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Should We Kiss First Live Recap 37 and 38

Recap for the Kdrama Should We Kiss First episodes 37 and 38
Kim Sun-ah’s Instagram (@kimsuna_official)
It is the last week for Should We Kiss First. I am holding out hope for a happy ending. Right now I am very satisfied with how things are shaking out. I love that Soon-jin got her apology and I love that Mu-han dropped that news report right as the CEO came out gloating about how he is a good actor. Now we just need to see what happens next.

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Airing Time: April 23rd, 22:00 Seoul
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Countdown: RECAPPING!

MH takes out a pen and writes “Mu-han’s winter, what should I do…”

VO – How should I live my short life? Hey Byul.

Mu-han’s Spring.
I will live only for today.
VO – I live with her.

Soon-jin’s winter.
VO – Ah, life is so long, if I knew this in advance it would be better, dying isn’t scary, living is scary.

We see a all the flashbacks of the opening episodes. Especially when MH was about to die in the bathroom.

Soon-jin’s Spring.
VO – Every living thing is pretty, just exhisting.

Mu-han writes that he lives today, he lives with her, he lives with people.
VO – My day is living and dying. How should I live, how should I die? The most sure thing I know is that i am not lonely anymore. We are living our days.

Mu-han is in the hospital with his hospital gowns on. His room looks like a condo. The nurse comes in and asks if he likes his room. Mu-han just wants to leave. Soon-jin comes in and basically forces MH to sit and listen to his schedule. They will have a CT, he won’t be able to eat that night. He will have an injection. It will get easier.

MH asks the nurse if she had cancer or had those injections before. SJ pinches him. The side effects are stomach pain, but it is a lot less than regular anti-cancer treatment. there is depression…MH says, I am already depressed. If there are no side effects than you can leave two days later.

SJ asks MH if he is AB blood type. Ah…you are AB…that is why. MH says, huh? I am a genius? SJ says it is nothing. The nurse leaves. SJ asks what MH wants to do for his birthday. he says nothing, then he asks her what her blood type it. Her blood type is O. They think they didnt even know that about each other. They need to know each other after one month…no….6 months. hey need to know each other fast. Okay? Okay okay? Okay?

MH smiles.

YD thinks back to her father saying that he is sorry he is dying and that he is not confident in telling YD. YD isn’t her normal self at work as she cleans. HM asks what is wrong, she apologizes and cleans some more. HM asks hr if she wants to learn how to brew coffee. He shows her how to brew coffee slowly. It is like tea drinking. Coffee is waiting, when you wait you can have a break and think while it drips.

MH thinks that SJ said she will be with him at every point in his life. He is all like, where is she now? SJ comes in carrying a lot of bags. He asks her where she was and she is all like, stop complaining, you are always a hiding acorn (nut it is a work mistake). SJ says she didn’t buy all these things, someone bought it for her. He asks her if she is going to eat there, she asks him if she should go to the next room? Hr can’t help it, just eat if you want to. SJ says she doesn’t want to eat by herself but….

She tells him that she will eat it undeliciously by herself. She eats a chicken leg. MH’s stomach growls. MH asks her how she can eat in front of a sick person. She tells him that he is the most normal sick person around here. She tells him to get cured fast, don’t look at her and just get cured quickly so we can eat together. MH pulls the covers over his head and SJ tells him to ignore her.
IS gets home and sees a very romantic scene in his bedroom. There are rose petals shaped like a heart on the bed. Soft music plays and MR comes out dressed like a sexy police officer. Her gun is a lighter that she tries to blow out. But it doesn’t work so IS just clicks it off. IS says they haven’t done this in awhile. MR sexily dances to the floor like a snake and says today she is a cop. She holds up the cuffs. IS asks her if she isn’t mad at him anymore. She says he helped SJ, good job. She takes her hair down and shakes it, then she pushes him on the bed.

MR – Now you can sleep comfortably

She prinkles the rose petals on IS and puts one on his lips. She leans in to kiss him, but the bell goes Ding Dong. MR answers the door, it’s the duty police. They think she is a superior so they salute her, lol.

But then they take her to the police station and show them a video. It is the video of IS uprooting the tree and taking it home. The cop says it was for love so he can pay the fine and go home. MR asks to see the CCTV one more time. The cops shows it to her. IS spens so much time pulling the trees out of the ground until he finds one that is uprooted. She tells him that he is super cool, he is the best.

IS is all like, huh? After watching this? MR asks the duty officer if they can keep the tree.

SJ whispers, Ojenki Deska. Are you okay over there, she is doing fine there. Why won’t you answer me?

MH says he can’t say anything. If he wants to run away then he would. SJ tells him not to think about that. MH thinks, laying down like this makes him really think that he will die. SJ tells him not to think about it, just think about what you want to do. MH says he wants Time as a birthday present. He doens’t worry about dying, but wasting his time like this is super scary. being in patient clothing, I dont like it. I want to live freely at least one day without life support or anything. I don’t want to live uncooly.

SJ tells him that she liked it when he wears patient clothing. Everyone is nervous in the hospital. I don’t think you will die, stop complaining. Then they hear a code blue over the intercom. Cut to someone moaning (maybe someone died) in the other room. SJ starts to realize why MH doesnt’ like the hospital.

MH – would you like to come over and sleep?
SJ – Should I go there?

SJ sleeps in the same bed with MH.
MH lays on a table as he is wheeled under a CT scan. SJ waits in the other room. YD shows up and asks where her appa is. SJ says he will be here soon, why did you bring your carrier, are you leaving? You shouldn’t, appa needs you more than anyone else.

YD says her plan is to unpack, she should be next to him now more than any other time. She will make her bed so please go away. YD tells her that she knows more than her that family members are best. Strangers more than blood. YD says that when her parents separated they became strangers. SJ says they won’t separate. YD tells her to keep that promise.

She holds out her pinky finger for a promise to SH. SH oblidges reluctantly. YD asks SJ waht she wants to be if she is not strangers. SJ says, lovers. (but it is an old joke). SJ tells YD to go home at night because at night they have to do adult stuff like carrots and whips (on a donkey, its an old story). YD asks them what they do at night as adults. SJ tells her that her father tries to escape, she has to stick with him and guard him. YD says she can do it.

MH was watching this entire thing and says, whom should I choose tonight….

SJ runs to hus side and YD also runs to his side. He tells them, fight, fight, fight.

Apollon is on the news.
Caption: Apollon food company had a lot of trouble 11 years ago when a child died.
News: A lot of poeple stopped trusting Apollon, then knew the dangers of the jello, but hid it.

JM and KS are watching this news report too. JM wants KS to eat, but he can’t. Perhaps he hasn’t eaten for awhile? JM tells him to stay there like a ghost. What is his problem, SJ and MH love each other, stay out of their life. You can’t do it but you are angry at someone else? if you think this way then out JS shouldn’t be in this world at all. Apologize to him because you couldnt do it, but he did it (punishing Apollon). JM apologizes. KS says he thought it was impossible, he gave up, that is why he thought it would dissapear. He wanted to forget about it, but he couldn’t solve it. He wanted to let it go, he lived in the past. His story is on TV right now, but it feels like a strangers story. What did I do?

JM tells him that it isn’t him. When death came to him, he moved. Can you look at me? Look at my face. KS, get out of the past. Me and JS are waiting.

SJ combs MH’s hair. MH wants to leave the house. But Sj is worred about him getting an infection. He just has to wait three more hours. The title of the book is, I Can’t Tickle Myself.

SJ asks him about the title, she tries to tickle herself, she says it isn’t ticklish, so she can’t tickle herself. She tries to tickle MH. He tells her to stop. She tells him to smile, that patient was a halabogi, he was 93. MH asks her why she found it out, she did it just in case he worried about it. She says there is a second appointment 4 days later. That is the only available time.

MH asks her, what? A second appointment? I am not doing it, I told you I am not doing it. SJ tells him that they need to do it again. 2, 3, 4, until he is cured. MH doesn’t’ want to live on a hospital bed and give her a hard time. It is pathetic.

SJ tells him that getting better isn’t pathetic, she can help him do what he wants to do and stay alive. MH says that from now on, he will decide his last days. SJ scoffs and lays on the bed. She starts to play a song. “You are a coward, a thug…”

Mu-han goes to the rooftop of the hospital and relaxes. He breathes in the air and listens to the sounds. But people think he is about to jump. They say, someone is about to jump! Don’t jump! come down come down! He tells then that he is okay, he isn’t jumping. Butt hen MH looks to his right and sees the man that they are really talking about. There is a man that is about to jump.

MH stands up and everyone is all like, noooooo, another patient! they are going to kill themselves together!.

MH goes over and talks to the man. He says he is also last stage cancer. He is going to die soon so he will help him. If he jumps and fails at killing himself then it is worse than dying. What if he hangs himself in a tree and he doesn’t die? MH tells him that he knows he is lonely because he was trapped in his bathroom and almost died. His nickname is hiding dotori. You are lonely but you shouldn’t brag in front of an acorn. (he is basically saying that he is in a worst state than him).

The man grabs him and says, lets die together! But MH pushes him off the roof and falls off the roof himself! He yells, I want to live! He falls on the police pad. SJ yells at him from the roof, you are crazy! I told you not to come out! You make me so mad!

SJ’s mom shows up to 501. YD is there. She opens the door and lets Umma in. Umma asks where her daughter is. YD says they went to the hospital. Umma asks how sick her appa is.

MH says that this wasn’t anything, just a little injection. SJ says, who said, save me! Save me! Hey, where are you going?

SJ and MH walk around the garden. SJ keeps mocking him, save me, save me! that isn’t bad, you want to live, that is the best thing that came out of your mouth. Umma walks up to them which ruins the mood. She says she doens’t want to talk to a sick person, just get your treatment.

SJ tells her that they should go drink some tea.
SJ asks her mother what it is, tell her. She knows she is a sore finger for her. SJ says she was bad and cruel to her and she accepted it, that is why I keep forgetting that you also lost your granddaughter. Umma says that she doesn’t want her daughter next to death again. SJ says she isn’t next to death, she is holding life. She wants to throw her life to anyone, but her life is important again. He thinks he loves me, he holds my useless life as my own dear life. Next to him, I am useful again because he looks at me dearly. So I also love my own life also. You are the only one besides him that thinks of me like that.

It is not him but I also hold him. I want to be in his eyes some more I want to live in his heart some more. I am happy mom, really. In the morning I worry if he will open his eyes. If I am not there, maybe he will leave me. i worry about that. But when we are together, I feel good, I am happy and every moment of the day i am happy. Why are you crying? I am telling you that your hurting finger is happy. Sorry, and thank you. Your granddaughter, thank you for raising her prettier than me, thank you.

MH asks her how long she stayed in 401, she says 4 years. When did you start to live there? SJ says she was just here and there but she lived there full time for one year. We never bumped into each other. MH says that is true, he never met anyone because he didn’t want to see anyone so he only used the stairs. SJ says 501 is like that. By the way, when I went to apologize to you, why didn’t you come out? He aks her why she ignored him when he was trapped int he bathroom? He shouted a lot. She says she thuoght he was a crazy guy. She didnt’ know he was trapped naked.

He says, if she came then he wouldn’t have had to be in an ambulance. She says she saw him in the ambulance so she worried about him. He says, after he saw her picture, he was surprised. SJ was also surprised when she found out that he was YD’s mom. But you asked me to come sleep with you. We were so uncomfortable so we couldnt sleep at all. He says she slept well the next day. She says she had sleeping pills.

She says it was so warm, when she opened her eyes, someone was next to her and talked to her. He asks what he said. She says, Good Morning. He asks, only good morning? he stands and walks to her bed. Then he kisses her.

MH – Goodnight.
SJ – Goodnight to you too.

JS runs up to appa and asks if she can eat this food. He checks it, he sees that it is not from Apollon. He says she can eat it. Then they take selfies together.

YD watches this and grows sad. She pulls out her phone and looks at the pained photos she took of her father. Then she takes a pretty selfie of herself.

He has his last meeting with his team. His team cries about it. It looks like he told them that he is dying and getting treatment. But he gets YD’s photo.

YD: After looking at this picture, don’t think that I am all okay. But if you are sorry to me then you can send me a photo.

MH immediately takes a selfie while in the middle of this meeting with his team. He sends it to YD. His team is all like…….?

YD gets the photo. MH smiles and throws her a peace sign. She thinke he really took a photo and sent it to her. he sent 2 photos.

MH: A or B, you choose whatever you like.

MH gets back to the meeting.
MH says that the couple living in the future, I like it. For a robot, there is no past or future, but for a couple, they have a past and a present, so life should go on. He tells them that they can use, See You Tomorrow. One of the teammates says he really hated that phrase.

MH tells him that he is not coming as of tomorrow. Wrap thinks up well and have a good life. You suffered a lot under me. But after seeing you all, I liked it and thank you.

MH wakes up with SJ in 501. He looks at his hand. SJ wakes up as well and looks at MH. He tells her, good morning and she tells him Good morning. He comments that she said, “good” today. She hugs him and says, thank you for today.

Later, MH makes them both a smoothie. SJ gets to the kitchen and sees all her food that he packed for her. He says that it is for her because he stays home now. SJ says she is super luck, she has an ajusshi helper. She takes the banana and eats it. He asks about the banana that he bought her. Did she throw it away? (vibrator banana). he tells her to bring it out, he wants to see it. She says that is for an adult woman, she put it in her secret place. Ding Dong.

They get a message about Mu-han’s car. Someone has a parking complaint because his car is occupying two spaces. MH looks at SJ, she tries not to look at MH. MH goes to the garage and sees his car horrible parked. Someone wrote, “Begginer driver”on it.

MH sees that there is a chain around the car and chairs out and lots of stuff.

Meanwhile SJ reads that there is no air conditioning for security people at the apartment. it is a sign in the elevator. Someone gets in. SJ asks her if she is new here? She lives in 501, she used to live in 401. The woman is shocked and tells her to come down. Her mail all goes to her place, change your address.

SJ waits outside.

A little kid tells his halmoni that this is his banana! I want my banana back! The woman comes out with the banana vibrator and points it at SJ. Is this yours?!? The vibrator is all blurred out, lol. MH walks up and watches this. SJ denies it. The woman asks SJ if she is a pervert, why does she use this kind of disgusting thing, isn’t she ashamed? It is nothing to brag about, why did you leave it in this old house. SJ says she almost lost it, thank you for finding it, it is not a shameful thing, I am old enough. The woman says this is a young person problem, they can’t hide and do what they want to.

SJ pints the vibrator at the woman and says this is evidence that she is alive. The woman hits it away and it falls to the floor and turns on. It starts vibrating on the floor and spinning around. The woman yells in shock and leaves. SJ looks at the vibrator and tells MH, look, our banana is still a live.

MH thinks back to when they first had the vibrator. SJ said she liked the banana, it agreed with her.

MH – She is alive, I am still alive

MH is in the hospital with SJ laying with him. He asks her if she needs anything, she wants to buy anything for her. She says nothing. She wanted to have her own room when she was little. After getting married she never had her own room. A rich dotori like you gives one room to your speakers and one room to your books, but not too many people live like that.

MH goes to his library and starts cleaning out the bookshelf. She boxes them all. SJ has her own room in the house. The library is much smaller so she has half of it. She puts in her own pictures. MH delivers her ramen to her and they eat it together with SJ gushing over how good it tastes.

Fade Out

The next episode is Mu-han’s birthday
It looks like a happy episode

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