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Review: Yumi’s Cells Episode 5

Review: Yumi’s Cells Episode 5

With Yumi finally meeting the manipulative Sae-yi, this episode is a little more frustrating than the others. It mainly revolves around Yumi’s birthday, and after a nice dinner and gift (a necklace) Yumi goes into the office with Woong and meets Sae-yi. Mental and verbal sparring begins, and flowers of doubt about her relationship with Woong are planted in Yumi’s heart.

Also, Woong wears pants at least twice!

Yes to the Intuition Cell

Because it was totally right about Sae-yi liking Woong. Now, some may wave off intuition as something that’s not real, but there’s actually research that supports it. Especially when it comes to women, so go Yumi!

The intuition cell living on the outskirts of town, because all the other cells are scared of its “unexplainable” powers is also very fitting.

Yes to that hand dryer in the bathroom

It saved the day! I’m glad Yumi kept using it as an excuse, so she didn’t have to listen to Sae-yi brag about her friendship with Woong. Nice defense mechanism Yumi. Although her victory is short lived when Sae-yi reveals she helped Woong pick out Yumi’s birthday necklace. I wanted to bare my teeth just like Yumi’s Emotion Cell.

Yes to Yumi expressing her feelings

I’m glad Yumi brought up Sae-yi helping Woong buy her necklace, and asking Woong why he didn’t just tell her Sae-yi made the Yuzu preserve. Holding things in is never good, and only increases doubt.

But am I happy about the way she brought it up? No. I wish she did it when she was in a better frame of mind. But it’s not always that easy and things slip out when we’re upset. It just sucks because this is exactly what Sae-yi wants.

Review: Yumi’s Cells Episode 5

No to Sae-yi…again

She’s literally the worst. The kind of manipulative plays she was making are more reminiscent of a middle school girl than a 30-something year old woman. I’m happy the show called out her toxicity.

No to Woong’s Love Cell’s Editing

You would think Woong’s Love Cell would better understand how Yumi is, and what she needs to hear after spending so much time with her cells, but it’s actually making things worse by editing the Reason Cell’s explanations. I know some people aren’t expressive by nature, but explaining the thought process behind an action goes a long way to someone understanding you. Especially if you do something similar in the future. I’m surprised the show didn’t examine that, and make Woong’s Love Cell reconsider “editing” his explanations.

Despite my two noes, I still enjoyed this episode. The cells are taking us through every emotion/situation in a way that’s heart felt and humorous. I just want Yumi and Woong to try and communicate better, because communication is key!

It also wouldn’t hurt if Sae-yi got some therapy. Or moved far away.

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