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Sketch Live Recap Episode 1

Episode 1 Live Recap for the Korean drama (Kdrama) Sketch starring Jung Ji-hoon (Rain), Lee Dong-gun, Lee Sun-bin, and Jung Jin-young
Sketch is finally premiering today! As mentioned earlier this week, these premiers really caught up with me which I believe was due to my weekend marathon of everything to do with the Royal Wedding. I’ll post the premiering post later on today, with character descriptions, so we can all know what exactly is going on with this show. It looks like a lovely ride though. This drama is the second serial killer drama we have on our list right now along with Come and Hug Me. Come and Hug Me is amazing so far, so hopefully Sketch will be as well. I am easily scared though so hopefully I can hang in there.

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Airing Time: May 25th, 23:00 Seoul, jtbc
How to Watch: Dramafever?

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Time is getting short.
Someone will die.

A camera scrolls over an ocean and the sea as it settles on a coast. DS is eating bread as he sits high on top of something at the harbor. One of his friends calls him and asks him where he is. DS tries to shoot the breeze. But then a woman, Ji-soo, asks for the phone and starts talking to him.

DS is very relaxed about what they are talking about. He thinks everything is fake with catching a certain criminal and if you stay there then you won’t catch him. She asks if he can prove it. he tells her to wait a second, then he takes photos of two men who get out of some cars near him. then he texts it to JS.

JS sees it and then hears DS asks her how she likes it? He smiles cheekily into the phone and tells her to send him some people right away. then he takes off down the steps.

Shi-hyun walks around the harbor at night. She looks around and then pulls out her sketch book. She had drawn the huge boat that she is standing next to. She also drew a design on a jacket.

Cut to the man in the jacket. It looks like there are a lot of people who wear this jacket? Another man is wearing it. Ah, it looks like he made a body double because he also has the same tattoo as this man. The body double asks, if I die, can you give the $500k to my family? The gangster tells him to trust him.

The man says okay and then walks to the edge of the boat. He looks over the ledge at the water, but he is hesitant. Two men go over to him to help throw him in. He tells them that he can do it, he can do it! But they are ready to just toss him into the water.

Suddenly, DS shows up and asks them what they are doing, playfully. Practicing diving? i will arrest you on site with all the crimes you have done. Please shut your smelly mouth.

The gangsters all pull out their weapons so DS pulls out his gun and lets them know that he has enough bullets. He also tells them that he can’t be bribed. Someone attacks him so DS fight the guy, but this guy injurs DS’s arm and makes him fall. The gangster laughs and says he should have taken the money when it was offered.

DS stands and says he likes this. Trash like you, putting on handcuffs is not his style. Today he will show you how to catch these crazy dogs.

The gangster yells for them to kill him. DS charges them and starts fighting them all in a fight sequence. The body double is cowering a little in the background, but then he sees the gun, it is about to fall into the water.
DS fights them all off until they are all on the ground. The body double grabs the gun and points it at DS. He needs to do this, he needs the money for his daughters surgery!

DS tries to tell him that they won’t give him any money when he dies.

Suddenly SH shows up. She tries to approach the man and tells him that she is his guardian angel. She starts to tell him that this is the first time he has shot a gun. it isn’t good. You have to straighten your arms and push your weight forward and release the safety lock.

The man looks at the gun for just a moment, but it is enough time for SH to grab him and Judo flip him to the floor. She tells DS to run after the gangsters and she tries to take the body double away from the ledge. He still wants to jump into the water. She tries to grab his arm and gets a vision of a drawing she made of this exact occurrence.

The man slips through her fingers.

Meanwhile, DS is chasing after the gangsters.

Back to body double, SH was able to grab the mans jacket and is holding him up barely with it. She tells him he is running away. His daughter is fighting so he should fight as well. What his daughter needs is not the money, but a parent that can fight with her. If you want to run away then I will release this hand. if not then hold my hand.

meanwhile, DS has caught up to the gangsters and is fighting one of them on a boat. The boat is sailing into the ocean. DS has the upper hand, but then the bad guy comes up from behind and hits him in the head.

SH gets a tingling in her head and mutters that it is starting again.
The gangster starts talking about the animal kingdom and the weak dying and the strong surviving. DS tells him he is stupid, it is a circulatory system where they help each other survive. that strong nonsense is made up by fools like you.

DS releases the anchor which makes the rope tie up on the bad guys leg and sends him into the sea. he is dead.

This is exactly what SH saw.

Elsewhere, SH is busy sketching what might be happening next.

DS sits in the ambulance and gets treated for minor injuries. he asks his friend if he saw a woman at the harbor who was wearing a backpack? The friend says no woman should be here so late, maybe he saw a ghost.

DS goes back to the ship and walks around. he goes inside the ship and peaks around all the hallways and into the rooms.

The woman keeps sketching, wherever she is. then she finishes her sketch and closes her eyes. Then she opens them and looks around as if wondering where she is. It’s as if a ghost took over her body momentarily.

DS continues looking around the boat until he is attacked by SH and Judo thrown to the floor. She locks the door and leaves. DS gets up and calls his friend KT to come let him out. But he dons’t look that concerned about it. It looks like the woman left her drawing notebook. DS finds it and wonders, what is this?

The police station is empty as DS sits at his cubicle looking at the woman’s sketch book. He sees an image of a man holding a woman on the ground and cradling her closely to him. This one catches his attention. But then someone comes in and says he should says sorry to Prosecutor JS.

DS goes outside to meet JS, she tells him that he owes her an explanation. DS doesnt’ think he did anything wrong and says as much in his playful way. She is stern and he is cavalier. he speak banmal to her which annoys the daylights out of her. He tires to touch her cheek but she backs away and asks him what he is doing. he leans in to kiss her, but she kicks his shin which makes him hop around in pain.

He tells her, hey, you are my fiance! She wants to know if he wants to make her a widow before their marriage? i worry about you a lot! he looks at her with sympathy and apologizes. She still argues with him so he tells her that when she tells him to do this and do that…..she is so lovely. They smile at each other and hug it out.

JS tells him, if you get hurt one more time then I will break off this marriage.

She aks him if ther is something different about her? he says the necklace he gave her. But she says it isn’t that, don’t you notice anything else? She flashes her hand as she fixes her bangs. he thinks she got a haircut. But she says it is their rung, it finally came out. He sees that it says DNJ, Dong-soo and Ji-soo, on it which makes him flashback to the sketch, this was on the sketch of the man cradling the seemingly dying woman in his arms. She wants to know if anything is wrong but he just smiles, he likes it.

however, he gets right to work as soon as he goes inside and looks up all the caes he remembers that are in the sketches. he even sees a video online of SH running to a car but then it explodes. He sees her face in the CCTV video.

DS shows KT what he saw and says this woman showed up to the accident before it happened. he shows him the most recent case where it happened. Then he shows him the sketch book. DS wants to know how she knows these things. His friend tells him that she might be a shaman (but it is a joke). DS pulls him up by his name badge necklace while his friend keeps saying, Shaman, shaman to annoy him.

later on, DS goes to the crossing guard where SH saved that kids life from the most recent CCTV of her. The crossing guard says it was like she was sent from Heaven to save that boy. DS is able to get SH’s umber and calls her. But she is actually right behind him and talks to him as if she knew that he would call.

She tells him, don’t you remember? I saved your life.
Mini flashback to the boat where she saved DS’s life.

SH playfully talks about how DS’s ears and his temper are all bad. He just grumbles and says he is a bad person. Then he pulls out her sketch book and pretends like he will brun it which gets her attention. She has turned serious and doenst want him to burn it. This is exactly what he wanted so he talks to her seriously.

he asks her about the ring that she drew in the picture. SH asks him if he is sure it was the same ring? She quickly calls her chief and tells him that she thinks they found the future victim. She will be in the conference room soon.

DS asks her what she is talking about a victim for. SH turns around and asks him if he will be able to believe her? Can she trust him? Cut to a little cute brick two story building. She walks in with DS and lets everyone know that she is back.

Inside, we meet the team. Oh Young-shim, a champion hacker who has won 4 times in a row for hacking competitions that bored her. SH is detective Yoo Shi-hyun and Moon Jae-hyun is the chief. DS has heard of him. JH tells him that they are a special investigation team. DS asks for an explanation about the picture in the sketchbook. he wants to know the details.

SH shows him the board that thy are working on and lets him know that she draws everything before it happens. DS ask if this is a hidden camera show? they know it is hard to understand. DS tries to repeat what he says. She says it is funny right? DS claps and tells them that he is dissapointed in people like them doing this stupid thing.

SH just crosses her arms and says he blieves her a little bit because the woman in the sketch might be injured. They will keep doing there job whether he believes it or not.

They start to show all the sketches. One is an image of the futre where the clock stopped at the time of the crime. Her sketch images happen within 3 days. They only have a little bit of time left. Why don’t you join us for this case at least. It will help us, this is also related to you and your fiance.

DS thinks about it, but thenhe gets up to leave. SH asks him if he is leaving like this. DS says he doesnt’ believe that seh can forsee the future. You should go see a doctor. What if I believe you? What do you think I should do? I am going to be next to Ji-su. And the black thing, that is the band for sexual crime people.

YS looks at the sketch image again and sighs in frustration.

DS eaves. SH says he will be back, he has to be back, that is the law of her sketches.
The team continues looking at the sexual crimes sketch so that they can find this John Do. They need to search around all the restaurants. it will be hard to find him in Seoul, but they may as well try.

Elsewhere, DS eats with his fiance. They talks playfully back and forth about eating at a convenience store and not having time to eat anywhere else as a prosecutor. She kisses him quickly which makes him blush and look around. But then they start to talk about the sexual crime case from the sketch. JS is working on a similar case. DS deosn’t want to talk about it too much though and brings up that thye should go on vacation. Just two days.

JS tells him to stop, that is nonsense. DS tries to put his foot down but he just says he wil move to a desk job after they get married. JS is super excited and happy about it, but this is only if she takes vacation. She smiles and grabs him into a big hug. But DS’s face does’t look happy.

In a small restaurant, we see a woman taking orders. Her image quickly turns into that of a sketch. When she leaves, we see a man taking photos of her.

Meanwhile, the special forces team looks around for the restaurant and asks all the owners if they know the place from the sketch. But no luck. They keep searching.
The two ladies stop searching for a break. it is almost time for the event to happen. SH hopes it doesn’t happen today. She believes in in God but she also hates God. SH speaks jongdaemal to YS so it looks like YS is higher ranked. YS speaks in banmal to SH. They looks friendly to each other though.

Cut to the woman from the sketch. She gets home and looks apprehensively around. then she goes to the kitchen. A man comes from behind her which makes her scream out loud and cover her mouth. It looks like her boyfriend though she doesn’t look happy to see him but she tells him that she can make him something to eat. As she does that, the camera scrolls to the time. it looks like the murder might not happen today.

DS and JS eat together. DS playfully tells JS to take off her ring and tries to make up any excuse to get her to do it (my fingers are lonely!). So she agrees to take it off until he has his couple ring as well.

Later, DS calls SH and says, it’s me. SH is all like, I don’t know who you are are you my first love? Someone else? DS tells her who he is and they start to talk about the drawing. SH brings up that he doens’t believe her. he says this time is different, Ji-su won’t die. She sighs and says she hopes that is true too, this time ~. CLICK. SH looks at the phone and mutters that DS says whatever he wants and then hangs up?

YS runs up to her at that moment, she found it!

Cut to the restaurant. The woman that owns at the restaurant knows this girl but she doesn’t know her name (ah so she doesn’t work there). SH and team are able to find her identity.

But then we cut to the pervert with the leg band. He is looking at images of women at his computer. Someone else comes in and they talk about how it is fun when the women resist. he found another woman for him. the psycho says he will do it at 6 pm in front of her house.

At the woman’s place, she wakes up and goes to the bathroom. She sees that she is pregnant and throws the pregnancy test on the floor in a disgusted rage. And shrieks.

Sh shows up at DS and JS’s house. DS jumps, what are you doing here? JS comes up behind him so SH introduces herself to her and tells her that she heard a lot about her. DS wants to know what she wants. SH asks for just 10 minutes of his time.

They talk outside, SH says he needs to know something about the Sketches. he isn’t interested but she says he has to know because his fiancé is involved. It has to do with the principle of causality. things that happen now have a reason and that reason leads to the next sketch. She thinks the man is him. The sketch only shows the result.

But to change the future means they need to change the result and change the cause. So to change it, that means you need to not be in the sketch. There is no guarantee, my sketch is always right. Btu we should do everything that we can do.

DS goes inside and thinks on the couch. JS comes in so DS tells her to listen to him. Cut to her repeating back what he told her. She has to stay inside the house and not leave until he comes back. Fine. Okay. But you have to keep your promise. You must move to a desk job and you mist tell me the reason why you are acting so strange. He agrees.

KT comes in at that moment. It looks like DS called KT to watch his fiancé while he is gone. JS looks annoyed by that but the two men just smile and try to make it seem normal. KT is so awkward though. DS leaves and KS shyly looks at JS. JS aggressively asks him what is going on but KT can only bashfully says that he doesn’t know what is going on.

Outside, DS gets in the car with SH and tells her to just be quiet and leave.

They get to the location and talk about how they will catch the criminal. DS thinks SH wants to use the victim as bait. SH says you have to stop the bad guys or you won’t solve the case(?). Is this about your fiancé? You want to catch the bad guys? he doesn’t say anything.

They go to the apartment and go inside. Both of them see the clock and look at each other in alarm.

The woman is still alive so they sit on the couch and ask her if she has seen any strange people around her? they got a threatening letter at the police station about it. She asks why they would get the letter and not her. SH tells her that they don’t’ know how the criminal thinks, they just want to protect her. Sh asks her to tell her if she recognizes any of the people on her screen, then she shows her all the sexual crime people.

We cut to the two criminals. The younger one wants to attack a woman on his own because the other guy can’t leave with the ankle bracelet on. But the other guy just tells the young guy that they aren’t friends and he should just do what he tells her to do.

SH goes to the bathroom and sees the pregnancy test. She goes back outside and tells her that her husband looks like a nice person. The woman tells her that he is a good person. But she is only happy because she has to be happy. They don’t see each other often and only sleep on the weekend when they have time to see each other. SH says happiness is like Santa Clause, people think it exists, but they don’t see it. You love your husband right? You already have happiness, when your baby comes out, it will be better.

The woman was smiling, but then her smile goes away. She is nervous about the baby and asks her how she knows! how do you know I am pregnant? SH tells her that the pregnancy test was in the bathroom. the woman runs to the bathroom and grabs the pregnancy test, then she starts screaming and throws it on the floor. Sh runs in and says, you said you were happy? But then she thinks about it and asks her if the baby is her husbands baby? The woman is just crying into her hands as she nods.

SH calls DS and tells her that this woman is not the victim, she was already assaulted by him. She bit his ear. She was just a linking piece to the next victim.

Cut to the man looking at a picture of another woman. He smiles.

But then we see another woman. This woman has the same clock. She calls her husband who is back from active duty maybe? This man is DJ. DJ and she happily talk. She tells him that she has something to tell him when he gets there (she is pregnant).

DJ calls JS next and asks to see her right now. She has something to tell her. DJ wants to know where he wants to see her.

Back at the apartment, DS and Sh argue about how they could be wrong with everything. SH tells him that a lot of people have this clock.

Then we see little images of all the unsuspecting key characters going about their day. They don’t know what is around the corner.

Fade Out

Image by jtbc

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  1. Anonymous
    May 25, 2018 / 1:10 pm

    So glad your recapping this one! Keep up the great work!

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    May 25, 2018 / 3:36 pm

    Thank you for the recap! Intro was so so but end of the episode got pretty exciting

    • V
      May 25, 2018 / 10:19 pm

      The end was so scary! These poor people don’t know what is coming. I hope at least someone can be saved. 😬

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