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Should We Kiss First Live Recap 35 and 36

Recap for the Kdrama Should We Kiss First episodes 35 and 36
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I am so ready for that company to get what’s coming to them. Hopefully the writer will give us a glorious end for them and not a bitter end. I am extra happy that SJ and MH are living together again now, with what looks like an unbreakable bond. I love that they know everything about each other’s secrets and that the recording KS played for SJ, didn’t even phase her. It is also extra hilarious that MH’s daughter snuck into the house and is living there now. The actress playing her captures spoiled entitled clueless rich girl so well.

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Countdown: ABOUT 5 MINUTES

MH shows up to meet the bad lawyer. He tells him that he made a voice recording, but he also made voice recordings, he has all the records. He can destroy them in one shot. Don’t touch her or her family or he will destroy them. If there is no apology in 48 hours then I will move first, I will not wait.

Inside, SJ says that she will stay with him because he loves him. She knows everything and she will stay with him because she loves him. He slaps her and regrets it. She tells him that she is sorry, but they don’t have enough time to hesitate.

She turns and sees MH standing there. Mh goes up to KS, but SJ pulls him away. She tells him that they can just leave, he got out safely. But he pulls her hand away softly and approaches KS. He tells him that he won’t deny his past. back then he was that kind of person, he regrets it, he tried to change even though you don’t believe it, I am truthful more than anytime in my life.

KS yells for him to just shut up, he knew everything and when they needed him the most, he just ignored them. But now he brigns all his money and apologies, how is this so easy for him.

MH says that if it was easy, then he wouldnt’ be there at all, he isn’t saying that he didn’t mess up, he just wants to be given a chance, he can’t live in the past.

KS grabs him bu the collar and curses at him. Why do you love and marry and die like this? SJ pushes him off of him. She tells KS that MH is the only one that changed, he wrote the petition and presented the evidence, what more can he do? KS tells her to forgive her mother. Dahn wanted to buy that product after seeing the commercial, I hate you more than this guy.

KS leaves. MH tells SJ that she will apologize over and over again until his true mind is delivered. SJ sighs, let’s go home. I will put your button back on.
They drive away somewhere. But they are driving far away. SJ asks him if he is going to North Korea? He tells her that they should go to the end until they can’t go any farther. But then she sees a spot she wants to stop at. It is a spot near a fence. MH asks if she knows a guy that went to the military? She says yes. She used to come here and see him over there. She came here many times. When she waved his hand at him, he ignored her. But when his superior wasn’t’ looking at him, he would salute her. That is what happened, we loved each other, he loved me a lot a lot a lot, since we were 15. He was the only one that loved me for so long, he is a good guy. I want you to understand his behavior. Are you angry?

MH – No, that is the past. Tell me some more…it sounds fun (sarcastic). How old with you saying this…
SJ- I have a lot of fun stories, but if I tell you more than you will just eat it up (?)
MH – Continue….it’s fun….good story….if I were the superior I would send your lover to jail
SJ – oh…so you are that kind of jealous guy?
MH – Hey, don’t tell me old man, old man…I am only 50, people live to be 100 now. That is a fact. You should expand teh young man range.
SJ – Okay! My young guy! Lets drive! Let’s get in my young guy! Young guy!

JS comforts her appa and his wounds. She hopes it doesn’t hurt. She tells him not to cry appa. They hug. JM comes in and sees them together with appa crying.

The CEO yells, 48 hours, 48 hours! But it is actually 46 hours and 42 minutes now. That lawyer wants him to apologize for show, everyone does it. The CEO tells him to set the date, if he dies then MH dies. he will go to the end. They just need to move one step faster than him, so let’s see what he is doing.

Both of them are looking at a sculpture. It looks like a persons back but it can also looks like a person praying. SJ starts to pray a silent prayer. They continue walking. SHJ asks him if he wants to take a break. She wants to take a break and she sits on the ground. But MH says that they had a tick warning. He starts talking about the effect.

SJ says he looks like a man, but he says no to this or that because of something. She lays down and tells all the ticks to bite her and not him, just come to meeee, bite meeee, not him. MH decides to lay on the ground, but he doesn’t put his head on the ground. SJ tscks and says, why is he so needy. MH puts his hand behind his head and says that laying down changes the view a lot. She asks him why he is like this all the time, like a newborn.

He tells her that he found some more evidence for he trial. Singapore and China had the same thing. Singapore won the first stage of the trial. SJ says she will see her lawyer first, she came out from a big law firm because of her, it will be hard. Her husband’s matter is on the line so she can’t trust her anymore. Maybe she will regret it in the future and have a guilty feeling forever, like you. Maybe she can come back, like you. MH thinks that is right, she shouldn’t’ be late like me. SJ says that when you think it is late, it is actually really really late ( a comedian said that). She laughs. MH is all like, what the F?

SJ runs away and he chases her.
MH and SJ walk into their place holding hands. SY sees them and looks at them as if he never did that with her. Upstairs, SJ gets a text from SY to come out. She goes out and they talk. SY says she saw them go upstairs but she couldn’t go up, she felt relieved and sad. She turned his heart around. I envy you. Please take care of him. SJ tells her, thank you for letting me know, I want to ask you one thing…YD…just leave her here, she said she is happy. SY says one is enough, but she is leaving her with two. SJ asks if she will see him, SY says she can leave because she isn’t seeing him and if she needs something then please ask her. SJ asks her to search for a new drug at Chicago University.

SJ tries to thread a needle while MH reads a list of requirnments she wants from him.

SJ’s Honest Request (But Soon-jin also means “honest”)

1. Talk to your daughter everyday
2. Someone who you unintentionally hurt, go ahead and apologize
3. maintain your weight
4. When you lose weight, .5kg = 50c fine
5. Don’t show off your knowledge, don’t pretend like you know everything
6. Only read one book a day
7. …
8. …

MH is all like, why do I have all these rules. he takes the thread and button from her. I will do everything but how can I saw I love you to everyone to everyone and record it. I can’t do it. I will just give it one more try. But he loses the needle and they get on the floor to find it. But they hit their heads. This gives him a flashback to trying to find the key when they were at the motel. He chuckles and sits up. But he is serious again. SJ hugs him and asks him where his leash is, did he throw it away. He says that she told him to keep it forever, she can bury it with him. She asks if he wants to be buried and not cremated. He says that was his joke, just spread me around so I can go places I haven’t been before.

She agrees. She says she will spread him somewhere without any ticks. You do it because you don’t want me to visit you later? he says he wants her to live freely, not tide to anything. She tells him that he will be around her all the time, during the day as a day star and during night as a night star. When it is windy then he will be the wind and when it is shiny then he will be the sunshine.

YD comes out of the elevator at that moment and thinks about MH telling her that he is not her appa. But she also thinks about HM telling her that she should see him and live with him while she can. She opens the door. MH and SJ hear it. SJ tells SJ about the list. It is the #1 requirement.

MH goes to the hall with YD. YD has all these thoughts going through her head about MH and what he is doing. She tells him, hello, I am home ajusshi. He tells her to go to bed. She goes to her room.

But she sees that the pictures are gone. She wants to know why SJ removed them. SJ says she wanted her to clean her room, who takes off the travelets clothes, wind of sun. YD asks her if SJ is the kind sunshine and she is the cruel wind? SJ says that seh is always angry at her father likea tornado, just smile at him first, whoever smiles first wins, you don’t know anything about your father, there is a long way to go to reach my level.

YD – So you smiled at him? That is why he is with you?
SJ – Smile, see if you can catch him or not. Smile!
YD – That doesn’t make any sense, how can I smile while looking at his face, I can’t do it. i won’t smile first.

YD goes into the library. MH is working and also has a bout of pain at the same time. YD wants to make him smile, but he is in pain and tries to hide it. But she isn’t leaving and just wants to show him his face on her phone. SJ comes in and MH gives her a signal that he is in pain. SJ pulls YD’s phone away so MH can take his medicine.

YD goes to her room and looks at the photo of her father. She thinks that she hates him, how can she smile at him when he doesnt’ even look at her. But then she sees one of the photos and thinks something.

MH is in his room, he is all sweaty and laying in bed. YD is about to go inside, but runs away when she sees SJ approaching. SJ goes into the room and tells MH to change his clothes. He asks if YD is sleeping. She says yes, she turned off the light awhile ago. MH tells her that she can’t live with YD, she will find out. SJ says it is better to tell her, if she finds out all of a sudden, she will be surprised, what if you collapse?

MH thinks that is why he wants to send her away, he is not confident in front of YD. SJ wants him to tell her nicely. But he thinks he can’t tell her nicely, should he say that he is sorry that he is dying. he can’t help it, just accept it? YD tells her to just let her decide. You just tell her nicely and look at her and hug her.

YD overhears all of this.

Later that night SJ reads to MH and we see YD crying in her room.

Book –
Everything you can’t take out, is love.
Everything you can’t embrace, is love
Everything you can’t touch and is unsolved, is love
Everything that doesn’t come to you, is love

The bad lawyer eats at SJ’s in-law place. The brother-in-law gives him a drink that he didn’t’ order. Then he sees the book and says that it is his brother in law, can I see it? The lawyer gives it to him and says that he heard that he was really famous before. But this is the lawyers trick to get the brother-in-law to see that page int he book. There are 24 hours left. The man checks out and also shows the mother and daughter-in-law the book.

SJ meets with the lawyer, the lawyer says that she went on a trip but came back right away. SJ tells her to come back. The situation changed, but she didn’t change. She trusts her. We are all living in this hell, but someone looks at the stars. I didn’t even know this quote until I met you. Before my daughters incident, I ignored someone else’s business. It can happen to anyone. It may happen somewhere now. I am not going to ignore it anymore. I believe that you won’t ignore me as you have done until now. I will give you the hospital report and tell the judge about Mu-hans health and ask him to move the trial up, I beg you. She is not going to find a new lawyer, she will wait for her.

The reporter meets with IS and MH, he was already investigating him because he is really bad he mistreats people and only cares about money.

SJ and MR meet over food and talk about what is going on. MR is still against MH, but SJ says she will just live her life.

Meanwhile IS wants to know what MH’s plan is with the reporter. MH says this is just a civil case, he won’t be prosecuted because time has past. But he has commited too many sins and will never be prosecuted and he doesnt’ want to leave SJ in danger when he is not there. Also, I love you.

IS – Huh? What did you say? Is this a mistake?
MH – I said I love you.

MR and SJ talk about the treatment, will he recieve it? SJ says it is the third trial, 70 people tried it and 2 are still alive. MR says, huh, only two people? SJ says yes, that means it is possible. Not one, but 2 survivors. One can be an incident, but two is a possibility. MR says that she will try hard to save him as well, because that is what SJ wants.

MH and SJ go to the hospital and wait for the testing result. They sit as the doctor comes in. he says that he told him he would come back in May, so it didn’t go too badly. His blood test is okay and actually he got a little better. So they are ready to do the new drug treatment. They can start tomorrow at 4pm.

MH is pretty stunned. They walk outside and MH says that one meeting became hospitalization. So how did her and the doctor decide everything (playfully). You were talking to the doctor and snatched everything I wanted to say, but now you dont’ say anything…tomorrow….hospitalized? I don’t have time to waste.
Sj tells him that 2 people surived with drugs. But he asked what about the rest? People die because of the drug or the shock? She tells him to try it, if it is too hard then they won’t continue it. But they should try it anyway because he wants to be her miracle right? SJ wants to pinky promise. The spy guy watches them.

CEO’s secretary tells him that he has many many appointments. The spy tells him that MH will start his new drug testing and there is a small chance of survival. CEO thinks he might die by side effect. he will go to the hospital at 4pm and meets with him at 1pm, so if he does something, it will be at that time. CEO thinks they need to call SJ at 11(?).

They meet at a cafe and talk about SJ knowing about MH and his background. KS tells her that SJ didn’t’ know it in the beginning but now she loves him and accepts it. Umma can’t believe she made him food. Umma talks about how she can’t see that commercial, she still thinks about her granddaughter seeing the commercial and wanting her grandmother to buy the candy for her. it haunts her. KS tells her to endure it, they will break up soon. But Umma wants to know how, she loves him? KS says to just wait.

SJ prepares a hug amount of food for MH and tells him to enjoy it before going to the hospital. She is ready to treat him. Mh wants to give the rest of his time to her, not to the doctor. He was about to go to Switzerland. But she tells him to shut up, the rest of his dignity is hers. YD went out early in the morning, so just eat it and call YD.

YD walks like a zombie to work. HM wonders why she is showing up now, it is 8pm, he sent her so many texts. But then he sees that she has bird poop on her and wonders where she was. She says that she is hungry. She didn’t bring her wallet and doesn’t’ have her cell phone or anything. She can’t go back home.

He tells her that he will find her some food. So just go inside. She wants him to find her cell phone, she has her fathers pictures in it. She cries as she asks him this and he says he will definitely find it for her. He finds it and we cut to YD looking at it. Her father calls her. He hears the phone ringing outside so he goes out. YD is on the steps looking at it. He wonders why she won’t come in, it is after 12, can you hear me? You decide.

YD stands up and says that she knows why he is doing this to her. She will go to America and do what he asks, if that makes you more comfortable, no pretty bye-bye, that is what he said. Now I understand why you said that, to you I am pain right? Sorry, I didnt’ know it until now. I will go to halabogi’s house, you don’t have to come. i will take a taxi.

She gets up to leave, but he calls her name. he turns and walks up to her and gives her a great big hug. it is a really nice hug. She cries as he hugs her and holds her head in his arms. SJ is on the inside of the door.
Text: If you come by at 1pm, then our chairman will apologize to you.

SJ goes to the company and stands for her apology. The CEO says, Dahn’s mother, it is my fault. It is late, but sorry, please take my apology (he bows to her). Let’s send Dahn away. It wasn’t that difficult, I did it and it wasn’t difficult. I am sorry I gave you that hard life. Let’s resolve this so your daughter will be happy. It has been 11 years, let’s send her off. If you forgive us, then Dahn will also forgive us.

The lawyer comes in. CEO gives SJ some evidence that they took from her and he is giving it back to her. he gets on his knees and gives her a very grateful apology. He says this is his real apology.

But then he walks out and laughs. He asks how his acting was today, did I make any mistakes? however, MH is in the lobby and sees all of this. The news has already been released. They turn their heads and see the news all over the headlines.

SJ walks out without knowing any of this. She thinks that she should stop, everyone though that she should stop and it was suffocating, no one was around her, no one. But then she sees MH happily sitting outside. She walks over to him and smiles.

MH leaves to go out and SJ shows him the list she wrote. He nods and she says, fighting! MH goes out and says hello to everyone and greets them. Then he goes to his teammembers and tells them that they are doing a good job and good morning. He gives the youngest something to eat. Then he sees the cleaning ajumma and tells her thank you. he gets back hom and sees the security guy, he greets him. But this is a new security guy, MH asks where the old security guy wnet. The new guy asks him what his name is. MH says he didnt actually know. What is your name? the man tells him his name.

Then MH goes home and measures his weight. He adds 50 cent pieces to the jair with each time he steps on the scale. But he is smiling and says that to have a special event, it is easy. he moves first and approaches first. How was your day today?

Fade Out

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    I was not amused by Soon-jin’s cavalier attitude towards ticks and the diseases they transmit. Been there, done that with Bartonella, one of several tick-borne illnesses, along with Lyme disease, endemic where I live in New Jersey. A couple of my friends have suffered terribly from Lyme. It’s no joke. My toes curled when I looked up the SFTS virus Mu-han warned her against. It sounds horrible. And it joins such newcomers as the mosquito-borne zika fever and chikungunya virus here in the continental US.

    “SFTS [severe fever with thrombocytopenia syndrome] has a fatality rate of 12% and as high as 30% in some areas. The major clinical symptoms of SFTS are fever, vomiting, diarrhea, multiple organ failure, thrombocytopenia (low platelet count), leukopenia (low white blood cell count) and elevated liver enzyme levels.” — Per https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SFTS_virus.

    Ticks in East Asia (China, Japan, Korea) carry the virus. As if we don’t have enough of our own native ticks in NJ, just yesterday the Asian species that is a vector for SFTS was reported on the news as having been identified as infesting a sheep (and the shepherd) on a farm in the central part of the state. Great.


    I shudder to think how they got here. They join the emerald ash borer and Asian longhorn beetle as recent unwelcome visitors attacking our forests.

    Maybe Writer-nim was incorporating a PSA in the show, or trying to get people to think about the risk. Listen to Mu-han before Soon-jin badgered him into lying on the grass. She’s an idiot.

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