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Sketch Live Recap Episode 2

The first episode of Sketch was interesting, a little fun, and a lot of icky. Is there a thing with sexual assault in Kdrama’s lately or is it just my fault for noticing it? I am not the kind of person who likes in-your-face gutter reality in my Kdrama’s (or really any TV show), so when the criminals were introduced in the last episode with gritty detail I was all like, ugh…seriously? Will this be the theme for the entire show? Because if it is, I might bail. Besides that, the first episode was pretty good. There might be a lot of heart break to come today that will set the stage for the entire drama, so prepare yourselves.

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Airing Time: May 26th, 23:00 Seoul, jtbc
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Do you know causality? What happens now has a reason. What happens now is the reason for what happens later

We found the second victim

there is only one ring in the world like that.

Dj hugs someone and leaves. he is happy as he walks away, but then JS comes up to him and introduces herself as a prosecutor. Cut to the two of them eating at a cafe. JS asks him about the soldier that died. Some pople said that they should have been given proper armor. We got an email from someone. But actually, all of the special forces people had armor, so this means that the body armor wa not working. You sent the mail right?

how did you find me?

Unless you want me to find you, it was stupid to use a military computer. It was all fishy among the military and the people/company that provided it. We are having a difficult time investigating it, can you testify for us?

You want me to be a whistleblower and betray everyone

Telling the truth doesnt’ mean that you betrayed them. The connection between the government, military, and company, can you stand inbetween those things. If you confess then your life will be different. But I can guarantee that whatever difficlt things you go through, I will be next to you.

He tells her to give him some time.

DJ’s wife knows that he is having some trouble. She playfully says it while they are in the bed together. She says she trusts him, she doens’t worry becasue he always makes the right choice.

SJ gets the call from DJ. He want to see her right now because he has something to tell her. SJ goes back into the living room and asks KT if he is hungry? She is hungry. Can you buy me some food? KT says that DS told him to never leave her there. She asks if he is scared of DS but is not scared of her? He bashfully says that isn’t it. She gives him money and he stands with a huge smile, and says he will buy it.

After he leaves, JS leaves as well and gets into her car.

SH talks to the victim and says she understands that she does not want to talk about what happened. But if she helps them then they can prevent other victims. The woman asks them to just leave. People will know if you do the investigation. i am okay with that, but if my husband knows about it then I can’t see him anymore. He will live in hell forever if he knows that this kind of thing happened to me. It is enough that I am the only one suffering forever.

DS is impatient and looks at his watch. He pulls SH aside and whispers to her that she is taking too long. Dont’ waste time. SH tells him that she will do it. She goes back to the living room and tells SH that sexual crimes are not something that you can just cover up. if you cooperate then we will do the investigation quietly, but if not then we will order an investigation.

She says that there were two men that came into their house. SH asks what they looked like. Flashback of that night. She says she can’t remember. It is not like she wants to lie to them, it is just that she can’t remember it. She only thought that she wanted it to end as quickly as possible.

SH tells DS that she lost her short term memory, it is common in these cases. We can use another type of therapy but we don’t have that much time. DS goes to her and asks her about anything else. Was there a saturi or intonation in their voice? She says she bit his ear.

SH calls the hospital can asks for them to check anyone that had an ear injury in the emergency room.
SH thinks the world is going crazy because the victims are more worried than the accusers. She thinks they might be doing her more harm by having her help out in this investigation. DS says this already happened and we can’t reverse it. The important thing for them is to catch the criminal and stop it from happening again. SH asks if this is for the victims or for his fiancé?

But then DS gets a call suddenly. KT tells him that he went to get some food but when he came back she was not there. DS yells at him but KT just says she is a prosecutor, he can’t refuse her. DS asks how long ago it happened. 25 minutes.

DS calls JS immediately and tells her to just go home right now. JS tells him that this is an important case. Please. Nothing is this important. JS tells him to tell her why, but he won’t, he just tells her to go home. Please, just listen to me, please JS. JS is in the car, she says, okay. DS tells her to call him as soon as she gets home. Then he thanks her for listening to him.

Right then, SH gets a call from YS. YS tells her that a person had an ear injury in that area. He is a car mechanic and is ten minutes from where they are right now.

Cut to JS calling DJ and telling him that she is sorry, but can they meet later? All of a sudden, a huge truck honks, it is about to run right into JS.

The call cuts off.

JS is okay, she was able to avoid the truck by swerving out of the way, but her cell phone is broken. her tire is also out with a huge nail in it. She’s stranded.

DS and SH get to the mechanic. DS immediately hits the guys head against the car. But SH says this isn’t the guy, he doesn’t’ have an ear injury. The man says he gave his card to another mechanic.

At that moment, JS’s car drives into the mechanics store.

It turns out that DS knows this mechanic perp. He arrested him a few years ago. Flashback to DS confronting this mechanic and punching him a few times. He tells him that he doesnt’ have to confess, they already have the witnesses testimony. While you are in jail, I will tell all your cell mates. No one will treat you as human, even in the jail cell. Tell the prosecutor that the polcie man hit you, but no one would believe what you say. The mechanic says, yes, he is human trash.

DS tells SH how those two guys opperate, as a team. They have to catch him and make him confess as to where the other guy is.
JS’s car is fixed, but the mechanic says her card isn’t working. he asks her to come to the office. Then he holds a knife to her throat. DS gets there and sees that his fiance’s car is there. He looks around and sees the mechanic with his fiance.

DS pulls his gun, but the other guy tells him to put down his gun or he will stab her.

He hits JS on the head which knocks her out. Then she pushes her into a hug tank of water (um, why is this tank here?). She sinks to the bottom. DS jumps in after her.

SH runs after the perp. But it doesn’t look good because he knows where she is but she doesn’t know where he is. However, she is able to fake him out and manages to get behind him secretly. She kicks him in the back and they start to fight.

DS comes out on top after kicking him in the head and knocking out one of his teeth. he tells her to stop, this is too much.

But then something is about to fall on him. SH sees it.

Flashback to DS telling her that they have to catch both of them or the other guy will commit a crime too.

Sh hops into the path of the falling items and knocks herself out momentarily. The mechanic is fine and hits SH which knocks her out even more.

Elsewhere, the other criminal enters DJ’s home and attacks his wife. She fights back, but he hits her across the head with a hammer. It looks like he almost kills her instantly. She is left quivering on the floor.

DS finally manages to pull JS out of the huge deep pool. he gives her CPR.

At DJ’s place, we see the as the real image.

We also see the sketch as the real image with DS as he cradles his wife.

DJ goes home and sees police surrounding his place. He runs inside.

The perp says that other women didn’t resist, but she resisted too much. I dont understand why she made it like this.

Dj goes to the mortuary but one of the cops says it is better that he doesn’t see her like this. he brings him in anyway and DJ identifies the body. One of the men says that they will make sure they do the autopsy as soon as possible and identify the criminal. DJ tearily tells his wife that she should be alive. He cries softly.

JS is alive. DS managed to bring her back to life and walks out of the hospital with her.

But SH is in the hospital, unconscious. Her team looks after her.
DS and JS get home. He tells her that he thought they had a lot of time. But he will do everything now. He will get the office job and quit the police. JS tells him that before, she thought she was going to die. What she thought was that she should have been better to him. Made the food he wanted and done the things he wanted and not prevent him from doing what he enjoys. When you are happy, I am happy. We shouldnt’ say sorry to each other. We are too busy loving each other.

They hug.

DJ goes inside his home. he goes inside with his shoes on and tries to brace himself on the counter as he looks at where the crime scene took place. But, to make matters worse, he sees his wife’s pregnancy test. He falls to the ground and opens a diary, then he thinks back to her telling him that she has a surprise present for him, she thinks he will love it a lot.

She writes a diary entry to her baby. She tells her baby that this is the first day that she knows that she is there. Until you come out, I will write you letter my happy baby. You should be happy all the time.

Dj apologizes to his wife and cries.

DS meets with JH. They sit on a bench. JH says they have a search warrant. DJ asks how SH is. JH lets him know that she is unconcious. DS wants to know if he thinks he made the wrong decision with letting SH take care of the criminal? JS was unconcious when she was in the water. they talk about the situation. SH could have rescued JS and DS could have grabbed the criminal. But DS says he couldnt’ leave that up to someone else. (So basically, if he wouldnt’ have jumped into the water for his wife, everything might have turned out fine because the picture wouldn’t have happened.)

TJ is at the church, maybe a Catholic church? One of the Fathers talks to him about his heavy mind and the curcumstance that bring him there. the man asks the Father how long he has been in the cloak. 30 years. TJ tells him that God doesn’t ask questions or give answers, God dosn’t care about their business. He is a bystander. Do you know the law of casuality?

TJ leaves.

Elsewhere, DJ grabs a knife. (It looks like he is turning into the Punisher.) We cut to the man that killed his wife, he is eating at the police station. DJ walks through the gate at the station, he is about to kill that man. But he walks by TJ who tells him that it will be difficult. You can’t go inthere and kill him becasue everyone is focussing on him.

DJ asks him who he is and what he wants. TJ tells DJ that killing this man is not what he really wants. I will give you the thing you really want. But I have one condition, you have to trust me. DJ says, what if I trust you, what do I have to do? TJ tells him, he has to kill someone.
Sh starts to show signs of consciousness.

TJ takes DJ to a building and tells him to kill this man in front of them. the reason to kill him is because this man will drink and drive and two people will die. He knows because he saw it. DJ asks, you saw it? What does that mean? TJ tells him that he can foresee the future.

Um, what?

I told you to trust me, but I didn’t tell you it would be easy.

DJ starts to leave.

TJ tells him that he has nowhere to go. His lovely wife is gone. That house is just concrete with rent. What if I tell your plan to the police. That the victims husband wants to kill the killer?

Why are you doing this to me?

I told you, I can give you what you want.

DS and JS are happy as he tells her that they should eat out. They playfully banter about it.

On the street, DJ picks up a ball that rolls into him. it is a little girls ball. He tells her that she is pretty and the mother and her thank him and then walk away. then he sees the man leaving the building drunk. But he has a driver. DJ walks off.

However, inside the car we see that the driver is having a hard time with this drunk man. The drunk man speaks banmal to the driver and bosses him around. He won’t let him put the seat back in order to drive. He also says a lot of disrespectful things to him like how he is 40 and a substitute driver. The man leaves.

So now, the drunk guy hops into the front seat.

DJ walks down the street and hears a honk. It is from the drunk driver. DJ immediately has a mini flashback to what TJ told him. This man will drive drunk and gat into an accident. DJ starts to run after the car. But he isn’t fast enough.

the accident happens, it is with the girl and mother that DJ spoke to earlier. Dj runs to the scene.

TJ shows up to the accident and stands behind DJ.

TJ asks, whose fault is this? The man that drove drunk? Or you for not stopping it? maybe we could have prevented it this time, but what about next time? Drunk driving is an addiction for that guy. I can see the future, but there is no guarantee that i will see his future again. if you trusted me and killed that man, then the mother and daughter would still be alive right now. Do you know the law of causality? Whatever happens now has a reason. It is the cause of future events. Let me give you advice, don’t pity yourself. Only humans can pity themselves. Animals don’t pity themselves.

Who are you.

That doesn’t matter, what i really want is the reason to keep living.

DJ thinks back to his wife’s diary and tells her to wait, he won’t let her be alone for too long.

TJ – You miss your wife, maybe you would kill yourself after killing that guy. Now, I will give you a reason to live.

What is that? The reason I have to keep living, what is that?

Hospital. SH sees a vision while she is still out. It wakes her up. YS is by her side and tells her that she was there for one day. SH asks what happened.

JS and DS go out for dinner.

Hospital. YS tells SH that DJ’s wife died at the site. You did your best, at least JS is alive. That is good. But then SH sees that the time is not over yet. She asks for her sketch book. YS hands it over. SH turns to the page with DS and JS, she says she was wearing different clothing. It is not over yet.

DS and JS walk through the parking garage. DS feels like something is wrong. But he keeps walking.

Hospital. YS tells her that three days passed. But maybe they misunderstood the time. When I finished the sketch it was 8:41, so there is less than one hour left. Call DS, JS is in danger.

Garage. The mechanic is in the garage and runs over DS with his car. DS goes flying into the air. Then the man takes DS’s gun and tells him that he should have just killed him when he was able to.

Hospital. SH tries to get up and go find them. YS doesn’t want her to get up, she was just unconscious! But SH leaves anyway.

Garage. DS wakes up. But his wife is not there. His wife is somewhere else. The killer talks to her and says that it wouldn’t be fun to kill DS. The best way to make him suffer is with her. DS gets up, he is chained to the wall. He takes a few breathes and dislocates his thumb. It looks so painful. But by doing that, he is able to get out of the cuffs. SH drives up at that time.

Killer. The perp tells her that DS will never forget this piece of trash.
Garage. SH is trying to work with YS to find out where the mechanic and his wife are. YS works on it. But they also think that the mechanic might want to be found. YS finds the address.

Killer. DJ shows up where the killer is and tells him that his friend killed his wife. The mechanic says if he was there then he would make it so they wouldn’t find her body. DJ is able to take the gun away. he points it at the mechanic and the mechanic cowers in front of him. He says he didn’t kill his wife, he wasn’t there at all. But DJ says, if you were there, you would have made it so that I couldn’t find her body?

The prosecutor tries to talk DJ out of killing the this man. But DJ shoots him anyway. He shot him right in the lungs so that the man will die a slow painful death. It will take 10 minutes. He tells him that the bubbles in his lungs means that the bullet penetrated his lungs.

JS asks him for his gun. She will testify and they court will understand you. DJ says that means he will go to jail. DS says he can’t go to jail, he has something to do. JS tells him that everything is done, one is dead and one is arrested. But DJ tells her that it isn’t’ done. A man told him that he will have to make a difficult decision. JS asks him what he is talking about. DJ tells her, sorry, prosecutor Min.

DS and SH get to the scene. The killer is dead. DS looks around. Then he stops when he sees his wife’s legs in the corner. he thinks back to the law of causality. He also thinks back to JH saying that a lot of things will have changed due to his decision. DS walks up to his wife, slowly. She looks dead as well. DS cradles her in his arms and cries.

The image turns into a sketch.

Fade Out

Another killer case
i am going to quit
I won’t do this without polcie
We shouldnt’ let him do this
See you in three days
Your next target
What kind of crime are you going to commit?

This show dwells a lot on the emotional side and not everything makes sense. Like with DS popping his thumb out of the socket in order to escape from the hand cuffs, but then SH shows up right at that moment. She could have released him from the handcuffs had she gotten there 2 seconds earlier. As a viewer, this doesn’t feel satisfying. It feels more like that would belong in a comedy.

Also, how can SH drive when she just got out of a coma?

The crying scenes are so long. It was actually a nice break for me because I could sit back and drink some tea.

Lots of mini flashbacks as if they don’t believe the viewer remembers what was said earlier in the episode so they have to remind us 3-4 times.

This show is not looking good. But we will still try to stick with it.

Image by jtbc

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