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Review: Yumi’s Cells Episode 13

Review: Yumi’s Cells Episode 13

It’s the second to last episode, and things are bleak. So much so, it was hard for me to find Yeses. Before Woong moves out, he tries to be as helpful as he can. He cleans Yumi’s apartment and tries to replace a flickering overhead light. Sadly, he ends up breaking her expensive kitchen table in the process; one she’s specifically mentioned loving. He scrambles around borrowing money to replace it, and Yumi is devastated, because she knows he’s trying to keep his business afloat. She pleads with him not to bother replacing it, and even says she’ll be mad if he does, but Woong’s pride just won’t let him. He replaces it, moves out, and things just aren’t the same in their relationship any more.

Later on, Yumi accompanies Woong to his friend’s wedding and finds out some distressing news, and the Love Cell begins to lose its powers.

Yes to Yumi finding out that Woong used to have feelings for Sae-yi at his friend’s wedding

As disappointing as it is, I think it’s something she deserves to know. Yes, no one is required to disclose every crush they’ve ever had to their significant other, but….if they’re working with their old crush and that person is actively trying to date them, that’s something someone in Woong’s position should be honest about to give Yumi enough perspective to make the right decision for themselves.

Of course Woong telling Yumi he used to have feelings for Sae-yi wouldn’t have been easy, but it’s much better for Yumi to hear it from him (especially since Sae-yi doesn’t even work at the company anymore) than random strangers at his friend’s wedding. It just makes it seem like Woong is keeping more secrets, and if Yumi finds out he still grabs dinner alone with Sae-yi that’ll really push her over the edge.

Yes to the flashbacks of Yumi and Woong’s beautiful relationship

In an episode that’s pretty somber, it was reassuring to see all the good times they’ve had. That awkward first meeting, bad jokes, frog festivals, hotels with clear bathroom walls, their first kiss, more kisses in the sunset, at the movies, and snuggles. I needed to see all of those wonderful memories, because a lot truly is at stake.

Review: Yumi’s Cells Episode 13

Yes to Yumi taking time to think about things instead of breaking up

Not only was it good for me to see those flashbacks, it was good for Love Cell too. It previously installed a gourd in the town center for the cells to throw bean bags at when Yumi is mad at Woong. The yuzu preserve incident, him chastising Yumi when she was telling off Sae-yi, and recently her overhearing that Woong used to like Sae-yi were all instances that warranted bean bags. But even through it all the gourd never cracked. It isn’t until the Etiquette Cell hits it with a bean bag after Woong unenthusiastically responds to a heartfelt text from Yumi that the gourd cracks, revealing a banner that says “Break up”. This causes the Love Cell to pull out the Break Up card, and it’s dead set on making Yumi break up with Woong until it remembers all their beautiful moments, and breaks down in tears. In the real world, Yumi tells Woong she needs some time to think about their relationship. I’m glad she’s going this route instead of making a decision she may regret. That’s the mature thing to do.

Yes and No to Yumi becoming Woong’s number one priority when he senses she wants to break up

Reason Cell states that every time Woong’s priority rankings come out, he’s always number one. It never changes. But when Yumi calls Woong at work to have lunch, he senses something is off and wonders if she’s planning to break up with him. When he sees her standing in front of his office building, he’s hit with love for her, and when the ranking comes out, Yumi is now number one. That’s great and all, but……it might be too late, dude. I realize that a lot of people don’t know how much someone means to them until there’s a possibility of losing them, but when it comes to life and relationships you’ve got to be honest with yourself. You might not get a second chance.

No to Woong not wanting to wait in line for delicious Churros (or food in general)

This is just a fun “no” because the episode was so heavy, but…WHO WOULDN’T WAIT IN LINE FOR DELICIOUS CHURROS? Waiting for any kind of delicious food is worth it!

This was a heavy episode that tugged at the heartstrings, but it was still done sensitively and realistically. I hope Yumi figures out what she wants during her break from Woong, and I hope Woong takes the time to really examine himself, and try to work at being a better communicator.

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