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Review: Yumi’s Cells Episode 4

Review: Yumi’s Cells Episode 4

What started off as a rather harrowing episode turned out to be my favorite one yet! After showing up at Yumi’s job, Gu Woong attempts to escort her home, but she faints from a high fever. He carries her to the hospital, assumes the role of her guardian, and even buys her new clothes so she doesn’t have to change back into her wet ones. This series of actions drops Yumi’s guard, and Gu Woong quite literally sneaks into her heart (more on that later).

I’m absolutely obsessed with this episode, because there are some major developments in Yumi and Gu Woong’s relationship, and we get to meet/see more unforgettable cells. I’m telling you, I couldn’t breathe because of how hard they made me laugh. The cells almost stole the show, and my family members were concerned for my life.

Yes to Yumi’s knight in shining…shorts (aka Woong)

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think an episode has gone by where we haven’t seen Woong’s legs. Or toes. Him carrying Yumi to the hospital was so sweet, but half the time I was scared he’d trip over his sandals (they can get slippery) and drop her! But fortunately, they make it and the cutest thing happens next.

Yes to the frog that enters Yumi’s heart, and the cells in general

There were so many memorable cells and memorable moments in this episode:

  • The Frog Cell/Woong’s Love Cell: Woong’s Love Cell is clever! I can’t believe it thought to dress like an adorable frog, so the cells guarding the entrance to Yumi’s heart would let it in. It was a smart call back to the frog festival, and of course once Woong’s cell gets access, it helps fix everything Hysterious has ruined and even rescues Yumi’s Love and True Feeling Cells! It was such a great little twist, and a good representation of how love can sneak up on you sometimes.

    This causes Yumi to ask Woong on a second date, and the rest is history.
  • Yumi’s Lust Cell and Woong’s Lustasaurus: During their second date, Yumi spills coffee on her new white dress and ends up having to go to Woong’s house to change and wash the dress before the stain sets in. That draws both of their lust cells out, and the results are hilarious! We’ve seen Yumi’s Lust Cell before, and yup— it’s still not wearing any pants. It keeps prompting Yumi to kiss Woong, and Woong’s lust cell is doing the same thing. But instead of looking like the other cells, it looks like a giant T-rex and is called Lustasaurus. It’s running around wild within Woong while his Reason Cell desperately tries to keep it under control. This is the scene that had me laughing so hard, my family members came out of their rooms to make sure I wasn’t suffocating to death.

In addition to meeting new cells, we get to see a lot of Woong’s inner workings. It was cool to see his decision-making process, and how his defense mechanism works when his female friend Sae-yi gets jealous and tries to hint at a possible romantic relationship. The defense mechanism his Reason Cell triggers basically turns him into a “bear” and he pretends not to remember any of the nostalgic memories Sae-yi tries to bring up to sway his heart. It’s a great strategy, and I definitely took notes. It also reinforces that Woong has layers, and isn’t as clueless as he seems when it comes to all matters of the heart. He’s actually quite clever, and is an interesting male lead.

I also loved seeing more of Yumi’s inner workings, including the Dream Theater and bulletin board.

Review: Yumi’s Cells Episode 4
He really loves showing off a little leg.

Yes to that kiss!

I didn’t think we’d get one so soon! But the entire episode was building up to it, so I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised. From Woong taking Yumi to the hospital to his Love Cell making it into her heart to them acknowledging their mutual attraction and lust, everything was leading up to this moment, so it was magical when it actually happened. The acting, the camera angles, the music playing…every aspect lended itself to the scene, and made my heart warm. I can’t believe I was worried about Kim Go-eun having more chemistry with Min-ho. This scene certainly showed me I had no reason to worry.

No to Sae-yi and her manipulative behind!

Remember when I said Ruby was the worst? Well, I stand corrected. Sae-yi is the worst, because she’s not honest with herself about her feelings. And that in itself isn’t necessarily toxic, because we all do it sometimes, but it’s her sending mixed signals and going back and forth that’s problematic. And not pursuing Woong romantically until she sees he now has other options.

I’m glad that we got to see her bulletin board of thoughts, because it helped me get to know her a little bit, but that still doesn’t excuse what she’s doing.

All in all, this has been my favorite episode. There was so much character development, and the cells really made some headway with both of their hosts. I can’t wait to see what happens in the next episode when Yumi meets Sae-yi.

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