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Review: Yumi’s Cells Episode 11

Review: Yumi’s Cells Episode 11

In episode 11, my suspicions are confirmed when Yumi gos to Woong’s office, and sees he’s living in it. He tells her he sold his apartment to supplement his dwindling business capital. Yumi is heartbroken that he wouldn’t tell her something so important (and so am I. Woong doesn’t seem to learn from past mistakes), but he appeases her by agreeing to move into her apartment until he gets back on his feet.

What follows is an adorable episode with tons of fluff as Yumi and Woong learn more about each other. Yumi also makes a decision in regards to transferring to the marketing team, and contemplates marriage.

Yes to Yumi taking a leap of faith over to the marketing department

Now that it’s confirmed Woong told her not to transfer because of his own work problems, Yumi brings up a good point. A point I touched on in my last review. Leaving a good to job start your own business is vastly different than changing departments in a company you already work for. There’s significantly less risk, and if worse comes to worse, Yumi can most likely switch back to her old department.

So, I’m glad she’s giving the marketing department a shot. Writing is her first love, after all.

Yes to Woong being a neat freak

Since he sold his apartment for business capital, and is now living with Yumi, we learn a few things about him. He knows how to cook exactly two things: eggs and toast. And he enjoys cleaning and organization, because it stimulates the mathematical side of his brain. Sounds like a win/win for Yumi. She gets breakfast, a clean house, and an alphabetized book case.

The kicker is Woong does this all without a Chore Cell. His Reason Cell controls a super computer that runs algorithms for most tasks— including cleaning. Talk about efficiency.

Review: Yumi’s Cells Episode 11

Yes to Woong buying Yumi a keyboard for her first day on the marketing team

We all have our faults, and despite Woong’s, he really is a nice guy! I can’t believe he forgot his own birthday, but remembered Yumi’s first day on the marketing team, and bought her a useful gift. If I hadn’t already forgiven him for initially discouraging the transfer, it would’ve happened at this moment.

I adored this episode. It was low on the angst; high on the fluff. I know it won’t last though. Episode 12’s preview shows that Yumi working with Bobby is definitely going to put some stress on her relationship with Woong. It may even be a gender bent Sae-yi situation. I haven’t read the comics, but I heard the drama is getting a second season, so I’m wildly curious about what will happen. It’s kind of going the Reply series route, and making us wonder which of the men around Yumi will end up being her husband.

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