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Season 2 for Hyori’s Bed and Breakfast!

효리네 민박 2 Hyori's hostel

I am really looking forward to season 2 of Lee Hyori’s Bed and Breakfast. Like for real for real. This show is so peaceful and wholesome and delightful. It really makes me want to purchase a house in the outskirts of a small town.

If you haven’t checked out this variety show, I highly recommend it. Plus, I heard Park Bo-gum will be one of the staff members for a couple episodes. I can already see him saying “Yes, ma’am…yes, sir…no, ma’am…no, sir” all day long. (He is so polite and I love that).

There are two videos below that introduce season two of this delightful variety show. One showcases our owners, Lee Hyori and Sam-soon and the other showcases their employee this season who is Im Yoona (it was IU last season).

Hyori’s Bed and Breakfast starts This Sunday, February 4th. It airs at 21:00 on JTBC.

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