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Review: Yumi’s Cells Episode 6

Review: Yumi’s Cells Episode 6

Episode 6 picks up where 5 left off, and shows the aftermath of Yumi and Woong’s reconciliation on her birthday. She invites him up to her apartment for cake. Woong’s Lustasaurus wakes up, but none of his cells get what they’re hoping for. Well, except his Intestine Cell, because it triggers a bout of diarrhea upon him the moment he steps foot in Yumi’s apartment. A struggle ensues, but Woong loses the battle against his intestines, and ends up clogging the toilet in the process. He’s mortified and tries to leave after unclogging it, but Yumi convinces him to stay and they end up getting to know each other a little better.

The rest of the episode continues to be a lesson in second-hand embarrassment when Yumi and Woong agree to take a couples trip to the beach, and she ends up booking a cheeky hotel room with see-through bathroom walls.

Yes to learning more about Yumi

She has a passion, and it’s not being an office worker. She wanted to write romance novels, but gave up. It always makes me so deeply sad when people give up on their dreams. Most of the time that’s just the hard knocks of real life, but aside from love I hope Yumi rekindling her dream of being an author will become part of the plot. It was also interesting to finally hear about her parents, and learn that she lived with her grandma throughout high school until her grandpa passed away. None of this would’ve happened if Woong’s Intestine Cell hadn’t acted up and caused him to spend the night, so even though there was a little (okay, a lot of) embarrassment, the results were good.

Yes to that ocean view room with a glass bathroom wall

It proved to be the star of this episode with Yumi struggling over whether she should book the hotel room for her and Woong’s first trip as a couple. She eventually does book it, because she wants an ocean view room with a double bed, but Woong brings it up before she can and says anyone who books the room is a pervert. Hilarity ensues, and the rest of the episode revolves around this glass bathroom. When Yumi and Woong get to the room, she tries to play dumb and act like she didn’t know about it. This is where we as viewers learn Woong is stubborn, and he goes down to the front desk and then the hotel’s office to lodge a complaint. A hilarious scene follows where the hotel plays Woong Yumi’s call to prove they told her about the glass bathroom, while Yumi races downstairs to try and stop it.

The whole debacle causes an argument, because Yumi is embarrassed and brings up Woong having diarrhea at her house. This draws out Woong’s Sullen Cell, and they both stubbornly decide to cancel the hotel reservation and go home.

Review: Yumi’s Cells Episode 6

Yes to that swoon-worthy kiss!!!

Fortunately, Yumi realizes she left her suitcase in the room. They go back for it, and her cells kick Yumi’s Etiquette Cell out of the picture. Woong’s cells also kick out his Sullen Cell, and the two get over their pride and embarrassment and share a swoon-worthy kiss with colors from a beautiful sunset bathing the hotel room in light. Yumi’s Lust Cell gets exactly what it’s been gunning for the whole episode, and the crisis is averted.

This episode cracked me up. Everything from Woong’s Intestine Cell and the trouble it caused to the infamous glass bathroom wall were designed to make viewers laugh, and succeeded. The drama also did a good job of illustrating how a small situation can go from bad to worse, because the wrong emotions come into play. Now I can’t wait to see how the couple will fare after such an eventful trip.

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