells TJ that the CEO has two bodyguards, they have to separate him from them. But he may be able to do it through this painter that the CEO sees (not sure if she is the girlfriend of the wife). He also tells TJ that DS went to see him, it does not seem like he suspects him though.

TJ sits on the couch and tells him that feelings of guiltiness are normal, he is not going to tell him to ignore his feelings. But the only way to remove the blood from your hands is to save people.
DS is arrested and stands outside the convenience store as Jh talks to him. DS has to stay with JH for 3 days, after 3 days, everything will go back to normal. DS says 3 days is the time limit of SH’s sketches. is this a coincidence? Is this related to the real murderer of JS?

But JH does not answer.

DS is taken to the police station. He asks to use the bathroom so they take him there. DS is able to break free and escape. He attacks both officers and gets the key for his cuffs.

#8JH lets SH know that DS ran away. He could not get a warrant for his arrest, or it will make the matter even bigger. SH understands.

Elsewhere, DS is doing his own investigation. it looks like he broke into the Sketch teams office and is looking at all the sketches. SH comes up to him.

DS – How long did you plan in hiding this from me?
SH – Give this case to us, if you kill that man then you will be a murderer and your life will end
DS – before I met JS, being alone was not painful because I lived by myself well. but after meeting her, it became so scary to be alone. Now, JS is gone.
SH – Detective Kang…
DS – You said, if I kill him then my life would end? That is wrong, when JS died, my life is already….ended.

DS starts to walk away but SH says she will shoot him. He tells her that she said her sketches never lie, right? I will kill him. If you want to shoot me then shoot me. SH doesn’t shoot him, but she tries to stop him. They fight, but DS is able to dodge her punches and tries to put her in a rear naked choke. He tells her that they should stop then he flips her around. But she is able to put his arm in handcuffs and lock it to a desk or something.

but he he has her gun. She says he won’t be able to do it. A shot rings out, but it wasn’t shot at SH, he shot at the cuffs and freed himself. It looks like he might have made DS pass out and then left because SH wakes up a little while later. SH tells JH all of this. She also lets him know that he has her gun. Perhaps he is going to the doctors house.

The good doctor is about to have a heart attack or something. He looks for some pills. I think he drops the pills, but DS picks them up and gives them to him. This scene does not look good.

Cut to the good doctor all tied up. DS tied him up and shows him a photo of Dj on the CCTV. he asks the doctor what he talked to this man about. The man says nothing in particular, so DS breaks something nearby which scares the doctor. DS basically tells him to tell him everything.

Flashback to that night the good doctor was about to hang himself. DJ beaks into the mans house and tells him that ~400 kids will die, but they don’t know the reason. Why are you committing suicide if the drug is safe? You will be famous and rich. Why are you trying to strangle yourself? The man says that they did a clinical trial for 2 years, 80% of the kids got better. But a few months ago some of the kids had organ failure and died.

DJ wants to know if he thinks killing himself will remove his responsibility as well? Who is responsible for this? The good doctor says the CEO threatened his family, he can’t do anything. he starts crying. DJ tells the good doctor to tell everyone about the research.

DS asks the doctor what the man looked like. But the good doctor says it was too dark and he had a hoodie on.

The bad doctor gets a text. The painter says that she bought a nice perfume and she will wear it today. He tells his staff that they can go home. DS follows him.

Meanwhile, SH breaks into the house from the sketch. YS is at their office and says that the home is the only clue, they aren’t sure about anything else.

SH walks around the home and looks out the window. It looks like she might be interested in the bridge? She calls YS and asks her if the bridge is int he sketch, maybe they need to change the angle? YS gets out CAD and figures out that the bridge is a match. they try to triangulate the position in order to find the next location.

DJ tells the painter that she did a good job. Then he Karate chops her like Steven Seagal and she passes out. DJ looks out the window and sees the same scene as the bridge from the angle that is in the sketch.

SH goes to an empty building and finds the good doctor under a cover and still strangled up. She calls JH and fills him in on all the drug things. But they don’t know how DJ knows about all this. they try to figure it out while on the phone.

The CEO sees the painter passed out in the corner. Then he sees DJ and backs away. DJ starts to beat up the doctor with an extendable rod. he tells the man that the most important thing is this mans sin and all the sins he will commit int he future. He lists all the things the CEO did that where wrong including not reporting everything to the clinical trial people. He doesn’t need money or a confession, he will kill him here.

But DS comes in and holds a gun on DJ. He asks him to see his left arm, he will not tell him twice, let me see it. DJ holds up his left arm, he has scratches on it. DS tells him that it was him, he killed her? DJ puts down his arms and turns around. DS recognizes him. DJ apologizes and says that he needs to take care of this situation first. Many hundreds of kids lives are in danger.

But DS is too upset to listen to him, he just wants to know why he killed JS. Tell him if you don’t want to die. DJ says everyone dies, death isn’t important. How you spent your life before you die is important.

DJ and DS start to fight as the bad guy runs away.
It looks like the sketch happens, but it was paint on the ground, not blood. Dj stands back up and they fight again. DJ puts DS in a rear naked choke and is about to choke him out. But DS manages to escape and the fight continues.

They are tearing up this house.

But they come to a stale mate and stare at each other for a moment.

Then they fight again.

Fade Out

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