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Review: Yumi’s Cells Episode 14 (Final Episode + Adri’s Goodbye)

Review: Yumi’s Cells Episode 14 (Final Episode + Adri's Goodbye)Yes

In the final episode, we see what happens during Yumi’s proposed time out from her relationship with Woong. She tries to remember how she spent her alone time when she was single, and misses Woong terribly. But she still can’t decide whether she wants to stay in a relationship with him or break up. In the meantime, Yumi goes to work as usual and resumes her nighttime jogs with Bobby. He ends up giving her sound advice since he just went through one himself.

Hoping to escape the weighty decision, Yumi also goes to visit her parents; who are the sweetest, most caring parents on the planet. They seem to have a good relationship, and shower her with love. And lots of food. When she returns to the city, the loneliness creeps back in and she’s forced to face Woong.

Yes to Bobby’s advice about time healing all

He’s right! It seemed like he got over his ex girlfriend quickly, because he threw her ring in the trash after Yumi returned it to him, but what we didn’t see was that he went back for it. Because breakups aren’t easy. Even if they try to act unbothered. That’s why Bobby telling Yumi that things get easier with time was wise.

Yes to Yumi visiting…herself and writing on the bulletin board

Oof. This part got me in the feels. I love introspective stuff. In a dream, Yumi visits…herself. Well, basically. She visits her cells’ village, and realizes she’s been there before. It’s cathartic watching her climb over the wall of the village like a titan, almost trip over the millstone that Reason Cell and the others spin so diligently to make her think, and soon she arrives at the bulletin wall. She writes that she wants a happy ending with Woong on a post-it, and the Bulletin Cell shows up. It tells her that Woong isn’t the leading man in her life. That there’s only one leading person around these parts, and the implication is that it’s Yumi.

I thought it was a beautiful, liberating scene, because it’s about realizing that you are the leading lady (or man) in your life. You are enough to run the show.

Review: Yumi’s Cells Episode 14 (Final Episode + Adri's Goodbye)

And finally…yes to everyone’s “card” and Yumi’s Pride Cell

Yumi talking about everyone having a card they keep close to their heart that displays how they truly feel was beautiful. Some wear their cards on their sleeves like Ruby, and some can’t ever reveal them like Ugi. Then there are some that pull it out when necessary, like Woong. He asks Yumi to meet up, because they’ve both been thinking about the state of their relationship for a while. In the mean time, Woong got a big contract from a client that will put his company back on track. So, he tells Yumi he thinks it’s time to end their relationship. He even goes on to say he knew they were on different pages back when she asked him about getting married.

Inside Yumi, Love Cell has two cards: the break up card and essentially a “go with the flow” card. It’ll deal the break up card if Woong wants to break up and it’ll stay in the relationship if he doesn’t. But when Woong actually says it’s the end of their relationship, Love Cell panics and the Pathetic Cell to beg him not to break up with Yumi. This comes as a shock to me (and the rest of the cells) because Woong wanting to break up should make things easier for Yumi. She’s the one who wanted time to think, and she’s the one who was considering breaking up. Fortunately, Yumi’s Pride Cell arrives on the scene and does what the Love Cell can’t. It deals Woong the break up card in response to his “end of relationship” card, and they agree to go their separate ways.

I felt my stomach drop, because it’s a really sad scene. But I think it’s for the best. Like Woong said, they’re on different pages in life and they both have things to work on. When it comes to Woong, he needs to work on communication, his pride (which he certainly has no problem with unlike Yumi), and transparency. And Yumi needs to learn how to actually be okay being alone. Sure, she was alone for a long time before meeting Woong, but she was simply existing and not actually living.

No to never learning a single reason as to why Woong didn’t want to get married (or even Sae-yi for that matter)

This drama was one of the best romantic dramas I’ve seen in a while. It had a unique concept, it was touching, poignant, hilarious, and realistic. But from a writing standpoint, there were some misses. How did we go through a whole season of watching Yumi date Woong, but never find out why he didn’t want to get married? I mean his desire for it was at the bottom of a sea for crying out loud! We didn’t know why Sae-yi was so against getting married either (unless it’s to Woong). Now, of course, not everyone wants to get married, and I applaud those who are honest enough with themselves to admit it. But as a viewer watching a show, I want to understand the characters’ motivations for the decisions they make. I’d like to know why they feel a certain way, especially if it’s about something big like marriage. The reason doesn’t have to be dramatic, I just want to know if it’s because of Woong’s parents or if he’d simply feel constricted by marriage and prefers the single life. Most people are scared of divorce, but that still doesn’t throw their desire for it into a figurative emotional sea. I need answers! Woong not wanting to get married could be explored in season two, but I think season two is going to be about Bobby, so I doubt it.

Regardless of my last no, I thoroughly enjoyed Yumi’s Cells. It made me laugh (a lot), tear up, and I even learned some things about myself. I grew to really care about Yumi as a character, and learned about her intimately through her cells, which ultimately stole the show. My favorites were Hunger, Fashion, Lust, Chore, and of course Writer. Aside from the hilarious cells, I also loved the show’s ability to tackle serious things lightly, the cute pastel color palette, cinematography, and soundtrack. The acting was also great, and very nuanced. We’re getting a second season, and I’m looking forward to it. That’s the only reason I’m not completely bummed by the ending. I may not be able to wait though, so I might read the Webtoon.

Now, I know you may be thinking “Why does it say ‘Adri’s Goodbye’ in the review’s title?” That’s because this is my last article. Life is getting really busy (in a good way), so I won’t be able to continue writing for Drama Milk. But I’d like to thank V for the phenomenal opportunity. She took a chance on this amateur writer when she didn’t have to. I’ve learned so much from her, and value her opinion and friendship. I’d also like to thank the Drama Milk community for being so welcoming and engaging! I’m going to miss you dearly, but this isn’t a complete goodbye. You’ll probably still see me around in the comments every once in a while.

Thanks for the memories, guys. Annyeong~!

V – You are going to make me cry! You are absolutely fabulous Adri. I cannot imagine a better writer for Drama Milk. Good luck in your future endeavors! I know you are going to be outstanding in it ☺️.

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    P.S. I didn’t watch Yumi’s Cell so I haven’t been on Drama Milk for over a month.

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      I’ll miss you guys too! I especially loved reading your well thought out comments during a show we were both watching.

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