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Schitt’s Creek Season 1 Review

If you are looking for an absolutely insanely hilarious watch, then Schitt’s Creek is for you. I started watching this show during quarantine and it was just what I needed to give me the lols. So of course I am knee deep in season four already. But I think I’ll review each season because each one is so unique and shows amazing character growth for everyone.

So, Schitt’s Creek (an unfortunate name that they definitely make comedy gold out of) is about a very rich family who loses everything as victims of a type of Ponsey/money laundering scheme and must move to a tiny town. The only reason they can move to this tiny town is because the father purchased it as a joke gift for his son (yes, lawd, really).

The family consisting of a business man father, a former soap opera mega star mother, a socialite daughter, and a New York arts gallery son all move to a small motel in Schitt’s Creek and get to stay rent free because they own the place (not the motel, but the entire town, it is a favor that the mayor is giving them).

The entire first season is about them living in this small town and simultaneously trying to escape from it. The daughter tries to instagram herself in lots of shots and date the hottest guy, the son wants to sink into his bed and pretend like this never happened, while the mother and father stick to each other like glue to keep the townies from getting them.

The overall goal that the father has is to sell the town in order to get enough money to start to pull themselves up from their bootstraps. Everyone in the family is on board with this. But the problem is that no one wants to buy it, hence the government not repossessing it (lols). But they never stop trying culminating in a final episode that is hilarious and poignant.

All the acting is on point! Mostly because this rich family is outrageous in a very believable and yet unbelievable way. Honestly, I know people like them, and I know people like the small towns folks, and it is absolutely hilarious watching the two disparate cultures interact.

But the best thing this show has is the hilarity that mixes with tiny moments of heart. The tiny moments are so super tiny that you might need a magnifying glass to see it, BUT THEY ARE THERE and they warmed my heart so much in a hot air balloon floating over marshmallow feel.

So, yes, this show is highly recommended, especially as a quarantine watch. If you are on the fence about if you should google Schitt’s Creek Gifs. If those don’t make you laugh, then this might not be the show for you. But if it gives you the tiniest inkling of what is even going on there, then check it out, definitely!

How to Watch: Netflix

(Also, super happy to get Drama Milk West up and going again! It will possibly be all Schitt’s Creek Content as I make my way through the seasons, but more shows will make an appearance. Especially if I loved them!)

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