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Review: Yumi’s Cells Episode 10

Review: Yumi’s Cells Episode 10

Episode 10 is all about growth. We see Yumi work on her own personal brand of aegyo, and make strides in her writing. The episode also shows us why she gave it up, and how important courage is throughout life.

It was quite inspiring, and I enjoyed it. But if I’m being honest, Woong left me disappointed toward the end.

Yes to Yumi writing for her company’s social media profile

Bobby, who works in the marketing department, recommends her for the job and it gets her writing again. As a writer myself, watching Yumi doubt herself is relatable and cathartic. We then get a flashback, and it helps me understand how she ended up at this point in her life. In the past, she dreamt of becoming a writer and even planned on entering a writing contest, but she let fear stop her, and she ended up burying Writer Cell and getting a regular day job. This is what happens all too often with writers, so I’m looking forward to seeing her get another shot through the marking department.

Review: Yumi’s Cells Episode 10

Yes to finding courage, and her supportive co-workers

Yumi ends up doing a good job on the social media post, so the head of the marketing department asks her if she wants to transfer. Thus the agonizing begins about whether she should leave the cushy position in her department or make the switch.

I loved the concept of “storing courage to use for another day”, and borrowing some from the people in our lives. I was scared Yumi’s boss and co-workers would try to dissuade her and selfishly keep her in the department, but they end up being kind and supportive. They want her to take advantage of this big opportunity. That’s why I’m really surprised when Woong does the opposite. It was so jarring (and kind of upsetting) that I had to make it a “no”.

Yes to Yumi’s Endorphin Cells

I love how they were portrayed as a rock group, and how the concert they put on for the other cells invigorated them. Endorphins are known as the happy chemical, so they’re a great combatant against stress. That’s why Yumi wanted to draw it out after Woong tells her not to switch to the marketing department.

No to Woong discouraging Yumi to follow her dreams

He had some valid points, and it’s good to always consider big life changes carefully, but I was so disappointed in his answer. He knows it’s Yumi’s dream to be a writer, and now she has the opportunity to do so in some capacity, but instead of telling her to give it a try, he’s encouraging her not to grow.

I understand that he’s probably projecting, and this is stemming from his own insecurities, but still. She’s changing departments in a reputable company she already works for, not answering a shady ad for a writer on Cragislist.

The episode ends with Yumi deciding not to be mad at Woong, and visiting him at his apartment. When she gets there, he doesn’t answer and she notices there are flyers all over the door. She calls Woong, and he lies (sigh) about being home until she tells him she’s standing right in front of his door. My guess is he’s experiencing financial hardship, and that’s what led to him telling Yumi not to switch departments. That still doesn’t make it okay in my opinion, because he should realize running your own business is different than being a worker in a corporation. Running your own business comes with significantly more risks. But I’m looking forward to learning the how’s and why’s in the next episode.

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