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Should We Kiss First Live Recap 39 and 40 Final

Recap for the Kdrama Should We Kiss First episodes 39 and 40
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We’re here! We have finally arrived at the final episode. I don’t know what this episode will bring, but I hope for the best for our couple that has made it through so much over the last few months.

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Airing Time: April 24th, 22:00 Seoul
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SJ stands on a rooftop and looks at the sky.

VO – You can’t see it, doen’t mean that it doesn’t exhist. A lot of stars are shining over there. He came to me. One life tot he other life. His life to my life.

Flashback of when they first met on the blind date and MH picking up all of SJ’s things on the stairwell with her fake crying at his door.

SJ stairs at the sky and the Seoul skyline as she thinks about all these moments. We see a video of the two of them on the beach with MH walking up to SJ and another of MH walking up to SJ at the zoo right after the case. We also see SJ turning and sees MH walk into the coutroom and sit at the witness table, he was the only one to show up. SJ watches MH in bed looking at his hand and telling her goodmorning.

VO – Today is his birthday, maybe it can be his last birthday. We will only live today embracing his death and my/our life

MH brushes his teeth in the bathroom. SJ watches him.

VO – I live today, it is a very normal day with a very special him.

MH gets a happy birthday message from his birthday and banks and credit cards and all those this things. He thinks, wow, it is today. He opens a card and gets a happy birthday card from his eyeglass shop (?). MH smiles. He thinks back to SJ telling him that his birthday is soon, what does he want to do? She walks up with his clothing. He asks her what she wants to do, eat dinner with YD?

She says she has a yoga class. He tells YD that he doesnt’ have to do it. The moment is awkward. SJ is all like, ah, every 24th of the month is sanitizing day. MH do you need anything? Today is 1+1, it is a big sale, why do you look like that? Something is here. What is going on with this face? I will go clean up. So she is pretending like she doenst’ know it is his birthday. But she smiles secretly as she leaves.

She gets ready in another room and then looks at MH preparing food.

VO – today is his 50th birthday.

MH – I just wanted to have a birthday party together, but she still doesn’t remember it.

MH is cooking Suk-ju (bean sprouts but also means host). SJ comes into the kitchen and talks about breaking up with son suk-ju (Son host) because he is a complainer. She also had Son Lotto and now Son Miracle. Mh is all like, these are all fake, all fake, whatever you did to me was all fake right? I didn’t know and I was nervouse when I kissed you.

They talk back and forth how you can kiss someone that you don’t even like. You told me that you want to kiss me first. MH says she seduced him in the seafood cake bar. She is all like, you took me to the train station motel from the seafood cake bar. What did you want to do with that woman?

Cut music starts to play as SJ hugs MH’s back. She syas that back then it wasn’t heart pumping at all, but now her heart punps when she hugs him like this. Just seeing him, she gets butterflies. Let’s do yoga together tonight.
YD starts talking to her mother. Her mother thinks it doesn’t make any sense, she doens’t even drink coffee, just focus on graduating high school. YD doesnt’ care about High school. She throws a fit. MH takes the phone from her with a smile.

MH talks to YD’s mother. SY says the weather is always good over here, you wonder about the weather also? MH tells SY to be happy and have a good life. SY is all chocked up and tells him, you too.

YD and SJ leave. MH prepared a lunch for her but YD thinks no one brings a lunch to work. But MH says this is special prepared for her. SJ asks where her’s is. He gives it to her and smiles. Then he tells her to turn on her blinkers when she drives and if she isn’t comfortable with parking, then ask someone. MH tells SJ that at least one of them should make money, have a good time, call me. I am not your alarm clock. Call me. YD tells them that they do this every morning, it takes 30 minutes to say goodbye. YD and SJ leave, they both wave at MH as the elevator door close.

A soft song plays as MH just stands at the elevator doors. He goes inside and looks around at YD’s room. Then he sits on his bed.

VO – are you okay?
VO – I am okay…why don’t you answer
VO – I want to be okay.

SJ teaches the flight attendents happily. But we cut to 501, thinks are strewn on the floor and MH is throwing up seriously at the toilet. He rolls over and looks at something. He tries to grab it, ah, it is his pain pills. He tries to take them. At work, SJ continues teaching all the stewardess things.

SJ – Today, including our Son Mu-han pilot, we will serve you well.

She checks the clock, it is 11 and she hasn’t had any contact. MH also checks his watch as he lays on the bahroom floor, maybe he realizes that he didnt’ contact SJ yet. He gets up off the floor and slowly walks out of the bathroom.

HIS AND HER DAY is written on the door.
JM goes to SJ’s work and gives her something. It looks like JM went to the school to give a talk about how to get a job as a stewardess. SJ is a little concerned about the time. JM asks her how the treatment is going. SJ explains that it has some sideeffects. JM basically says that they got through a lot together. SJ asks how KS is doing. JM says he is a weak man that tries to be strong, he pretended like he was okay because JS was born. SJ tells her that she has grown up a lot, she used to be a dong sang that followed her around saying eunnie eunnie eunnie, but now she is pretty. JM says everyone likes her once they get to know her. Fighting!

SJ leaves to go back to work.

MH texts SJ, it is his birthday, lets spend time together. But before he sends it, oneone bangs on his door. I know you are in there! Open the door! MH opens the door and 401 runs inside looking for her cat. MH tells her that there isn’t anything there, he has been there all day. But the woman is adamant, she heard her cat in here.

SJ calls but MH says he is busy.

The woman just runs all over his home as if it is hers. She tells her cat to come out, where are you hiding, Jasmine…Jasmine…then she sees the blue pills and thinks that it is Viagra. He says it is not viagra. The woman says it is and he has a lot of it, Viagra, Viagra. He says to stop saying that and help find her cat. She tells him that she will be angry if she finds her cat there. Then we see the cat hiding under something.

YD writes a letter to her appa and thinks back to when they first met and all the times she ran into him and was upset. She wrote a lot of letters to him like, Happy Birthday appa, don’t die. HM comes up behind her and reads them. He asks her what her appa’s birthday present is. She says it is a magnifying glass. HM tells her to give him all the letters. YD pulls out her lunch and says that she can’t eat. Can you eat it for me? Appa told me not to throw it away. HM says he can’t eat it, she should eat it, it is her appa’s lunch box. YD opens it and sees a letter from her appa. HM reads it.

Letter – While washing rice, I think about you, while cooking eggs, I think about you. When I think about you, I think I should live fully today, so don’t worry about appa and enjoy this food. I love you Yi-deon.
SJ calls MH and tells her that he can’t come home. She goes to meet her mother. Her mother prepared a lot to give to MH. SJ asks her why she is doing this, she prepared a lot, I feed him well. But Umma says that she will never forgive him for leaving his daughter alone, so just take this to him.

MH walks around the house sad and alone. He puts his medicine back in it’s case. then he sits in his living room and we see the cat on one of the shelves. MH also sees the cat up there. He motions for it to come down.

SJ tries to leave hr family but her sister and brother-in-law want to talk to her and give her something, can’t she just stay there a little longer? Umma says she has a sick person at home so she won’t be comfortable. They say that it is his birthday today, they brought a present, facial cream. Brother-in-law bought some underwear and socks. Tell him Happy Birthday. SJ says that she will. Her family tells her Fighting!

MH tries to get the cat down from the shelf. he tells him that he will give him everything if he comes down. He doesn’t’ have time, they will waste their entire day. Jasmine jumps down and walks away. MH tells her that he doesn’t’ feel good, come here. He crawl on the floor and under the table for jasmine. He finally gets her but he hits his head on the table and it hurts. He tells her, lets’ go. MH goes downstairs and runs into the security officer. He tells him that he found the cat in his place. The security guard says that 401 will get angry if she knows that he found her in his house, so just give it to me and I will say that I found it somewhere. 401 is a trouble maker. She locked up his car and posted no air conditioning for security guards because it costs a lot of money and all those things.

MH says he will take care of it and he will take care of the cat. The guard says she has a big temper, just give the cat to him. They are okay. But MH ends up rining the bell and gives her the cat. She is very happy to see the cat. MH says that 401 shouldnt’ look at the cat only, she should look at him also. 401 just says that she was in his place, why is he coming so late? She wants her to say thank you? She shuts the door.

MH knowcks on the door and tells 401 to open the door and say thank you. Until you come out, I will rung this bell, I have no job so I can do this forever. You should tell me thank you. It wasn’t so hard when I did it. SJ gets home and hears MH telling this all to 401. MH says 401 should open the door and SJ joins in. 401 thinks the husband has Viagra and the wife has a banana, they are the same. Dirty things….kissing..ugh.
JM and family have a wonderful time at the skating rink. They talk about the kids song that plays. KS says he will play with JS, what does she want? JS says she wants a sibling so she can play with them. Don’t worry, she will raise him.

MH writes a letter to 401 and tells her not to do any stupid things. SJ sits next to him as he writes it. They talk about how the building was built for 11 years but the security guard doesn’t’ have any air-conditioning. They fill the letter with all their concerns.

Later, they start cooking and unpacking groceries. MH wants her to buy whole garlic, not peeled garlic. he peels them anyway. SJ wonders how he lived alone in a house and couldn’t use his mouth. He says it was training for when she came home. She asks how his day went. He says all the things he did and how only a cat visited him. SJ says that is good, he should be sadder, he is suffering means that he is human. MH tells her that she is the most sad one. She says to stop being sad and finish opening everything.

He opens something and sees that it is a gift. SJ tells him, happy birthday. He says, you knew? She is all like, how can’t I know? You showed it so much all morning. MH says he won’t be moved by this gift. He opens it and it is an ink pen. She added the name Son Miracle engraved on it. MH is speechless.

SJ puts the pen in his hands and sits behind him. He says this is the exact thing he wanted to have for his birthday, thank you. He starts writing with the pen: If we worry about not having worried, then we won’t have any worries.

This was SJ’s high school wish, she asks how he knows this. MH says he wants to meet that high school SJ. SJ tells him not to look at a high school girl that doesnt exist look at her now. She is a lot better than that high school girl. Just look at your wife now. He asks her, what did you say? Tell me one more time. SJ says…your wife…your wife…

But the bell rings.

It’s MR, she comes in with a yoga mat and takes them both through yoga. MH is amazingly bad at it. MR tells them that it is like pocking someones booty hole, high in the air like this. Then she tells MH that he has to do it properly or class won’t finish. They are both pretty bad at it.

MR shows them another yoga pose. Then she tries to put MH in the pose with SJ’s help. It is a mess.

SJ – We started yoga today, today is his 50th birthday, we are spending it as a normal day like yesterday.
Later, YD and SJ prepare a big birthday dinner at the living room coffee table. YD wants to know why this party is so big, isn’t time precious? SJ tells him that they can have their own dinner tomorrow. Appa will be surprised YD asks about his dinner last year. SJ thinks it was probably lonely, she was there, but she was downstairs. MH is outside and tells MH that she forgot where her car is. But she is stalling to keep MH outside. then she gets a text, everything is set. MR says that she remembers! Her car is in her own parking lot. Haha.

MH goes home and it is all dark. But he sees the birthday cake and then his work people and friends come out. Not the in-laws though. They have a fun birthday party. The music turns on and MR dances to it and pulls everyone else up to dance to it. It is a wonderful party with everyone smiling and dancing along to the music.

Later, IS and MH talk. IS wonders how this is really MH’s house. How are there so many people who came? And you also wrote the letter for the security guard? You changed a lot, I never imagined this. Congratulations for being reborn again. MH says that it was a noisy day but he finally knows how he should live. If he didn’t meet Soon-jin, then what would he do? They both agree with that, it was a big thing in his life. IS asks him what he is going to do tomorrow MH says he will live like today.

On the balcony, MR says her legs hurt because of SJ and yoga and everything (or the other way around?). SJ hugs her. they talk about how she can live with MH, SJ says if she can live 3 more years with that cranky guy…. they both hug each other and tear up.

YD is in her room, MR sneaks in and covers YD’s mouth. She tells her that they should go to her place today, pack up. So now the house is empty for MH and SJ. MH and SJ look at each other on the couch and smile. SJ asks him if they should clean up now. He says they shouldn’t clean up tonight. He stands up and puts his hand out to her. She takes it.

They go to the kitchen and kiss with SJ sitting on the counter. This is a long kissing scene. The camera zooms in to their hands and their lips. Then they move to the bedroom and make love.

An alarm goes off. But MH doesn’t wake up. SJ says good morning. But MH doesn’t say anything. SJ says good morning again, but MH doesnt’ say anything. She softly touches his hand and says, wake up. She whispers, wake up Mu-han. Wake up. She starts crying and says, wake up over and over again.

He wakes up.

He looks over at her and says, Good morning.

SJ tells him, Good morning.

MH goes back to sleep with a smile.

SJ – Our normal day starts again. He is alive.

SJ reads to MH in bed.

SJ – For the person who loves me, I need to live long
MH – Long long long and make living nothing for them
SJ – Live longer longer longer and become sick and tired of living, alive
MH – Longer longer longer, until they become sick and tired of me alive
SJ – Then it is easy to say goodbye.

As the credits roll, we see a lot of scenes that have been drawn. It goes back and forth between the drawn scene and the real life scene.

They also show a lot of behind the scenes special scenes that are hilarious. It looks like it is all their making scenes with a lot of laughter at all the bloopers.

Fade Out

Thank you for recapping this show with us!

Recap for the Kdrama Should We Kiss First episodes 39 and 40
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    Thanks very much for your recap, V!!

  4. V
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    @Amirah and @PYC, so happy you watched/recapped this show with us!

    And OMG, my heart stopped when he didn’t’ wake up, too! I kept thinking, no way they end it like this? But it turns out that he was just exhausted after a long night of coitus 😉

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