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Review: Yumi’s Cells Episode 8

Review: Yumi’s Cells Episode 8

This episode is quite eventful, and picks up with Yumi lying to her ex about marrying Woong in Hawaii the following year. Woong shows up, but fortunately the scene doesn’t end with Yumi having to change her name and move to another country out of embarrassment.

A new character is also introduced, and Woong’s tendency of hiding things pertaining to Sae-yi lands him in hot water…again.

Yes to Woong and Hawaii

I’m so relieved he went along with it! I thought he was going to be angry and hurt, and Yumi would end up embarrassed in front of her ex. But instead he backed Yumi up and even memorized the four Hawaiian islands. I know this lie’s going to have repercussions, but I can’t help thinking what a supportive boyfriend Woong is.

Yes to Yumi suddenly developing face blindness when it comes to men

AKA the Male Reconnaissance Squad Cells going on vacation. This part cracked me up! If it isn’t Woong, every man is a floating paper cut-out with no expression to Yumi. What a clever way to display that when you first fall in love with someone, they’re all you can see.

Yes to the age old question of if men and women can be friends

With the introduction of Yumi’s new co-worker Bobby Lee (Park Jin-young of GOT7), this question arises. He’s handsome, he lives in the area, and he has a girlfriend. But despite that, he’s really friendly and even recognizes small changes about Yumi, like her hairstyle. Yumi can’t tell if he has a crush on her or if he’s just lonely and wants to be friends. I don’t blame her, because I can’t tell either! I think male/female friendships are possible, but the line between platonic behavior and flirting is different for everyone.

I think what’s personally throwing me off about Bobby is how forthcoming he’s being after only knowing Yumi a very short time. In my opinion, giving someone of the opposite sex (that you barely know) a compliment about their appearance isn’t wrong per se, but it’s a slippery slope that often leads to misunderstandings.

Review: Yumi’s Cells Episode 8

No to Sae-yi and Woong becoming neighbors

I can’t believe homegirl broke her lease to move into his apartment building now that she’s decided to pursue him! That’s scary on all kinds of different levels. Even if the drama suddenly gives her a compelling backstory, she’s gone too far for me to empathize with. She had Woong to herself for decades, but now that he’s in a happy relationship she wants to destroy it using sly tactics? Despicable! I know people don’t always realize things until it’s too late, but the least she could do is have an honest conversation with Woong like an adult instead of resorting to plotting and trickery.

No to Woong not telling Yumi about Sae-yi moving into his building

Knowing how Woong’s cells behave, I bet Reason wanted to tell Yumi, but Love stopped him. It’s like he learned nothing from the yuzu preserve incident.

The last scene left me feeling so exasperated. Woong is a great guy and a great boyfriend, but him not telling Yumi about Sae-yi moving into his building is so silly. Especially since he already knows Yumi is uncomfortable with Sae-yi. I mean, did Woong think he could hide the fact that she lives in his building forever? The girls were bound to run into each other at some point. And so far, the drama doesn’t make it seem like Woong was waiting for the right time to tell Yumi, so I just want to know what his game plan was? Judging by the preview for the next episode, this is going to greatly impact their relationship, and I don’t think I’m ready for the heartbreak.

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