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Review: Yumi’s Cells Episode 12

Review: Yumi’s Cells Episode 12

This episode starts off with Woong struggling to answer Yumi’s question about if he wants to marry her. At first I’m hopeful (see first “Yes”), but he ends up not being able to give her an answer, so Yumi takes it as a no. This hurts her, and for the rest of the episode Woong looks for a good time to tell her how he really feels without it sounding like an excuse.

In the meantime, Yumi sees Bobby’s elusive girlfriend break up with him in the neighborhood cafe. She takes off her couple ring and sets in on the table, then leaves. After a dejected Bobby leaves, Yumi picks up the ring in hopes of returning it to him. She starts working in marketing the next day, and Bobby approaches her about the ring. A cafe worker told him a woman that lived in the area picked it up, and he figures out it is Yumi. Things are awkward, but they end up getting a little closer because of it, and she starts seeing him a whole lot more since they work in the same department. While all of that is happening, Woong gets increasingly insecure about his money problems, and he gets suspicious about Bobby’s intentions toward his girlfriend.

Yes to Woong’s desire to get married slowly floating toward the surface

…but things aren’t going to be easy. I can tell he loves Yumi dearly, and he loves being with her. So, he’s slowly become open to the idea of getting married. But he’s still got a lot of insecurities, including not being financially stable. That’s why he took so long answering Yumi when she asked if he wanted to marry her. Now the moment has passed and she thinks he isn’t interested even though he is.

So far, this drama has done a lot of things right, including giving the audience glimpses into Woong’s head, but one thing it still hasn’t done even though it’s close to the end is reveal Woong’s backstory. What kind of childhood did he have? What’s his parents’ relationship like? I have so many questions about him, but I don’t have many answers. Giving us this kind of information would flesh out his character, and make us understand him a little better.

Yes to Yumi spreading her wings in the marketing department

I’m so glad she’s doing well. At first, she doesn’t know how to feel about it. Especially since she has an annoying new co-worker (see my first “No”), but after some time passes in the show, she gets used to the department.

Review: Yumi’s Cells Episode 12

Yes to a drunk Gu Woong

The only decent thing Ruby has done the entire drama is propose an awkward dinner party with Yumi, Woong, Bobby, Ugi, and herself. It was fun seeing all of them interact, and it was hilarious seeing Woong drunk. I thought he was going to fight Bobby after seeing him give Yumi his jacket, but instead he takes off his own jacket and puts it on Bobby like a gentleman. Even when he’s drunk he’s sweet.

It was also funny seeing his Reason Cell and Love Cell trying to “power” him up through his drunken blackouts. As for Bobby, I don’t know how I feel about him. He seems like a decent guy, but it’s not super respectful putting your jacket on a girl in front of her boyfriend, especially when she looks uncomfortable. And because of that and other little clues, Woong is now suspicious.

No to the Marketing Team’s Assistant Manager, Kang Han-byeol

Like Yumi, I took an immediate dislike to him. He’s so nosey, and initially tries to start a dating rumor about Yumi and Bobby. On her first day. Ugh. I guess every department has their own Ruby. And men can definitely be petty too.

A lot happened in this episode, and the ending made me anxious. Now that someone as capable as Bobby is sniffing around Yumi, Woong is even more insecure about his job situation, and “free-loading” off his girlfriend, so he tells her he wants to move out. I understand that Woong feels bad, and it’s even healthy for both men and women to have a certain level of pride. But couples are a team, so if pride stops you from getting help from your significant other, and maybe even hurting them in the process, it isn’t worth it. At least in my opinion. The preview shows Yumi’s Love Cell carrying around the Break Up Card again, so things don’t look good.

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