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Secret Bookstore Post #5: When the Weather is Fine

Secret Bookstore Post #5: When the Weather is Fine

At the end of each episode for When the Weather is Fine, we are given a secret blog post entry by Eun-seob describing his thoughts about “Irene” which is his secret name for Hye-won. If we see them then we will try and collect them all in their own post (because I love them and I also love Eun-seob’s love sick heart).

Book Store Journal
Goodnight Bookstore Secret Post
Posted by Seob

I thought about what I told Irene before.
All the first loves are ended? Ah, why did I say that in that moment.
Do to the walnut houses construction, she and I are sharing the same space involuntarily.
If she asks me again, I will say this this time…
Most of the first loves are ended, but I am the exception.
Nothing is complete to me yet.

PS. Irene bought flowers. I asked her why it was camellia flowers. She said that her abogi liked it when he was alive. I feel like I am getting closer to her with the stories of her family that she randomly tells me.

See you tomorrow for When the Weather is Fine episode 6! Stay safe out there during this world wide quarantine and be sure to help others where you can 😘.


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