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Seventeen High Cut Interview: This Year is for Seventeen

November 13, 2017

High Cut Seventeen translated
As mentioned on our twitter, last week we drove 6 hours and came home with two magazines! One is High Cut and the other, 1st Look. Herein lies the first of many interviews we plan on translating from those and other issues. So, yeah, some exciting things going on over here.

In this High Cut issue, Seventeen was the cover model for their October 19th-November 1st issue. Their full interview and images we snapped from the magazine are below. A few more images from the High Cut website are at the bottom as well. Check it out if you have a chance.

High Cut | Vol. 208 Oct 19-Nov 1, 2017 | Translated by Bah+Doo

This year is for Seventeen
One color, one voice, only one Seventeen

High Cut Seventeen translated
Performance team Hoshi, Dino, The 8, Jun DYNA-TRAIN line TEAM.D training set, which are comfortable for a lot of movement, beanie, and sneakers are all by DYNAFIT.
Lightweight and comfortable middle down jacket and innerwear, half pants, tights, sneakers and train duffel bags are all by DYNAFIT.

High Cut Seventeen translated
Replica series TC delight bench down and inner wear which used the motif of the sky club that is sponsored by DYNAFIT are all by DYNAFIT.

The 8 the leopard print man-to-man t-shirts, pants, and sneakers are by DYNAFIT. DK zip-up hood, innerwear, training pants and sneakers are all by DYNAFIT. Seungkwan man-to-man t-shirt, training pants, and sneakers are all by DNYNAFIT. S.Coups Black color Juno uni-hooded pullover and sneakers are all by DYNAFIT. Joshua black man-to-man t-shirt and sneakers are all by DYNAFIT.

High Cut Seventeen translated
Vocal team Seungkwan, DK, Joshua, Woozi, and Jeonghan Daily athleisure DYNA-24 line, which is comfortable and stylish, are all by DYNAFIT.
Uni-hood pullover, mariner stadium jumpers, and pants, air-cell zeta sneakers are all by DYNAFIT.

High Cut Seventeen translated
Hip-hop team Mingyu, Vernon, Wonwoo, and S.Coups Hybrid line, which matches body movement, are all by DYNAFIT.
Woozi Active TEAM.D middle down jacket and inner wear are all by DYNAFIT. Hoshi Navy colored challenge core bench down and inner wear are all by DYNAFIT.

High Cut Seventeen translated
Dino Dyna-train line TEAM.D training set, which are comfortable for a lot of activities, beanie, Casper white sneakers are all by DYNAFIT.
Jun black training set and Casper black sneakers are by DYNAFIT.
The 8 white team massive bench down and white zip-up, training pants are all by DYNAFIT.
Hoshi red training set and Casper black sneakers are all by DYNAFIT.

Jeonghan TEAM.D middle down jacket and innerwear, gray jogger pants, summit run sneakers are all by DYNAFIT.
Dino TC delight middle down vest, innerwear, pants, summit run sneakers are all by DYNAFIT.
Jun TEAM advance bench down, innerwear, jogger pants, summit run sneakers are all by DYNAFIT.

High Cut Seventeen translated
The complete team members inner wears, pants, phantom sneakers, and bench downs are all by DYNAFIT.

High Cut Seventeen translated
Thirteen kids who we met at Seventeen’s fourth mini album All showcased last May, showed their ambition by saying, “2017 is the year of Seventeen.” The continuous growth of these kids since their 2015 debut is in their lyrics as well. From a little boy timidly saying, “Sorry for my clumsy behavior when I am in front of you. It is because my heart is pumping,” (Adore U) to boldly confessing, “We picked each other and focus on Nanoscale,” (Pretty U), and from, “The boy who was giving three cheers while drunk in joy of love,” (Mansae) to bearing the pain of separation by singing, “I am tearful, but I don’t want to cry”(Don’t wanna cry), it took them 2 and half years. In 2017, Seventeen was working non-stop and made a clear result. The mini album All that was released in May sold more than 19,000 in the first week, which broke the record of their previous album Going Seventeen and was 10th in the first week of sales among idol groups. Their first world tour DIAMOND EDGE from July to October, held in 13 different cities in the world, finished successfully. We met Seventeen while they are preparing for another leap with their 2nd regular album, which will be released on Nov 6. Reporter Son Ahn-na, Jung Ji-hae.

I heard you are busy preparing for your 2nd regular album.
Half-baked. It is progressing favorably so far. Another member of Seventeen told me the satisfactory rating for the 2nd album is 100 out of 100.

Really? Who said that dangerous statement? (laughs) I will rate it 90. I will let 10 be filled in the future. Who gave 100?

What is the meaning of being the team leader to 22-year-old S.Coups? As a team leader, I guess you have especially helpful team members.
At the beginning, I had a lot of pressure as a leader, but it is just fine now. Jeonghan is the most helpful team member. He tells me the things I can’t even notice. I think he understands younger kids better than me because he has a younger brother, which I don’t have.

I think you are under a lot of pressure as the team leader and the oldest. How do you release your stress?
Not to release my stress, but I started a new computer game as a hobby. It is called Battle Ground. Some members of CARAT (their fan club) think I still play Overwatch, but I stopped that a while ago. (laughs)

In the first half of the year at the Don’t Wanna Cry showcase, you said: “2017 is the year of Seventeen.” You are continuously getting good responses, as you stated.
This year is special to me in many ways. Especially the fan meeting in February, which was the turning point for me. I was having a hard time from the end of last year to the beginning of this year. Then I saw our fans waiting outside on my way to our fan meeting. In that cold weather. I cried back then.

Can you pick a key expectation point for the fans waiting for your 2nd regular album?
Because we are working as a unit, I didn’t have a good look at how other units work. I really feel that all the kids improved a lot when I monitored their work. Please look forward to how much each individual has improved.

I guess you are busy with your upcoming album. What do you do?
We sometimes have a day without any schedule, but we can’t enjoy the freedom. (laughs) We feel anxious while resting. It feels like we need to practice. So, when I go to the company building to practice, I see all of them.

You showed the most various hairstyles among Seventeen. Fans are debating long Jeonghan vs. short Jeonghan, which style do you like the most?
Hmm… l liked the long hair. It became my character and a distinctive feature. However, as my hair gets shorter, I am used to it. I like both. While working for “Don’t wanna cry,” I bleached my hair, which damaged it a lot. But it became a little better when I only dyed my roots during the tour. When I go to the shop, the stylists do a good treatment job. (laughs)

You told me you go to work on your days off, how do you release your stress?
I don’t have a hobby. That is why I naturally go to work (practice room). Sometimes I think this when I go to work on my day off. “What are we doing? Why do we go to work on my day off?” then I go to the Han river. Well, I don’t do anything in particular. I just walk around or eat fried chicken on a blanket. (laughs) I go there alone or with other members.

Who is the regular?
DK. I think DK is the most attractive guy in Seventeen. He is silly and I like silly people. He has “silly beauty.” (laughs) He is so cute even though I see him every day. I feel so happy and fun just to be with him.

I can see your love to your team members through your eyes. (laughs)
I don’t have many tears? I am the only one smiling when I see our parents video mail at our concert. “My dad took that video… LOL” (covering his mouse with his hand). But when we do rolling paper to each other, I automatically cry. (laughs) It just happens.

_DK (Do-gyum)
You are known as the fad words creator in Seventeen. ‘Of course’, ‘Yes of the Yes’, ‘Sim! Koong! (heart dropping)’ They are all addicting. You are actually proud of it, right?
I came up with them naturally, but honestly, I am proud of it when our members use them. (laughs)

You also take care of the falsetto. I guess you have to take good care of your voice.
Yes. I check my voice the first thing in the morning. After drinking some water, I check my sound with humming. Then loosen my throat. If I don’t feel good, I don’t sing that day.

Do you eat good food for your throat?
When I was a trainee, I ate something like balloon flower root extract, but my doctor said they are not helping. So, I drink a lot of water, wrap a scarf around my neck when I go to sleep, and I always turn on a humidifier.

How do you think your charm ranks in Seventeen?
In terms of charms, I think I rank high on our team. Maybe third? Hoshi hyung is the first. He is full of energy and charisma on the stage, but he is playful and likes to hug and ask for kisses. Jeonghan hyung is the second. He is very funny. He always says “It is so hard, it is really hard” because of his low stamina and it became funny because he does it all the time. I think I fell into his charm. (laughs)

I heard you often go to the Han river with Jeonghan hyung.
I don’t have a hobby. I just watch movies or go to the Han River park with Jeonghan hyung and talk.

Can you give little spoilers for the fans waiting for the 2nd regular album?
This is it. (He clapped his hands and posed)

Is that a move from the new choreography?
Yes or no. (laughs) Please look forward to it.

You are picked as “The funniest member in private” by your members. I can’t imagine since you speak quietly.
I am funny when I am in familiar and comfortable surroundings. But I don’t know if I deserve to be picked as the funniest guy.

You are famous for acrostic poems; can you do one if I give you the keywords now? Let’s to it with Seventeen.
(While lowering his head and clench his fists) Se: Seventeen is my life. Ven: (Bun) I have a definite reason to be in Seventeen! Teen: (team) I will do my best for our team. Ah, it is difficult. (note: this part doesn’t make much sense in English)

I will ask you another difficult question. What do you think your “Visual rank” is in Seventeen?
(Thinking about it for a while) Higher rank? (laughs) I think I am in the top three. (Reporter: who are the other two?) Jeonghan and Vernon… ah, so many handsome guys.

In V app, Woozi said, “I heard more than 300 times that Joshua says he loves Corinne Bailey Rae’s music”. Do you still like it?
Of course. Recently, I like ‘Reborn’ by Jay Park a lot. I am practicing Crush’s songs as well.

Can you pick your vocal’s charming points?
Hmm… my quiet voice? (Reporter: something like attacking woman’s heart?) Yes. It is embarrassing to say by myself. (laughs)

You are busy with the 2nd regular album, right? What is your satisfactory rating?
100 points. Because the songs are even great for me. (Reporter: isn’t it too self-confident?) Really, honestly, you can look forward to it.

(He sneezed three times.) Do you have a cold?
Yes. I slept with the AC on. I am sensitive to heat. I sweat a lot as well.

So, it is true that you are known as “Sweaty Mr. Kwon Hoshi” among your fans. (laughs) I saw a clip on my way here, in the clip, you showed your imaginary solo song “Blow, Hurricane” in your concert, which people thought was for a comedy show.
Oops, you saw it. (laughs) It was my first rap with that song. I wrote it when I was shooting the [Don’t wanna cry] music video. It took me 3 days to write the rap. I was really happy with the [Blow, Hurricane] stage. I really worked hard aiming only for it.

You are picked by the fans as “The most different Seventeen member on stage and off.”
Yes. I am a shy person… It is not intended, but when I am on the stage, I become more confident. I also feel catharsis as well.

You are busy preparing the 2nd album, right? What is a boastful point of it, where you can say “You can look forward to this” to your fans?
(Hesitates for a while) We don’t just produce an album, we make it perfect. (silence)

Is that it?
Ah… my nickname is “Spoiler Kwon.” My company tells me once a day “Do not release spoilers.” because I always reveal all the new album information. So, I won’t be “Spoiler Kwon” this time. (laughs)

2017 has almost ended. What are your 2018 goals?
I want to thank our fans for their love. Is it too obvious? Should I pick something else? I want to play the piano well. I started it a couple of weeks ago and it is so much fun. I didn’t learn any musical instruments when I was young, I really wanted to learn a musical instrument apart from dancing and singing.

_ Seungkwan
Today’s concept is “10 minutes before the stage.” What is it really like in Seventeen’s waiting room 10 minutes before going on stage?
As you know, high energy on the stage is the most important thing for Seventeen. So, we try to bring up our energy by warming up and screaming. We boost each other’s energy.

You are the most important member for bringing up the energy. Don’t you get tired sometimes?
If I sit quietly, people ask me what is going on because it is unusual. It used to be a stressor for me, but not anymore. I am responsible for it. (laughs) However, my character changes when I am with other members or alone. Can I say I am emotional? I become quiet and calm. I have to save up some energy in those moments.

You are a natural born MC. When was the most recent moment the members cracked up?
We did our photo shoot for our album jacket yesterday. The concept was to capture a natural image while dancing, but I was dancing too much like an Ajushi, so the photographer told me “Seungkwan, that is not it,” which cracked up the members. Actually, it is nothing, but when I am with my members, everything is funny. It is funny when the joke is so flat and awkward.

Are you practicing some individual skills for variety shows?
You know Kim Hee-chul from [Known Brothers] can guess his era’s songs after just listening for 1 second. I tried it and it worked. The members were surprised as well.

Because you are 13 people, I guess the food expenses can be high. Do you have a limit for individual meal cost?
We used to have some, but no more. If we went too much over (laughs), they tell us. But we all have cheap taste. (laughs) We are happy with Kimbop haven menu.

High Cut Seventeen translated
_The 8
Don’t you feel lonely since you live in Korea by yourself? Who is the member you can rely on the most?
All the members. I especially sometimes feel like (S.) Coups is my parent because, I guess, he has a strong sense of responsibility as the leader. But I don’t talk about my loneliness. I am already used to feeling lonely and I try to endure it.

Since you have 13 members, it could be precious to get solo shots on the stage, do you have any special skills to capture the camera? Like winking…
Ah, I don’t do those things. (laughs) I think we are all mixed as a team and presenting a harmonious performance is more important. I don’t know about something like special skills. I think working hard and keeping improving is more important.

I guess you make mistakes or are misunderstood since your Korean is still not fluent.
I understand all the curse words. (laughs) Honestly, my listening is good. I understand almost everything. I am just not fluent in speaking.

I heard a rumor that when you are angry, all of a sudden you become a ‘Genius in Korean.’
Well, that is only for fun. Sometimes I get pissed off, but I have never been seriously angry at any team member.

Don’t you have occasions that feel anxious because you can’t express yourself 100%?
I am the kind of person that expresses everything honestly, so it is the same when I speak in Korean. If I think the other person doesn’t understand me 100%, I keep trying and speak. The members receive it well as well.

I heard you guys ate 80 servings of meat after winning the Seoul Music Awards rookie award.
I don’t eat that much. (laughs) I guess I ate 1 serving and the other members ate 79 servings.

What and how much do you want to eat if you win any other awards at the end of the year?
Chinese food! I often go to Lamb Street in front of Konkuk University. This time, I want to eat lamb skewers with us all together.

You are known as ‘No jam (no fun)’ member among your fans. How do you rate your sense of humor?
Gaah! I can’t even rate it. I play around with our team members because we have known each other for a long time, but I definitely don’t have a sense of humor.

You look like a talented team leader since you lead the vocal team.
Well, for the vocal team, it is more like doing it together than me leading the team members. Also, Seungkwan supports me very well.

I heard you like the One Piece manhwa. You said in one interview “It just looks like Seventeen where all the members get together and overcome difficult situations.” Is this your leadership principal? Actually, you kind of look like Luffy.
Do I? Thank you. (laughs) When I get together with our team members and we practice music together, it reminds me of comics I read when I was young. I don’t know who is Luffy among us, but all 13 of us are the main characters.

I heard you have the typical “Busan man” characteristic. Is that true?
I don’t speak much and I am also from Busan. When we first debuted, it was difficult for me when fans asked me to show some charm (Ae-gyo). Now I am kind of used to it since I do it a lot on TV.

As the producer of Seventeen, can you tell us one appreciation point of this album?
Before the album is released, singles from each team will be released first and they will show the characteristics of each team. From sensibility of the vocal team, extravagance of the performance team, to grove of the hip-hop team, you will see the distinctive characters of each unit. And focus on the synergistic effect when all the characteristics become one team.

I heard you are a good housekeeper, you are even called “Housekeeper Min.”
We don’t have much to keep up in our place, but I actively do it since I am very interested in furnishing and interior decoration. When I leave our boarding house or get married, I think I will pay a lot of attention to it.

I think you will be a beloved husband.
I really will cook a lot. (laughs) Right now, if we make any food in our boarding house, it is because of me.

What was the most well-received cuisine?
Hmm… I made some meals like carbonara pasta but the favorite menu for the members is still ramen. Recently I told my team members, ‘You call me housekeeper Min on TV all the time but when I ask you what is your favorite meal, actually it is ramen. Tell me what you want to eat. I will cook everything.’

As an excellent cook, what is the most important point to cooking?
Mr. Baek Jong-won (one of the most famous cooks in Korea) told me once. “If you can season it well, it is 80% successful.” Isn’t this quote very cool?

I heard you are in charge of the visuals in Seventeen.
Perhaps because I was very confident in my look when I first debuted? Recently all the other members are getting handsome as well.

Do you feel threatened?
Ah, not that much. Hahaha… I just tried to be humble. Until now, I think I am still good….(laughs)

In one of the interviews, you said you were interested in Octopus, are you into some other animals recently?
My beloved cat that we raised for more than 10 years died recently. Do-dam. I heard my younger sister cried all day. The cat followed her the most. It was difficult to find any comforting words, so I was also sorrowful next to her.

When you were in Show me the money season 4, you filled out the “How you see yourself” section with “Very relaxed.” When do you become the most relaxed?
Previously, I went to the stage with a mindset of “I will do this performance very well,” which gave me more pressure and I felt like it was over my head. Now I go to the stage with ‘Just enjoy the performance like we practiced.’ Then I am more relaxed and am able to try various things. Fans receive it better as well. that is what I realized recently.

You look relaxed all the time, but do you still have moments where you are tense?
Ah, when I am on variety shows, I am totally tense. It is very difficult.

I heard you look like a cool handsome guy but actually, you are a clumsy person. I also heard that Dino, the youngest team member, picked you as the team member that he needs to look after the most.
Right. We went to Jakarta recently and had a swimming pool next to our place. But I went to the pool with my wallet. The coupons in the wallet got all wet as well. (laughs) I lost them all the time so I never had a chance to use them…

I guess you heard, “You are meant to be an actor” a lot. Your nickname is “Vercaprio” as well. Do you have any particular reasons to be a singer and not an actor?
Actually, I didn’t start to be a singer with the mindset of practice hard and have a perfect debut, but more like “It just happened.” The basics class was so difficult. I really thought I was going to die, but when I looked around, other members practiced harder, longer, and to the end. I endured that time thinking, ‘Ah, these hyungs are doing this, so I can’t give up now’. Then time passed and my goal to be a singer become clearer. Now, I feel the most fulfilled when I am on the stage. Not when I jump around because I am high, but when the audience is jumping together and screaming!

I saw your ‘Beanie 2-line poem’ clip. You wrote, ‘When it is raining (bea), I want to see you (nie)’? With ‘Jeon-bok (abalone)’, you wrote ‘Jeon Won-woo (jeon) the lucky charm (bok)’, I thought you have a good sense of humor and language.
I’ve liked books since I was little. I like to write as well, including rap lyrics. When I was younger, I wanted to write a novel.

You look lively in the clip, but you are pretty calm.
I am an introvert. I envy Mingyu, Seungkwan or DK since they can brighten the mood well and are lively. But I have my own silent charm. (laughs)

If you didn’t become an idol, what do you think you would have been?
I am a freewheeling person, so I would have traveled a lot. I didn’t have much chance to travel, but when I have a chance, I want to go to Niagara Falls.

If you went there with one of the Seventeen members, who would you pick?

It’s very difficult…. Hmm… (tapping Vernon’s shoulder) Vernon. He is also quiet and freewheeling, so we will fit well.

So who is the member you don’t want to travel with?
Woozi. Woozi stays in the hotel room even if we have a tour booked. I like to get out of the hotel. It doesn’t mean we don’t get along with each other, we’re just not good as travel partners. (laughs)

You are busy with your 2nd album. Can you pick a point that you want to show to the fans?
Hmm… the spectrum. I am looking forward to it because we can show a variety of music and stages.

Fans have a debate about you between ‘Baby’ and ‘Real man’, which is closer to you?
Probably closer to Baby? hehe. Actually, I want to say ‘Real man’ but baby fits my age. Sometimes I am surprised to see myself on TV. I didn’t even know myself but I have that side as well.

You look like you are good at being ‘The youngest’?
I am the oldest at home and I was hyung everywhere I went. I guess that is probably why fans now think ‘Dino is the youngest in the team, but really a hyung like youngest’. I think I am doing a decent job being ‘The youngest’. Hehe. For example, when I want hyungs to buy me lunch or if I want to ask them something I talk to them with more ae-gyo. When we are having a hard time practicing, I bring something to drink and hand them over silently.

Who is the easiest to wheedle?
Seungkwan hyung! (laughs) When I am with him, I just feel like he is my friend.

I heard your Dad wanted to be a singer when he was young. Because of that, I guess he monitors you thoroughly.
He is not that strict now, but he was very cold-hearted when I first debut (laughs). After watching my debut stage he points out all my strengths and weakness. He monitors everything like my interviews and calls me right away. “Dino, your facial expression right after saying that was really good,” something like that. After watching my solo stage, he said he looked at me again. I was really happy when I heard that.

You are on the performance team, but you can rap and your voice is stable as well. In that sense, you are the multi-player in Seventeen?
Wow, thank you so much for seeing me like that. (laughs) I am working hard to be like that. First of all, I have a lot of things to do and I don’t want to limit myself to only dancing or rapping. That is why I practice singing a lot. That is the field I want to try the most. My goal is to show some result to the fans when I become 20.

You speak Korean very well, better than I expected!
I talk to our members a lot. Living Korean. (laughs) But I can’t read or write yet.

I heard you learned martial arts before your debut.
Ah, I learned it from a martial arts academy by my home. I just wanted to learn a little, but it became my hobby. I included some martial arts moves in some of the award ceremonies or concerts in my personal dance time. As a point, splendidly.

You are picked by fans for the member who is the proudest of his look. So, what is your look rank among all the Seventeen members?
I will pick myself first since everyone’s handsome. (laughs)

How about your charm rank?
Ah…. All the members are charming. If I really need to pick, I will pick myself first. (laughs) (reporter: who is next?) Hoshi is the sexist, Jeonghan is the most mystic and secretive.

If you can steal your members’ abilities, what do you want to steal?
Woozi’s brain! It is very amazing. When Woozi closes the small room door in our practice room and is in it for the day, he comes up with a song. That is very amazing.

I’m sure you miss your parents in China a lot?
I miss them so much. I text them frequently. Mom always texts me something like “Go to bed soon,” or “Don’t play games.”

Seventeen had lots of love with Don’t wanna cry, your 2nd regular album will come out soon. You worked hard. Are you satisfied with the result?
I am so thankful for the result. We will work hard and we will always improve Seventeen. I want to spread the Seventeen name worldwide. I want people to recognize us more in some foreign streets. (laughs)


Source High Cut, YouTube #1, YouTube #2

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